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  1. Lusitania kind of makes sense because it's the name of a Roman province that is now Portugal.
  2. I opted for "Perseverance" which is the name of the Mars 2020 rover that launches 4 days before the Steam launch on the 20th.
  3. Have been trying to spread this news around reddit to attract some players. Got really p!$$ed at a guy trying to say WO is a "P2W" game because you can buy in game currency. Also saying that WU was "abandoned". God forbid Wurm's developers try to earn something for their hard work. Love you guys and excited for next month!
  4. Very excited to see what the map looks like.
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    When will be shown what the map looks like? I am very interested. I hope its not Xana sized. I think it should be around the size of Indy or Chaos.
  6. I'm impressed! Some nice QOL tweaks. I think once these changes are in game we will wonder how we lived without them
  7. [01:33:08] <Wucian> i only dual wield when using funny things to beat animals to death [01:33:24] <Wucian> you ever beaten a dozen seals to death with 2 pig carcasses? [01:33:26] <Wucian> i have
  8. I have a suggestion. What if at certain skill milestones you get some time shaved off of the timer? For example if you reached 20 carpentry you get a bit of time shaved off of the timer for making an item that uses carpentry, and perhaps a bit more time removed at 30 carpentry, and so on. It would make it more rewarding for the players who have invested a lot of time into those skills.
  9. [13:03:08] <Grifo> how can you relax when there is a army of seal spies plotting the demise of the world as we know it [13:03:20] <Sulevi> just logged in and thats the first thing I see in gl chat.
  10. Please add my village "Arcadia" located at M-12
  11. I would like my deed "Arcadia" added please. M-12 between the shore of the lake and the road,
  12. Founded my village recently. Name: Arcadia Location: Y -24 X 26
  13. I don't want the source, just want the land really. I could care less about the crystal/water,