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  1. +1 btw we have tree collision and this one is actually random on every tile, so making "one line" collision shouldn't be any harder (but I'm not a coder, can be wrong here).
  2. +1
  3. When I embark my boat I still hear the sound.
  4. QL 29 Steel Scythe c52 (5c) QL 39 Butchering Knife c56 (10c) QL 4 pickaxe c57 (10c) please cod these to Syirian thanks!
  5. I see double or I must be drunk...
  6. Stop hiding behind me, queue up! They love queueing
  7. Got new foal Hardwar just missing the "e" at the end Riding on my Hardware...
  8. leatherworking

    Thanks for the pleasant transaction
  9. Thanks for the perfect transaction
  10. +1 with the fixed collision system
  11. No, no. you just no... Go there...
  12. I have one named Sweetyahya, pronounce sweet-ya-ya I suppose.
  13. Yes please +1