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  1. Yeah, like the 10 year old saying they'd just solve world hunger if they had a billion dollars Horribly delusional
  2. can you just go find a different game already or mod WU if you think your ideas and systems would work so well, would love to see another dead server among the list
  3. Oh, how'd you get a look at the development cycle?
  4. And where was this mindset for the last few years
  5. It'll say "(Toonname)'s (Entered text)" if I'm not mistaken. So, "Jore's Rock Smasher" for example
  6. We did a year ago with NFI. You don't like the game, sorry. Move on lmao
  7. Can you just go play any other mmo, because clearly this isn't the kind of game you're looking for Wurm is meant to have no form of classes, jobs, professions. Faster action timers are achievable already, by just playing the game.
  8. "I enjoy this game by not playing it!" Okay, see ya
  9. You can already do this yourself, automated map making has no place in wurm
  10. Please just go play Wurm Unlimited lmao. WO doesn't have a "beginning of the game" where the rate at which everyone's gathering animals matters. The steam launch should be (and probably is) the last time new servers are added. This new "feature" just sounds awful for everyone who actually plays the game
  11. There's no company out there that would want to develop that lol