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  1. Some of my primary concerns are things like the economy, is it still relatively healthy? That aspect always interestsed me. Is there much of a community to be had still? I'd rode around a few major developed areas in Xanadu today and might've ran into 3-4 online people. These regions were usually around starter deeds. Things of that liking.
  2. I first began playing the game 10 years ago, dedicated a good constant 4 years of playing. After that I was on and off for the next 6 years, playing for a few months at a time. Now not so much, I still log on to maintain my deed now every 5-6 months, completely keeping to myself. I probably haven't even logged into the forums in over a year. Wurm has recently been in my mind and while I'm at work I figured I'd make a post to inquire about the current situation of Wurm. I did enjoy puttering away into the mines or forge, or even troll infested woods but this was with friends typically. With majority of the people I met in Wurm having moved on it feels like a remnant of the past now. Too large of a nostalgia trip, I don't deal well with nostalgia. ? Wurm unlimited is another thing I've been looking at. The benefits of Wurm unlimited look great. No premium in some of the best servers, and borderline no incentive, besides support, to open your wallet. Tell me how you guys feel. Tldr, I suppose I'm asking for someone to sell me on coming back to Wurm. ?
  3. I believe this is only available in the Online version of the game, Unlimited hasn't received this patch yet.
  4. +/-1 Originally I opposed, however now I am on the fence.
  5. Close pls.

    Large maul, iron, 90QL, 95 Nimb, 87 LIfetransfer, 89 CoC CoD to Crawford
  6. If you need another give me a shout, I live near and can drop 5t/1s
  7. I'd like to rekindle discussion on this subject, bump.
  8. This one is mostly for the people who spend extended amounts of time away from the game, be it military or some other form of long term hiatus from the game. My thought is this, assume you have 0h 0m 0s sleep bonus, you sleep up till you get 5 hours, for every 5 or so hours you would have gained after that, in that same sleeping session, you'll receive 1 sleep powder upon waking up. This works out to be 1 sleep powder for every 5 days logged off consecutively. This will only work if the toon is premium. These sleep powders are no trade no drop. Resets when you wake up. I'm open to other ideas or suggestions on this matter, kinda thought it up in a spur. Would this kill the market for sleep bonus. It would not help it in any manor, it would cause people who are away from the game for a long time to no longer have a need to purchase sleep powders for a long time. However it would help those who are behind due to real life things catch up without paying a person for their sleep powders, instead that money would have gone to CCAB. This would cause further incentive to remain premium when inactive.