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Found 4 results

  1. Seems like this is a pretty rare statue so auctioning it off. It emits purple light, most of the hota statues sold now are red ones - [19:30:55] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. Colors: R=120, G=0, B=120. Ql: 89.5, Dam: 0.0. In case you didn't know it, lit hota statues not only look great, but they can also keep your food and metal lumps warm. Starting bid: 12s Min. increment: 50c Buyout: PM offers Good luck!
  2. While I understand that changing faces more than once is highly unrealistic, I was wondering about something. Unfortunately I made my character male accidentally, but made the best of it by giving it the weirdest look I could find, including an eternally long beard. While staring at that on a sailing boat for a while today, I was thinking that it would be pretty nice if we could change our hairstyle, thus I suggest the following: 1.) Cut Hair Shorter -> Allow any shorter haircut to be created by using a knife, maybe a carving knife, on the head. 2.) Implementing a Hair Brush -> Allow any longer haircut to be created by using the hair brush on the head. Optionally, it could be in a way that the Hair Brush just grows the hair out to max and one has to use a knife afterwards to get the desired hairstyle. This would allow us to change our hair styles after choosing our initial looks just for variety. Hair dye would also be pretty nice. Be able to dye hair with the colors of the game, so pretty much every character could be made to look more unique.
  3. trying to sell a gobling leader skull 73ql,right now it looks like this if you are interested,make an offer
  4. Here is my idea, Inside of caves I would like to have the option to pave the walls, what if we build a cave through a mountain for people to pass through, well why not make it look nice too, i would like to have the option to have paved bricks walls at least where reinforced cave walls are at. I also would like this as an idea for between houses (for those people who use stone walls between buildings so nobody can get in) I think a stone tunnel between your houses would look majestic if done right, maybe make it curved at the top so it looks even nicer and not squared off Also wheres our fruit cellars, why cant we have a basement in this game? This would also need paved underground walls, ceilings and floors, it would be cool to tunnel from building to building too or maybe just a tunnel to get to your property. Maybe you wanna tunnel to your allies deeds and only use it for movement purposes, these paved walls could be used to stop mob spawning, but you have to break the wall down in order to mine and when 1 wall is down then mobs can spawn in that entire tunnel now. This is my idea, i would like to hear opinions and possible other ideas on this idea, i am open to anything, i will frown at sour pusses who don't want change though. EDIT: Also these walls would be paint-able maybe for those of you wanting to make your mines a little less gray