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  1. New World

    While i agree with most of what you said, even in the alpha there was a good amount to do as a solo/duo player. Me and a mate were stealthing around the higher regions pking pve/resource farmers and selling the goods to different clans. Had a very interesting system with their region based banks, leading to people trucking goods between different safezones creating opportunities for raiding. Had one of my favorite MMO sessions of all time on there, hoping to get into the final test before launch to see how much they've added and changed.
  2. It's likely going to be a combination of things; daily hours of play, sudden login location changes, hardware ids, etc. People thinking they'll be able to cheat the system easily are mistaken. While it may take a bit of time for account sharing to be noticed or proven in some cases, you will eventually be caught on to. People just need to accept that it's no longer allowed and start playing normally again.
  3. If we have NPCs who imp, cast and create resources, then what would be the point in playing??? The loss of RMT may lead to a couple of players leaving the market, but that void will be filled quickly. Very few players are here to just make a quick buck. RMT doesn't do much for new players that buying silver doesn't already.
  4. Literally nobody here is suggesting we standby and allow the mistreatment of the disabled. Genuinely confused how you got there. Point is, you're arguing that the removal of RMT is a direct attack against disabled players who managed to make some side cash while playing the game. If someone is unable to work and instead has to rely on at home, online jobs then there are plenty of better ways to make cash. Being able to do so by playing a game is a nice thought, but impractical compared to other methods. (Hell, someone could play Wurm and complete MTurk jobs in a separate window if they wanted to.) It's a ridiculous argument.
  5. Hopefully they remain separate for a long while. Merging after a few months would really kill the excitement of a new cluster, especially considering the flood of items that'd be sure to follow. Perhaps allow character transfers after a few months, with items being allowed to cross after a year or two? Definitely smart to get the RMT issue out of the way now, glad to finally see it come around.
  6. Guess we can take that as an example of them prioritizing the games integrity over a quick profit? Could be a good sign depending on how you look at it haha.
  7. I imagine it's likely in effort to discourage people from buying silver for the marks, selling said silver, then rebuying to farm marks. Would lead to marks not really being a loyalty reward through subscription, just a way to inject money into the game for mark rewards.
  8. WO Steam Discussion

    From my understanding WU required separate development from WO, which is why updates would come out after they released on WO. WO and SteamWO will be using the same database so it will be very little, if any added burden to the development of new content. In regards to the frustration of WU being "abandoned", WU remains a completely playable, standalone game that offers players freedoms not present in WO. I paid full price for it back in the day and don't feel cheated myself, 'cause there's no reason to. I've gotten more than my moneys worth in hours of gameplay, and most people who own it got it for what, 2 bucks off of humble bundle?
  9. WO Steam Discussion

    It's been stated multiple times throughout this thread if I'm not mistaken, and here as well "Whatever happens, the original Wurm Online servers will get the same attention and features the Steam ones will." quote from there as well
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    Definitely see where you're coming from there. I do think a merge eventually would be great, it's just it needs to be at the right time. Obviously I'm in no position to really know what that time is, but a few weeks or even months after steam launch seems too soon. I have faith that freedom, epic, etc. won't just be tossed aside forever as that would show both old and new players that their investments of time and money in either game mean nothing to devs if it means making more off of other people. This topic has been talked to death, but it's still good for players to be able to voice concerns and maybe hear new information as time goes on and we get closer to steam launch haha.
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    Sure, those who put the effort in may do so, but it will be nowhere near as problematic than allowing all current players to just swing over for the land and economy rush then leave after the damage is irreparably done. If you haven't noticed in recent years, re-releases of MMOs especially go a long way at reviving an otherwise dying game. OSRS, WoW Classic, etc. Not saying Wurm is anywhere close to their caliber, but it is the same idea. If they allow account transfers they defeat the entire purpose and the game will be undoubtedly doomed to die. Especially the PvP side of the steam cluster...
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    The point behind a fresh cluster is to have new characters along with it. If they allowed transfers of characters even in the first year or two, it'd completely negate the point in doing this. Give new players a chance to experience a fresh world without having year old accounts flooding the server with high end items immediately. You always have the option of making an alt account to try it on, which I'm sure is what a lot of people are planning on doing.