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  1. So... We got a new god.

    Imagine if a spy alt became god...
  2. Girls of Wurm 2015 Calendar!

    Friend showed me this. Nice idea. My only criticism is it's following the Gregorian calendar and not whatever lunar cycle Wurm has. Also lack of bikinis. Made from crushed wemp.
  3. Fatigue Timer

    What about psychological fatigue from playing a full 16 hours
  4. Countdown to 1.2, Full List of Features.

    Can we send back enemy corpses back to their kingdom in crates?
  5. The Horde Of The Summoned [Epic Cluster]

    Daily reminder:
  6. Sacrifice Missions for BL

    I've seen more than one mission where BL has to sacrifice 0 calves. Does this mean that until the mission expires nobody must sacrifice a calf? Is this a bug?
  7. Problems logging in

    Prepare for 10 hour sleep bonus and 5 year extension on prem time
  8. Problems logging in

    Wurm never looked good
  9. The Horde Of The Summoned [Epic Cluster]

    Libila has a ridiculous sense of humor. I bet she's 90% funny bones.
  10. The Horde Of The Summoned [Epic Cluster]

    HOTS is so rich that Libila asked us to sacrifice 500 decent diamonds. Come join!
  11. Join in testing the new Fighting Tweaks.

    This is a good day
  12. PvP easy fruits

    Allow the Libila Fan Club members to stitch together abominations for a super zombie. It will last for one day
  13. Catapults, Valrei, Pmk Tweaks

    4th for no local
  14. Halved Cost For Arched Walls

    It should be looked into nonetheless. I'm sure Rolf and company can make something that works for best server and freedom.
  15. Halved Cost For Arched Walls

    Same should go for other types of arched walls.