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  1. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Incredible service, super quick, 100% satisfied. Bookmarked for future use!
  2. Star Wars IX Trailer

    Don't have much hope for it to be a satisfying conclusion, especially after 8; but I'll go to see it nonetheless. Not like they could possibly ruin it even more, right?
  3. Rift Inde

    Will be there!
  4. Two Birds, One Stone

    Freedom would still have many things over Epic that would invite players to it. Also, it's not like Epic adds much income to the game in its current state, anyways. To my knowledge, at least.
  5. Two Birds, One Stone

    Prepare for even more abuse of alt accounts. Other than that, this would be a solid move I think.
  6. WTS Holiday Items

    cod to Jore please
  7. Paaweelr Priest Needed!

    Looking for a paaweelr priest who can convert a character to priesthood, hopefully near Havens Landing. If not, I can travel to you. PM Jore or message me on forums if I'm not online, thanks : )
  8. I think for a new cluster to be truly beneficial to the game in the long run a proper amount of advertisement would have to be done to attract a large amount of new players as only a fraction of them would end up staying for more than one session. Not that it can't be done, but it'd be a lot for the team to handle. Perhaps far in the future? (Don't forget there could always be vast changes to Epic to try and revive it again, too) Some kind of alternate play mode could be interesting, but if it takes Dev time away from other more important things, then it may not be the best idea for now.
  9. Post a song that describes your time in Wurm Online

    Trying to play through the Indy lag the past few days