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  1. Goodbye

    Cya lancelot! Never too old to game...
  2. I believe a good addition to improving Archery and the feedback the game provides back to the player, especially new players, is providing ranging feedback message to the player when they are shooting anything. For example, 1. A player must have their bow equipped, bow activated for this ranging to work. 2. When the above is true, the player highlights a creature they wish to shoot, and it will come up with the mob name, eg. Venerable Troll. 3. Next to the Venerable Troll name it will say the range of the creature to the player, e.g Perfect, Quite close, Quite far, Close, Far, Too Close, Too Far. So if you are in optimal range for your Longbow of 20 tiles it will say Venerable Troll (Perfect) and then when it the mob is injured it would look like "Venerable Troll [Healthy] (Perfect)" Or something along those lines, devs would be better to placed to figure out how to make this perfectly fit within wurm, but I feel like it would be a nice quality of life improvement to the game, especially for new players. Edit: I forgot to add, it can be tied to your skill level as well to determine how accurate the ranging prediction is.
  3. Hasn't it for the longest time been this way?
  4. Cant remember back in 2007. Probably searching mmorpgs available.
  5. Hephaestus (Greek god of metallurgy and other type crafts) Vulcan (Roman god equivalent to Hephaestus) Regin (Norse god of metalworkers)
  6. Hey Devs, could you have a look at roofs and allowing an option on how high they go? When making buildings that are 3x3 like the one below, The roof is double the height of the building. Thank you!
  7. A single person will never be able to compete with Alliances of 10+ people who have timed the killing of uniques so they know the rough day range the unique will spawn, and then will cover more ground every day because they know the rough areas where uniques will spawn. It might take you 2/3 hours to cover a small server, while it takes an alliance 30 minutes. What makes this situation worse is that you no longer know when the uniques have spawned. So a single person could try every day, a few hours a day to go to the likely spawning areas, but they will be spending 10x more time trying to cover the same areas that an alliance dedicated to hunting uniques can achieve. The system is anti single player. This is an observation, this isn't a suggestion to change anything.
  8. im not surprised with the results hah I voted in a similar fashion to the majority.
  9. yeah agreed should just change it all to Fillet.
  10. I think this is a fantastic move Keenan. May I suggest some kind of In-game announcement as well at a particular stage of the process cycle? Like an announcement along the lines of "Have your say! vote on what updates you would like to see the most! #Link to suggestions webpage# You can only upvote suggestions you want. For further information #Links this topic#"