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Found 51 results

  1. The cooking arena awaits! Hi everyone! Today marks the one year anniversary since the launch of Wurm Unlimited, and what a year it's been! Wurm Unlimited has brought many things to the game, giving players even greater control over their experience, and we've seen some pretty awesome things from it. It's also given us the opportunity to Identify where we need to improve, and we're making that a major focus in our future plans, both in PvE and PvP. We're keen to see where the next year takes Wurm Unlimited, and what people do with their servers. Wurmpedia changes Some might have seen a few small pages removed as we focus on making sure the information in there is as accurate and complete. This affects mostly outdated guides and roleplaying style pages. We're looking at our options to allow players to update roleplaying style pages (with their own stories about events and items) in the future, but for now please be sure to use player and settlement namespaces or the creative commons on the forum for them. Unstable client We've had some excellent reports about issues on the unstable client and we continue to need them! Please do load up the unstable client and play for a little bit, we're on the lookout for major performance issues and crashes, as well as simply failing to load. The random disconnect issue still exists, so you do not have to play it for long, just to be sure that it does run on your pc. Oddities such as shadows and such will be addressed in future updates, but we need to be sure that it runs for all players first. Cooking testing! This weekend we'll be launching public testing of the cooking and food part of the 1.3 update! We're currently in the process of ensuring it all runs smoothly on the new test server, and will open the gates to testing on Tomorrow (Saturday!) at uh, this time: We'll have a thread up then, a small survey, and like last time, some prizes for those who take part! Map dumps We've decided to set a date for the release of the map dumps to coincide with the release 1.3. It's a little later than we originally planned, but we feel it works well with the marking of a new update. We'll have them available for viewing online and download (I'll even arrange a torrent for a short period of time). Feature or bug? A question was raised regarding logout timers on Chaos being 5 minutes within enemy presence, and whether it was intended to be so, or 1 hour like on Epic. The answer is, well, a bit of both! While it's not a bug per se, we will look at the logout timers and make them the same across both clusters when in enemy presence. If you have a question about a feature, or wondering if something is a bug, feel free to ask in this thread! I'll do my best to get answers from the dev team. Community Content- Smeagain Ascending Today saw the ascension of Smeagain to demigod on Epic! Will she survive long enough to be our first player Goddess? We'd like to congratulate her, and we're excited to see how it goes! That's it for this week, I hope to see you all tomorrow at the testing of our new cooking system! Next week I'll have some stories to tell, maybe even some old stories about special resources from faraway planets and their properties.... Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. And what a week it has been! I know there have been a few changes that garnered some negative attention this past week, I'd like to thank those who voiced their concerns and feedback in a constructive manner, we will always do our best to work with players, and compromise where we can. While the majority of you all were respectful and obeyed the forum rules, there were a few who weren't. This always leads to accusations of censorship which aren't true. Developer and staff bashing have always been against the forum and game rules, being upset with any changes occurring does not change that. But anyways, on with the news... Patch Notes PvP update A large portion of the discussed changes went live yesterday, and after a few hiccups is operating smoothly, we hope to continue working with the PvP community to address key issues and improve play. Some of the changes were to damage reduction, and as such, here are the new systems just to clarify: PvP Damage reduction information Body Strength Formula, linear line is old, curve is new. (1-(0.15*ln(x*0.8-15))) Armour type DR And modifiers by attacking type. Armour also carries bonuses for material type: +10% for glimmer, +5% for addy, +10% for seryll rare is 103%, supreme is 106%, fantastic is 109% Rift Resources As also mentioned in this weeks patch, the rift resources can now be collected! While their current use is not yet in, they can be collected and stored, other methods of obtaining them may become apparent soon too... The Shrimpalong! This week has seen announcement of The Christmas Impalong! (or as zigozag phrased it, Shrimpalong). Shrimpiie has been preparing his deed for a community staple, and you'll have to check it out, I know I'll be there! That's it for this week, hopefully we'll have some solid plans for public testing of the cooking update in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!
  3. Hi Everyone! This is just a quick news this week to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and an awesome new year. There won't be any news next week and possibly the week after as I will be away with family, and letting the devs relax. The Christmas gifts are now available in game, I won't spoil the surprise, so if you want to find out yourself, don't read this spoiler! On behalf of the Wurm team, I'd like to thank you all for your feedback, voices, and input in the past year. A community is only the sum of its people, and by that qualifier, ours is pretty damn awesome. I'd like to wish you all have a very safe and happy Christmas, and not get too drunk on any strange recipes found on troll corpses over the holiday period. 2017 is already shaping up to be massive, and I'm honestly really excited to see what comes of it. Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  4. Enki pays a visit Hi everyone! Christmas is almost upon us, and I've seen a few Christmas trees floating around already! This week we'll be looking at an in depth interview with Shrimpiie, our Shrimpalong coordinator, but first... Patch notes: Shrimpalong! The 2016 Christmas Impalong launches this weekend, and our reporter in the field spent some time with Shrimpiie, the organiser to ask a few hard hitting questions: the impalong runs from the 18th of December through to the 1st of January, so make sure you stop by, check it out, and make a seafood joke or two! Full details about amenities, events and services can be found here: Rarity and cookers We initially designed the cooking system to take the rarity of the cookers (forge, oven, campfire) into account when calculating what the affinity would be, this means the same meal cooked in a rare oven will give a different affinity vs one cooked in a normal oven. Some players raised how this can seem a bit backwards, given turning a normal oven rare or better would mean having to start the collection of affinities all over again, or getting rid of it. We'd like your feedback on this, as to whether you'd like to see rarity affect the affinity, and the system stay as it is, or remove the rarity affecting the outcome. This option would mean that all recipes currently tested using a rare+ cooker would be incorrect, and you would need to start again. In both cases, rarity would boost the timer length compared to a non rare cooker. Read through others opinions and vote in the forum poll here: Fountain pans Being removed in 4 days Fountain pans are due to expire just under four days from now, so please make sure that all contents are stored appropriately, when they expire the items will move into the next container they can fit in, if they cannot fit or go over the 100 item count, they will pop out onto the floor. Racks and racks! They're updating quicker than I can tease in the news! This week saw the release of the awesome amphorae and planter racks, some of the cooler storage options, as well as allowing the loading of full items and transferring them between containers that can fit them! I got so excited about this i blew up a building in anticipation of a new greenhouse! Community Content This weeks content is of course, the impalong! Some beautiful shots of the deed custom designed for the impalong, can't wait to see lots of corpses, i mean, players! That's it for this week, enjoy the weekend, and as always, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  5. Dockfronts on The Wurm Unlimited server, hyperborea by Boyar. Hi all! Another week has gone by, and we're nearing the end of the year, with the jingle bells in the distance, and some man in a red suit being spotted all over the place. We've got a bit of news as we work on refining the massive changes in 1.3, so lets get to it! but first... Patch Notes: Seedlings steps up! After months of tireless work as the assistant wiki manager, Seedlings will be taking over as the wikipedia manager from here on out, recognising her hard work and dedication. We'll continue to be updating the wiki to incorporate all the changes that came with 1.3, so if you'd like to lend a hand, or just obtain a wiki account for general updating, feel free to fill out the form below! Alternatively, you can always post information on our wiki maintenance section of the forums, or in #wurmpedia on IRC, our wiki assistants and editors are always happy to ensure that information gets updated as soon as possible. SotG changes This update also saw Shield of the Gone changed to start kicking in at level 7, with 6% DR, scaling up each level to the full 30% DR at level 11. This change hopefully takes some of the wait off with SotG as we move forward, but we will be looking at an entire meditation overhaul in the not too distant future, covering all paths to ensure that they are fairly balanced against each other. Securing Yesterdays patch notes including an option to "secure" plantable items. Currently the list given is not fully functional due to a bug, but the new ability will allow players to secure items that could not be planted before, meaning greater protection of these items. We'll also be adding a few bash options for existing items, allowing players to remove some things that they couldn't before, and ensuring there's a way to knock secured and planted items down too 70 damage to be able to pick up when off deed. WU beta With this weeks update out and most of the bugs squished, our next major focus is on Wurm Unlimited receiving the beta update, so rest assured the wait will soon be over! The recipe system teased will be coming with this, and we will have a special section of the Wurm unlimited forum for the creation and sharing of these player made recipes (I have also heard of at least one or two recipe generation tools being worked on). Community Content This weeks community content is going back to an older mentioned one, the Wurm community radio! The radio station is up and running at and they are looking for volunteer DJ's! If you like the idea of rambling to a captive audience of wurmians for up to an hour (who doesn't, I've seen you all on GL chat!) feel free to apply! That's it for this week though, we'll have more information about the WU beta over the coming week, and hopefully have a date by the end of it. Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  6. Hi everyone! Another busy week this week as we continue to address some concerns and issues with 1.3, as well as prepare for the big release in Wurm Unlimited, we're still ensuring the bugs are ironed out in WO before moving on to a beta, but expect to see it within the next few weeks! But first.. Patch Notes Recipes Keenan teased this a little bit in the WU forums but we'll have a look at it here anyways. Something that wasn't really mentioned in the WO update due to it being back end was how the recipe creating system works in the code. The exact code may be confusing for some so let me break it down a little: This represents a single recipe. Each recipe is a single file (JSON for those curious) that is stored in a recipe folder in the server folder structure. When your server starts up after a restart it checks the folder and adds any and all recipes listed in there. This means a system that is extremely flexible, and a simple restart allows you to add all the recipes you desire! Creating a recipe will be as simple as choosing what ingredients may go into it, the container and cooker used, the description and model, then sharing the file with other server admins! Wurm unlimited will be receiving a list of already known recipes to make the basic level of cooking accessible, along with the ability for server admins to customise and add their own recipes. Those who wish to write their own won't be totally in the dark, we'll be releasing a guide about how the recipe file system works and all the possible variables. I'm positive that someone will be eyeing it off, contemplating their own little tool to create recipes with ease too. Tasty! The one down side to finding out what each meal gives as an affinity is being too full to eat! To counter this we'll be adding a "taste" option in a future update, allowing players to taste a meal for a hint of the affinity they will receive, even more reason to get cooking now! The reduction in skillgain from HFC is also being looked at, and as soon as the issue is isolated it will be fixed. Nutrition changes Incase anyone missed it in the patch notes, we will be removing the CCFP wiping of Refresh, and allowing it to fill food/water/nutrition to 99, the payoff for this is the fact the CCFP bars will continue to go down without eating. We'll also be boosting nutrition values from medium+ meals served in their ideal temperatures (no one likes a hot salad). Rack 'em up! Beating me to the release is the awesome new wine barrel rack, and small barrel rack! These can hold up to 30 barrels of their corresponding type (incorrectly listed as 20 in the patch notes before I fixed them), meaning much better storage options and allows me to continue to hoard barrels like they're going out of style! Community Content This weeks community content is a little PvP related, with three new Chaos PMK's launching in the past month or so. They've been hard at work and have produced some amazing kingdom designs, I can't work out which kingdoms I like the most (though I'm open to donations!) Which one is your favourite? Pandemonium: The Crusaders: Dreadnought Dynasty: That's it for this week though! We'll continue to keep an eye on things as we work towards a Wurm Unlimited release, Until then though.. Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  7. Torn between collecting meat for the new cooking update, and having the cart drawn, some Wurmians opted for compromise It's full steam ahead as we move towards the 1.3 release, the hamsters have been briefed, the various sacrifices to Valrei performed, and we're almost there! By now you should have received a copy of the news letter (or ten, if you're like some players I know) so you'll have a fair idea of what's coming, but we'll go into a few details we've wanted to share too. If you haven't seen the newsletter, here it is! Fruit Inspector A few months ago, A player by the name of Noizhead raised questions about how fruit harvest quality works, with the fruit difficulty being your skill / 2, meaning as you get better, your results get worse! In this update we'll be addressing that mechanic, as well as a few others: Fruit harvested as well as foraging and botanizing finds will now be closer quality to your skill Yield from harvesting trees and bushes will now increase depending on skill and tree age (or trellis QL). Two huge changes to harvesting fruits and bushes, time to sharpen that sickle! Decorate for days! We previously announced that decoration items on deeds with over 30 days upkeep will not take decay, I've done some digging (nagging) and gotten a list! It may not be fully comprehensive, as some things might have been missed, but the general rule of thumb is, if it doesnt form a pile when dropped, and it can't be lit, then it won't decay (don't worry, this doesn't mean lamps will when planted) Cookbook update! The cookbook, as previously mentioned has been getting some serious reworking, and in the 1.3 update will be a little different to how most of you tested it. It will now be available via the quickbar! you will be able to add notes to each recipe, making note of the affinity you get from specific combinations, and also mark certain recipes as favourites! We'll also have the cooking guide ready for release on Tuesday, along with the full patch notes of all the changes coming in with 1.3, so there's a lot of work ahead of us, but we're super excited and so should you be! Community Content This weeks community content is from just outside Strongbox, on the Serenity Epic server, Skymart! This awesome building bearing the colours of Jenn-Kellon, along with interconnected bridges just looks amazing. The colossus on the right is a tribute to long time JK player PaulTRW, who sadly passed away some time ago. That's it for today, we'll be busy crossing i's and dotting t's, making sure everything is ready for Tuesday. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  8. Foggy sun, by wilczan Hi everyone! A huge week this week with the release of 1.3! I've taken a break from the oven (okay, okay, maybe I was outside hunting bees) to fill you in on all the post 1.3 news, so here we go! Recipes sharing As some of you may have noticed, I spoke about the cataloguing of recipes on the forum or ingame recently. For the moment, we'd like to avoid having any openly public collection of recipes being shared. The reason for this is that many do wish to spend time exploring this system for their own, and we'd like to give them the opportunity to do so. If you wish to use sites such as Reddit to collect and discuss you are more than welcome to do so, but please do avoid sharing it in public chats and the forum until it comes to Wurm Unlimited. To clarify, if someone asks how to make a certain meal, giving info on that is fine, but collections and spreadsheets of recipes are best to keep it to PM. Public sharing of lists or collections of recipes can and will result in moderation actions being taken, so please be sensible and considerate. Once it comes to Wurm Unlimited we will allow the postings as long as spoiler tags are used. Shield training The shield training change came along with this update, and we've had mixed reports over how it has gone. In order to give the best feedback, please include some important things: Combat log - This tells us how often you parry with your shield as well as what you fight Skill log - This allows us to see the tick rate, and tick size, as well as the skill levels of the shield skills you're training. Shield quality - This helps us see what equipment you're using and if you're doing it right. Stance - This tells us how effective each stance is at skill gain. Of course there will be adjustment with how you skill with this system, fighting weaker mobs will not give as much skill, but stronger mobs will, aggressive stance does not block so often, so you will receive less opportunities to gain skill so keep that in mind! Wurm Unlimited I know for a fact that our Wurm Unlimited cousins are champing at the bit for this update. With this in mind, we'll be working on a beta release within the next few weeks, with the info about how it works for server admins to create and populate their recipe list. Wurm Unlimited is currently on sale so if you're keen on getting in early, grab a copy! We'll be giving away some copies of Wurm Unlimited to celebrate this update when it launches too, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Steam Awards Steam also has their award season on this week, and we all know what Wurm qualifies for! The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award is definitely our pick! With that all done, we want to hear your feedback on everything! what's your favourite part of 1.3, and what can't you wait to get your hands on? Let us know! Community Content This weeks Community Content is from us! The map dumps taken on the 1st of November have proven extremely popular, and I know I've spent hours pouring over them, wondering what each little dip looks like ingame. We'll be working on an automated delayed system and a pan and scan version up soon! Check them out here: That's all for this week folks, we'll continue to monitor all changes and take feedback on how they feel to you, this includes both good and bad! If you feel that something does not work as effectively, or that something is perhaps TOO effective, please do raise it, including as much information as you can. The reasons for this is to ensure that any changes we need to make can be done early on, and allow us to avoid hassle in the future. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  9. A domesticated bee hive Hi Everyone! We've had a few more hotfixes this week to address some unfortunate combat problems, although we're fairly certain the exploits have been removed and should be smooth sailing from now on. If you encounter any issues or exploits please be sure to report them to the GM team by pming a GM on the forum, or emailing gamemods(at) Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited WU Update Version of Wurm Unlimited went live this week, with the new clothing and other updates coming in! We aim to have the new beta up by next week, with the PvP, combat, and other changes in that for modders and admins to make sure everything works. Cooking! The time comes closer to public testing of the new cooking system, with our devs and several volunteers working hard to ensure that it hits the public test server as soon as possible! This weeks peek is at the recipes, and ways to share them. Players who create a meal, can write down that recipe on papyrus using a reed pen filled with ink or dye, and then they are able to trade, mail or sell the recipe card, and allow other players to use them to learn new recipes. Rumour has it that certain humanoid creatures in the wild also have their own unique recipes, ones that cannot be cooked without knowing how to make them... Food storage Another common question about the cooking update is about decaying of meals! Certain items such as sandwiches and chocolate (!) will be able to be wrapped, which will greatly reduce decay on those items. Meals cooked with salt will also have reduced decay, though these will not stack. There will also be a storage option to greatly reduce decay of items that cannot be stored in a storage bin, with something special involved too, but more on that in another weeks news! What secret does the larder contain? how does it stay so cool? Another big storage option will be the ability to store liquids without decay! Sealing a liquid container with beeswax and cloth will prevent all decay on various containers, including amphorae and pottery jars. Wine barrels will also be able to be sealed, but will use a different method. Community Content This week forum user goldgretel has been sharing some amazing shots from their adventures in Wurm, I couldn't go past this amazing one of a castle by a lake! That's it for this week,there's still plenty more to share about the cooking update, and hopefully we'll have all the information ready by the time it lands on the public testing server I hope you all have a great week, and keep on wurming! Retrograde & the wurm team.
  10. Mountain views, by Ibexx It's the calm before the storm this week with the 1.3 update looming over, testing to ensure everything works, working with feedback on the cooking changes, as well as finalising what's in it! We have the release date set (pending anything majorly breaking) and here it is! Save the date! With the major bugs ironed out of the cooking update, we're able to announce the release date. The 1.3 update will go live on the 22nd of November! This means next week will be the final news before it goes live, so I'll have all the info about what's coming in 1.3 to share then. There's a lot to go over and finalise, I'll be working with the dev team to make sure everything is covered and all the information is available upon launch. Bug reports and exploits This week saw a notice about exploits and their impact. We're aware that sometimes mechanics fail, or that there are situations that can be created that we do not intend. It is our job here to provide as much information on what is intended and what situations are not. With that in mind it's also important that all exploits and potential game breaking bugs are reported by you. With that in mind we're in the process of improving our reporting reward system, ensuring that players who do report these issues are recognised for their help. This system has been around prior, but was not publicly available and did vary in the rewards, so our aim here is to provide a public system that is clear and makes sense Rift Rune Changes Based off feedback we'll be making a few slight changes to the rift runes. Anyone will be able to make a rift rune of any god (or Jackal) There will be a bonus for crafting a rune for a follower of that god if they have over 20 faith. i.e. A Fo follower with over 20 faith can make a rune of any god, but gains a crafting bonus to crafting runes of Fo. This means that a follower won't be limited to just runes of their god, and opens up more opportunity for crafting! Community Content Milosanx has a new video! He's traveled through the orient express, a canal that's been a project since I started playing. I first heard rumours about it living down in the south east, but it wasn't apparent to me just how amazing it was, it's huge! There's a lot of things in the works coming, and not just the cooking aspect. Once those things are finalised we'll be sharing them with you all, so keep an eye out! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  11. Grand Conjunction of 1601 Dancers III - Predicted by Gaffer Hi Everyone! This week has testing on cooking continuing, with recipes being adjusted, and the cookbook being modified, we're also showing a few new things coming in 1.3 that you can't eat! Rifts and runes The new runic items coming with the 1.3 update will provide individual bonuses depending on a few factors, combining a rune will require a rift stone, crystal or piece of wood along with a lump of metal. The metal used as well as the god the crafter follows will determine the end result, creating a rune that can provide a number of effects such as: Improvement QL gain rate Faster Vehicle speed Faster use speed reductions in size, weight, decay rate increases in volume improvements in ql gain increased chance of rarity There will also be single use runes, giving a chance at performing from a basic spell, to a refresh, and more! Wooden runes will be created with fine carpentry, and attach to wooden items Crystal with jewellery smithing, and attach to metal. Stone using stone-cutting, being able to attach to stone. Cloth items will also be included with one of them, not sure which at this point. These bonuses vary between 5-10%, but be careful! Some will have downsides too, there will be a lot to consider prior to attaching one. These runes are high end items, expect them to be extremely difficult to create, success chance of using or applying the rune will be based off rune quality as well as soul depth, each item is also limited to one rune (minus single use runes). So choose wisely. Cookbook! Work has been extensive on changing the cookbook, moving it to a client sided window (meaning no more pesky timing out) and listing all recipes, here's a sneak preview: Message boards Another feature coming with 1.3 is the message board system! Ever want to leave a message for someone? Or post a request? Well with the new message board, you'll be able to leave all sorts of notices. All you need to do is inscribe some paper or papyrus. And then attach to the message board! You can select whether to post messages to the whole village, to a single villager, or have them publicly available to non citizens as well! It's that simple! The ability to post to certain groups will be limited by permissions. Pandalet joins the dev team! Pandalet has been working hard helping Tich with documentation on the cooking test, giving me lots of info to steal and post in the weekly news, as well as assuring that when it launches, we'll have all the info easily available! I'm pleased to announce that we've managed to trick her into joining the dev team as a developer, So be nice! Wurm Unlimited sale Wurm unlimited is currently 66% off on Steams daily deals! Now's your chance to grab it cheap! Community Content There has been discussion about a player run Wurm radio station! Morlan has been floating the idea of hosting a radio station for Wurmians by Wurmians, andd I'm keen to see how this goes, because I absolutely love sharing music and seeing what others listen to when playing Wurm (except for some Mist lake members who love a little too much Aqua, you know who you are), so I'll be keeping a close eye on it! We're still on track for mid-late November, and next week will have even more info on the non cooking side of this update. I hope to see you all then! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  12. Hi Everyone! And what a week! Testing our new cooking update has been super productive, with bugs, text errors and all sorts of fixes being addressed, we're really thankful for all your hard work and feedback. Based off that, we have a few changes we'll be doing: Complexity and effort It's been pointed out a fair bit that the system might be a little too easy to gain the best benefit, while we do wish to make this system as simple as possible it is true that there should be more reward for performing more complex meals. As such we'll be scaling the CCFP gains and affinities to work with the complexity of a finished meal. It will take into account amount of ingredients, actions needed to be performed, and difficulty to provide a greater boost to those high end meals. Our main focus will be ensuring that high end meals provide greater reason to create them, and encourage exploration in meals as well as sharing recipes found. Quick and easy meals will still fill nutrition and provide basic sustenance, but will provide minimal boosts to CCFP or temporary affinity timer. With over 500 recipes multiplied by different methods of cooking and optional ingredients, there's enough of a range of options to get the affinity you are looking for in a high end meal (around the vicinity of 10,000 possible combinations). As is current with the affinity system temporary affinities will only show if you are a premium player, non premium players will not see any temporary affinities. Redesigning the cookbook Currently the cookbook design has been focused on functionality, in order to ensure that the system worked, we'll be looking at taking feedback and ideas on the setup of the cookbook with a focus on improving it for usability. With that in mind though, due to the nature of the system not all suggestions will be feasible, though we are looking at moving it to a client sided system which would allow it to remain open with other windows, and give it a place on the quickbar. We'll keep you updated on how that goes. This system will be ongoing over the next week or so, the test server will remain open this time as updates roll out, so be sure to jump on and try it out! The winners! Even though the current test window will be extended, we'll be announcing the winners of the prizes today! The winners of 10 sleep powders are: Garit Ecrir Rheascope Greyfox Lianya The winner of the supreme steel frying pan is... Hickory! We'll arrange delivery of the prizes over the weekend, if you have any concerns about being on to receive them, please send me a PM I'd like to congratulate the winners as well as thank everyone for taking part, your testing means a smoother launch, which benefits everyone! The test server will remain open over the next week, with focus on being adding those updates as they go in. Rift materials As teased last week, the uses for the strange materials harvested from the rifts that have been appearing. When combined with a metal, they can be forged into strange little runes, which will provide bonuses to equipment, vehicles and containers. Bonuses from these items will depend on the metal used when forging, as well as other factors, and provide a range of bonuses, including: Increased volume capacity Lower weight Less damage taken Higher shatter resistance Resetting the mailing limit Reducing decay of the contents of a container Some will be one use only, but others will attach to the target to provide a continual boost. Only one rune that provides an ongoing effect can be attached to a tool, excepting the single use ones such as mail reset limits. This is a huge new system coming in, with almost 200 possible combinations, not all effects are currently outlined, but as this system is worked on we will bring you all the information about them in time for 1.3! Extension on source rifts As asked in last weeks news unstable source rifts will have their date extended by a few weeks, to allow for a decent length of crossover time to allow people to properly set up their new system with the new storage options for liquids and the removal of decay on decorations. Wurm Unlimited The next Wurm Unlimited update will go live on the 31st of October, some time in the US morning. We will provide an exact time closer to the date on IRC and Twitter/Facebook. Community Content Desolation v4! Today marks the launch of Desolation version 4, a heavily modified PvP server project being run by Nappy (and I believe others!) I'm quite keen to see how this goes, and might even jump on myself! That's it from us for this week, as you can see, 1.3 is shaping up to be more than just a nice big meal, we still have more in store and will be going into detail with those in the following weeks, in the meantime though, have a happy Halloween! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  13. Hi Everyone! Well, we had our first rifts opening across all servers today (a little early, so I missed out too!) but the issues that we encountered have been corrected, and fixed. We have also got the unstable client running the new rendering engine, with plenty of feedback to sort through and improve on, I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to provide your feedback and information. But with that said, on with the news! Patch Notes Wurm Online Rift Tweaking The invasion system went live this week, with the rifts opening a little earlier than anticipated (or advised) and closing even earlier! We’ve looked into why they opened early and also closed after the first run, and that has been corrected in today's update. As a result of this, we’ve reset the timers for rifts, and they will open up over this weekend, with currently 2 days warning. We’ll be implementing countdown measures as well, to ensure that players have adequate time to prepare themselves for the fight! I know there were some reports of the Rift Beasts being taken down quite easily, but don’t forget they’re the baseline grunts for these rifts, with Ogres, jackals and mages packing an incredibly strong punch! Each rift creature killed has a roughly 5% chance of dropping loot (higher for the warmaster and champions). So participation is the key to getting loot, the more you kill, the greater your chances! We’ll continue to see how the rift system goes, and adjust how often it occurs, as well as loot and warning times as things go on. Starter deeds A little delayed, but I’ll be in contact with the winners of the starter deed makeover contests this week, and organise times with the GM team in order to provide resources and such, so expect to see the new deeds soon! Cave dwellings and PvP We’ve started work on the counters for cave dwellings within PvP servers, with the awesome new battering ram! The model for it is finished, and can be shown here: We’ll have more info on the functionality and mechanics in the next news hopefully. The optional path switch feature from Path of Insanity should also be live next week, pending some inhouse testing. Wurmpedia Assistants! As many of you have read, our Wurmpedia is now managed by Keenan, and his assistant Seedlings (with random capitalisations). We are now looking for Wurmpedia Assistants to help monitor the Wurmpedia and ensure that editor updates are correct and timely. It is a proper staff position so the requirements of over 30 days playtime and good standing with the community are important! To apply, follow this link: Steam update Wurm Unlimited will be updating with cave dwellings coming to beta on Monday at around 8am UTC-5, so plan accordingly! Shop update We will be performing some upgrades to our web store this coming Tuesday at 3am UTC, while we don't expect significant downtime we apologise for any inconvenience it causes. Community content We have two pieces this week, first off comes Evenings finds of amusing recruitment notices, wonder how many clothing optional villages we have The second is some fun with Rolf, a shot from his recent vacation has been slightly Wurmified, with a huge axe and helm. Perhaps he was simply researching combat? That's it for this week, we'll be checking out the new rifts opening on Sunday to ensure it all operates smoothly, until then, keep on wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  14. Fairyshine's Pink Palace (Party goats?) Hi Everyone! This week marks what will be most likely the final server update prior to the release of 1.3, (with the exception of a hotfix or two) as the dev team shifts focus on ensuring all features in 1.3 come out smoothly, so a few patch notes then on with the news! Herb gardens! Of course, cooking just isn't the same without all sorts of herbs and spices, and a long requested feature is the herb garden, so this week we'll be looking at those. The following is an excerpt by Pandalet, with information on spices (Thanks Pandalet for the hard work!) All herbs and spices may be found by foraging or botanizing. In addition, some may be planted in a pottery planter to create a harvest-able bush. Herb bushes planted in planters will die over time, although regular harvesting will make them last longer. Some potted herbs The following herbs are available: The following spices are available: As you can see, there's a lot more ingredients to play with, and brings a whole new area to gardening! All abuzz A few have been asking about domestic or wild hives, and commenting that they'd like to have domestic bees. This is possible, and will be a part of the 1.3 update, I'll sit down with Tich this week and get all the low down on the rumours buzzing around (okay okay I'll stop the puns). New Test Servers As previously mentioned, we'll be updating our test servers for this new system, so I'm pleased to announce the names of the test servers, Baphomet and Oracle! We're in the process of having them set up by our dev team, then will ensure everything runs smoothly before opening them to players for testing the cooking features and other parts of the 1.3 update! This weeks community content comes from a massive Wurm Unlimited project on KangaWU, with a network of bridges spanning a whopping 231 tiles, or 11% of the map! Why would anyone build such a massive bridge system? Unicorns of course! That's it for this week, I'll continue to work on bringing you all the sneak peeks and insight into what's coming with 1.3, and make sure you're as prepared with knowledge and excitement as possible! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  15. Winter cottage by Goldgretel Hi Everyone, A big week with Rolf announcing taking a step back, he'll still be a part of the team, kept in the loop with updates and occasionally helping out with some old mechanics, but for the most part will be focusing on non Wurm projects. I'm sure we're all sad to see him stepping down but be sure his input will still be a big part of Wurm updates to come. but now... Dev road-map! We also saw Buddas release of the developer road map, we're excited to be able to share with you what we have planned, and will go into further details as time goes on. Needless to say some of these projects will require some big changes in how the game currently functions, so we will be sure to work with you all on getting as much feedback as possible. Dev blog coming! The idea of a dev blog has also been a popular one, so we'll be looking at moving ahead with it! The dev blog won't be held to a strict schedule, and might take a bit to come out, but it'll focus on in depth detail on a specific mechanic or decision, from time to time giving insight into why certain choices were made, or how the mechanics behind things work. 1.3 update This weeks posts also saw another big bit of news, the cooking update! Wurm will be officially updating to version 1.3 with the new update, which is scheduled for around mid November! The exact date is still tentative, depending on bug testing, we'll be opening it up for you all to try out on our test server towards the end of October, so please jump on and try things when it's released. Community Question Community Content - Testing out With the new cooking update coming to the test server, we've decided the old bridges test map is a little outdated. And since Wurm unlimited, we've had all these exciting new maps come up, so I had a thought... The new test map will be a map that's been created for Wurm Unlimited! We've chosen the Orion map by Ausimus. Check out the map here: That's it for this week, with the update this week signifying the push into 1.3, in which a whole heap of changes will come (not just cooking!) We'll cover all of the changes the closer we get! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  16. Sermons at the Amish Sanctuary Hi Wurmians! Another week hard at work in the kitchens of Wurm, with the in-house testing nearing completion before public testing on a brand new test server! We'll be resetting the test server map for a brand new one prior to the public testing of cooking, something new to explore! (In house testing doesn't mean the system is bug free, and we'll need your help testing it when it goes public, it just means that you're slightly less likely to die when lighting an oven... slightly) Get decorative! As part of our improvements raised by the fountain pan removal, I'm pleased to announce what is most likely the final change brought in to balance out the functionality lost from the removal of these pans. ***Drum roll** With the upcoming cooking update, all decorative items on a deed with over 30 days upkeep will no longer take decay ticks! That's right, decoration items, such as banners, chests, anvils, barrels, statues, etc will all be decay free as long as deed upkeep remains over 30 days! Under 30 days decay ticks will occur as normal, and use of items will damage them too, of course. Hopefully this makes decorating your deed much more enjoyable, and removes the need to spend hours repairing things if you don't play often. Measuring up This weeks teaser covers a new utensil, the Measuring jug! To aid with measuring precise amounts of liquids, a measuring jug tool has been added. This allows a pre-set amount of liquid to be taken out of a larger amount. The measuring jug is a pottery item, with the initial version being made from clay with a hand. Creation mechanics are the same as all other pottery items. To use the measuring jug, r-click on it and select ‘Set volume to’. This allows setting the capacity to any of the following weights: 0.01 kg 0.02 kg 0.05 kg 0.1 kg 0.2 kg 0.5 kg 1kg 2kg 5kg 10kg Note that Wurm uses weights for everything involving cooking; to simplify matters, it is assumed that all liquids have a density of 1 kilogram per litre. Once the volume of the measuring jug has been set, it may be activated and filled from a source of liquid; it will then contain the selected amount (assuming the source contains at least that much). Several iterations (using different volume settings) may be necessary to get the right amount for a particular recipe. The measuring jug must be empty to adjust its volume. Humpty Dump-ty Not forgotten, we're working on setting up an automated system with regularly updated dumps! This means the setup is taking a little longer, but they should be up soon, here's a sneak peak of Xanadu! Community Content. Nicrolis was showing off his graphics capabilities and snapped this awesome screenshot maxed out on graphics with 4k resolution, I have to say it really does show how beautiful and serene Wurm can be! Open the spoiler to check it out. That's it for this week though, we'll have some more news for you next week, so stay tuned! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  17. North Highway Connection Independence. Hi Everyone, A few combat hiccups this week as we've addressed some combat issues, but work has steadily continued on other fronts, the rift areas also look much cleaner now the resources can be collected! But now... Unstable client updates We have released a new version of the unstable client, addressing some smaller issues, but most importantly, we've added better error reporting for it so should be able to pinpoint the disconnection issue more accurately. Remember to report any bugs you find to our client issues subforum here! Knock knock! This weeks sneak peek of the cooking update covers some new harvested items, Oranges and hops! (thats right! Beer!) Oranges will be a new tree type, with harvesting seasons as per the other trees, but hops comes with some other special news.. You will be able to harvest from a trellis! That's right, the rose, grape and now hops trellises will be able to be harvested during their respective seasons! Xanadu crash This week Xanadu did crash and we had some concerns of lost items or skills, but after ensuring the data on our side, we have concluded there was no loss (minus a few misplaced animals) so there's no need for any compensation. That said we are looking at how compensation is handled in the future, and hopefully will have a system that benefits all players affected more easily. The important news is that we are currently in the process of further optimisation of the Xanadu server, which may lead to increased performance (less lag!) We'll have to monitor how it goes, and will keep you updated when it goes live! PvP hot-fixes This week also saw a few hot-fixes with combat issues affecting stuns and such. While there is another bug floating around with strange wounds, they do not impact play and disappear upon relogging as well. We'd like to thank all players for abiding by the PvP bans and hopefully there's no more for a while. Wurm Unlimited Update Wurm Unlimited will go a live update next week, current plans are for Tuesday, we will update our IRC topic once we have a set time! Community content I must admit I've spent this week mostly watching Milosanx's youtube streams, from his digging and mining on his mountain deed to his attending the rift, check out the full playlist here: Got a project going on in Wurm? Send me a PM or post on the forums and you could be featured on our community content! There's a lot in the works for the next few months with Wurm, and we're nearing the point we can begin public testing of the cooking revamp, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Until then though, enjoy the weekend, and keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  18. The newly opened Orient Express canal on Crystal lake on Independence - Stretching all the way to the east coast! Hi Everyone! As you all know by now, the cooking revamp is well underway, with testing ,tweaking and delicious smells, Tich is working hard, We have a loose release date, and will let you all know once it's set in stone, expect it in time for some delicious Christmas feasts though! The cookbook. With the cooking update, there will be several hundred recipes available, with only a tiny few visible by default. This week we'll be giving a short overview of just what you can expect to see when exploring this new system! The initial page of your cookbook allows you to select what recipes to view, Target action - these are the ones where you use one item on another, e.g. grinding cereals to make flour. Container action - these ones are when you use a tool of some kind on a container to change the contents of the container into a different item. E.g. using your hand on a pottery bowl which containers flour, water, salt and butter to make pastry. Heat - these ones are your basic cooking recipes, where you put ingredients into a food container, and put in an cooker and after the ingredients get hot the container items change to the result, e.g. putting maple sap into a saucepan in a lit oven, will result in maple syrup after sometime. Not all recipes work in all cookers. Time - these ones are used for brewing. Also on the initial page you also have links to view recipes (that you know) by Tool - this gives a list of the tools that you know are used for cooking, selecting a tool from that list will give you the known recipes that can be made using it. Cooker - this will give a list of cookers, and selecting a cooker from that list will lead you to a list of known recipes that can be made in it Container - this will give you a list of containers that can be used by known recipes, selecting one will then give a list of the known recipes that use that container. Ingredients - gives a list of all your known ingredients, and again selecting one of them will then show a list of known recipes that use that ingredient. From any list of recipes, you can select one and view what you think is used to make that item Note that there are optional ingredients, and unless you have used them for an ingredient, then they will not show in your version. Note that some recipes may use any type of meat, or fish, or veg, or herb, or spice, when you attempt the same recipe with a different type, your recipe will be updated to show that information, Refreshing Of course, many of you know that the Path of Love ability, and the rare item sacrifice refreshing grant instant max nutrition, food, stamina and water. A lot have asked about whether there will be changes to how this current system works, and in short, the answer is yes: Refresh will now, most likely, give less than 99% nutrition, but will still fill your food and water bars and your stamina bar when it used to as well. PoL refresh will set you to 50% nutrition when you first get that ability, and will increase by a further 5% for each level after that to a max of 99%. (e.g. Refresh at level 8 gives 50% + 20% (5% for every level above level 4) Sacrificing: A rare will now set you to 50% nutrition + half of the QL. A supreme will now set you to 70% nutrition + 30% of the QL. A fantastic will now set you to 90% nutrition + 10% of the QL. Some other ways to get a refresh will now give an extra random amount on top of their base 50%. After considerable feedback we have decided to not go ahead with these changes, refresh will still give 99% nutrition, but there will be other bonuses and incentive to cook. Each meal, when eaten, will normally give a timed skill bonus, the skill can vary from player to player and due to the ingredients and cooking method of the meal itself Meiyeeer joins the team This week we took on a new volunteer developer! Meiyeeer has joined our team and will be working with us on various projects, so be sure to give her a huge Wurmian welcome, and don't harass her too much! Milosanx returns! Another of my favourite youtubers has returned to making videos, and this time with a quick refresher of his deed, before jumping over to Xanadu to give a tour of Glasshollow Markets, a thoroughly impressive marketplace in NW Xanadu. Another video series that caught my eye this week. Could you last with just a steel & flint? That's it for this week folks, we'll have more info on cooking as we get closer (we're close as it is already!). Let us know what you think of the changes and what you'll cook first thing!
  19. Hi Everyone As we find ourselves in the middle of a development cycle, with long term works being planned, hammered, beaten into submission and tested, it can often be seen as pretty quiet on the news front. While there are big things coming, sharing them now would be hard to provide any realistic date of release, so this weeks news is a little light on actual content coming but is here to keep you informed of what is going on in and out of the game, I do look forward to being able to share some of these plans though, they have me really excited! On that note, lets get to it. Patch notes: Kingdom roster! A feature teased a while back is the kingdom roster, allowing pmk's to easily check who is in their kingdom, their last login, which villagethey belong to and if they're the mayor. The system also allows the awardng of titles and expelling of online players. We're looking at additional functionality but this may take some time to implement. Expect to see this go live within the next week! Patch Notes You may have noticed this week there's been a few changes to the patch note format. This is because I have taken over the task, and will be the one writing them up. I hope to improve just how much information we put into these notes, as well as ensure that they are easy to understand and clear. So you wanna be a Wiki Editor? After a brief discussion today, it has been raised that some players aren't aware that they too can have an account for the wiki! Players may request editor accounts, which are able to update and modify wiki pages, or basic user accounts, which allow adding to the "player" "user" and "settlement" pages, allowing them to write their own history and that of their deed! Everyone can apply, PvE players and PvPers alike, all we ask is no history of bans and be in good standing with over 30 days playtime. To sign up simply fill in this form here: LFM changes This week sadly sees Solmark stepping down from the Lead Forum Moderator position. Solmark has been a very deciated LFM and on behalf of all staff we thank him for his time in the position. Luckily this does not mean he is leaving the team, he will still be a Community Assistant on Release. We will be looking at replacing him within the next week or so. Social media competition Our Steam key giveaway has picked up... steam this week as it nears the final close date. If you want the chance to win one of five keys for Wurm Unlimited, make sure to sign up before the 14th! Competition can be found here: Advertising and Wurm There's been a few threads around regarding advertising and plans for marketing Wurm. I can confirm that we are in the early stages of improving that, and while it will take time, and will require several steps in order to truely pick up pace, but rest assured, big things are coming! Weekly Question This weeks screenshot is from Rixk, and is a rather unique shaped bridge. I must admit bridges are one of my favourite things in wurm, despite only building four, I absolutely love seeing what everyone does with them! That's it for this week, expect to see me pop in and out of the game to chat with you all, and if anyone would like to have a chat on mumble or teamspeak, feel free to let me know! Until then, Keep on grinding! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  20. Header by Sirene Hi Everyone This week sees some more updates to PvP testing on our test servers, as well as the adamantine and glimmersteel chain armour going live! I also have a sneak peak at new map dumps! PvP tweaks Another wave of PvP tweaks has come to the PvP test server, with adjustments to boat speeds via passengers and quality, as well as addressing a few permissions bugs which hampered actions on enemy and friendly deeds. Changes as at 26/08: Tweaked special move damage higher (2.5x higher than what it was) Possible fix for village invite being blocked when inside an unrelated village. Possible fix for not being able to lockpick a friendly structure in PvP servers. Possible fix for catapulting friendly kingdom villages in PvP servers. Possible fix for not being able to do a not-allowed action on deed with no guards present. Possible fix for equip timers not acting as expected when in combat. Fix stun timers not ticking down and removing as they should. Removed the shooting at boats feature. Changed the calculations for boat speed bonuses. PvP servers will get 9/12 bonus from seats occupied, and 3/12 bonus from QL. PvE servers will get 3/12 bonus from seats occupied, and 9/12 bonus from QL. Increased difficulty of blocking arrows with a shield when positioned in the right angle to the attacker: re: Difficulty reduction from shield type now takes QL and damage of the shield into account. Added curve modifier to wound damage reduced via Body Strength for PvP damage only Was = (120 - BS) / 100 Now = 1 - (0.15 * log(BS * 0.8 - 15)) Curve preview:*+log(x+*+0.8+-+15))+where+20 Removed stacking of Web Armour speed modifier and Hurting Status speed modifier. Higher of the two will now take effect. Swing timer modifier from Web Armour now a multiplier of base swing timer instead of flat seconds added. Web Armour debuff should now apply for a more reliable time instead Remember to use the appropriate discussion and feedback threads! Map dumps We've mentioned our desire to produce more of these in a new update, and this week I have a little sneak tease! We will be producing both flat and isotropic (the original angled) dumps for most servers, which I'm sure community map makers will be thrilled to have! Once we organise hosting we'll release the dumps as well as possibly a complete torrent Community Content Did you know Wurm online has it's own subreddit? This week we have a new redditor telling us of his adventures, and the lesson we all learn quickly That's it for this week, I hope you all have a great weekend! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  21. Hi Everyone! With the European summer nearing it's end, it's time to get back into gear, and what better way to do it than with some shiny new gear! -Excessive use of puns warning- But First... Patch Notes 16/AUG/16 Cooking reviews! Our cooking teaser generated a lot of excitement among you all, which is good, because I'm excited too! We'll go further in depth as we get closer to their release, going over some parts in depth, as well as providing a total overview (and tomato farms!) To arms! ... and legs This weeks update saw some new clothing options go in, with the black sleeves, white sleeves and white pants! Now you can customise your look even further, hanging on your deed grooming sheep never looked so stylish! All chained up It's time chain armour got some love! This week I have some tantalising tidbits, Saroman has been hard at work with his fingerpaints and clay and has two new textures for chain armour, adamantine and glimmersteel! Silver hasn't been forgotten though, and is still being worked on. Adamantine Glimmersteel Iron plate This weeks graphics update also saw the iron plate textures sneak through, causing some questions and concern. I'd like to say that absolutely nothing is set in stone with this armour, it not even necessarily being something that would be coming to the game, so rest assured! Unstable client update Another unstable client update has come out, addressing a few dynamic lighting performance issues, as well as more stability issues. Feel free to jump on and try it out again! Community Content This weeks community content is a mod for Wurm Unlimited! Taking a bit of a change from Wurm Online content, as well as more visual things, this mod by Xyp, the admin of Mythmoor allows players to craft the awesome pauldrons in Wurm Unlimited. As you all know, the pauldrons are only available via rift loot drops, which of course don't exist in Wurm Unlimited. Check out the mod here: That's it for this week! I hope you all enjoy looking fashionable in the new clothing, and have an awesome weekend of Wurm! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  22. Hi Everyone, A bit of a sad week with the news of one of our GM team passing. We're reminded of the friendships and bonds we make in this game, and the memories we share. This week has also seen several new YouTube videos too! Factional Fight looked at their underground setup, Emoo founded Fosters brewery and Shady Vale continues development, I'm keen to see how it goes! But now, the news! Passing of Duce This week we received the news that a long time player, and member of the team, Duce (GM Baphomet) had passed away mid July. Many of you have already learned this and shared your thoughts and feelings, and there’s little we can say to add to the already amazing heartfelt memories and sentiments. We’d like to honour Duces’ memory within the game, and I will be in discussion with the team in regards to how we can achieve this (I already asked, a giant lobster model is probably out of the question). To those who haven’t already, feel free to read through the thread below and share any memories you have of him if you wish. Cooking up a storm As hinted at last week, we have some tidbits and teasers for the new cooking update in the works! The Factional Fight guys did theorise about some things, but are they correct? I managed to drag Tich from the kitchen for a few minutes to ask a few questions: After that she threatened me with a rolling pin, so I had to wrap the questioning up. Needless to say this is the tip of the iceberg of these changes. While we currently have no ETA on this update, I’ll be sure to delve into just what can be done as time goes on. PvP Changes We’ve continued to adjust, tweak and add to the PvP changes on the test server, with continued discussion with you all on what we want these changes to bring, as well as alternative ways of reaching those goals. QoL Changes We’ve plucked a few QoL suggestions from the suggestions board for the next update, mostly focusing around planting several different lighting sources, these include: Small copper braziers can be planted and turned now. Candelabras can be planted. Marble planters can be planted. Halter rope can be used to haul stuff up/down instead of rope. Hauling stuff up/down is now affected by deed speed bonus for item movement actions. Added Rift spawning message to Area History. The next update is currently scheduled for Tuesday 16th August, pending testing goes well. Community Content Those of you who have been around for a while might remember just how fun it was to sail. Larger ships often felt like part mountain goat when hitting land, and I’m sure each of us has had a GM come out to pluck us off the side of a mountain once or twice. This weeks’ screenshot is a throwback to that, with Ostentatio managing to beach a knarr and create an odd looking bridge to the house, so much nostalgia. That’s it for this week, I’m sure that cooking info will have you all curious and wanting to know more, we'll continue to work hard on it! Until next time, carry on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.
  23. Last map dumps are more than a year old. Will there be new map dump releases? I would apreciate a new xanadu map especially.
  24. Zap Brannigan

    These are just so much awesome... Donald Trump quotes as voiced by Zap Brannigan's voice actor.
  25. Glasshollow Spawn Church - Sila Hi Everyone Last weekend saw the new domain system go live on Xanadu lag free! We're really pleased it worked and will look at optimising Xanadu further as time goes on, hopefully eliminating some of that pesky lag. But in other news! Glasshollow Glasshollow starter deed works have been finished, and look amazing, if you're in the area, drop by and check out their work! Several starter deeds did not have ideas tended, but we're always open to some, if you'd like to have a go, put together a proposal in deedplanner and let us know! Emoo's back! And has a competition! After a slight hiccup Emoo has launched his new video, starting with a competition to name his new deed! My vote is for Emoo plains or One Flew Over the Emoo Nest! Something's Cooking We've hinted and teased at the next big update being cooking, and all that comes with it. It's still a few months away, but I've managed to drag Tich away from the kitchen to discuss it a bit in next weeks news, so stay tuned! Wurm Unlimited update The new Live version of WU will go out on Monday, the 8th. This will include several server fixes as well as show pauldrons! Community Content Digging through Youtube videos of various Wurm projects, tutorials, and various other things you occasionally stumble across an old gem. This tutorial has a rather different take on Wurm, and goes through the basics of building a campfire, making your first meal, and digging! Pardon the resolution, Wurm wasn't so detailed back then. That's it for this week, next week we'll have some more info on the upcoming cooking update, but until then, keep on wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team