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  1. Just letting you know that i'm on SFI and would not be able to send you anything on NFI. I would look in the NFI market section for what you're looking for.
  2. PAINTING SKILL Summary: The painting skill could be used to create custom housing decorations with the extra benefit of image customization, along with premade images. By using a “print screen” ability it can temporarily save an image of your screen in the game so you can apply it to a canvas. The concept of Art is something that almost everyone is interested in. The ability to create your “own” art from an experience you have had in Wurm Online will be a powerful tool in nostalgia and overall customization. How will it work? You can create an Easel. The easel can be improved with the carpentry skill. The estimated materials needed could be (6 shafts, 1 wooden beam, and 4 small nails). It would use wood improvement tools for imping and give carpentry experience on improving. The Easel should work as a container that will only hold ONE canvas. The canvas can be made with papyrusmaking. The canvas quality would not hold any difference in how it would affect the image or skill. A canvas could be created using 4 shafts and X amount of paper. A Paint Brush will also need to be implemented. A paint brush can be created using a reed pen with wemp fibre. Unlike the Easel and Canvas, The paint brush quality will work as an improvement tool, so the quality of the paint brush will have the basic improvement success rate depending on the quality of the Paint Brush. Imping the paint brush will use Wood improvement tools and should give Fine Carpentry skill gain when improved. Painting and Quality An action should be created that will capture a “memory” of your current client. That will allow you to start painting a custom image. The image location should remain temporary so you can not put in your own images into the wurm folder to create ‘out of world’ images. The image will appear on the canvas but at lower quality, the image will be heavily distorted. As you ‘improve’ the image will become more detailed. (Please see images below as example) Painting will require a new set of improving tools. Painting brush, square piece of cloth and metal brush. However you will need to have Red, Blue and Green paint in your inventory. Paint amount should be removed as .2kg per improvement action pass or fail. When failing on an improvement action, the painting should not take damage but a quality reduction. a message would indicate this with, “you added too much (Color) paint and damaged the painting.” “The painting was smudged too much and was damaged.” “You scraped too hard with your metal brush and damaged the painting.” Improving event texts could be as followed. “ You need to touch up some areas with (Color) paint using your paint brush.” “You see an area you need to smudge with your piece of cloth.” “ There is some extra paint you could remove using your Metal brush”. Application A Canvas can be removed from the Easel at any Quality. At the same time, a canvas can be placed back onto the Easel at any time to further improve it. A Canvas can be mounted as a wall decoration. A painting placed on a canvas will not take decay damage on deed, However will take decay damage while mounted at its normal deed reduced rate. Example of 10QL painting. Example of higher QL painting.
  3. @Aeryck[23:48:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Aeryck in less than ten minutes.
  4. [15:49:29] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [90] If you ever want to see the rare saddle again, you will make a bid below or else the rare saddle gets it. She is unharmed, for now... YOU HAVE 24 HOURS. Proof of life Starting Bid : 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: Yes, 20s. Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1hr Private bids: No
  5. LAN gaming party

    I feel personally attacked. What great satire.
  6. Imaginary item

    I was using the crafting window to continue creation of forges when a 2kg clay was not able to be used to continue. I could not drop the clay from my inventory or into another container, saying I was too far from the clay. Whenever I tried to use the clay, I would get this message. [14:53:23] You are using an item that belongs to someone else! Please report this bug. time of bug - 08/Aug/2022 20:53 Relogging made the clay disappear but 2kg was being taken from an imaginary item that I could not remove during this time.
  7. Ended up finishing this gem of an order today. Weird flex, but I'm into it.
  8. This is amazing ^^ Can you please send a set of Pan flags to Kichi?
  9. @Horothewise[21:49:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Horothewise in less than ten minutes. Starting the second half for horo now.
  10. Two C.4's and a D.5. will start once log in
  11. [03:36:34] Leatherworking increased by 0.000008 to 99.995003 Fake 100 accomplished. This is a bump.
  12. This list is so amazing and I can't believe I haven't seen this until now. Thank you for bumping this, @Madnath! If it is possible, I'd love to add Araxiel (vynora) to the list. Been trying to get a global cast for ages.
  13. Since I'm on the 100LW grind, I thought I'd make this AD for what I've been selling in Trade Chat. Current order queue : 0 IF I GET 100 LEATHERWORKING OFF YOUR ORDER, YOU GET FREE IMPS FOR LIFE. Current Leatherworking is at fake 100. ITEMS WITH THE 'KICHI' SIGNATURE GET 50% ALL IMP COSTS (Coupon Discount) You will be charged an extra .01c for all MSG added (Mailing Costs) You can also message "kichi" in game or Kichi in the Wurm Official Discord server for information and ordering. Imp fees (except saddles and bardings)(Lunch Specials) Armours (Full set — Studded leather / Plain leather) (Combination Platter) Toolbelts (appetizers) Saddles (Dinner Specials) SPECIAL DISHES Archaeology Journals Leather Barding
  14. Honestly, I would like to see sundials that actually work. Where I agree with idea one and two, it would be great to have decoration that would also have functionality. Regarless, Thumbs up all around from me.