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  1. Wanted: Goblin Leader

    this menace must be dealt with
  2. thank you for helping confirm that i'm on the spectrum
  3. Would definitely be nice, hope they can work all of this in!
  4. Like melros said, your title does not convey this in the slightest lmao Change it to "First Auction for a 5 Speed Horse" or something Good luck
  5. Not a dupe, you can fit "one" more past 150 depending on its total weight without that actual count going up usually happens when you're putting tons of logs of varying weights in +if you think you've found a severe bug/exploit, usually not a good idea to post it on the public forum. /support
  6. Thanks for this, lots of good news. Hope to see everything pan out well!
  7. god i love this ###### how do people rationalize this to themselves?
  8. I've played this game for thousands of hours, and it's safe to say at least half of it has been spent terraforming. It's weird how enjoyable it can wind up being
  9. please save us all and just play Unlimited then