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  1. Both have been suggested time and time again, glassmaking really would be nice to see. And, horrible exaggeration aside, nothing is stopping you or anyone else from joining in the hunt. The little bit of information that helps in specifically hunting for Uniques has never been more readily available. They're a resource like anything else in the game. (And not even a necessary one, at that.)
  2. NFI gets pvp(defiance) portals, not epic.
  3. You're kidding, right? If someone doesn't want to read a page of bugfixes, they can just not read it lmfao. That doesn't mean they should just not make a list, screwing over those of us who do want to read all about it.
  4. The fixes were needed what, 3 damn months ago? And if they're finally fixing bugs outside of the AH crap, there may be some that were reported YEARS ago without ever being fixed Yeah, time sure will tell us the same damn thing it always has with this game
  5. close

    bump, paying well
  6. 3rd is known to not properly change the direction you're facing when it comes to fighting. If you're fighting something, go to 1st so you don't accidentally give flanking bonus, can use archery, etc.
  7. No hate, don't know you and hardly play on NFI anymore but just irked me the wrong way
  8. they were paid 3g from what I heard to make this public how's that noble
  9. Maybe this Steam thing will attract the Steam crowd and with the income from there they will finally get the game properly marketed.
  10. Nope, seems to me the parent company is really pushing for the dumb idea of fully implementing VR. They're clearly very out of touch; a simple VR tour client would be the smart thing to do so of course that's not what we're getting!
  11. More terrible suggestions from Darnok that don't fit Wurm in the slightest! Go make your own game if it's so easy and your ideas are so great 🙂