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  1. Tower chaining system

    Chained towers is such a nice feature, there is so much that could be added later on to this to give a great feeling of acctually having a medieval kingdom. One idea that I would like to suggest would be that towers under attack have a "lit" area or light effect around it, making it shine stronger. Not as strong as a rift/blacklight/whitelight but like something in between that could be viewed on 100 tiles distance or perhaps more. Think of it like the chines wall lighting its beacon as the stealthy Mongols climbed the walls to enter the great empire of china. Maybe the beacon starts at 75 dmg and then the kingdom message at 90 dmg, giving you some extra time to see if it you are close to that tower because of the beacon. Not sure you want feedback of such sort here just felt like posting it, ty for reading if you did All in all, these new chained towers is a really cool feature! Nicely done!
  2. Last Post Wins

    There most be something better to do with my time then this.....
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    Does Purge remove meditation buffs to such as the 50% increased dmg from hate buff? If so I think dispel and purge shouldnt remove these spells either since its a cast you can use ever 24h and was previously spared by shadowing it with other buffs. @Wioloalso yay sea serpent pets \o/
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    Is there a list what mobs is counted as "monsters"?
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Hmmm now maybe we need to buff if then, if we will never be hit by it, its not very useful
  6. Much evil, much stronk! In a way the hood looks almost better like that, more rogue like.
  7. Valrei International. 073

    Take good care of our Lady Darkness, may she ever corru....erm bless Freedom as she have blessed Affliction/chaos. I know that this doesnt mean that ppl will join Libila's summoned but I will still post this here, as this is a truly remarkable day for Blacklight! For Libila, its your darkness that makes you grand! ( Also @Retrograde how dare you announce Libila's return in the same posts as chickens.....chickens!! )
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    I dont think 1h weps and small weps should outshine 2h wep dmg though (ever), since they parry more and you have a shield aswell, ontop of that missing or getting a 2h hit parried is a way larger DPS drop then missing a shortsword hit. BUT, we should not make small weps fall out of pvp entirely or "useless" not my words, is there a way to still have them useful and good with BT without competing with 2H weapon dps? or large 1H dps?
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    Thank you, you're a cliff Wiolo (ya its a weird complement)! If working as intended then the aoe spells should still do dmg on you with the hate passive but most if not all other spells should do 0 dmg? P.S great new pic
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    Do we know if "Spell Immunity" still works on the new spells before we put them in the game?
  11. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    Ok these posts/attacks are getting abit to personal and vicious for my taste, it was fun reading until now. This thread just went straight out of track x)
  12. Priest overhaul testing

    thanks for the heads up, so its completly gone now?
  13. Priest overhaul testing

    Btw how high is the current nerf to body stats for priests, last time I heard it was 50% nerf to all body gains. Is that still active? Cant find anything on wurmpedia about body stats penalty. (Pardon for slightly changing the subject)