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  1. Awl, Iron, 72coc - 2s Leather knife, Iron, 68coc - 1s COD to Jump
  2. yup except for the whole north west corner of the map, here you can't find a soul for miles...
  3. the main problem here is hunger not taking into account if you are afk or doing hard work,it's the same consumption rate and is really annoying for semi afk players
  4. i didn't even have a clue that color is a speed trait nowadays, and if limited to just ebony that is plain stupid.. i mean why would we ever see any other horse color get used? either remove it or make the color to be a duplicate of the other traits , at least we would see some variation between use cases like some would use heavy gear in pvp and they'd take a horse that can carry more before being slowed down, or others like to dress light and would take a faster horse and so on.
  5. sry for the confusion, i meant all creatures , the place i discover'd earlier today had all of them in one spot, maybe split into 2 groups, i killed a few crocodiles then ran out of water and went back down the mountain to refill, when i came back only a few crocs remained in the spot everything else just vanished, and i saw at least 50 creatures there in total. down below the mountain i'd have to walk for miles to find anything to kill.. creatures haven't been broken this bad since a long time ago..
  6. it's not enough that creatures are piling up on top of mountains,and are totally missing from lower grounds/sea shore now they have some "run away scared" mechanic so once you find a pack they will scatter around like crazy, then if you leave the area and come back there is no creature in sight. it's almost like they are programmed to avoid ppl in general not just built/deeded area, that is a stupid mechanic that will have the current result of not finding any creatures on some maps and when you find any they will vanish in minutes going higher and higher up the mountains since those are the only places that players never set foot on so far.
  7. i'm fine with grinding something useless as long as it is doable the reward is worth it in my opinion, even the 100 rifts, they are not totally useless and in the end you feel like you have done something in the game. as for global spells is totally a luck thing, the only way to make it 90% sure is to have alts ready to cast it yourself and be on 24/7 around the time it is almost charged.
  8. well that is the mentality that brings in more ninja'd casts, being afraid of someone else doing the same thing, who does it in fear of that is no different than the other guy. wurm was a lot better with a small everything is done in secret, global spells, unique kills on old servers .. when i started wurm and joined in for a dragon slaying i was given a full set of drake armor that's how ppl shared back then, each dragon gave enough sets for quite a few ppl and organizers didn't keepit all like it happen's nowadays where they won't announce it even for ppl just to be in local and get the blood rewards...
  9. lets hope it won't have as many revisions as animal movement system..
  10. yeah it sems to be a trend nowadays...
  11. he could of posted on the forum and find someone with higher channeling, lib is the easiest to grind i'm quite sure there are some in the 70's if not 80's by now
  12. after the Channeling update that limits the link to channeling skill is almost impossible to be part of one , and lately most of them are ninja'd and that leaves us no chance to ever complete that goal. it took over 2 months for Lib one to be ready on harmony and then it was casted without any notice, even though i myself was part of a sermon circle with 3 priests i own and other 3-4 priests praying day and night the cast wasn't part of us or anyone invited for it .
  13. thanks for asking who needs the quest done.. selfish bastards... ppl pray on they'r lib alts all day to charge the thing and then comes a idiot and ninja's the cast..
  14. i wait for the day to see a village where everyone is contributing..usually is just the guy with the priest and if he's lucky someone else might have ropemaking , if extremely lucky someone else will do the farming but everyone else just reap the benefits of the other's work.
  15. it may be that recruiting or kicking ppl from village does nothing to the number but when sacrificing the bonus you get is based on that