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Found 5 results

  1. Explore a 2K map, almost-exact original Ultima-5 map (similar to UO map), with similar BIOMs. No game-payment, no pay2win, pay2keep, just play4fun. PvE can start at freedom's Empath Abbey, a safe keep in the North-West corner of the map. Best for those who seek to be crafters and traders and evoid the outdoor kingdoms war or just want to start peacfully. For those who wish to PvP from day-1, each starter-kingdom (BL, MR, JK) have a perma-king-capital, one can start there and create its own PMK later on. Fight over resources, find and unlock treasure maps/chests, many adventure-missions, almost anything is open for crafting and much more … You are invited to live a peaceful trading/farming/crafting life in a small medieval-village, or become a fearsome-fighter in the wilds. Server info Hard setup challanging, 4*Action speed, 3*PvE-related-skills, 6*PvP-related-speed, HotA, trader's treasure-maps and more.. You are welcome to join our discord Google calendar event date invite... Event countdown.. Server introduction videos.. Mods setup details can be reviewed here: Our server on wurm-unlimited servers list.. (in game map will be provided, when the server starts) Screenshoots of starter-towns:
  2. Hey guys, Up till now, the only thing I've been using Unlimited for is to play around with the god tools so I can test out house and environment designs for WO. Playing around with the magic god wand has become so enjoyable that I decided I'd like to recreate the Ultima Online map. As mentioned in my previous thread, this is going to be a "look but don't touch" server and the whole server will be one gigantic deed. So I will not be opening it up for other people to live on as I just don't have time or energy to get into community management at this point. I just want to relax and enjoy building. For now, the server will be offline. Once it's ready though, I will make it public so all you old Ultima fans out there can come and visit as a tourist if you like. In this thread, I'll be documenting the whole process as I go along. I know there have been some previous Ultima related projects out there, and as far as I can tell, they have died off and are offline. But I just want to reassure those people that my project is not in competition even if y'all decided to restart up your servers. Again, the reason being because my server will not be a community, just a tourist attraction. The most nostalgic MMO players I know (myself included) are old Ultima Online players. So I've named the server accordingly and will do my very best to set it up, build and decorate just like good old UO. When the day comes that it's ready to be made public, I hope you'll share a little moistness in your eye, remembering back to the good old days in the lands of Sosaria!
  3. [server is down, ty-all was fun ] Ultima-V Reficio heightmap can be downloaded here, feel free to use it: ------------------ Wurm-Unlimited - Ultima-V map and themed settings. No game-payment, no pay2win, pay2keep, just play4fun. Start in Cove-village, a relaxed-loving-peaceful place, with loving community. Explore a 4K map, almost-exact original Ultima-5 map (similar to UO map), with similar BIOM. Fight over a volcano-resources, find and unlock treasure maps/chests, adventure-missions and much more … You are invited to live a peaceful life in a dynamic-living medieval-village, or become a fearsome-fighter in the wilds. Our discord -
  4. Britannia Reborn is now ... live Britannia Reborn is a recreation/reimagining of the world from the Ultima series of games. It represents a "future" after the events of Ultima IX where the world was cleansed by the fires of the armageddon unleashed by the battle between Avatar and the Guardian. A future where the a burnt world world was renewed by pagan elemental forces. A future where the descendants of those evacuated by the Avatar and his companions at Skara Brae find their way back to resettle a world .... reborn. Server details can be found at Full size verion of the map can be downloaded here
  5. NOTE: This server is up and now Live. Refer this thread for further updates. Detailed server information can be found at I welcome comments and suggestions. My desire is to make this the most Ultima like world I can, but bear in mind that this lore is different from that represented in Ultima IX: Ascension (which itself was inconsistent with Ultima lore). Updates: 1 Feb 2016: I've settled on a map size of 16384, which as I've discovered is HUGE! It biomes still need some work and I will be rebuilding the server. 2 Feb 2016: The server will be coming down 4 Feb at 6am (UTC) for a few days. I'll be using this time to rebuild the server files. Changes will include: Variations to forests (not just Birch as the default tree type) Some additional biomes placed for campaign reasons, including some leading into some epic in-game quests. Attempt to raise dirt from 40 to around 80 to allow for greater terraforming. If all goes well, I hope to have the servers up some time before the weekend, but I can make no promises. In the meantime, feel free to scout the countryside. 4 Feb 2016: The server has come down for rework. No ETA. I'm aiming for the weekend 7 Feb 2016: I've hit a snag. Mycelium is not being imported by the map generation tool. I need to get this sorted. 8 Feb 2016: The server in now Beta 1. I'm not anticipating any server wipes anymore (barring world breaking bugs or balance issue). 9 Feb 2016: BLARGLE! Beta 2 incoming. Server wipe. No choice. The author of the map generator found a solution to my Mycelium problem. Unfortunately, it means regenerating the map. (It would be nice if we could import working maps, modify them and put them back in, but currently that's not an option). 10 Feb 2016: Up. Running. Happy with it. Going live. Enjoy. Original Post: It's still very much work in progress, but here's a sneak preview of a map I plan to produce as 32768x32768. I worst comes to worst, I guess it could be done as a 16384 map, if I can't get a server that will run the 32k version. It's still rough around the edges (literally). The northern and eastern coastlines need to be cleaned up and I need to put in some logical constructs, such as drainage and natural river valleys. For the most part however the main features are in place.