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  1. It's not won until all other kingdoms have disbanded their deeds. Want something to happen faster. Disband your deeds JK.
  2. Macedon foolishly thinking they can take on the Empire of Mol Rehan.
  3. You don't have to merge nothing, you don't have to kill off epic servers. What you need is new content and fixes to grab new and old players attention. Doing anything else as suggested just encourages more people to leave. it is a simple concept.
  4. There are some people who shouldn't but have already posted in this thread.
  5. oh you're a ###### paragon of the people aren't you Hashirama you pathetic thief.
  6. Selling Pvp account on Freedom Has Sotg from before the meditation change nathan priest comes with a deed a small deed on deliverance and HUGE amount of loot PM me your offers
  7. Wurm 2016

    Dairuka, most of what that anonymous man said on that video I disagree with.I believe most of it is false. Something to think about
  8. when you get older you learn not to assume anything, or you will just look stupid.