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  1. I´m selling my white drake hide set for 80 euro. PM me if intrested!
  2. I want to sell some random items, pick up on Indy south west coast. Rare forge x2 - 5s each Stag hota statue - 15s SOLD Sleep powder x4 - 1s each PM me if intrested!
  3. Posting on behalf of Czar who still hasn't bothered to recover his forum account after the password reset. Trust the wurm devs to come up with the worst possible solution to the epic problem. Allow me to predict what will happen: there will be a big increase short term from curious freedomers holidaying, but in the long term it will peter out and be worse than it was before. Hardly anyone with a choice is really going to play epic-exclusive any more, no one is going to grind on epic because that time is much better spent grinding on freedom. Yes, it will be slower, but grinding on freedom allows those skills to be used on freedom, to participate in the freedom market AND gains on freedom can be copied over to epic. If no one grinds on epic, no one really lives on epic (besides the increasingly dwindling epic-only players). It means less presence, less fortifications, less deeds, which hurts pvp. Best case scenario epic becomes challenge-lite, where players doss around for a few days then go home to their "real characters". I argued with Retro about this, we agree that epic's population will almost always be drawn from freedom players, but the main reason they don't come is because they have to start over. Time spent on epic comes at a cost of time that would be spent on freedom. Ok so you've solved half of that problem, but if you want them to _stay_ on epic for any length of time, their time on epic must not be "wasted". With all the epic perks now gone, this is why I argued for two-way traffic for skills using some kind of fair system and perhaps letting the curve and the skill bonus be epic's attractive feature. Do we even have to talk about the power differential? ... despite Epic apparently being "soo easy" to skill on, the top epic players aren't even in the same league as the top 100 freedom accounts. Diminishing returns on skill gain, esp body stats, this all falls on deaf ears, but there is no point in having that argument again if you are going to turn epic into epic unlimited. This is not going to help matters. This isn't a merge, this is ill-thought-out destruction. You seem to be channelling Bertolt Brecht solving the epic problem by dissolving the epic player base and replacing it with another.
  4. As the title say, I want to sell a rare strange bone. Price: 20s Contact me here or PM ingame to Murayya
  5. Hello! I want to sell my private island on Release named Panacea. The size of Panacea is 22 by 28. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 2 silver, 37 copper and 72 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 23 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 54 days and 39 minutes more. The deed covers the entire island. It is located at y39 x28/29 on the cummunity map. Panacea contains: 1 7x4 tiles building/castle, almost finished 1 smaller building Boatcave with 3 iron veins of acceptable, normal and good ql A few forges in the cave Alot of enchated grass Animalpens Guard tower The decorations in the pictures do not come with the deed like the hota-statue. If you want to know more, please pm me! I hope someone is intrested in this beautiful place with an awesome 360 view and is willing to make an offer on it
  6. Sorry, didn´t realize it was on Pristine, I can not be there
  7. You can remove Soggy and replace it with Panacea
  8. I would like to order 100 support beams delivered to Release, only travel by water
  9. Update: Moved it to Release
  10. I want to sell a rare forge, 7s. Pick up at K21 coast Release
  11. Hi I am interested in buying a drake set. Preferably a white one but black could work too. I don´t ned a cap and it doesn´t have to be enchanted. I will buy if the price is right so please make offers!
  12. I want to sell: Oil of the weaponsmith: ql 90, 2s ql 73, 1,5s ql 56, 1s Potion of acid ql 33, 50c Rare forge, 6s Spyglass, 3s Gems: Higher than ql10, total ql 827,25, 8s If you don´t like the prices, give me an offer and I´ll consider it Pick up at Q18 Release