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  1. I can't cast Demise on it. Demise requires 70ql and the sword is only 69. But I'll cast the rest, and when you get it imped, you can send it back and I'll put the Demise on
  2. Yes, I can dispel any existing casts. No charge if I'm enchanting the weapon
  3. This sounds really exciting. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.
  4. Would you have preferred another stattuete skin?
  5. Great find. I'll be there with 3 alts
  6. No, I'm fine. Annulie's bid counts as far as I'm concerned I guess Annuile is sticking with his withdrawl, so I'll take it for 43
  7. pls close

    10s sorry, didn't see the hidden reserve. Totally against an auction like this. I retract my bid