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  1. -1 current meta promotes pvp content
  2. [09:38:26] The server is shutting down in 30 minutes. Reason: Hotfix to enable gravity for carpets on the ground. Up to 30 minutes downtime. Notes: End of an era.
  3. Hey @necroe when you see this can I get some more of that wemp you stole from Beastwolf?
  4. Can’t do it. We’re having too much fun. plus I already sent y’all Neutral.
  5. @userDepreciation Post TW: The King is bad and im gonna rek him . Sorry Ponyboy, you’ve been Golden too long. Many if not all of you know and love me as the Earl Marshal of Kenn-Jellon, but, after much pathetic begging, I now serve as her Information Minister as well. In discharge of these duties I was presented with the following photograph by an anonymous Agent of the Cohort of Lemmings. This photograph was taken approximately 96 hours after Viremental stated he was “Going afk for a min”, whereupon he remained affixed in the position you see below for that period of time. The photograph is annotated; with explanations for each annotation in the caption below. I must warn you. The following will be extremely distressing and disturbing to even the grimiest hardcore gamer. Proceed with caution: Anyhoo. Looks like the above evidence turned out to be too much for the Golden God. Degrats buddy. It took me two years, but now I GET TO TELL YOU DEGRATS. DEGRATS HAHAHA *straightens hat* All Hail Her Royal Highness Cambriaa the Grand Princess of Kenn-Jellon! Ok. For real tho. I had enough of that guy strutting around the mine in his red and gold suit like he owned the place. I hate guys like that. This post has nothing to do with the fact that he and his wife just welcomed their first child into the world, and that mom and baby are happy and healthy at home, and that our boy became a man and turned into a dad overnight and we’re all enjoying watching it all unfold. It’d be awful if you wished him well. Tldr: Rinja had a baby tell him gratz and stuff
  6. Goodbye

    Enjoy the time off. You'll always have a place in this community.
  7. Attention all Wurmians! Please, hold your applause. Harken unto the words of the Royal Herald of Kenn-Jellon, @Beastwolf! Happy Birthday to the Dark Queen of Pandemonium@EvaDaly Show her some love Wurm people
  8. Hello...?

    I'm not a boomer tho, just an off-brand Lizard King in recovery.
  9. Congrats on your success old friend. Thanks for making the game a better place.
  10. Please join today to help me work on the deed and process the gigantic backlog of personnel complaints.
  11. My Favorite Book, a short story [10:15:48] You place a libram of the night. Ok. Sweet. I got it. [10:18:24] A black leather book with an etched silver owl, to be read by the wicked and twisted. It has one charge left. Cool ok I meet the qualifications. [10:50:58] You start using the libram of the night. This book rules. [10:51:07] You never thought that something could be this dark.. so.. vicious and hopeless.. Man, what a great book. This really makes a lot of sense. [10:51:18] The libram of the night crumbles to dust. Wtf… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember the last time you finished a book? Yeah neither do I. What I do remember tho is that, upon completion of the book, it doesn’t just spontaneously crumble into dust like Inspector Gadget’s orders or a 12,000 year old Mesopotamian scroll or something. Suggestion: Persistent tomes This is an easy one. Just disable the “crumbles to dust” feature. After the last charge is used, the tome is unusable, but the item persists. The result will be a persistent tome that you can’t use, but will be free to admire upon your digital bookshelf when you need a reminder of how impressive you are in a video game. Change the item name or something so a snake can’t finesse one of the new guys with a dead book. IDK. Yall can work out those deets. The model is sick. The model for all the tomes are pretty sick. They tend to last about 20 seconds in game before they’re used tho. What a waste. Tldr After I read the tome it doesn’t spontaneously combust it just becomes unusable so I can still have it around to look at. Thanks.