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  1. I've never heard this to be something that's supposed to happen
  2. Yup, I was around for that. The reason why people have a problem now is because the steam launch was supposed to be a huge moment for the game, and it was! A lot of time and money was poured in by players yet despite this boom in resources, nothing has/is being done in order to improve the game with said resources. Back then, they likely didn't have the money to justify hiring proper developers to work on the game, thus irregular updates were understandable. Now, they do. This behavior is no longer understandable, hence people voicing their concerns and annoyance.
  3. While I definitely agree, "forcing" them to push an(other) incomplete update would be bad for everybody, we need to see something. Show us what's going on with a livestream, youtube video, or an actually detailed forum post. Chat with us for 30 minutes in discord for godssake, anything is preferable when we've been waiting months to see what's been done with the influx of funds from the nfi launch. I love this game, and the steam launch was a breath of fresh air thanks to the new servers and players that came with it. Unfortunately, those are short-lived without further "breaths" from the dev team; how about we start seeing some?
  4. Hardly. He voiced concerns calmly and simply suggested we as consumers do the smart thing, and show disapproval through our wallets. While we might not be there yet ourselves, based on the steep decline of active players in the last months, I'd say other people are certainly unhappy with things right now. Further promotion for the game really should not have started until they gave more updates to the game along with more concrete information about the future, otherwise new and returning players will come to see that nothing has really changed and leave.
  5. Yes, there is. Stockpiled around 11k karma from doing them occasionally. Source springs and fountains should definitely give more, though.
  6. I'm aware of how the award system works. Some may feel more rift points isn't worth the extra time spent traveling. Point being made is, there's more factors than just "moar stuff." Things will spread out naturally with time, eventually allowing you to attend your 3 rifts a week. While I agree it is unfortunate that they're on the exact same times right now, it is intended and based on past responses, nothing will be done about it by the devs. Asking fellow players to take more time out of their play just to speed up something that will already happen is a bit 'eh, in my eyes.
  7. But he raises a good point; you're asking people to ignore an event for an amount of time, during which someone else can come along and complete it, resulting in the players trying to cooperate receiving nothing. It'd be nice, but I doubt it'll be orchestrated by players or even devs. Just let it happen naturally as it has in the past, no need to stir up drama over this. Especially considering how ###### rifts are to begin with
  8. They will eventually spread out
  9. While you're not releasing NFI dumps, when the time comes for them would there be any chance dumps were taken of the original maps; before they were opened to players?
  10. Would be great to know the time in advance
  11. Oh my god, you're serious
  12. Preach Great suggestions and points raised in a perfect manner, would be so happy to see even one of these taken to heart.
  13. Good job Nytician, always love seeing hobby games. Keep it up and enjoy doing it!