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Found 5 results

  1. Explore a 2K map, almost-exact original Ultima-5 map (similar to UO map), with similar BIOMs. No game-payment, no pay2win, pay2keep, just play4fun. PvE can start at freedom's Empath Abbey, a safe keep in the North-West corner of the map. Best for those who seek to be crafters and traders and evoid the outdoor kingdoms war or just want to start peacfully. For those who wish to PvP from day-1, each starter-kingdom (BL, MR, JK) have a perma-king-capital, one can start there and create its own PMK later on. Fight over resources, find and unlock treasure maps/chests, many adventure-missions, almost anything is open for crafting and much more … You are invited to live a peaceful trading/farming/crafting life in a small medieval-village, or become a fearsome-fighter in the wilds. Server info Hard setup challanging, 4*Action speed, 3*PvE-related-skills, 6*PvP-related-speed, HotA, trader's treasure-maps and more.. You are welcome to join our discord Google calendar event date invite... Event countdown.. Server introduction videos.. Mods setup details can be reviewed here: Our server on wurm-unlimited servers list.. (in game map will be provided, when the server starts) Screenshoots of starter-towns:
  2. [server is down, ty-all was fun ] Ultima-V Reficio heightmap can be downloaded here, feel free to use it: ------------------ Wurm-Unlimited - Ultima-V map and themed settings. No game-payment, no pay2win, pay2keep, just play4fun. Start in Cove-village, a relaxed-loving-peaceful place, with loving community. Explore a 4K map, almost-exact original Ultima-5 map (similar to UO map), with similar BIOM. Fight over a volcano-resources, find and unlock treasure maps/chests, adventure-missions and much more … You are invited to live a peaceful life in a dynamic-living medieval-village, or become a fearsome-fighter in the wilds. Our discord -
  3. It must have been, god, like 5 years ago now. It was a village called "The Place". I remember someone inviting me there on my first day. The long walk from Freedom Market to The Place was so intimidating in this large new world, where even a rat could kill me. It was right off the water, I remember that. Perhaps Crystal Lake? I'm not sure. Good people, good friends. Who put up with all my noob questions and mistakes and helped me out of my many misadventures. I'm thinking of going back there, if anyone here can help jog my memory. I look at the map and just draw a blank. Feeling nostalgic and just wanting to visit that spot again. Also is anyone still around from there reading this? I know the deed isn't there anymore, but the memories remain :-)
  4. I wanted to make a thread for people to share little moments in thier wurm experience that stuck with them for one reason or another. It doesn't have to be anything huge. Here are two. About a year ago, myself and a friend forged a path deep into the woods on celebration to start a town. We killed dozens of bears and spiders to get to this pristine area of woodland. There were no roads, no signs of terraforming or ruins of any one tiny thing. There was a 90ql lamppost sitting there, in the middle of the woods about 20 tiles away from the deed site, surrounded by pine trees. The ground was covered in snow, and the trees were thick. So we called it 'Narnia' and used it as a landmark for like 8 months. One more much older: Back in the day, I think it was 05 or 06, I had a deed called Catfish Glen, built nicely into a landbridge between two islands. I built a beautiful little offdeed farm and was happy. Then this meanie-pants newbie came along and started harvesting my field ! I said, "Good sir kindly stop ruining my corn or I shall be forced to take action." .... "The hell with you," he said, "I don't see a lock on the fence." ... So I shot him with several arrows until he ran off and died on the shoreline. Going outlaw was never so sweet, especially when he hopped onto global to try and get people to come after me and everyone on agreed he was a punk.
  5. Looking trough some old screenshots I remembered i had this old album of my time spen in wurm from the implementation of Golden Valley. Tought I'd share with you the most fun moments of my Wurm experience trough a series of images that go from the Scorpion Era to my departure to Wild.