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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    They also have to save that last treat to being a champ ^^ Its like the last stage to go as a priest until you can do it all.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    I dont see how the freedomers would accept mycelium growing over the prescence of Libila, the very backbone in pvp is for either WL or BL to maintain dominance in their religion over the servers. Lib followers gets huge benefits from mycelium and they dont really work well on grass. Im not a freedomer so I cant speak for them but I can see that this would bring conflicts with deeds complaining on the myc taking over/infecting their neighbour forests or similiar arguments, maybe im wrong, maybe mycelium wouldnt bother the majority of freedomers if so I could see Lib working in pve too. But it wouldnt make any sense allowing BL on freedom as disguised WLers, its either all the way or not at all.
  3. Mining in Wurm Unlimited

    How about leveling/flattening ceiling with 8+ min timers, if I have a 99 ql pickaxe I will reduce the timer for leveling the ceiling but will i get the ticks faster too then? I dunno how these leveling timers work and what formula they have for skill ticks? (late response hope someone notices)
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    Thank you Sindusk, thats a great way to adress the community the way you just did, you diserve a whole jar of cookies for that. Regarding "Rebirth" im happy its taken into consideration, I now see better how its easy to abuse the spell, I really dont want it to become a broken spell with abusive pvp gameplay. But at the sametime rebirth is the iconic spell of Libila and it would be great if like you said it could be some kind of interesting interaction with player corpses later on "non-priest players being useless" Gotta have to swallow that one as I was abit harsh in my statement I apologize (to all non-priests out there). Its just abit overwhelming from my point of the view, since I have been living with these restrictions for most of my wurm gameplay and gotten used to them. Now being able to build my own house is all of a sudden a luxury that I dont find myself diserving of. I agree this makes you able to choose who you want to main and be more independant as a priest and dont have to live off other players as much anymore. At the sametime that was kind of what a priest was, it was that person in town who couldnt do much else then live in devotion to their religion/god but in return brought rare enchants or other buffs to the village. Abit like the Shaolin monks in the mountains waiting for that farmer to come by offering food in return of a blessing or something How about they can only continue (building,items and so on) after a certain faith level, after serving under their god for sometime until maybe 70 faith the god lifts the restriction for them as a gift of good faith in their cause. Something like that making new priests still in need of a settlement but more serious priests eventually being able to go on their own. Thanks for reading!
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Thats how its always been for Lib, dont see how it should be diffrent for any other god, when any of the other gods domain is stronger then Libilas then we cant cast fungus either. Its a rather good thing if you ask me, brings more reason for Fo to be a favourable domain out in the wilds
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    Also about the Changes to Rebirth, does this mean that trolls wont use their own clubs either? if so they will only do kicking and bite attacks, making them rather useless. I agree that armour and weps on trolls was to unbalanced, but I think they should still use their own club after all. I also think that ressurecting player corpses (based on their skills) should be reworked, maybe increase their damage based on their FS since they wont use weps and armour they will have to use bruise/bite wounds instead with a dmg modifier based on body stats and power of cast. Coming from someone who has been priest since the first few weeks in wurm and for several years now (been both Fo, mag and Lib) I think that priests having most of their penalties removed kinda makes non-priest players pretty useless, except for crafters improving Tools. I see how this could turn the table making the crafters the alt and the priests the new main, basically there isnt much holding you back now from not being a priest which will make them way to common and kinda break the immersion abit. But thats just my opinion though.
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    Like you said this wouldnt fit her "dont touch the ground and let everything die and decay view" but maybe we could fix this in another way? Could we get a new saccable like ores/shards or something else instead? I really enjoy to see changes to priests finally but I believe Libilas passives still arent very pvp focused, id still like to lose 1 passive and get a lib version of warrior as a trade off. Magranon and Lib got the same CR 2 bonus, I think lib should get the dmg bonus aswell. This is something that wouldnt influence the pve servers since Lib is already forbidden there but would be a balance for pvp.
  8. Mobile Wurm Aplication

  9. A server in my honor, how nice of you.
  10. Italian wurm community

  11. WTB Dragon scale/Drake hide

    Drake hide I need 0.40kg maximum. Dragon Scale 3.60 kg for now. PM your offers per 0.01kg or for the entire weight needed if you have Also willing to buy Black Drake Hide Cap.
  12. Priest / Religion overhaul

    Very smart solution! 1+ to that kind of skilling system. Player gods can just remain as diffrent bonuses then could be said something like. Libila priest with devotion to Nathan or something, all BL player gods will be titled under Libila and have diffrent bonuses/passives like they do now but only keep BL spells. All WL gods will be tied to Fo,Vyn or Mag depending on what WL spells they share the most with and then keep their bonuses just the same. The mixed spell lists between BL and WL spells will be removed and based on their alignment they will get either the BL or WL spell list. When choosing a devotion to a player god priest you lose all faith just like before, hindering ppl from swapping back and forth as they see fit for the bonuses. Also allowe BL priests on freedom with exception to Mycelium growth and casts. Its time freedom were introduced to our zombies
  13. Priest / Religion overhaul

    I see, ty so its just the skill bonuses that doesnt stack, makes sense.
  14. Priest / Religion overhaul

    I would be okay if all players gods were removed to be honest, even if im using a player god myself
  15. Priest / Religion overhaul

    What do you mean by they dont go together in the code? Does nathan not give 25% bonus to dmg at 40 favor? These are all Nathan codes if they are working as intended hateGod = true (Uses Black Light. Uses negative alignment. Pray on corpses. Half stamina loss on Mycelium at 60 faith and 30+ favor.) roadProtector = true (Half stamina loss on roads at 60 faith and 30+ favor.) itemProtector = true (Reduced decay of foods in inventory) warrior = true (Uses Soul Strength instead of Soul Depth for champion. Gets +25% damage bonus at 40 faith and 20+ favor. 25% increased skill gain for fighting skills at 20 faith and 20+ favor.) repairer = true (+10 bonus to improve actions at 80 faith and 40+ favor. learner = true (10% increased skill gain at 20 faith and 10+ favor.) woodAffinity = true (Double favor from sacrificing wood items.) befriendCreature = true (Animals are not hostile at 60 faith and 30+ favor.) staminaBonus = true (25% bonus to passive stamina regeneration when not fighting at 20 faith and 10+ favor.) clayAffinity = true (Double favor from sacrificing pottery items.) clothAffinity = true (Double favor from sacrificing cloth items.)