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  1. Reserved. (not sure why this is needed, but everybody else does it so.....)
  2. Welcome to Weapons of Sin I will be on vacation until July 30th, so will be unavailable to take any orders until I return. Happy wurming!! Vynoran enchantments up to 100+ (94 channeling with benediction) Fo enchantments up to 90+ (87 channeling with benediction) I have a full line of weapon services. Custom enchants on your existing weapons, Custom made weapons, and a selection of pre-cast weapons. Custom enchant pricing: If getting a full weapon you will also need to tell me the base weapon you want, the material, and the ql. I am not a weaponsmith and get all my weapons from Pantha. You can see his pricing HERE I charge his listed price for the base weapon Please note: While Pantha is amazingly reliable if there are delays in acquiring the base weapon there isn't much I can do about it. There is a second weaponsmith I have used in the past, but I really prefer to use Pantha. Pantha's the man!! Current Pre-casted Weapons:
  3. @Jaz it popped out of the mine the instant it was opened....I never even saw it in there
  4. NFI's best unique slaying group FUNK (Freedom Unique Northern Killteam) is pleased to bring you another Public Slaying. This time of a Troll King. So come one, come all (and all your 47 alts) and join in on the party! The blood from a Troll King makes a stonecutting potion, so for all you budding stone cutters...don't miss out! NOTE: At the Kyklops slaying, the Kyklops did not stay contained very well, and took off running twice, and ended up running off deed, and it was someone else who picked up the body. While I mostly trust the person who did, I want it made clear that NOBODY is to touch the body after the slaying except for me or the claim holder. exact details of the location will be posted Friday approx 6 hours before the event Thank you, and lets all have fun!! LOCATION: the slaying is being held in the general area of the last two public hatchling slayings M/N - 21. It is right outside the deed Hideaway. If you follow the Waystones to Hideaway, 1 tile away from it's Western boarder there is a round cobblestone path leading North off the highway. You can follow that path right to the slaying