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  1. This server's pop is going back up, good time to get in. Having a lot of fun here so far
  2. Better for my account to burn out than fade away, right
  3. These companies need to make their money somehow.. it's better marketing to say they don't charge direct fees.. so they just use an adjusted currency conversion rate.
  4. Well my computer isn't lower end, but maybe your single animation theory has something to do with it. However in the past I've never seen the animation when meditating with a pickaxe activated... I just held the pickaxe out in front of me as if it were equipped. I'm not talking about the item merely showing, that's a pretty ubiquitous one. I'm talking about the animation taking place. I'm used to seeing the pickaxe in my hand when meditating, as if it were equipped... but for some reason, I saw an animation this time, when I queued it directly after mining.
  5. I think it would be neat if we could mine coal from veins
  6. [14:22:04] After mining you will start meditating. [14:22:09] You start meditating. When I queue mining then meditating, I still see the swinging pickaxe animation during meditation.
  7. Great idea! If you have nothing constructive to say and you're just going to troll, stop posting. Regarding the issue of being the first to unlock a new title, I think Pescadera summed it up pretty well. There is no real basis for saying the Epic cluster should not have something as superficial as new titles, while the Freedom cluster should. Any attempt to argue that current differences between clusters are sufficient to create more differences between the clusters is committing a logical fallacy. Especially with the subject of titles which have no real connection to any of the differences. Epic shouldn't get legendary titles because they're easier to attain? Then I guess we shouldn't get large carts or forges, because they're that much easier to make. What??
  8. The 'logic' of not adding legendary titles to epic makes no sense. Clearly getting titles on epic is easier, which is why a title on freedom means more than a title on epic. The fact that it takes less time on epic doesn't mean we shouldn't get them at all, though... Decisions like this further split the Freedom and Epic playerbases and cause unnecessary bickering. Let's not go down that road any further, please.
  9. Coc On Items

    89coc gives 89% more skillgain, 99coc gives 99% more skillgain than an unenchanted item. So (1.99 - 1.89) / 1.89 = 5.29% more skill with the 99 than the 89. Price doesn't increase linearly with quality when there is a relative shortage of top-of-the-line items.
  10. Mouse Glitch

    Hmm I've been getting this with Windows 7 lately. Never got it up until quite recently.
  11. If this were to be implemented, there are lots of potential issues that others have brought up. For one, we would need a /whois command that work work on old names and new names, showing all the changes. For example: "/whois ianrose" would output into Event: "Ianrose is now known as Bashur" and doing a "/whois bashur" would output into Event: "Bashur was previously known as Ianrose" This is ABSOLUTELY necessary in a persistent world game where we have to worry about griefers and thieves. Second, it needs to be pretty limited, say once per character per RL year? An important note: with a command like /whois, old names that no longer exist need to be blocked.. so that no one can make a new account with the old name. That gets too confusing and muddles up the situation.
  12. I think it will be nice for people that don't have multiple monitors, as it's not even as good as the public mapdump, just a handy reference.
  13. No it doesn't appear that any other server had a sizable drop.
  14. Lol it coincided with the day I sold my account, when Bashur set up on Desertion
  15. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_graphs