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  1. Hi, got 1 gold for sale Same price as last time, reply here or in Wurm if you want it
  2. I live on Xan, centerwest region (near Haven heights). I los tthe ship on the other side of Xan, near Black Castle. I have other ships now, so its not that important, but I just wanted to suggest it
  3. Auctioning iron supreme scythe. Ql 92,29 A bronze rune of Libila has been attached, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [91] Starting bid is 8 Silver
  4. A suggestion. What about the option of towing one's own ships with another ship? I was stranded in the ocean due to a system lag, drowned, and now my ship lies there, unmanned. Since its too far from my home to get it, and using an alt with enough Mind logic would take too long to train, I would like to suggest the option of towing ships. Maybe only equal or larger ones being able to do so, like a Knarr towing a small sailing vessel? I can imagine there are many players having experienced the same.
  5. As long as they have the decency to compensate the players for the wait. Extra prem time, SB, that sort of thing....
  6. You are welcome! Quick and easy, an honest player he is
  7. I auction the following: 3 rubies, Ql 1,00; 19,89 and 36,86 4 emerald, Ql 1,00; 3,51; 21,12 and 42,50 3 diamond Ql 23,18; 29,00 and 39,56 2 opal QL 31,16 and 47,34. They can be sold all together or seperately One rare longsword, iron, blank Ql 60,96 One rare Bascinet Helmet, iron and blank, Ql 70,26.
  8. Hi, I am selling the following: 3k of sandstone, ql around 14. 1s/k and 2.5s for 3k. Reply if you are interested.
  9. Ok, thx. I will go prem again and then imp my prem skill and do so before premtime is over.
  10. Hi, I want to sell my character, Mellisablueflame. She is currently on Xanadu, "Cabbage Patch" and own a stone house there, which isn't fully build but the first floor is finished. It's not prem atm, but she has been on prem and has skills around 50 in Masonry and Cloth Tailoring. Forage and Botanize are around 60, Carpentry and Smithing around 40, if on prem of course. Her favorite weapon is the Huge Axe, fighting skills are in their 20's. In her house are food larders with full house pizza's, a forge, oven and a bed, some crates and a full plate armor. She follows the Path of Love, level 5. In her Bank account is around 2 silver. Five hours sleep bonus, one sleep powder, well fed and fully healthy. Strength 25. In her Bank account also a rare bascinet helmet and a rare longsword. Please sent a bid, or ask if there are questions, she had some other skills as well, though not as well developed.