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  1. Never mind (friendly bump)
  2. Can I get 81,12ql sickle, iron - 89coc // 60c COD to "Phailtrain"
  3. close this

    I need a few things! Can you send each of these to "phailtrain"? C79 grooming brush c71 rake c77 butchering knife w79 trowel w66c89 mallet
  4. Looking to sell fantastic knapsack (93ql tin, acquired through Pvp), looking for high value trade or silver offer. Please pm me offers; buyer pays CoD. Thanks, have a merry Christmas,
  5. Good arguments. +1 until fixed (if even possible.)
  6. I don't think the sale is what's making Rolandt happy... he's gotten the satisfaction out of the drama already. BUMP.
  7. Bump for Ebonaura. Since I'm a nice guy or something.
  8. Sold out of wurm, smooth transaction with WKM. Please close. Enjoy the barding!
  9. Spyglass

    Please close, 100% sold out of Wurm now thanks to Fujimo, +rep.
  10. Spyglass

    Less than an hour remaining.
  11. Rare hammer

    -bought out-
  12. Rare hammer

    Final day bump
  13. Spyglass

    Final day bump