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  1. I think how cumbersome travel is in Wurm is one of the things holding it back, but I'm not sure this is the solution. This completely destroys the highway system. Guaranteed within a week of something like this going live, there will be 50 deeds with one, and you will stop seeing new deeds putting in the work to build highways and connect to the system How about something like what you've proposed here, except instead of having it be player built, have one spawn near the mid-point of each there are only 9 of them on the whole server. Wouldn't really effect the travel most people do, as it would still be more efficient to just ride to your favorite troll hunting grounds, but it would still greatly expand exploration and in general make the map much smaller.
  2. I gave this some thought, and liked the idea at first, but I can see a situation where you don't know who has, or hasn't contributed their shards. Also I could see someone holding back their shards, the construct isn't finished, then they come back later and finish it and kill the beast privetly. No, I think it's much better to simply give all the shards to one person and have them construct the egg. There are plenty of people with a good enough reputation for this to be done with minimal risk. Even most of the private slayers I know (myself included) would be happy to construct it for a public slay and not screw anybody. And I like the idea of limiting rewards to those people who actually contributed shards...would stop the alt problem, but I'm not sure how you would code that. As for the rest of your ideas, there is some merit there, but it's all mostly just way to complicate
  3. I'm really anxious to try exploration out. Any idea when it will be up on test?
  4. Here's an idea. go with something along the lines of the egg idea...except when the egg breaks open it's a shapeless, formless blob that is invulnerable for 30 minutes and then disappears. To get the dragon to take shape, it needs to be subjected to complete darkness. So you still have to pen just break open the pen right away and kill it. You could even leave the existing Unique mechanic alone, and implement this in addition. Something along the lines of 90% of all 'wild' spawns are humanoids, and 10% are hunting them wouldn't really be a thing, but you could still run into them while out doing whatever.
  5. There are some really good ideas here. And you're right about the hunt, not getting that thrill at finding a dragon like you do currently is one of the downfalls of this, but you are actually going out and getting rewards for your hunts more often. Another is no penning, and I agree with what people said earlier, penning a Unique really is a lot of fun. But I think the advantages outweigh these. I think the best way to do it would be the fragments are a drop from mobs. Higher CR of the mob, more likely to drop a fragment, like the holiday items. You would just need to be careful that whatever you're doing to make the egg fertile wouldn't be too cumbersome for a large having to take it to a special place, then back again. As that would hinder public slayings
  6. Hello my friend. I need 3 90ql silver sickles ASAP. thank you
  7. Sorry for the double post, but I didn't want to edit my post above. I also want to talk about something I always THOUGHT was a good idea, but now I don't. Madnath completely changed my mind. I had always thought it would be a good idea to change hide/scale drops to reflect performance. Only people who do damage get hide/scale, and the more damage you do, the more you get. The problem with this approach is that is pushes everybody into using the meta weapons, and I think that's bad. This is PvE, where you can use any weapon you want. Seriously, you can make most anything work. Sure, that guy using a 2-handed sword might not kill a troll as quickly as I can, but if that doesn't bother him, he should keep using it...and there are some sweet skins for the 2-handed sword.
  8. When I first started as a private slayer I thought the system was a lot more broken then I do now....not to say there aren't' problems, but I think any discussion has to first pinpoint the problems. IMHO the two main problems are: 1) The inequitable distribution of information. So what do I mean by this? A person who finds a Unique is in a much better position to find the next one then anybody else. It's not that big of a problem when it's only one, but it compounds greatly if the same person (or group) finds 2 or 3 in a row. Both the spawn timer, and the spawn location mechanic give huge advantages to those who know when and where previous spawns happened. There are things we hunters can do to minimize this advantage, but it still exists, and is probably the main reason it can be so hard for people to enter the world of Unique hunting. And even getting some of the information about the spawn timer and spawn locations mechanics can be REALLY difficult. The information is out there, but it's not easy to find. And on top of all of this, we never know when a Unique spawns, only when the window is open. The reason I've mentioned a few times above about spending SO much time hunting, is that the vast majority of the time you're searching, it hasn't spawned yet. I'm not suggesting they should be easy to find, but SOMETHING to help know when they have spawned would reduce the barrier of entry into Unique hunting. Maybe something as simple as increasing the chance of the spawn at every window? 2) Uniques don't ever die. this one is pretty simple, and I think pretty simple to fix. Simply have Uniques capable of dyeing due to age or starvation just like any other mob. Also, while I would love to know with a little bit more precision when they spawn, I would love to see the areas they spawn in greatly increased. would add more fun to the hunt, especially knowing that hunt is less likely to be a complete waste of time. In general, I would be in favor of a complete rework of the system. I once read a post shown to me by Stanlee about changing the system from an extremely limited resource that everyone fights over, to an extremely rare unlimited resource. the general idea was similar to treasure maps. you find fragments of a map while out hunting mobs. when you have enough pieces you put it together and 'find' the location of a dragon. So person (or group) A killing a dragon has no effect on person' (or group) B's fragments and ability to find and kill a dragon. This also redefines public and private slays in a nice way. A 'public' slay would be 100 or so people getting together and all contributing the 2 or 3 fragments they have. A 'private' slay would be 10 to 15 people all contributing the 20 or 30 fragments they have. Nobody is 'taking away' from anybody else. Of course you would need to make the fragments rare so as not to flood the cluster with Uniques, but that could easily be monitored and adjusted until you dialed it in
  9. The amount of mis-information in this thread, just to make private slayers look bad really boggles the mind. It's fine if you don't like private slayers, but don't make ###### up. I checked my logs just to be sure, and there was NEVER a mention of a dragon over Freedom. And while I can't know what was or wasn't discussed in local before I got there, I have NO mention of anything being made public by anyone in MY logs for local. So NO, I had no knowledge of anything of the sort ever being discussed. In order for a rational discussion to take place, wild and false accusations need to stop being thrown around.
  10. I really don't feel the need to defend myself as a private slayer, or private slaying in general. I play the game with the rules we have, not the rules that I want. I firmly believe that dragons are end-game content designed for high-end players. Disagree with me? great, I respect that. Don't want to do business with me? I respect that too, it's why I don't, and will never hide behind my alts. With only a few exceptions (like I forget who I'm tabbed into) I try to always conduct business as Sinnjinn, or Sinjinalexander so people know it's me However, there is SO much bad, wrong and downright hateful content here and I won't have that attitude directed at my team for actions that are mostly mine. Let me start by saying that the team is mine. I'm the one who built it, I'm its 'leader' and almost all decisions are mine alone to make. I almost always get input from them on important decisions, because I respect them, but the decision is ultimately mine. Dragon slaying for us IS NOT a money making thing. We really haven't killed that many dragons, I'm pretty sure every person on my team who has a set of drake bought a significant portion of the hide for it. I think we have recently killed enough hatchlings so most everybody has a set of drake, but I had to borrow 1kg of scale from another member to finish my scale set. And I don't think anybody is selling any scale, but a few are starting to sell some drake hide (keep watch, we'll address this in the future) You don't know me, or anyone on my team, so don't claim to know our motives. You are the only person outside of my team who has ever helped us pen a dragon....and you got an invite, but you're right, I didn't have to invite you...but I did. And by posting this, you broke the condition. Good to know your trustworthiness. I mean really....who ASKS to be invited to a private slaying, is graciously allowed to attend, sells their scale from the slay, then immediately complains about private slay groups? If you're so against private slaying, how many people did you share your loot with? It was 10s per player...not per toon. I don't make money off my you really think I'd have a team if I did? The unfortunate reality is we are still a little light on DPS for a tough dragon like an Angry Ven Red, so everybody brings an alt, but not everybody on my team has a fighting quality alt, so I bring one for them....and give them the rewards. Everybody on my team walked away with the same exact amount of scale and blood....and you walked away with half cause I didn't allow you to bring an alt. But you still walked away with almost 8x return on your 10s investment....did you want more? My team as a whole had close to 100 hours in searching (I had 30+) cad trying to find that dragon. it's a damn shame we didn't, but it wasn't for lack of trying. OK, this is one of the things I specifically wanted to address. I paid 1.5g for the red dragon, there are 12 members (including me) on my team. That's only 12.5s each. I know everybody has different views of 'wealth' but are you seriously calling that wealthy? THAT is one of the advantages of having a team. I've already addressed this, please see my post above. Nobody is trying to 'control' the global spells. A few of us who try to organize such things really feel it's better for everyone if we space them out. the schedule we had was good, until it got screwed up by someone Ninja'ng the Vyn cast...and somehow Pnut and I took the heat for that. But also, the fact that I'm often the one organizing the Global Rite spells has nothing to do with private slaying. NOTHING. My team is not involved in any way. I think people come to me and ask me to organize them because I have high-level priests that can accept a large number of links and cast the spell. I would LOVE to not have to organize these things, but I do it for the community. Don't like the way I do it? do it yourself, just PLEASE give people a day or two notice so they can join the cast so you aren't screwing people out of Benediction. But I really fail to see what this has to do with changing the way Uniques work. At this point you're just flinging mud. I threatened you? [17:14:12] <Sinnjinn> Not sure if you did in the past, but I wwould appreciate it if you didn't attend my public slayings in the future. Sounds to me like I asked you nicely not to attend. HUGE difference from 'threatening you' I'm not sure how someone would even threaten someone else on PvE, but I'm sure that isn't it. I mostly regret going off like I did, but I was really pissed that you and a group of people cast the rite spell with no warning and no thought for anybody but yourselves. How is anybody else supposed to get credit for Benediction the way you guys cast? AND we even talked afterward, you apologized for not understanding the ramifications and everything was fine. And don't put this on the group, they had nothing to do with it. You mention that possibility, but continue to hold them accountable for actions that were purely mine. We are NOT defined by the actions of the people around us. And I hold that screwing a bunch of people out of both sleep bonus and benediction is much worse then me asking you (very politely) to not attend my events.
  11. [11:50:50] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Henryofskalitz in less than ten minutes. Thank you!!
  12. This!!! Pnut and I aren't trying to 'control' the global casts. We try to spread them out so the most number of people can benefit. Also, a clear schedule lets people who need the cast for Benediction know when it's happening and allows them to participate, rather then just posting over Freedom, getting 4 or 5 people together and casting. How does anybody get bene credit that way? better be watching Freedom chat all the time. Very few people mainline a priest, and if your main isn't a priest, and you're not swapping faiths to benefit from as much free SB as you can....why not? There are very few reasons not to, and the free sleep bonus is significant. Also, as a side note, why do Pnut and I only hear about the rites being ready after they've been ready for a week or better? If people were to let us know RIGHT AWAY (or better yet, organize a casting themselves right away... honestly most of the reason Pnut and I try to organize these casts is because nobody else steps up) everything would not get so bunched up