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  1. One of my hell horses attacked me, I did NOT call for the guards, but a guard started attacking (and killed) the hell horse. It was hitched to a cart I don't have access to, so I couldn't even get the horse away from the guard to save it. waste of a good 3draft hell horse.
  2. Scythe is finished. I tried to mail to Rusk, but "[12:47:43] You can not mail that far." I assume you are on Defience. Send a /t sinnjinn when you're back on freedom and I'll send it to you
  3. 4s total. I'll try to have it for you tomorrow
  4. Thank you for your feedback. I'll try to make more slayings Euro friendly in the future, especially for something like a Troll King which we have had a fair amount of recently. Unfortunately, when I don't find them I have to make sure it works in a comfortable time zone for the person who did. But I promise to do my best to make more slayings EU friendly
  5. Professor Moloxh has let a troll in to the dungeon, and lets face it, a few 11 year old wizards are useless, so we'll have to give them a hand. Join us on SUNDAY as we re-write the script Wurm style That's right, FUNK (Freedom UNique Killers) is proud to bring you another Unique slaying. We'll be slaying a Troll King (you probably guessed that already) this Sunday at 8:00pm PST - 11:00pm EST Special thanks for this one go to Moloxh who found the Troll, and Azn who selflessly gave his life for the capture of him This movie will be playing TONIGHT!! The theater is located at K-15. South of LonLon, and a little SW of Bowerstone. Neither are near a highway, but both are on the community map. K-15 is a big Steppe so spotting the place won't be that difficult.
  6. Oh're right. My apologies.
  7. You didn't wasn't ready. Really uncool. you screwed a lot of people out of sleep bonus
  8. THIS IS NOT FIXED!! I built a bunch of Hitching posts yesterday, and had this exact thing happen And it's even worse. I loaded one into a wagon to move the tile I unloaded to has an invisible hitching post, and the 'visiable' hitching post is where it was before I loaded it, but it can't be interacted with
  9. Yes you made the deed because at the time you were a member of the team who was going to slay it, and the person who found it was giving it to that team. You then decided to keep it for yourself instead of having the team slay it. You stole it from Auxo, and stabbed your team in the back. Auxo didn't give it to YOU, he was giving to the team and you know it. You didn't find it, you didn't buy it, you didn't trade or barter for it. You stole it ?? I'm confused. Keeping the location secret until the day of I'm making it harder for you to attend, as opposed to someone else? because it's easier for other people how? Yea one of us needs therapy