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  1. Yes now when u mention it the server list is gone.
  2. Sitting on a new comp and the launchet keeps crashing as the game is about to start, this computer shouldnt have any problem running Wurm online, java 64 bit was manually installed on it. Id be very happy if someone could see if there is anything wrong with the log for me, thanks in advance. Here is the log:
  3. I WANT IT
  4. 5s and 20 copper
  5. If giving us the 25% dmg is to powerful for hots and thats the reason why the code is closed then how about setting it to a high faith skill like 80 or 90 in order to balance it out or something. Just please give the code back to us :L
  6. I think our restrictions are justifyid like we cant dig and so on, after all we are priests but with sacrefices you most also gain something in return. We need the fix for the broken codes of the 25% dmg increase and if thats done then it would silence me forever Just want Libila to work as intended, no need to give buff us just fix what was supposed to work in the first place and maybe make us able to use scorn of libila outside pvp so we can heal and tackle uniques like any other kingdom now when we loses the other gods as a sub heal. Making us independent again, as for the ccfp well cooking has to give some bonus and have some purpose even for us, so maybe give an option to be able to turn off the ability to get food from myc so we can get hungry and put it back on when we need it? or make myc give like 25-40% ccfp when standing on myc. Dont make us OP just make us work, and thank you devs im looking forward to wurm 1.3 in any case im sure you will take some kind of action forward the player gods that very much needs to be worked upon <3
  7. I agree! for once we all agree. Yes and even better combinations exists and will eventually be created by more random player gods being created, so this needs to be adress this year before its to late for the wurm community But I have faith in the developers if they say they are looking into it I really hope they do fix it.
  8. You have no idea Retrograde how smoothing and nice those words was to read. Even though its not written in stone, this gives me hope to continue playing my favorite game through out 2017 Thank you (is it maybe to much to ask if the devs also look into libilas 20% dmg code not yet working properly) No but really thanks Retro
  9. Great post great suggestions! The more we surface the issue the sooner we might get an answer. This needs to be worked upon and cant be left unlooked by the devs, I want some kind of fix or new approach. I do like the idea that etherdrifter suggested " I'd lean towards shifting player gods to "angel" or true "demigod" status " . Player gods seemed like a good idea at the time but it wasn't nearly thought out thoroughly enough before it got introduced into wurm online, such as that after the end of 2017 we will probably have 12-13 gods in total by this rate. We all know that champion players is/was really broken but it was instead balanced by the fact that u could and would eventually lose the title (champion points), How about demigods being done in a similiar way? When a demigod ascend under an original god like magranon, they get 3 new spells (over what magranon already posses) 1 extra enchant 1 offensive spell and maybe 1 more action for the priests (allowing cutting or something) this will only be applied to every priest following magranon in the SAME kingdom. Then they get to die a maximum of 3 times from an enemy player after dying 3 times they lose their status forever and the followers go back to being magranon followers, this will give players on pvp servers a reason to strike when their rival kingdom have to many demigods under a certain god/gods making that godand its followers really powerful, thus giving ppl a reason to fight knowing that if they defeat the demigods they will lose their advantage. sweat Wurm pvpwise have always been breaking sweats and tears for something like a fort but knowing that nothing lasts foreve if it isnt defended, should be the same for gods, some thrill and fear is needed even among the strongest to feel engaged P.S (I miss old wurm where ppl was almost as devoted to their 4 gods as their kingdom and their cause, like the old anthem, but old wurm isnt coming back so lets make this work.)
  10. Thanks a bunch for the answer, now that only leaves Libila to two functional diety bonuses then? @Retrograde Oh wise one is this true?
  11. So why does it say that the sickle has: Aggresive dps 2 Normald dps 2 Defensive dps 2 Surely it most have diffrent dmg in diffrent stances like every other weapon? or did I understand it wrongly? Also Sindusk, I humble ask you if u could please test the Libila bonuses such as 25% dmg on WU. Many believe that the bonuses of Libila is mostly false on WO same with saccing meat as you wrote (only seems to work for alchemy items). Thanks in advance and ty for all info.