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  1. This sounds very very exciting, if its even half what it sounds like then I cant wait for the coming months in Wurm will be a great trip ahead thats for sure! Thanks for informing us!
  2. As much as I love balance I think BT should stay BL and instead of givin us another enchant they should let BT gain 10k from mobs again, its already a ridiculous grind for something that you most likely will lose in combat before it reaches its max potential.
  3. Alright wasnt gonna post mine but will do so after all More cringe for the ppl! Not sure if this goes under "fiction" as it is a description of the first days on Defiance from the eyes of our group on HOTS, its just has some more spice and a "story mode" to it. But plenty more to add, not sure how long you wanted them. Chapter 1
  4. Mmmyees it was a buff disguised as a nerf, give me all the power!
  5. To be honest to limit priests to not being able to improve or terraform doesnt solve the priest meta in pvp, they might aswell remove that, it only makes it so that ppl have to create a craft alt instead for all pve related tasks. The only way to make priest not better then a regular non priest fighter in every possible way is to make them weaker in another aspect, just like how sorcerers get a permanent debuff in another element once they learn a spell. In almost every game spell casters are balanced with weaker armour, its only logical if you get ranged attacks that they would make you weaker in meele in return. However if they weaken our armour they could increase our range or other aspects. Leather isnt so bad in pvp anyway, been using it for ages.
  6. 1+ I have always been a priest and this is an interesting idea indeed, I think priests should be able to wear armour that isnt heavier then 2,5 kg per piece (for breast slot). Meaning studdened and chain armour would be max they could wear. They would be targeted fast and this would mean they would have to play more supportive and use shields and tankier weapons to survive in the back of the line. I agree, stop trying to balance Libila against 3 gods and add Wurm as a fifth god and a second choice for BL. Make the wurm passive similiar to magranon with 25% dmg and make it some sort of drain health/leech fighting god and then have Libila as main healer/enchanter/debuffer goddess. So BL has some kind of Mag/Vyn combo but still lacking Fo (Makes sense BL wouldnt have any nature god, I mean......look at us)
  7. Maybe pvp players could get a bonus to skill gain that gradually goes up from maybe 0-15% extra skill gain. This skill gain is increased by how many hours you have been online on defiance without using the pve portal, after spending lets say 20 hours on Defiance you get 7.5% extra skill gain and after another 40 hours you have reached 15% max skill gain. Taking the portal to pve would remove all extra gain on Defiance and reset it back to 0%.
  8. To remove priest restrictions on pvp servers would just cause everyone to be priest which is something they want to balance so that there is a reason NOT to be priest on pvp. But you are right that there is a problem with ppl going to pve to skill things they cant since they are priests on pvp but not on the pve server. But you are looking at solving the issue in the wrong way, simply make priests on pvp keep faith and your diety on pve and if they depriest they lose it on pvp too, this will prevent ppl from staying on pve, it will also fix the issue were everyone goes Vynora for the skill gain bonus and hence staying on pve to keep the bonus while skilling. The only problem I see with staying priest on both servers is that ppl would benefit more from sermons on pve then pvp, this could be fix with maybe disabling sermons from working after using the pvp portal for 24h
  9. I believe you need to have Blacklight followers for Libila to get - alignment and to give - alignment
  10. nice map, but id recommend making is 8x8 you might be splitting the community to fast. its still to early to know how trafficked the islands will be if you ask me.
  11. "[22:14:35] He seems to have blood from the Freedom Isles." Every single character on Defiance now has the blood of freedom, the reason for this is cause the only way to access Defiance was to first go through Harmony. However this removes HotS from being able to use the HotS face templates and eye color ect, this isnt a game breaking bug as of now but many of us would want a fix for this when possible. It breaks both the immersion and the only way to tell what starter kingdom ppl used to be before having their first convert between kingdoms. I know the staff has their hands full atm but we would appreciate if this could be adressed in a near future
  12. Yes that would be appreciated