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  1. Pelts!!!

    I’ve been walking around about 1-2 hours a day looking for a pelt. I’ve found a dog once, but failed to butcher it. As annoying as it is to not being able to grind important skills without a pelt, there is a charm to it. Also a market. Go out there and feel the satisfaction of hard work dear wurmians!
  2. I logged in, but after a few seconds server crashed. Can't connect.
  3. Make offers

    10s for the rare horse shoes, cod to sharkin if accepted
  4. 1kg black and 1kg red dye, 90ql! Cod to Sharkin!
  5. 1 black and red, cod to Sharkin ty
  6. It appears I couldn't handle high quality scissors very well and accidentally cut of my own hair while attempting to shear some local sheep!
  7. As title says. I already have these at 80QL but need higher. So either imp or purchase of new ones.
  8. 1kg black dye, prefer 90+ but lower is fine if you are out of stock. Cod to Sharkin, ty
  9. Or just enable them to be able to leave the mine. Sometimes you need help when you've mined too deep and facing a balrog!
  10. Are you playing again, my son? Unlimited doesn't count.
  11. Wurm Classic

    Yes Gary, those times were good. You shot me in the eye once for 70 dmg! It was all about having a good time back then, make a post on the forum and some pats on the back. I don’t visit skirmish threads anymore, it’s 99% toxic ###### posts.
  12. I’ve sold and bought silver many times over the years, never been an issue. I’ve known the risks but never been catious, I have faith in people. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. Anyway, these days I only buy from wurm shop. Between players and shop there is not a big difference in price if you chose the right payment option and amount. Paypal is a no go!! 10s through paypal is 179sek 150sek with Trustly or directly from my bank 100s is 1000sek through Trustly or directly from my bank 1000sek is around 94e. That’s better than the 1s/1e rate. That means I get my gold coins for 94e at the wurm shop, safe and fair price. I don’t know the payment options of other countries, but avoid paypal and higher amount = more discount.
  13. 70 silver/euro (paypal) Helm steel QL87 W84 Jacket QL86 W100 Sleeve QL82 W70 Sleeve QL85 W72 Glove QL88 W98 Glove QL88 W73 Pants QL89 W85 Boot QL88 W83 Boot QL89 W79