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  1. WTB drake set

    Colour doesn't matter, PM me your offers! Edit: Prefer paypal
  2. wtb 1g for 50e

    Bought, looking to buy more.
  3. PC Folke

    That's around the value i was thinking as well... 300e at max
  4. PC Folke

    in this markets current state, i think its HIGHLY unlikely an account will go for 800e. maybe 6 years ago, yes.
  5. wtb 1g for 50e

    Title. PM if interested.
  6. Happy Belated 2020 Everyone! I might be late, but i come with a new timelapse video!
  7. I'm here with the hype train for the Epic relaunch. Will the Freedom to Epic skill transfer still apply? Is there a thought process about adding an the algorithm so a majority of those skills will transfer back to Freedom as well?
  8. When you plan a structure to a building, you can use the tile borders on the inside to create extra walls pre-finalization. When you finalize the plans to the structure, the additional interior walls will vanish. However, it thinks that there are still walls there. This is a photo of the empty tile border with the correct tool equipped. "Add to crafting window" will tell you there is already a wall there and will not allow you to use Crafting window. The only way to get the interior house plans that were made before finalization to appear is to either, - Wait until building is finalized before placing them. -relogging so the visual error can be reset.
  9. Thank you! i have a few others but i'm unsure of where i should be posting them... Maybe i will just use this thread as a dedicated one for posting these timelapse videos
  10. Welcome Elva & Ilky! had a blast with you building your house here in Stardew Island! Welcome and glad to have you on board!
  11. Celebration Map

    Thanks, Oluffus! You're the best!
  12. I replied to your Community map! Thanks for keeping it updated!
  13. Celebration Map

    Stardew Island X9 Y10 Previous Deed is no longer there. Thank you