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  2. Please fix rare fish spot finding

    it is totally broken, i get the message that the spot is behind me to the right(like closer to the edge of the map) and i move towards there but then i get fails one after the other. this confirms my suspicion that the pendulum does not work if there is any tile in it's range that does not meet the requirements for a rare fishing spot. so that's why it is impossible to find them anywhere close to land or close to the edges of the map. EDIT: so i did more research and it seems the fishing spot is 11x11 tiles wide the message for preety close changes into fairly close after going just 3 more tiles after that and i fail to make sense after another 5 tiles so it brings me to a total of 5+1+3+5 =14 tiles from the center of the spot with a power 97 Litd pendulum which it was supposed to give me atleast 46 tiles from the center and maybe i read wrong and half of the power is the diameter but then again ther's atleast 23 tiles radius . as you can see there is clearly something broken with this feature. also i'm curios to know how many knew the spot was changed from a 1x1 to a 11 x11.
  3. Missions on Exodus

    same thing on celebration we once had like 4-5 missions all at "The Fallen Post" which is some pillar in some underground collapsed mine since all those missions always expire and don't get completed.
  4. Cannot Change Bridge Pieces on 5 Tile Bridge

    yeah they should allow for more flexibility when planning bridges, having such bulky construction for a 1 tile bridge between 2 houses seems wrong in my opinion i think shorter bridges should be made from the middle parts of a big bridge with he option to swap parts for stronger ones.
  5. Optional Reroll of Personal Goals every 3 months

    +1 with the condition that the a default personal goal is added for all and that would be 5 - 10 skills over some high level (90 maybe) to prevent others from working characters only on the personal goals and then wait for a roll.
  6. PC/WTS account Mattown (sold)

    i was reading this and remembered the name from somwhere, yeah i think he has better skills on epic, but right now i don't think ther's any market for the characters there sadly:(
  7. Copper Still 10x slower than should be.

    i think because it can be used as an ingredient in other recipe's it has to have a fixed affinity, otherwise it's too much to track when trying to make same affinity food , i already find it real pain to track 38+ ingredients just to get enough affinity time to be worth the hassle.
  8. Waystone find route bug

    my location is near the Red dot on the map facing Prospero deed, the highway ends at Felucca deed on perimeter and the Find route was performed on the waystone at the blue dot between Bunker hill and Miners Rest .
  9. Waystone find route bug

    It seems the find route function bugs out when trying to find a village from the closest waystone to that village, apparently it points you along the highway to next waystone and that one points you further away along the highway but on the pointing arrow is the village you just came from.
  10. Epic structure mission's on freedom

    so if vynora folowers pray to vynora it will help in getting the ability to cast it faster? does it disable the cast for nahjo?
  11. Epic structure mission's on freedom

    well the servers seem preety dead to me, or the players that play nowadays are not as hardcore as they used to be as no one really cares about sleep bonus anymore :/, i'm looking at the global spell casts for Rite Of Spring and there's years since it has been cast last time.. when i played a few years ago the casts would be as close as they could be to the earlier casts, and everyone was really eager to get that extra 5 h SB to grind a certain skill.. i guess part of the reason why no one bothers with Rite Of Spring nowadays is because it has to be casted by Nahjo(i have no idea why the devs allowed any other priests to do global spell casts), and every player that cares about the sleep bonus is already a follower of vynora. so it's kinda pointless to convert to nahjo , get the 5 h and then sit on a full bar of SB for a week to convert back to vynora and get the extra 10%, i think a fix would be to either put RoS back on vynora only or make Nahjo faith bonus be the same as vynora. or just remove the spell all together, it does not give a great image to the game to have it the way it is now.
  12. (close, thanks)

    Say's the player that joined the forums last Saturday :)) i have no clue what are the going prices either, but from what i've gatherd in the few weeks since i have returned playing i can see that as overpriced estimate.
  13. that is low settings turn them higher up and you'll see the true beauty of wurm:P
  14. Rite Of Spring cast!

    forgot about that..why did they had to put it on nahjo:(
  15. Rite Of Spring cast!

    seeing as Vynora does not have the ability to cast it now it will be for Nahjo followers only:( i can convert players to Nahjo and back to Vynora at the cast location if anyone is having trouble converting on they'r own.