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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    That listing is just stating the original release date, back in 2006. It does not confirm that the steam servers will be up on June 6th, however it wouldn't surprise me if they are released as an anniversary celebration.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    While that is technically just listing the original release date of Wurm as a whole, I wouldn't be surprised if they released the steam servers as a birthday celebration. Good catch haha
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    Do we win something if you're wrong? I don't think a delay will happen; even if it does, they have little reason to inform us unless it's significant considering they've not given any set day or month even.
  4. Doom Eternal

    Been going back and forth between doom and animal crossing, love whats been done with both. Definitely know what i'm gonna be passing the next week with!
  5. Bottles

    But I love pixels! These could be used to age, and could be added alongside a bottle rack, give a more sophisticated looking storage unit for bars and such?
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    Steam page says Mid 2020, so probably 3+ months left. Get out there and tell your friends while ya wait! (I hope to god they don't just rely on word of mouth for advertisement again...)
  7. Bottles

    +1 Would love this, always wanted to try a traveling bar/brewery haha.
  8. Bit of a stretch there, but lets stay on topic. Again, the people wanting to change names aren't looking to leave the rep of their past one behind. They're not wanting a fresh start, they're not trying to deceive. Maybe they don't like the name they chose 5 years ago? There's very little harm in allowing them to change it, and the potential risks for those doing it for malicious reasons can be negated by imposing a cooldown, offering a way to view their original name, etc.
  9. Simple solution is for it to be possible to view past names. Easiest example is runescape, when someone changes their name you can still mouse over it and it'll display the past username too. People probably won't bother to name change just to escape a bad rep, as it would likely cost some silvers to do so. They would simply make new accounts if they're only into Wurm for griefing. Punishing the many for the potential and unlikely actions of the few. +1
  10. Ah yes, because the original suggestion totally wanted it to be a required action when prepping food before you eat it. Honestly, do you even read posts or do you skim until you find something that alarms you in the slightest and you then freak out about it? +1 to this, hasn't happened to me often but the times it has... Definitely annoying haha
  11. Just another way to remove player interaction from trading, like the mailbox and Wagoner. At least with those two slight communication is still required. Interesting idea with the tax system further benefiting participants but it'd just be another system to be abused which hurts CC. Having a place to list ads in game other than the trade tab could be nice, that way people could have to way to find you even when you're not online spamming your offers, but then the forums work for that haha -1
  12. I mean this already was a really nice, fun thread without the needless off topic discussion.
  13. Sure, but spirit templars could do the same. Starting towns are marked on all maps, and you'll be surprised by how quickly people get small villages and road systems setup. They won't be catseyed but as long as you paid attention to the spawn you chose, you'll do alright!
  14. I mean they definitely can. The company is allowed to do what they want when they want in terms of punishing an account, it would just take them getting enough potential evidence to avoid backlash. No mmo has a real system in place to detect RWT, but they can see signs of it, and continued signs would lead to action. Discussing how someone could be able to get away with RWT in the future isn't a great idea on the forums, but their main target is likely players who do it continuously. Someone dropping expensive items or 50s 3-4 times over the course of a few months is suspicious and likely grounds for them to take action.
  15. Would be nice if archer towers were given a use on Freedom, yeah. Just have it fire arrows at a slow speed to provide support damage. Make something different than just a budget guard tower