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  1. afaik from ts bants "they" or whoever actually accessed the forum got access because some smart goy uploaded a picture of their forum account details and decided to share it, which according to official wurm rules isn't a problem since wurm isn't responsible for your irresponsibility, yet these players got banned more proof for the biased reality of wurm
  2. seems like jk will win chaos after all then if the rest of mr deeds are disbanded
  3. why keep any friendly missions on homeservers, what was wanted was an all out removal of friendly missions, not just some getting the chaos drake/scale improve system was never asked for neither on the forums or in the ts talks Epic: improved Scenario point reward for slaying missions same with this, what was asked for was improved rewards for enemy missions on homeservers How do you determine suggestions and the talks we had, do you discuss it in the office or in the staff channels? Because there hasn't been a single implementation into epic from any decent or popular suggestion, but there's been tons of which wasn't discussed and which hasn't been run through public channels, i'd take a look on the people who you are depending on for pvp related changes because the last 1-2 years or so have been the reason why the population dipped, they're not wanted, they're not good for pvp health or for population health, and some freedom staff living on epic/chaos either won't understand the dynamics or simply don't want any changes that improves pvp either way don't bet on anyone returning to epic or wurm in general with minor changes
  4. reset or remove epic entirely, player-gods included, it has run its course and there's no pvp fumes left in the tank, without pvp there's no reason to keep a pvp server running
  5. It's like russia spying on muriga or vice versa, pvp games are meant to be played to its fullest, which means a full out (virtual) war
  6. literally don't see the problem as it is pvp, they just got creative with how they went about with it
  7. the crimea referendum was much like the current UK referendum and I think there was one in the netherlands, norway and denmark all which have been ignored so far (apart from the crimea referendum, which is somehow condemned), really the only shady ###### in ukraine is the insurgency by the rebels in the actual ukraine Either you support the Assad regime who at it's height torture or kill political enemies within Syria or you support ISIS and their rebels which has the aim to genocide everything worldwide that isn't islamic, buildings too
  8. Denial – The first reaction is denial. In this stage individuals believe the diagnosis is somehow mistaken, and cling to a false, preferable reality.
  9. sweden isn't even socialist as the means of production is privatized Venezuela is the textbook definition of socialism When you can't enforce the law in your own nation, the nation won't last long, large areas in europe isn't enforced by the police, not to mention the demographic damage the past 10 years The East-Germany puppetry built it's border so that citizens can't leave, while trump will (hopefully) build an actual wall to enforce their laws against illegal immigration, decadent leftism wants unlimited immigration due to immigrants swaying heavily towards the left, the more immigrants that is imported, the more voters you've got, the elite won't be affected by the negative changes at all as they live in gated communities with no immigrants or refugees, it's the same ###### in sweden and all other european nations where the decadent left has attempted to mass-import thirld-worlders, eventually it'll look like brazil or south africa where there's zones of gated and safe communities with little crime while the streets are littered with criminals, eventually they've climbed the socialism hole for so long that they'll keep voting for the oligarchic families as they recieve scrap money through the means of government handouts The "uneducated" are the people who witness the effects of the decadent leftist politics, while the people who live in areas with no refugees or immigrants will preach how there must be a greater importation of thirld-worlders for no other reason but to feel good and look good socially for others The "refugee" areas in sweden is the major blocs for the party which doesn't want unlimited immigration, while the areas which has little to no refugees is the biggest voting bloc for the parties which wants unlimited immigration If you want to share some more plebian propaganda, go ahead also, your highschool-tier understanding of history is laughable, unlimited immigration has never worked out for the native population, the gothic migration of 376 into rome, the hun migration, the euro migration into the americas, the nordo-viking and rus migration into greenland and other arctic territories, the sapiens migration into neanderthal territories, every single time the native population is either genocided or enslaved
  10. I don't think any major reset will ever happen (until it's too late atleast) because the team doesn't know their own game, they think that wurm pvp can sustain itself long-term while the result so far is a dead epic cluster and a dead chaos server, which is partly due to the terrible changes over the last two-three years, but also because everything is getting stacked, when plebs have all the good valrei items stacked, 100 fs 100 shield/weaponskill, 90 characteristic stats with exploits used through the years, it isn't exactly an incentive to keep playing or start playing in the first place adding some flower pots or new ###### gods that ruins the game, or writing forum posts every few months promising for real change when the only things that have changed so far is underwater buildings, mine buildings, locate soul is buffed, they're all defensive changes which is terrible for pvp ain't cutting it i'm assuming most pvp changes are shilled from staff on epic and chaos which hasn't pvped for real in a few years and barely did before that either, guillotine their ass and find some players to advise for changes which actually have some experience with pvp and wants to pvp