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  1. And it'll go on until someone comes up with a solution that doesn't reduce Uniques to a "yOu pArTicIPaTeD!1!" event or a terrible point system.
  2. There's apparently plans for a rework at some point; but as always we know nothing about it or when it may happen. But for the love of god, no more point systems.
  3. Year of 1100

    Another opportunity wasted probably
  4. Was told there'd be some kind of an event; concerning nothing else has been said though. Really gonna pass up on this?
  5. Found 10 or so since the rework, never had more than .04
  6. So you prefer even larger, useless lines of floating text? Numbers are clear and concise. Thankfully for either one, the option to toggle exists.
  7. Should just say along the lines of "Answer PCs with a brief response, any further discussion should be had using @ or private messages"
  8. Yeah, sorry but that's simply not realistic in any way. What's also not realistic, is the amount of time taken to work on this "overhaul," if it can really even be called that. It begs the question; what really has been going on for the last 8? months? What plagues this games development cycle so extremely that what boils down to a UI + mechanics improvement takes months? Have contractors been looked into since we received the roadmap? Is there a lack of volunteers? It's genuinely worrying considering the amount of money spent by players, and it's nearly been a year since that influx began.
  9. It's an intended reference; seen in a few places
  10. Any chance we see Archery, dual wielding, and weaponless fighting get some love. Even if just for ###### and giggles
  11. Ah yes, it's totally unfair that the people who put in the effort get the reward You could literally just do this. Go to where they spawn 90% of the time. Walk around while swinging your mouse all over the screen. See big red spooky outline. Dig hole. Drag red spooky outline into hole. Collapse hole. Deed. Organize. Kill. The effort comes from the time they spent training fighting, getting weapons, armor, priests. And then having to routinely look for them.
  12. Simple. They put in the effort to find out where they're most likely to spawn, and likely routinely check those areas for new spawns. Might not really matter much longer though, apparently the devs have a rework for uniques on their to-do list, if they ever get around to it.