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  1. No beans, just a good time. Come early and sermon if you want, place merchants if you want The slaying will begin at noon (that is 12:00pm EST) Recently we lost one of our members. MiniKIllJoy who was a great guy and a valuable member of my team passed away on Christmas Eve. In addition to the planned memorial deed, we will be having a moment of silence to honor his memory before the slaying. So please everyone come, have fun, and remember a great Wurmian who is no longer with us. Details of where (along with a timer) coming soon.... The location is here:,2098 Very near another Forest Giant we hosted a while back. Please remember if YOU find a unique, and you want to have a public slaying call us and we'll help you pen it. We ask for nothing in return. If you want to sell it, we'll make you a good offer on it.
  2. I've been to quite a few impalongs, but none were as good as this one. I had so much fun, and it was so incredibly well run. Thank you for letting me help out. Can't wait for next year
  3. Mini was a valuable member of my team and a good friend. He was one of those people always willing to lend a hand whenever needed. It seems so sudden, we had spoken and hung out on Friday. Wurm is a far worse place without you my friend...I hope you're at peace
  4. Uh no. a portable altar has too much potential for abuse As far as what MM is for, Certain MM tools can be really nice. An addy stone chisel will make bricks really fast, and MM takes much less damage then normal metals. Addy is also superior for making weapons, especially really light fast weapons like a sickle, or Glimmer if you really want to increase your swing timer. And while really expensive, Seryll plate is one of the best armors in the game, and Seryll is much less expensive then Addy or Glimmer
  5. the easier solution here I think is to not allow shooting of on-deed critters, But I agree that something needs to be fixed. Major bummer when you can't pick up your arrows
  6. I really think that is a wise course of action. I personally would much appreciate Goblin Camps be given priority over Holy Sites. Both because I'm much more excited for them, but also because I think Holy Sites need a fundamental re-think. Thank you for all your hard work
  7. Magranon would like to have a word with you... I have one major question with all this. Why in the hell would anyone want to be Mag? The cool thing they get, the new type of metal, is available to everyone through what's in it for them?
  8. I Stayed away from Defiance for a long time because I didn't think I'd have any fun. JK main are, as a group, the most toxic people I know. MR is like joining a little league team, with their own special brand of toxicity, and BL just always seemed a little too restrictive with having to follow Libila. So why are those my only choices in a SANDBOX game? PMK's allow me to make sure I'm only fighting next to people I like and trust, If you don't want to be in a PMK, you don't have to....but why do I have to be in a template kingdom with people I really don't want to play the game with? I just don't like how they are only really being talked about now because they are wanted by JK main, but they will make Defiance a better place to play
  9. It is laughable that you consider the current situation where "you need to PvP for it on a PvP server" but when a group of only 3 people set up defenses against your 10+ it somehow isn't? You weren't screwed by game mechanics, which by the way are the same exact mechanics Trash used to get king (did you complain about it then?) you were out played. Seems to me you guys attacking only 3 people behind some defenses would have been great fun, but you guys are only interested in being bullies and thugs. How many newbs have you guys killed now from your starter island deed?
  10. But they can, and they are. They are currently killing any new player who comes into their local, and their deed is right on the path south out of Frontier. WE were told not to deed near the Lady, or terraform, but the GM's don't care that THEY deeded right near the lady and have terraformed. GM's, just give them king already, since you already have and you're just making them wait.