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Found 11 results

  1. I suggest a change to the way current fighting works. The current situation: Player Damage reduction is determined by body strength. Player damage output (how hard you hit) is also dependent on body strength. Overall Body, is essentially useless. Suggestion: Make player DR depend on overall Body, leave player damage output dependent on Body Strength. Kindly, DA
  3. Close

  4. Thanks. give me honest pc. may sell may not
  5. Hi. I'm currently looking into buying an account for myself. ---Here is a list of things i am looking to find in that account : Ok thats a long list of dema
  6. Hello! I'm having a problem on my server where stamina regeneration seems to have a long delay before starting to function. Example: A player digs several times, then stops to rest and it takes 3-4 seconds before stamina starts to regenerate. Is there a config someplace I can modify, even in the databases? Thanks! --Llurendt Edit: Is it maybe the FATIGUESWITCH Field? Or maybe the TILEREST field? I've really no idea, those just seem like "maybes" Edit2: This seems to have been resolved somehow with the server update. Please disregard.
  7. While I understand that changing faces more than once is highly unrealistic, I was wondering about something. Unfortunately I made my character male accidentally, but made the best of it by giving it the weirdest look I could find, including an eternally long beard. While staring at that on a sailing boat for a while today, I was thinking that it would be pretty nice if we could change our hairstyle, thus I suggest the following: 1.) Cut Hair Shorter -> Allow any shorter haircut to be created by using a knife, maybe a carving knife, on the head. 2.) Implementing a Hair Brush -> Allow any longer haircut to be created by using the hair brush on the head. Optionally, it could be in a way that the Hair Brush just grows the hair out to max and one has to use a knife afterwards to get the desired hairstyle. This would allow us to change our hair styles after choosing our initial looks just for variety. Hair dye would also be pretty nice. Be able to dye hair with the colors of the game, so pretty much every character could be made to look more unique.
  8. Note, these are NOT Mind Logic/Body Strength/Soul Depth/What have you. The main Body/Mind/Soul characteristics are not being raised. This is on Xanadu and several people in kchat and gchat have reported this issue. # What happened Body/Mind/Soul stats are not being raised at all. I mean 0.00000000000 gains. I've tried mining, digging, and woodcutting. # What you expected to happen Expected my Body/Mind/Soul stats to go up at least once in 200 actions (I don't really have high skills, in the lower 20s range they should be going up pretty fast). No gains whatsoever. # Steps to reproduce Mine, dig, then cut wood. Basically do anything in game since most actions will raise these characteristics. Nogainz.
  9. I often do cleanup rounds but some kinds of mobs cannot be placed in the rafts and need to be in the inventory. I am not sure how this works but I think it is the hardened and perhaps some other kind. It does not make sense that you could place a troll body into a raft but not a cavebug or cat body. They also all weigh the same, so should have the same volume? Is it possible to change this so all mob bodies can be loaded into the rafts? Thanks.
  10. I logged onto the server and was walking around just fine when all of a sudden... I'm not sure what it is, but the more I move around the worse it gets. I don't know if any special info is needed to solve this (I'm really new) but if there is then let me know and I will pull it up.
  11. Is there a way to implement a system that simulates the human body, along with it's muscles, tendons, arteries and veins? Like in Dwarf Fortress, where you can target a specific body part, and the damage done to that part have X effect, like, a sword slashing at an arm could cut the muscle, a slash to the neck could cut a major artery open, stabbing the torso could hit an organ, etc. That way we could increase the realism of combat in the game.