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  1. My point is that I would not like for someone that leaves deed/change kingdom to have that opportunity to screw a village over so easily. That's a sad way of abusing someone's trust.
  2. Probably, I'm not sure how everything works. I would assume that if you hold the writs for a village and change kingdom, you could demolish the houses and gain easy access to the deed, no? In that case, it would feel better if the writs transfered to mayor upon leaving. But just my opinon, not here to argue!
  3. Just a thought. When a player revoke their citizenship/change kingdom, perhaps any minedoor on-deed owned by that player could transfer to the mayor instead?
  4. Hope you get better soon, Schiann!
  5. Oh, I might have exaggerated then. Tried 24/7 for a couple of years and now my back is killing me!
  6. Only got one deed at the moment, 4.5s. Used to run deeds on chaos, epic and 2 or 3 deeds on freedom. The most expensive deed I had was about 2 gold to plant and the upkeep was 33s. It was at the release of Xanadu and I wanted an island for myself.
  7. WL priests can dominate/charm creatures and keep them in a pen for a long time. BL can rebirth which is great, but soon there is a damage tick and [17:17:53] The corpse is too damaged. So my suggestion is, raise the corpse damage check or just remove it. Edit: Being noob
  8. There is nothing to kill, very disapointing. Please fix.
  9. Nice way to piss the majority of the players in the face. Some players have already gained alot of channeling, while others haven't had the chance yet. Now they won't have it either. This have never been a problem for the last 10 years so why do you feel like changing it now? You should have done it at the release, at this point you're just gonna upset alot of people. Way to go, this is exactly the kind of actions that drive people away.
  10. I would like to see members of an alliance have coloured names in local. Like village names are green and friends are blue.
  11. New lands are not waiting, I am.