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  1. for those who don't know this cast gives 5 hours of sleep bonus to everyone online at the moment of the cast. if i get enough priests( about 3 more needed) i'm thinking of doing it this weekend at peak time hours so most of the active players get it.
  2. i don't know why it is so hard to get this animal movement code done right.. i'm guessing they try really hard to keep it minimal for the server load so we can still enjoy having many creatures,but still having them act like they'r real world counterparts and that's an effort to appreciate. although things like them gathering up in some corner or going on mountain faces could have been fixed a long time ago, but still the same thing happen's for years now i hope they get fixed once and for all this time around:)
  3. i don't think it will work and here's my idea on why. say you are on the SW corner of a tile facing N and pave nearest on the tile NE of you, then you want to move S 1 and E 1 and pave nearest on the tile NE of your new location then you move W 1 and pave nearest on the tile NE i have not tested this and what i think will happen is that the middle triangle will also be filled and turn the whole thing into a big triangle and the reason for that being the way this works, basically when you pave nearest the remaining side gets covered with whatever is on the other 2 borders so since the triangle inside will be bordered by 2 paved tiles it will also be paved. Edit: on second thought you said you don't care about the size, so maybe you can use the new big triangle from my example as a whole triangle in a much larger shape , although you would still get something messed up with the corners of the empty one in the middle, so maybe making it big enough will make the defects unnoticeable
  4. [16:21:15] You need more favor with your god to cast that spell., apparently Nahjo is the one that can cast it and not vynora as it was a long time ago. does anyone have a Nahjo priest that could link for a cast? i'm tempted to host the cast somewhere near tap dance and a date will be set once enough priests are available. so post below if you got a priest to link and/or post the best time for you .
  5. It seems there is sleep bonus reward only to the person finishing it, I would prefer all players attaching at least 10 % of it should get Sleep bonus. It is like that for all other missions i don't see why the structure building ones should be different. And since they can be built as decorations anyway there won't be much intent to build them for the missions so might as well just take them off the mission list for freedom.I don't see anyone in they'r right mind go build a pylon just for the mission on his own.
  6. that was quick thanks a lot for auctioning this awesome axe:)
  7. sent you a pm with the name.
  8. 18 s
  9. 15 s
  10. well celebration seems next... froze up, can't log back in...
  11. download the stable client from
  12. Does the missing Temple model mean i can't finish missions? i live on Celebration and today were 3 missions to perform a ritual at the Fallen Post in the South East region, i have searched the entire south east are back and forth left and right and no sign of such pylon or temple. i did however find at least 5 or more flat areas near water and some on elevated ground, looking almost like there was a temple build there once and it decayed.
  13. It seems that all I get is either " You fail to make sense of the pendulum.", or "The fishing spot is behind you to the right fairly close by." , I DO NOT see the message saying the pendulum does not move. Something has been done to the spot finding system since I used to look for fishing spots a few years back. don't know what it is but it is broken. Some players say that the further you are from the spot the more fails you get, well if that was the case I should get "does not seem to move" message just outside the search range of the pendulum, but all I get is fails. the pendulum is 71 ql iron with 97 Lurker in the deep cast and 62 wind of ages.
  14. is this the latest build? i'm getting an error trying to make a map
  15. i live in greece, and not many respect the "mandatory thing" and i work 80+ h a week for 2-3 months at a time, no day off no weekend nothing! is either that or no job , that's how f*** up it is here.