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  1. [21:34:24] As the Rite of Death is completed, followers of Libila may now receive a blessing! thank you Jaytoo for organizing this, hope everyone that missed this are lucky enough to not get ninja'd the next time RoD pops up:)
  2. first comment was before i learned about the ultra mega stupid change that made drake/scale drop to non participants that just happen to be in local. i guess that gives them enough reason to make it as secret as they wish.
  3. Sermons

    you can cast dirt indoors on a container and it will just spawn dirt in it not taking it from anywhere, there is another option to destroy dirt too if cast on a tile, that can't be done indoors.
  4. any sermon circles on cad? i got 3 lib priests i could pray and sermon on to help with the cause, also want to join with my main priest for the goal(100 faith, 51 channeling).
  5. Forest Giant Slay

    really nice to see it made public, unlike those ultra secret dragon slayings...
  6. so when i was raising dragons and trying to organize kingdom wide slayings on epic the dev team sneaked in the update that reduced the hide drop(just before we were about to kill them without any patch notes) with the mentality of making the slayings a public thing. now after i got over that and back to the game i get to read this BS.... they seem to not make they'r mind about how they want they'r game to be played and almost pushing me to quit again as many others did and making me not feel sorry if this game dies because i'm 100% sure they did it to themselves. PS: it was totally a case of "only those hitting the dragon got hide/scale" and the rest got only blood when they first implemented blood drops so i don't see any reason behind the rule and them making it so it drops hide to non participants as well.
  7. they don't act generously at all, i was at a rift on deli once, clearly showed my combat skills there, yet not a single word about the slaying that happend just minutes after the rift ended and i was on my way to the boat they clearly want to make it a secret and don't even call it for ppl to be in local for the blood let alone hitting the thing for loot. EDIT: this post was before i learned that scale/hide drops to everyone in local when the dragon is slayed. after learning about that it deosn't seem as bad of an image for those that do it in secret but it really changes my image of how wurm is managed nowaday's and where is it headed.. wish i saw about this before the RTM changes and just cashed in and quit for good.
  8. Huge axe, silver, 70ql, 71nimb, 71LT, 77coc, 77ms - 12s Cod to Jump
  9. there are many more things wrong with the respawn conditions of animals, and they'r behavior , the legends say it is the oldest problem this game has and has yet to be fixed after countless attempts.
  10. Awl, Iron, 72coc - 2s Leather knife, Iron, 68coc - 1s COD to Jump
  11. yup except for the whole north west corner of the map, here you can't find a soul for miles...
  12. the main problem here is hunger not taking into account if you are afk or doing hard work,it's the same consumption rate and is really annoying for semi afk players
  13. i didn't even have a clue that color is a speed trait nowadays, and if limited to just ebony that is plain stupid.. i mean why would we ever see any other horse color get used? either remove it or make the color to be a duplicate of the other traits , at least we would see some variation between use cases like some would use heavy gear in pvp and they'd take a horse that can carry more before being slowed down, or others like to dress light and would take a faster horse and so on.
  14. sry for the confusion, i meant all creatures , the place i discover'd earlier today had all of them in one spot, maybe split into 2 groups, i killed a few crocodiles then ran out of water and went back down the mountain to refill, when i came back only a few crocs remained in the spot everything else just vanished, and i saw at least 50 creatures there in total. down below the mountain i'd have to walk for miles to find anything to kill.. creatures haven't been broken this bad since a long time ago..
  15. it's not enough that creatures are piling up on top of mountains,and are totally missing from lower grounds/sea shore now they have some "run away scared" mechanic so once you find a pack they will scatter around like crazy, then if you leave the area and come back there is no creature in sight. it's almost like they are programmed to avoid ppl in general not just built/deeded area, that is a stupid mechanic that will have the current result of not finding any creatures on some maps and when you find any they will vanish in minutes going higher and higher up the mountains since those are the only places that players never set foot on so far.