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  1. Wurm VR?

    I can't wait to do wurm vr, very keen devs!
  2. I hope VR into wurm online itself, I am DOWN for this! Lets goooo! would that also mean i might have to start launching wurmonline from steam then? probably for VR to work from Steam VR...
  3. I am assuming you got Red tome and Tome of incineration, so yes you've got 2 debuff and still only 1 buff
  4. Tome buffs or debuffs not meant to stack
  5. its a good idea, its been suggested since 2004 lol We had something close to this, goblin camps and troll camps, they used to congregate around each other and fight off players getting close to their 'camp'. Definitely would be a welcome addition to the long awaited "Exploration update"
  6. Can we get a new roadmap, something new in the works to look forward too?
  7. -1 also bring back minehopping off deed
  8. I had no idea he passed away, Goodbye Winter, I have missed you and will continue to miss you
  9. Hey Devs, I can confirm the modern renderer is bugged again, no weather affects in Modern, but weather affects in the legacy. Modern has no rain, no fog etc