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  1. have some faith in the devs at least
  2. Modern Renderer displays no weather affects, no rain and more importantly no fog. This is especially a concern on pvp servers for those unknown to the problem who choose the legacy renderer over the modern renderer and would be unable to see in the thick fog. not only that but, no weather affects on modern renderer needs to be fixed at some point in time. When I came back to Wurm i questioned why i didnt see fog for nearly 2 months, it is because ive been running the modern renderer the entire time Photos are taken at the exact same time, only change is the renderer from legacy to modern the 100% fog screen shots taken same time, as well as i waited until the fog lifted a bit, and took a "50% fog" screen shot on both renderers. Legacy: 100% fog 50% fog Modern: 100% fog 50% fog
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  4. Update 2# Because I heard during the launch we will get bonus skill gain I have not been able to play wurm the way I wanted to play so I can save Fatigue for the event, [13:37:05] You have 10 hours and 18 minutes left. So now I am resulting to having to count how many hours I will have for the event, meaning the above saved hours and how many hours are left in todays day and while I sleep I will get 5 extra hours of fatigue until tomorrow when i wake up, meaning I can only grind for 3 hours from the date of this post. and it is 1:38PM, i should be able to play for the full 12 hours but the FATIGUE mechanic is preventing me to play. Having to count minute by minute so I can better use this time in wurm is ridiculous,