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  1. Hello. I put in a support ticket, and was told my problem was most likely a visual bug and I should report it here. I read a Red Tome, got the 10% weakness to internal damage, but did not receive the 15% resistance to fire. thing is...I already had a 15% resistance to fire due to a tome of I was told that the numbers are not updateing due to a client side visual bug. Thank you
  2. 50c for D 50c for J 50c for AW
  3. But I'm 99.9% sure it's not available anymore, since I bought it. thread should be closed.
  4. I disagree with the new Trade Channel rules, in that you are not allowed to answer a PC with a PC. You now have to answer with @name meaning that nobody sees the answer. It is extremely useful for the community to see the answer to a PC, otherwise how are people supposed to learn the prices? Plus not answering publicly allows unscrupulous (or just wrong) people to give inaccurate prices. So, my suggested change is to allow public answering of PC.
  5. Congratulations Taranis. Contact me in game (sinnjinn) and we'll arrange pick-up
  6. sniper protection is in effect...11 more minutes to place a bid