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  1. Haha, he's prolly not aware that they tanked.
  2. ...Wtf, they got nerfed? I've been gone for like 3-4 months and got screwed by "source" again. Yep, they aren't worth ###### now, jesus.. There goes another "wurm" investment. >: ( Yeah, I think I'm done with this game. Thank you for bringing that up hampsterman. I was unaware that I was ####ed again. Lol.
  3. I got these two areas with the intention on making a neutral town for newbies to visit during a pilgrimage, essentially as monuments. I wished to collect the source regularly and host events at Deli using source as a reward to get the vets and hermits to have at least SOME incentive to visit a small player hosted event. Due to a history of feeling betrayed in regards to anything with the word source or "legacy" I have stopped playing and have not collected source in months. Someone consistent could be gathering and making use of the wells. I am selling these deeds for 20s per well as well as the coffer coin. Please refrain from posting arbitrary opinions in regards to rarity of them. Deliverance is an ancient server with 9 identified source wells; 5 of which are in my possession. Xanadu has a ton of them; Deli does not. Thank you for your understanding. 61s 50c Drakespirit Gardens, ~ I 16 area. Mostly flattened paths with a 2 tile side highway cutting almost through the middle. Only 3 1x1 buildings present. Rare guard tower near the middle. 1 source fountain, 2 source springs. 18 of those scrap wood wrapped gift "legacy" items containing random crap. The size of Drakespirit Gardens is 43 by 21. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 1 silver, 54 copper and 34 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 80 copper and 60 iron. 42s 80c Drakespirit Shrine ~ L16 area. Relatively shaped and terraformed land, two and a half buildings present. 2 source springs and a 99 enchant mailbox down the road a bit. The size of Drakespirit Shrine is 17 by 16. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 2 silver, 86 copper and 6 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver. The upkeep will last approximately 80 days, 2 hours and 19 minutes more. ~ Takinshikaze
  4. My incomplete obelisks, pylons and shrines went poof. I'm assuming invisible. lol.
  5. Cutting down every cedar tree north of Odynn's place. If anyone has ever been to midgard, they'll understand how absurd this is.. It has a few separate local chats... Was a few days of effort.. I was spending about 5 minutes chopping down all the felled trees covering up the last cedar left in the cedar forest and I hear a crack and fall of a tree, following the orange text.. Local chat, Odynn... I got about 5 WC levels out of that and I'm not bothered that he nabbed it as I made cedars extinct for almost two ingame map gridsquares. I do them for karma and enjoyment anyway and Odynn having SB helps essentially everyone on deliverance in the long run. XD This reminds me that I need my armor repaired... Fighting with Libila for a few hours ripped my armor up. Lol. Here's what a headbutt from Libila can do after 15% damage reduction. Ah! A second one, a bit different ordeal.. Nowhere near as long as the midgard tree, but infinitely more infuriating. A Venerable Avatar of Fo asked for a common wool cap. Taki crafted said wool cap and trecked to the opposite side of the map to find said avatar of fo to give him the hat. After about four hours of searching and bitching about how I can't COD it to him in kingdom, I see an avatar of fo a once developed mountain side. After dismounting, taking off my gear and climbing the steep slope he was hugging onto, no give option is showing up for me. 'tis when I realize that this is an AGED avatar of fo and not the venerable one. >: ( A few more hours of searching the frustrating countryside and I find the Venerable Avatar of Fo. I offer him the cap and he rejects, claiming that he wants a black one... I've gathered the resources and had a, 89ql Seryll hugeaxe, heavily enchanted and rare boned to KILL the next avatar of fo that I hear about when I am on. That Libila encounter I mentioned was for testing out its effectiveness.. I will resume desecrating altars of Fo with my supreme spoon and lie in wait for my vengeance.. >: ( I do love Valrei though. The ONLY thing I miss about epic was the Valrei monsters and silly power struggle of the gods. I've got three Drakespirit Deeds on deliverance in tribute to another ridiculous experience of mine.
  6. No... Lol. My partner says he can read it fine but they have the same screen type as me. =_=
  7. Soo binary.. I've been obstinant and unco-operative. I'm trying to land in the middle, not flip flop on extremes. I'm asking for legitimate feedback on the font color so I can stop blasting people with bright monitors and can get back on topic.
  8. One of my friends sent me a picture of his massive HD backlit monitor. I use an Alienware laptop monitor, regular HDTV and some crappy but pretty samsung monitor. That is definitely not the brightness that I see, lol. The only red font that wurm has is max contrast for some reason. Going to try this color for awhile. Give feedback on this one real quick so I can determine alterations.
  9. Ah, high level crafting being stupidly easy isn't something I had insight on. That is totally true Archaed. High end accounts generally end up being another player on them. I feel that if we had a large playerbase, the demand for good accounts would be high which would thin out the account selling market making them more valuable. At the same time, I'm concerned that gold farmers would jump allover wurm at this point. Some of those bastards automacro systems are brutally hard to identify. Alas, that's a problem for MMOs that have massive population and not a concern as it is now. In regards to skill requirement, that's a totally interesting perspective to me. I've never considered skill requirement on wurm. It would probably be a massive nerf and would really suck if they implemented something like that at this point, unless it was something such as the closer QL tool to your skill, the more effective you use it. Give me a divine carving knife having no experience with woodwork, my carvings would be as ###### as using a crude tool would be. Lol, it would be faster though but that might lead to more mistakes. I don't really want to dabble into the depths of this topic... haha. Scary! The [referral system], bracketed because it's an item at this point, is generally used to reduce the expense of premming a new account. I find the name referral system as misleading as it is more a gift you can sell rather than a tool to credit those that introduced you to wurm. In regards to zigozag's content, I totally ###### agree. XD That idea of an ingame auction house sounds amazing but it would take a lot of speculation. I'd love that but I would probably be rich off of wurm and no longer play the game.. SWTOR... I was one of the richest players on the server I was on by level 15 with every endgame item I could want that isn't bind on pickup. Yeah, I was ###### loaded but that completely killed the game for me. T_T AH's can be dangerous.. haha. I'm unsure if it would or would not be good for wurm. Those that I have responded to, thank you kindly for your genuine input. I really appreciate you. Steering the topic a bit, I'd like to focus on what we could do to create/improve wurm's advertisement system. I'll lead off with one of my proposals which would need more speculation if considered seriously. Once upon a time, Taki was a SRGM for a blizlike(same as retail, slightly buggy) warcraft private server. Our admin built a program?? that generates a referral code under your name and it leads to account creation giving genuine credit to those that refer. If that user plays regularly, you are recognized having genuinely invited someone to the server. If said player donates to the server, you are also recognized as inviting someone who supports the server. You'd be rewarded with in game tokens for aesthetic goodies and whatnot but nothing you could trade or get an upper edge with. This promoted players themselves to loosely advertise the server on their own through whatever social medium they use. I've always been on various IM communities with 800-3k inbound daily so finding people interested in the server wasn't difficult. Disclaimer: I only shared link via pm. None of that chat spam advert bs. --------------------------------------------------------- ^ Unposted lastnight. Had to suddenly leave the compy. lol. In regards to Eobersig, I failed to find a sufficient thread in regards to how we can work on advertisement. Of course the problem is people don't STAY in the game. The reason I am focusing on people to try the game is because that is something realistically within reach of my influence. Devs are the ones that need to un-###### the game and I don't feel I have a position to assist in that endeavor. I really appreciate your insight in regards to your starter town merchant. In regards to sulfurblade, I'll change the background of my posts to white as this is what I normally have. If it's still difficult, I'll shift to black. Otherwise it's high contrast people find difficult (Tried and it only backdrops text leaving that cream ###### inbetween sentences. I'mna dig around to make coding that will backdrop the entire post rather than surrounding text). Your portrayal of the epic market is pretty interesting and thank you greatly for focusing on the primary element of my topic: Advertisement. I was in the same boat in regards to never hearing about wurm even though it would be my type of game in highschool, lol. It totally takes a certain breed of person to put up with wurm. I'm also in the same boat in regards to wurm as a placeholder. The deliverance community is a strong element keeping me here but people make a masterwork game, make a ton of cash and then go to stagnancy while focusing arbitrarily on small details. One day... Vortexxx. Prepaid gamecards wouldn't be expensive to develop. Getting the contract out there may be but that would loosely advertise the game as well as help kiddos without a card to buy prem and whatnot. Unfortunately that's an executive decision and out of the community's control. I hope they take up on this kind of thing. In regards to ClericGunem, I see where you're coming from. When I played on epic, as a newbie I grinded up my tools to 50ish pretty quickly and religiously obsessed over having my signature on everything I made, lol. All in all though, equipment mechanics are not what I am aiming to focus on. 'Tis something that brought my attention to advertisement which looms over a bunch of other issues. Thank you for the clarification. All in all, I'm looking for a way to utilize the playerbase that is within the communities control. We can tell the devs all day fix this, make that but the decision is made by them arbitrarily. I'm seeking something that WE can develop that is relatively plug and play that is worth catching their attention
  10. I appreciate the concern but it is not needed. I'm well aware it is a folkway of forum dwellers. In regards to not being able to read it, once upon a time Taki was legally blind and unable to read 12 font without leaning in for it. It made it convenient as the default text in my community was arial 12 which anonymous are forced to use(usually trolls). Regulars would have their own selected font scheme which were often 14-16 which made effective for an incredibly rapid chat. Post something and in a few seconds, it will likely be 10 spaces up, no longer on the screen. Tis what happens when you grow up in legitimate isolation only with internet access as this began when I was eleven. Rather than attention seeking, this is comfortable to me and I self identify with 16, italicized georgia font. ###### up, right? XD Alas, please refrain from continuing this discussion as it is derailing. Thank you for considering reading the post. ^w^
  11. I've used this font scheme for over ten years now. That is not going to change any time soon. I'm often on IM so the whole forum folkway of always using the mundane font irritates the ###### out of me.
  12. I've been slowly coming back more often and will probably be a regular chatting away in kingdom pretty soon. lol. Man it feels so uncomfortable posting openly outside of our community. I tossed a suggestion on that part of the forums and I feel I have to lace the entire thing with disclaimers to keep the communication on target and on task. OOH OOH! Also!! A glowing crimson axe, hand forged at the peak of midgard by Odynn is looking to rip the flesh and gut the Avatars of Valrei until nothing but an eye and gland remains.. If you see one, especially one of fo.... let me know; they need to die... Otherwise, I'm glad to be back! ^w^
  13. Rather than necro-ing the two or so threads, one of my own included, I feel it is necessary to bring this up again. If you decide to read this or comment, please focus on conflict resolution rather than conflict dismissal. Snooping around the market like I regularly do, I found a post full of mid rate gear. I immediately though "no-one's going to buy any of this" and went to close the tab but that thought stopped me. I don't buy things unless they are top tier-ish or rare.. Same goes for almost all of the rest of the market. Comparing with games like warcraft in regards to gear, you start low, slowly upgrading as you go. Even at the top you would upgrade bits and pieces at a time. On here, you have your starter gear you spawn with and jump to the top tier gear completely disregarding absolutely everything in between. Loading warcraft, starting at level 1 and jump to endgame gear while at level 1. Comparatively I'd be like level 40 on warcraft's scale but I'm almost maxxed out gear wise. I've only been around for a few months and I suck at games. lol. Point being, I see this as a problem and solutions that come to mind would revolve around population. IF we had a significantly larger player base, the demand for higher quality would of course go up, but the demand for affordable lower quality would rise as well. Getting to the focus of this topic, having a larger player base would likely resolve the conflict present. Something I often do to make sure I am moving in the right direction to the "root" of the problem is to see what stems off of the solution. Occasionally it can be misleading and my focus could be heading the wrong direction. Attached is a random blank mind mapping diagram as I feel I am not sufficiently explaining myself. I am trying to head inwards with a solution that solves other problems that are not within my current attention. I feel that Advertisement is at the center of the conflict and resolving the lack of advertisement would also fix many other areas that wurm is hurting in. I've got a feeling that the dev staff doesn't care to look into suggestions unless they are easy so I would like to discuss this question openly to develop options that would be past the brainstorming phase. I've proposed this before but I would like to discuss how it could be created, refined and implemented: User Advertisement. If I were in charge of an MMO, I would try to rely on the inherent power of my current player-base to create leverage at advertising my game. Conventional advertisement is expensive and difficult to coordinate. Mainstream games often have the finances, organization and manpower to pull off conventional advertisement with success but I don't think I can consider wurm a mainstream game. I do feel steam was a good start. What could I do to get my players to advertise the game for me and how could I improve its effectiveness? What are other games doing? What have you seen that you feel is effective? What could be improved with the ideas we are proposing? How could they be put into play? How could we get the dev staff to hear us? My brain is all frazzled as developing things like this takes a toll on ones focus so I'm going to end this post here and write my propositions later. As I said earlier, please refrain from conflict dismissal and focus heavily on conflict resolution. Thank you for your time, シカゼ タキン