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Found 4 results

  1. I know we're not really meant to repost already existing suggestions, but the ones I've seen from a quick keyword search are either one sentence wonders or a decade old. I thought it'd be a good idea to create a fresh thread with a more fleshed-out version of the idea. Overview: I think a Hairdressing/Barbering skill would be a great addition to the game. It would allow players the freedom to customise their hair without completely removing the use of the Hand Mirror. Hairdressing/Barbering would also open up a lot of potential for player interaction and roleplay depending on how it's setup. I also think the random appearance when you first spawn and the Hand Mirror should remain the same, not adding any of the new haircuts or colours to them, to incentivise the training and use of the new skill. Apart from adding new hair/facial hair styles, I think a lot of the things that would be involved in making this a skill are already in the game. I'm not saying this would be easy, there's obviously going to be a lot of back end work to make it happen, but it'll surely lighten the load if this skill does go into development. How it could work: You would use a pair of scissors on another player, this would open up a prompt for the other player which they would have to accept/deny (similar to dueling), if they do accept then a window (similar to the Hand Mirror window) would appear for the person who used the scissors allowing them to customise the other player's hair. When the hairdresser completes the haircut there could also be a further window that appears for the player receiving the haircut where they consent to the changes (to avoid griefing). There is also the potential for dyes to be used to change the hair colour which would open up a much wider variety of options for customisation. For those who want to cut their own hair, a mirror would need to be added to the game which they would use scissors on to open the Hand Mirror-esque window allowing them to customise their hair. Since cutting your own hair is arguably harder to do, it should require a higher skill to perform that specific haircut on yourself than it would to perform it on another player. Finally, so the skill doesn't solely rely on player interaction or spam cutting your own hair, there would also need to be some sort of training dummy-esque item added to the game that allows you to train your skill on it. This could simply be made by combining thatch or strings of cloth with a training dummy, which would add 'hair' to it. As your Hairdressing/Barbering skill increases you would unlock a wider variety of styles and possibly a broader RGB spectrum for dyes. Scuffed mockup: Please avoid responding with +1/-1 as the devs ignore those kinds of comments. Instead give feedback or possible additions to the idea, thanks
  2. While I understand that changing faces more than once is highly unrealistic, I was wondering about something. Unfortunately I made my character male accidentally, but made the best of it by giving it the weirdest look I could find, including an eternally long beard. While staring at that on a sailing boat for a while today, I was thinking that it would be pretty nice if we could change our hairstyle, thus I suggest the following: 1.) Cut Hair Shorter -> Allow any shorter haircut to be created by using a knife, maybe a carving knife, on the head. 2.) Implementing a Hair Brush -> Allow any longer haircut to be created by using the hair brush on the head. Optionally, it could be in a way that the Hair Brush just grows the hair out to max and one has to use a knife afterwards to get the desired hairstyle. This would allow us to change our hair styles after choosing our initial looks just for variety. Hair dye would also be pretty nice. Be able to dye hair with the colors of the game, so pretty much every character could be made to look more unique.
  3. Would be lovely if we had a way to make hat wearing not quite so balding. My girl alts look pretty bad when putting on the new leather adventurer hat. They don't even have ears that I can see in the paper doll view. Maybe that hat could at least get a cloth drape, coming down from sides and back? I want to love this hat!!
  4. I was wondering whether it could be added into the game: Create string of cloth out of cotton, then use cotton spindle again to create some ribbon which can be worn, e.g. in hair, or on chest. We can dye this in different colours, e.g. for festivals, to give as presents, or to show allegiance. We could also wear it as decoration. The option to create different kids of ribbons could be added e.g. for your hair, for your chest, for your horse's mane, for your horse's tail, etc. Thanks