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  1. Great idea, thanks, I surely will use that
  2. I thought that the guards sitting in caves do responds on call "help"/"guards!" but they won't. The other day I've meet a new player chased by some mobs around a guard tower, he soon died, but 2 guards were just standing few tiles near him, when other 3 were hiding in nearby cave. Please!!
  3. hatchet, iron: BOTD 82: 25c Please COD to Syirian, thanks!
  4. 33x 39y The part with crazy road is finally redone. Highway rules applied. Please update the map.
  5. So the issue in this specific area doesn't exist any more, the place is not passable any more.
  6. Some wounds I took before this video (fall damage) to make sure it works at some point.
  7. More in the screenshot: h
  8. I fell from a big slope and got no damage at all. The total distance is 3 tiles and over 300 slope. The drop is from the perimeter on my deed Dobra to the fenced area below on my deed. Tried 3 times already Got nice shortcut to my deed [edit] The place where I "jump" is marked with a large sign "CAREFUL...", east from the deed, not far from the bridge there.
  9. I created new character through the website, and then login and played on Steam and using the old client.
  10. So today I cannot login through Steam at all, but I can using the old client though. I created new name and played with it yesterday, this morning got this message:
  11. I stream on Twitch using OBS Studio (latest version), Wurm Online actual version (no experimental, no test server, etc.), Win 10, Java updated, all works fine. This happens when you try to change something in the settings, so clicking "O" (or esc) you get the settings window and just after the window opens, all the game screen flips upside down and the display is kind of magnified, as you can see on the image. This result you can see in OBS and on stream, the game is not changing itself anyhow. So far only restarting the game fix it. I got it like 3 times already, not sure where the problem might be.
  12. If we speak about those close to the Freedom Docks... actually they might have just decayed. More than a year ago there were two of them on top of the cave and they have been damaged (I wanted to fix them then forgot). Few weeks ago there was only one with quite high decay (>80%) so I left it, no premium at that time so I could've done more harm than good. I'm not sure how the tiles protection work in the heritage sites, but here are also 2 information signs, one of them (the left one) has 54% damage, so I can assume that the other one and the braziers as well are out of the protection there.