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  1. Full Steam Ahead

    It doesn't NEED it, but i agree. Jackal is such a waste of an opportunity for the introduction of PVE dungeons or raids.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    Correct. They said in valrei international 90 that they aim for mid 2020
  3. They likely don't want people to be able to raise rock out of water for a reason.
  4. I imagine it's too niche an idea for an official server; which is what WU is for
  5. Wurm Unlimited already exists tho
  6. As it stands there is little reason to play on the Jackal server, naturally leading to most players not partaking in it. The allure of a new server is great, especially one with new elements, but when you ask a player to leave everything behind and begin anew, there needs to be appropriate rewards for doing so. Jackal stands as a unique opportunity for content in Wurm. One of the biggest things I feel Jackal could introduce to Wurm are PVE Dungeons and/or Raids. With a “fresh slate” coming every 6 months, it provides players and the developers a platform to push new gameplay experiences with different rules and scenarios. These could range from new server events to hand crafted dungeons to be found and conquered. These would be great ways to give players access to Win The Game items again, special pieces of gear, and skin variants instead of only offering them in a reward shop. The immortal Jackal has spent much of his time on Valrei gathering knowledge and artifacts he can arm his brethren with as they assault Wurm. Their home, located on the moon Jackal, contains many of these treasures, where they sit in wait to be used against us. We must stop them coming here and instead take the fight to their turf. We must establish ourselves, fight them back and unearth their riches in order to bring peace, even if just temporarily. While Wurm isn’t exactly known for incredible, deep lore this provides a brief explanation as to why Jackal could be a source of rare and magical items. Whether we wind up digging up lost vaults of items or fighting to take forts filled with gear, Jackal stands as the best opportunity for more PVE content to be introduced to the game. Obviously all of this would need to be fleshed out a lot more, but I’d love to start some discussion regarding what could be done next time around with Jackal in order to encourage more participation.
  7. Full Steam Ahead

    Not sure if it's been confirmed somewhere, but are we definitely going to be required to use new usernames? As in, I can't use my current one?
  8. Looking to sell items in the following pictures. PM me any offers on forums! Sold: Rare Fo Frag, Gems, WoTS
  9. WO Steam Discussion

    They're not really taking away the work us current players have done; the current servers will remain while steam will receive its own cluster. While yes, it's possible to still have a "newb" experience on the current clusters, it's nothing like the experience where everyone has fresh characters and servers. Currently, a new player spawns into any of the starter towns and is met with rows of Market Stalls usually filled with unreasonably priced items, or discovers one of the many COD merchants on the forums. They then pay for high ql/enchanted tools that bypass the early "struggle" of the game, while also bypassing one of the more important aspects of the game; the community. Or, they may be lucky and meet an established player who takes them into their deed, hands them anything they may ever need and tells them to do whatever they want. They likely quit shortly after as they don't really know what to do. A new cluster, among other changes (primarily to the premium services,) is what Wurm needs to really click with a new crowd of players. There's not much point to playing in a sandbox if everyone else has already spent years building castles...
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    I'd love this alongside everyone else asking for it, but 1 of each may not be enough for how many people may end up joining the game the first couple days following launch on steam. Starter towns will be a mess of people competing for resources and while that itself isn't a problem, if there's too many people it can definitely turn into one.
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    'Eh, people are happy to pay subscriptions as long as they enjoy the game. Simple as that. I do agree that they ought to rethink some of the benefits of premium, but as is WO shouldn't struggle to gather a new audience on steam even with how niche it is.
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    I truly doubt people will have this thought process. WU requires purchase of the game, while WO would show as free to play.
  13. WO Steam Discussion

    Of course, however just because one person has had the opportunity to do something, doesn't mean you should keep others from experiencing it in the future. Also, clusters take a long time to become "old" in Wurms case as there's a lot to do, and those things take a lot of time. There's room for the devs to improve upon the longevity of the game as well, however they aim to do that.
  14. WO Steam Discussion

    Personally I feel the best idea is to launch a new cluster, and keep them separate. Wurm is an incredible game to play from a fresh beginning; being there as newbies form the first towns, farms, and roads is an awesome thing to be a part of and it's something i sorely miss from way back when i first played. You just can't get that in the current game anymore and it would be a shame to keep a new wave of players from steam from experiencing it by merging the clusters at any point.