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  1. No I think we missunderstood what the devs stated about coffe. Being loosely formulated I think they meant it now does twice as much a SB used to do and not sleep bonus gains times 2. See the diffrence? 100% original skill gain, you put on sleep bonus and get 100% extra = 200% skill gain 100% original skill gain, you use coffe and get 100% x2 so a total of = 300% skillgain The old coffe did 200% x2 Sleep bonus gain instead and gave 400% Skill gain in total. Im really bad at explaining this but hope this makes more sense? so I dont think SB is nerfed just coffe. "Change: Caffeine skillgain changed to provide 2x the benefit of sleep bonus at 100% caffeine"
  2. Yeah I thought that was the case too, probably just a bug. But the restlessness will always hit before fatigue anyway
  3. Let me fix that one for you.
  4. Atleast give the scythe a monthly skin maybe? "Opus Amplissium De Arte Atheltica"
  5. I think alot of ppl are confused what casuals in wurm are as the definition isnt really written in stone. A casual can be a player who like you said just doesnt like grinding and rather spend their time in wurm for other things or other games. But then there is a large group of players that currently is called "casuals" but is an audience that do want to grind and is very much competitive in nature but is hindered by real life in order to catch up to the players with more hours at their disposal. This is the audience that benefits most from this system, in other games "mmos usually" this was solved with "rested" like wow for example a widely popular system. But in wurm sleep bonus can be gained outside the rested status thus increasing the gap futher between players with alot of time and players with little time. This is where caffine seems to work best in order to be what maybe SB was supposed to be at first? When something is added we most stop thinking that we lose something just because it isnt something that we currently would be using in the game. Content is content no matter if im participating in it or not. I do think we will be able to see more new players stick to Wurm because they now feel like they can catch up even if they dont have the oceans of time others might have.
  6. Going to bed in real life is acctually good once in a while, it might suprise you. Jokes aside, im sure the restlessness will be up and about ready for a grind once a week for most types of players in the end anyway. I think why it leaves a sour taste in most of our mouths is becasue we had the overly generous coffe buff now for more than a week, had it started like this we wouldnt have felt like we lost something as much as we gained something.
  7. I dont think its good if the restlessness could be altered, it could be exploited, knowing this SP sniffing community
  8. Grant as increase the restlessness if you eat SP or remove your restlnessness?
  9. This is a nice system I do agree with tying it to the hours ppl cant play in the game it will be slow for those playing daily (me included) but atleast most of the playerbase will be given the same amount of coffe per day (around 16 hours worth of restlessness). But im curious why removing bashing was considered? Did I miss something?
  10. SOLD for buyout price! 11 hours before auction end.
  11. We are a group that is recruiting on northern freedom Wurm Online if you could consider that.
  12. I live on Harmony but we have space in our little forest deed
  13. dragon scale is 70c per 0,01kg but the axe and chisel is open price. what would you purpose?
  14. oil massage is 1g please [12:20:21] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Sharki.'. all items are yours technically