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  1. There's missing Freedom Docks deed, I know that the deed was disbanded for some time last year, but it is on highway map anyway and can be found when you look for the routes. Could you please add it again? The token is just few tiles as previous one if I remember correctly. And yes it is my alt.
  2. In the lead Wurm Online (26%, 107 Votes)
  3. Got the same as others mentioned earlier, DeedPlanner (2.9.9) freezes my comp and I had to reset the system, happened twice so far. I was just looking at planned houses/bridges in 3D. At first I thought it's my comp or java problem, but now I see it's the app.
  4. if you still have this, please cod to Syirian or shovel with similar QL and WOA
  5. This is really sad news RIP Zorako
  6. Second that. And then give the possibility that it will be possible to move them.
  7. Glad the New Festival Cove rose again and finally we get this highway done, Bravo! Unfortunately I'm still not able to play often (0-2h per week), but will try to jump there and say hello at least FYI I'm Dobra mayor.
  8. +1 btw we have tree collision and this one is actually random on every tile, so making "one line" collision shouldn't be any harder (but I'm not a coder, can be wrong here).
  9. When I embark my boat I still hear the sound.
  10. QL 29 Steel Scythe c52 (5c) QL 39 Butchering Knife c56 (10c) QL 4 pickaxe c57 (10c) please cod these to Syirian thanks!