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  1. wow the cash shop is a very good idea to gett some cash from the large number of freeloaders that pay nothing for the game. Yet want all their idea implemented ectera. Someplayers spend a good amount of cash every month to maintain the game while others dont. The cash shop will not effect the game play those that want to play for free still can and be just a strong as those that support the game. I will be nice for those that give up hard earned cash to have things in the game that show they are supporters. If the cashshop goes well maybe the other costs could be lowered or maybe those that pay to play get points every month to spend in the cash shop or something like that. The idea is not to make those that pay pay more but rather to get those that dont pay at all to pitch in some. The devs are doing alot of good work and it takes money every month to keep WURM alive lord nows many of us payed cash to play even back in the beta days as we wanted to make sure the game was finished for all. Stop wineing and ry and see the bigger picture.
  2. Awsome server and the people running it as very friendly and easy to talk to. There is always a few players on never felt alone. I am looking forward to many years of Midnight Wurm.
  3. Great work I love the new storage and the wider tunnels. One worry please do not make it so ships can no longer go through 1 wide tunnel. Even though three wide ones would be grate they cant be used as private enterances to ones deed. Many players have made ship tunnels to their deeds and need the ability to secure them with mine doors.
  4. Yea lately Xanadu has been a real pain in the back side. Looks like the patch they just put in messed up xan again it seems so many things that are ok on the smaller servers sadly its often not the same on Xanadu. Please just remove the patch from Xanadu till you have time to discover what's stopping our play time please. Maybe time for a SB pay back for Xanadu players.
  5. Fake MR Forum

    This is why I love WURM (ok one of the reasons). The real world is a place where despicable, rude and criminal people lay waiting around nearly every corner in life. At least WURM is one place we can relax and enjoy good people and fun times. Thank you Enki and crew for all the hard work you put in, to give us this fun safe harbor in life.
  6. The team has been notified and are looking into it. For more check
  7. Hats of on the cooking sounds like a truly monumentous change incorperating many of the improvments and ideas posted over the last few years. Great job making it truly become a worth while skill with the tied in effects. Keep up the great work.
  8. There was one in mail to trepper I got that one. Is there a secound one?
  9. ok I have an alt called trepper I will get the funds to him and buy it then thank you for the heads up
  10. well I see they are no longer listed for sale thank you for responding by selling them to me or posting that the price was to low or that someone else already bought them.
  11. Yes clothing adds. Will we ever be able to dye the clothing different colors. Either way they are a awesome add that will greatly add to the look of the game and event I can remember when every person you met was like looking in a mirror. WURM has come so far! :-)
  12. Will you sell me 2 gnomes for 6s? if so COD to Trepid. thank you
  13. Please COD the 100 ql dog pelt with 88 coc and 85 woa to trepid for 1 silver. Thank you
  14. Welcome back!! Once again like most of us old WURM players you leave but just cant get WURM out of your mind and blood sooner or latter we nearly all return. Hope you find as much joy from WURM this time around as the last.
  15. Thank you as aways for all the hard work you put into WURM. What you do add is always wanted and needed by some. Don't let he many complaints that this or that aspect of the game doesn't get its share of the attention. All gains help and in the end what is needed most is what brings new players in an gets them to stay. for every player that complains there is 10 that are happy with things but doesn't take the time to post on the forum. Sure there are things I would like to see added an always has been and always will be. In the end I am just thankful for the game its special and unlike all the rest that's why so many return over and over again. Also keep in mind the post common player to complain is the younger players under the age of 30 many young people these days seem to find great joy in causing strife on the Net thankfully those types are rare here on WURM. Please keep up the good work and adding improvements. When I think back over the years and see how much the game has grown and changed over time I feel confident that things I want to see in the game will come to be added in due time. Things like the ability to lowering sails, 3D mines, cave crops like mushrooms to plant and farm as well as an animal or two that live in caves and can be domesticated and used, there are so many things that can be added to grow the game but many have been already added.