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  1. Thanks alot Buddha, Retro and all other devs/commun that worked on this. I know it have taken many hours from you guys to help a low number of players in wurm overall (epic) which is why it means extra much that you are taking time and showing us alot of care. Wurms develop team really do have a heart for their players *hugs*
  2. What platinum said, care to elaborate?
  3. Sure I can settle for that aswell that its not just because freedom gets it then so shall epic, its the entire patch in itself changing the skilling system and timers on epic and more things to come makes every epic player abit scared ofc, change is only good when it makes things better after all. So yes 2 weeks ago epic wanted to be epic, today epic wants a safe card to freedom to make sure that the if "new epic" is gonna be something for them or not, otherwise its peaceful farmers life for me on freedom.
  4. I think most epicners agree that the nerf will happen and we are ok with that, what we are asking for is just to keep the skills that was never even affected by the 2x or curve such as fighting skill/faith/ (meditation being one that we gratefully got to keep). Sure its generous we get a transfer since it was suppoed to be seperate since FOREVER but we wouldnt even ask for a transfer in the first place, but since all freedomers were given one that they werent supposed to get since FOREVER or whatever its just fair we ask for one too. Not all of us were displeased with how epic was before and in the direction they are changing it its only more then fair to give us a chance to get away from it considering we paid premium just like you guys for something very diffrent to what the cluster is going to be now and have been changing for the last years. We keep what we should keep skillwise (things outside curve) and we get nerfed what should be nerfed (skills inside curve) then thats fair to me, or as fair as it can get by logic alone. We never asked for this update, my alliance is torn apart by it, its easy for you guys to want to hit us by the nerf hammer and asking us "peasants" or whatever to be generous for the bread and water u get! but try to understand its not your cluster thats being changed/killed into another one, I was hoping I would see freedomers accepting us and taking care of us instead of this gloom doom speech about economy failing and epic skills taking over the entire world, trying to screw us over by trolling the forum post (even though most epic top accounts arent as high as freedom top acounts) im happy atleast the devs are somewhat on our side and a few freedomers that I saw many hearts to those brave once not listening to the fear and hate speech from the rest of you.
  5. Such a nice freedomer, warms my cold shriveled epic heart <3
  6. Well I am just asking cause I dont see why faith shouldnt be brought over? for any of the transfers if its freedom to epic or epic to freedom faith has been gained with the 5 ticks per day that is exactly the same on both server where SB or no skill bonuses can affect that gain. Just weird it wouldnt follow you unless its something really difficult to do compared to transfering the other skills (for some unknown reason). Generous it is indeed, but same goes for FS really it cant be influenced by any "exp bonus" on any server and is farmed the same way on both servers. Exceptions The following is an incomplete list of skills and abilities that do not follow the curve on the Epic servers: Main Fighting skill Combat rating Maximum house size 30 Masonry requirement to build stone houses Faith Lockpicking Locksmithing Farming yields (harvest ql follows the curve) Digging slope Meditation Paving requirements for slate, marble, etc. Bow skill requirements for aiming at certain body parts Analyse Large crate and Wagon skill requirement
  7. Thank you buddha!, Shouldnt Fighting skill and Faith be 1:1 aswell if meditation is? I belive those skills werent affected by the epic curve?
  8. Faith should follow, alternative that we maybe get to choose a new diety when we reach freedom, same for meditation if we lose our paths. I dont see why faith shouldnt follow as its the same as the freedom gain if not harder becuase of the lesser sermons @Retrograde
  9. Good idea! but I dont think any freedomer would accept that. but yes that would balance it
  10. I will let you know after your first visit
  11. Weapons and armours on epic players to 75% of the playerbase is plate armour in 80 ql steel, something which would be obtained in a day-week. True Freedomers wont rule epic over a click, but skills far outweights the time and effort it takes to get a mere sword and shield...
  12. I dont want you toxic ppl here on epic, please stay where you are. Dont come here, epic dont need this. I do NOT agree with this solution.
  13. Is it fixed yet? (free bump)
  14. Oh yes I see now when I logged in, it seems this is from the new patcher. Looks abit stretched out