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  1. A server in my honor, how nice of you.
  2. Italian wurm community

  3. WTB Dragon scale/Drake hide

    Drake hide I need 0.40kg maximum. Dragon Scale 3.60 kg for now. PM your offers per 0.01kg or for the entire weight needed if you have Also willing to buy Black Drake Hide Cap.
  4. Priest / Religion overhaul

    Very smart solution! 1+ to that kind of skilling system. Player gods can just remain as diffrent bonuses then could be said something like. Libila priest with devotion to Nathan or something, all BL player gods will be titled under Libila and have diffrent bonuses/passives like they do now but only keep BL spells. All WL gods will be tied to Fo,Vyn or Mag depending on what WL spells they share the most with and then keep their bonuses just the same. The mixed spell lists between BL and WL spells will be removed and based on their alignment they will get either the BL or WL spell list. When choosing a devotion to a player god priest you lose all faith just like before, hindering ppl from swapping back and forth as they see fit for the bonuses. Also allowe BL priests on freedom with exception to Mycelium growth and casts. Its time freedom were introduced to our zombies
  5. Priest / Religion overhaul

    I see, ty so its just the skill bonuses that doesnt stack, makes sense.
  6. Priest / Religion overhaul

    I would be okay if all players gods were removed to be honest, even if im using a player god myself
  7. Priest / Religion overhaul

    What do you mean by they dont go together in the code? Does nathan not give 25% bonus to dmg at 40 favor? These are all Nathan codes if they are working as intended hateGod = true (Uses Black Light. Uses negative alignment. Pray on corpses. Half stamina loss on Mycelium at 60 faith and 30+ favor.) roadProtector = true (Half stamina loss on roads at 60 faith and 30+ favor.) itemProtector = true (Reduced decay of foods in inventory) warrior = true (Uses Soul Strength instead of Soul Depth for champion. Gets +25% damage bonus at 40 faith and 20+ favor. 25% increased skill gain for fighting skills at 20 faith and 20+ favor.) repairer = true (+10 bonus to improve actions at 80 faith and 40+ favor. learner = true (10% increased skill gain at 20 faith and 10+ favor.) woodAffinity = true (Double favor from sacrificing wood items.) befriendCreature = true (Animals are not hostile at 60 faith and 30+ favor.) staminaBonus = true (25% bonus to passive stamina regeneration when not fighting at 20 faith and 10+ favor.) clayAffinity = true (Double favor from sacrificing pottery items.) clothAffinity = true (Double favor from sacrificing cloth items.)
  8. LF Nathan Convert

    Dunno if this is the right thread but is anyone a nathan priest on Pristine that could convert little me? much obliged
  9. LF Nathan Convert

    Dunno if this is the right thread but is anyone a nathan priest on Pristine that could convert little me? much obliged
  10. Snow Capped Mountains

  11. First aid amusements and curiosities

    -1 Cause Czar made the post.
  12. Patch Notes 12/11/17

    Yeah the FS never recieved a x3 for some reason its not a bug its intended I guess?!
  13. New Freedom Server (New Survival Mode)

    We said it wont be deedable anymore as a server, so having a new population spread out there wont be the same as with a new server, ppl who go to "Defiance" will have to go back in a short span of time. Think of it more as remote place where mainly Fighting skills and other related skills will be farmed instead of doing the server hopping to exodus/celebration and cleaning the server steppelands that already is decreasing in size cause freedomers seems to hate deserts and plants forests over them. Your afraid that this will divide the population even more, which is a fair argument but I dont think it will be much of a diffrence in server pop, just adding another fun event for your server to host together "Challenge week" or such. This way one server will always remain a grind spot no matter what happens with the populated/deeded servers. Aswell as bring new challenges and content for PVE combat lovers with some difficulty added, challenge seekers. *edit* Another problem is that every server is capped to a certain amount of spawns this INCLUDES breed animals, so if every deed have 20 penned horses which is breeding it will drastically reduce spawns outside deeded areas, hence lowering the ability to hunt new animals. This is why a server that isnt affected by deeds and player breeding/massive farming/highway roads will be ideell for the future of wurm, if we have a problem already with this low population as u stated on each server imagine what it would be if you double the population on each server. Old New R.I.P Pristine Steppe and horse spawner.
  14. Patch Notes 12/11/17

    Freedom kept their FS to epic and will keep for future transfers too
  15. Patch Notes 12/11/17

    Why wasnt it crossing? and also why wasnt it 3x if it got nerfed is the question really.