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  1. I mean it's just a poll. It goes without saying that it's not completely accurate, but the 100 some responses does give a general idea considering wurms current population lol. There's little reason for current players to not give the new servers a try; even if you don't stay, it's not like you lose anything. Join with some friends and screw around for a fun evening, then back to freedom.
  2. WU was dropped because it required separate dev time away from WO on top of taking away money. Demonize a company all you want but at the end of the day they've got to make money lol. Exclusive content for steam makes no sense as they're the same game; no extra dev time to update.
  3. Awarding a player for training a skill is kinda the whole point, no? The alt argument is valid, but at least this would require effort put in by alt users. Hell, extreme abuse could be solved by banning those alts.
  4. it has already been stated that the old servers will be joinable through steam. You just can't use the same character on both clusters.
  5. Steam Hype?

    Soon (tm) pls retro
  6. Steam Hype?

    I'd say it's good, and assuming Cele continues to perform well it'll hopefully be the kind of news we're looking for. Patience!
  7. This would just lead to confusion, as going from a longbow to a crossbow is a big leap. While skins are great they still need to retain the overall shape/size of the vanilla weapon, especially considering size is one of the primary identifying features of gear in Wurm.
  8. Don't really see how they'd fit into the game, crossbows especially. Also, it wouldn't be fun to have to grind these skills just to make a weapon that most likely won't be worth the effort. And then there's the possibility of them being made more powerful so they are worth it, but then everyone's forced to use them otherwise they're simply at a disadvantage. Katanas and maces would work better as skins -1
  9. Might be misinterpreting what they're saying; they are closing the server itself as it's no longer possible to play it, and a fair amount of time has passed to allow any players the chance to exit and receive their points. As such, there's no reason for it to continue running until the next "round," whenever that may be. It's likely not gone for good.
  10. It works in runescape as there's a number of different types of content that make ironman/hardcore modes interesting. Having to personally work your way through the various means of progression whether it be skilling, questing, or bossing. It's constantly rewarding you for your effort through gear upgrades and new content. Wurm simply doesn't offer that. You're just punishing yourself by either completely throwing away all progress should you randomly die or limiting yourself to true solo play and losing one of the main points of Wurm; the community.
  11. -1 That's the great part; everyone plays this game for different reasons. Those different reasons lead to people having access to content that others might not, which they can then sell to those players. That's how the markets of weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, shipbuilding, etc. exist. Unique hunting is just another one of those markets. Everyone is capable of entering any one of them if they put in the effort, and if they don't want to put in said effort they can do something else to make money to purchase the items. What you're suggesting would severely damage the market, and would do little to nothing to encourage hunters to bring in random people.
  12. -1 It really won't. The entitlement is insane; either put in the effort required to get end game items yourself, or simply do other activities to make money to buy them from those who are willing. Attempting to say end game content (that likely won't even be possible to complete for at least a month) will stink up the initial release of new servers is foolish, and completely ignores the simple fact that they have actual issues they need to focus on right now.
  13. It has already been confirmed that it will be the size of Indy. It's not like anyone is going to be concerned about killing uniques when the server launches, anyways.