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  1. Looking for Necromancer

    Northstar plays alot still, he plays for Hots on affliction currently, if that is of any help.
  2. Happy Valentines day! For those who have hearts, me excluded.
  3. Gold mirror???

    A much needed bump was given! Never shall mirrors be forgotten.
  4. Priest overhaul! best gift of the year! Its like being reborn a baby again in pvp with new balances and complete changes to spells. (I will still deny the existence of player gods :p)
  5. Wurm Time-Lapse

    Nice choice of music to the video, very relaxing, what soundtrack did you use Kichi?
  6. Make infected trees harvestable

    Maybe infected trees could yield less amounts of fruits then trees growing on enchanted/grass terrain as a means to balance it abit if that is needed. For lore purpose the infection could make half the harvest "rotten" but we would still be able to keep some of it.
  7. For Auld Lang Syne

    Joining late to the conversation as I had a busy new year week and I didnt participate in the event myself but happy new year to all those who did! Just wanted to say thanks to all the devs/staff who worked hard this year! Priest overhaul was the most important patch for me but every bit of content around that (horse colours, fishing etc) was obviously very appreciated! Seeing a sneak peak of the new water physics got me butterflies in my stomach! (Yes I consumed them, they arent welcomed on Affliction). A big thanks again, I hope 2019 will bring equal excitement and anticipation P.S Epic is still alive and we love you, never forget us Also for those who used alts to get a chest and specially to get more then one chest, that disgusts me. No matter if its the community or game mechanics to blame for this I do not care, but it should be fixed
  8. I think we have enough funitures covering the floors of our houses, to get to the next step of a medieval tavern/home would be to get some funitures up on the walls. Now I dont know if this is possible but it would be nice with the new "place" mechanic that some shelfs/smaller cupboards could be placed along walls same with lamps/torches to be hanged on the walls or ceilings. With this new mechanic we could get tons of new funitures like "Battle horns, paintings, statues of dieties" etc. Without taking up more of the already crowded floors in our houses. That would be a milestone for me if it could be done 2019
  9. Club for Zombie Trolls

    Pets might need a rework as a whole with rebirth/domination/charm getting a new look at seperately, this is probably far down on the list though, shame really as rebirth was the iconic spell of Libila/hots (This person has no patience)
  10. Club for Zombie Trolls

    This would make BL/Libila an interesting choice in pvp as it would be weaker then WL/Mag in the initiation of the battle with Mag having 15% Dmg bonus and dominated pets with no CR nerf, but as the battle goes on any WL who falls could be ressurected into fighting for BL which would slowly turn the favour more forward BL in long skrimishes on open land where they could more easily have time accessing a player corpse and ressurect it while in combat.
  11. Club for Zombie Trolls

    Not only Zombie trolls but anything "zombie" gets a CR nerf and an age nerf to it, we had this discussion in the priest overhaul and @Sindusksaid something about making the trolls atleast equip what it had on its corpse at death, meaning it could get to keep its club but not any other new equipment/tools added after. However if they cant use clubs now then something is wrong, since surely a troll isnt supposed to use bite and kick as a pet as that is hardly 20% of its dmg with club. Another suggestion to make rebirth interesting again was to make rebirth player corpses a good feature, make a player corpse calculate its body stats into a modifiyied dmg into bite/slash. No gear would be equipped on the player corpse but since its a zombie obviously it SHOULD take less dmg considering nothing is fatal for it except a blow to the head. Lets say the corpse had 50 body str and 50 bdy sta on death, when ressurected that 50 body str will be calculated into a raw dmg in bite/slash that the zombie uses. Depending on how high the players stats were in fighting it gets the CR from that player. The dmg could be somewhat stronger then a troll with a club around 50 body + and at 70 + it would be considerbly stronger then a troll or most other animals in the wild (non champ). *Edit* And as a champ player corpse it should retain the champ status (it already exists in "zombie invasion" that you randomly get champion status zombies so the coding is there) its just that they are useless for the moment.
  12. Tower chaining system

    Chained towers is such a nice feature, there is so much that could be added later on to this to give a great feeling of acctually having a medieval kingdom. One idea that I would like to suggest would be that towers under attack have a "lit" area or light effect around it, making it shine stronger. Not as strong as a rift/blacklight/whitelight but like something in between that could be viewed on 100 tiles distance or perhaps more. Think of it like the chines wall lighting its beacon as the stealthy Mongols climbed the walls to enter the great empire of china. Maybe the beacon starts at 75 dmg and then the kingdom message at 90 dmg, giving you some extra time to see if it you are close to that tower because of the beacon. Not sure you want feedback of such sort here just felt like posting it, ty for reading if you did All in all, these new chained towers is a really cool feature! Nicely done!
  13. Last Post Wins

    There most be something better to do with my time then this.....
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    Does Purge remove meditation buffs to such as the 50% increased dmg from hate buff? If so I think dispel and purge shouldnt remove these spells either since its a cast you can use ever 24h and was previously spared by shadowing it with other buffs. @Wioloalso yay sea serpent pets \o/