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  1. [23:55:34] The concrete would only flow away. This should be looked at. Make it consistent with surface mining, so slopes could go up to 3x mining skill. It would make things so much easier for many projects.
  2. When cast on grass lawn it should turn into mycelium lawn. That doesn't happen and grass lawn is unaffected. Favor is properly used up. Easily reproducible by casting fungus spell on grass lawn.
  3. They are representatives of fighting gods, thats what they do.
  4. Only god alone should allow priest to craft. Add new option to altars, similar to sacrifice, that freeze priesthood for 1 RL hour. During this hour you can't do any priestly stuff, not even praying or sacrificing. You could do everything that commoners can do. Cooldown 72h, perhaps more. 1 hour per every other day would not break game or pvp, forget about any serious grinding. I would priest up my main if I have a prospect of imping armor/weapons/tools if required or (re)build an odd fence or wall.
  5. I wonder if those hats can be upgraded to use luminescent material, like gnome hats. That would be even more cool.
  6. Someone with long white beard (ingame) wear cloth jacket and post screen shot.
  7. You are so wrong on this
  8. This will be shot down of course. Option for priest to craft would be nice but not like this, something more restricted would be more appropriate.
  9. Current sermon group. We expect more people to come tomorrow.
  10. Unfortunately no, some mag priest pops in from time to time but no sermons.
  11. Current Vynora sermon group. We need more people!
  12. There is a reason why they add confirmations in Vista, also there is a reason why they add option to turn it off. Finally there is the reason why I suggested expansion of /toggle command .
  13. I just accidentally poured my high CoC water to the ground. Yes I know I should be more careful. Also game should be more polite in this respect and actually ask "Are you sure you want to destroy this potentially expensive, high quality whatever?". No one want to be forced into something that might inconvenience him so let us choose and configure which actions should have confirmation dialogs. Implement command /toggle confirm <action> Candidates for actions are: pour drop destroy enchant suggest more... Default value for all confirmations should be Off Thats it.
  14. I'm part of Vynora group now, only one other priest is on atm. Hope more people will log in soon