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  1. Yeah pvp only needed one server.
  2. haha yeah just a photoshop at the moment.
  3. Testing out Wurm Online raytracing and its looking good
  4. Far too many Cringelords in pvp.
  5. BIG disagree, Exploration update has been a fantastic edition. very much needed in wurm. Cactus though is disappointing lol
  6. Yeah I know.. the original legacy of MR went to sleep with the passing of EoMR. But it's all good, you got all the images you need now!
  7. mate you messed up the flags, you used EoMR and freedom isles flag. Here I fixed it for you to help you out. Good luck with your recruitment. HOTS The Anthem Jenn-Kellon The Anthem Mol-Rehan The Anthem
  8. Good suggestion. The devs have done a fantastic job overall with the content that has been released. be good to try and capitalise on a great update release.
  9. went out, got a novice chest, i felt frustrated because the i14 in the map clue does not look like an i. and seems like when youre given a map clue to find a tower, you are given a village name and map coords. the village is not reliable location, its all on the map coords. For example I had Little Rodentia, the map coords for this village is i15. The clue gave me around i14. The actual tower was located i13. So the village i was given was 2 map squares away while the clue said 1 map square away from i14. not sure it is intended but the village location is redundant to the extent of actually finding the casket, only to try and track down the map square to be around. It was confusing because at first I thought that it must be around the village because thats how it reads. Fun overall, i enjoyed the hunt.