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  1. Origami dragon

    ill try and b there thnks
  2. let me no what sever ur on plz an if close enough to me ill grab the scorpion
  3. WTS crown of the troll king hat 70ql leather hat.. looks great on.. not many round so grab urs while u can asking 35s... willing to neg with the rgt person sold
  4. yes the value of rare is less... but when was the last time anyone seen a supreme wardrobe ?. my value would b 8-10s.... maybe more to the rgt buyer
  5. still have the same issue with wurm not loading... am not happy at all as iv payed prem for a game I can not play... plz fix the prob as soon as pos its not the fst time this has happened an am so over it
  6. cod 75coc awl an coc72 leather knife an coc80 needle plz to comodo thnkyou
  7. still no connection to wurm... any ideas how to fix this ? will not connect an when it dose cant move or load anything..plz fix as soon as pos
  8. comodo getting pissed off.... come on Rolf... fix this plz
  9. cod fine med rug B71..1.6ql plz... to comodo
  10. Studded armour set includes x2 rare boots 81ql....90ql Rare pants AOSP 72 91ql Rare jacket 74ql Cap AOSP 59 90ql Sleeves 80ql Gloves 81ql pm me in game Comodo or here SOLD