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  1. MR AND JK Don't you see the possibilities finally we can recruit new players to elevation, a much more flat land than the garbage dump that BLH is we would get many more new people new pvp faces are you now tired of seeing the same names in your local everytime and pvp happens? Not tired of JK winning every hota? Be with me today and vote for elevation free to play, so that we may recruit people from outside the game to a new deed being made! More pvp fodder!
  2. It is time, Rolf. We have made preparations and everyone wants Elevation to be f2p. You know who we are, we will recruit more people soon as elevation becomes f2p. It is an untouched land we would like to build the most glorious blacklighter deed ever on, just one thing is missing: Your love. Kiss us, Rolf, kiss us with freetoplay. B-but free2play alts will be griefing all over! We already have that with prem alts, see dadamage and random jk alts swimming at the ele-jk border to check their local, but that's just from a bler perspective Also you can easily revert any griefing done by f2p alts by reinforcing cave tiles, catapulting or whatever. Anyway f2p alts can't even destroy things. DO IT ROLF DO IT FOR BL DO IT FOR ELEVATIOn DO IT FOR YOUR WALLET WE WILL RECRUIT I PROMISE
  3. obviously this was tried jk postcount farming again
  4. What really happened: Several JK spy alts logging in and out around our local daily, the only deed that does pvp, where if there's noone in local we are out hunting Then we look for their spy alts, kill them, now they're mad dont you have a bl starter city to wall off or something?
  5. first for no more local on epic
  6. Having freedomcode and epiccode shared really sucks sometimes
  7. It's an issue on epic, maybe not so much on freedom where 1ql locks protect you from anything reported
  8. Remove local REMOVE LOCAL also I got warned for another post Thanks Rolf
  9. RIP WURM You had a long, drawn out life Now you are on your deathbed your only love, Rolf-sama, on vacation RIP
  10. For many years food has been good for nothing but keeping your nutrition and food bar up. There is no incentive to use anything other than meals for that in the game, even though there's several kinds of fruits, sandwiches, cheese, milk, stew, did I forget anything? Probably. So I suggest adding buffs to those type of foods. A % increase on your build timers for sandwiches? % increase of body stat gains when protein-rich food is eaten? Just some ideas. I just want sandwiches etc to be useful in general, since they add variety to the game(without any use whatsoever) What do you think about it? Rolf pls no more vacations