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  1. Stop 'whining' about people 'whining'. This change wouldn't make "Wurm lame just like all other MMOs", chicken little. Nobody has suggested the terrain "reset" like shaking a giant etch-a-sketch. The suggestion is that unclaimed, unused, undeeded, unpaved terrain slowly and randomly smooth out just a little. Over time, a very long time given servers last years, it isn't going to remove all traces anyone was ever there. All it would do is smooth out and mitigate the random spikes and pits that get left behind when someone moves on. With careful limits placed on the system the legacy of great works, utility of canals and highways, decorative landscaping and memories of past settlement can be preserved. As a start: Deeds prevent it. Paving on any side prevents it. Buildings and fences prevent it. Only affects dirt and sand. Only affects slopes > limits by cart/horse Only affects corners that are >X% higher than the surrounding Y corners Only moves a small amount of dirt from the corner to its lowest legal neighbor. Care to suggest a few limits?
  2. It's good to see this come up again. Truthfully, this is one of the reasons I lost interest in Wurm. Riding through a server is an exercise in dodging old ditches and dirtwalls and the land looks used and spent. I used to really enjoy riding through the woods and hills, but slowly the available area shrunk despite the local population do the same at a faster rate. I've spent dozens of hours fixing the most hideous and inconvenient leavings. It saddens me that this can't be fixed for the sake of protecting outrageously unrealistic dirt walls/platforms people built without deeding the land. Any system does need to include exclusions for deed tiles. It should also, imho, exclude corners that have paving (thus protecting the road network). Given time even those will decay off and "nature" can take its course. I wonder if this sort of thing might be possible with WU?
  3. I don't think there needs to be any gender distinction in gem types (or for eligibility to marry for that matter). 'Couple' this with an in-game scripted marriage complete with flavor text spamming the event tab, a global announcement and the ability for the ring to report the direction and distance to its mate.
  4. wow...really? It takes cordage? That's totally brutal.
  5. There are good merchants, and there are bad merchants. You have highlighted one way to help distinguish between them.
  6. I for one think it far more likely that there was no mind to change in many cases, and as usual, a great deal of the negative commenting was jumping on the band wagon with the pals to look cool. I'm sorry, but that seems like you're saying that because its on steam it's not what the OP wanted. Or did I misread your comment?
  7. Hebroic makes the most important point: the potential for spiteful meaningful and dramatic arguments interactions with your neighbors alone makes this an important addition to the game. Think of all the threads we can have where hardliners representatives of both groups can come to together to call each other names integrate the community. Imagine all the griefing collaborative projects that could be carried out drawing from the worst personalities diverse talents to make the servers less stagnant better than they are already.
  8. "Painlessly" is probably a bit of exaggeration, but I recall a similar tale from the American Old West where two card players drew over a disagreement. One was killed by a shot to the heart from a derringer. The coroner found that his silk handkerchief had been embedded in the wound. When pulled out, it contained the bullet. Notice, however, the wound was still fatal. Probably the best thing about a silk shirt would be that it wouldn't leave stray threads inside the wound like linen or wool would.
  9. Which begs the most important question of all: What is love? Be careful how you answer, you might break the rules.
  10. I would also enjoy a very very small violin that gives everyone nearby incessant pop-ups asking if they sympathize with your plight until they click "yes". When everybody sympathizes the staff has to reverse a decision of your choosing.
  11. You're right on two accounts. First, they wouldn't deed that much, which is why they were instead enclosing it. Secondly I know of two instances where exactly this was done (with the wall having frequent shacks to comply with the rules) over VAST areas by players . Thousands of tiles enclosed by 80ql walls with 80ql shacks. The enclosure rule was a disaster of an exploit. Deed it or lose it is the better solution.