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  1. Chaos-Freedom Free Trade Market The Kingdom of Kenn-Jellon welcomes our dear friends from Freedom to our Market! We have a wide selection of hand-crafted items that are perfect for relatively new accounts with more than 20 FS! Enjoy a relaxing sail through the North Sea as our Trust Coordinator directs you to the large, cleared area of rock tiles just west of our Capital. A 95ql rare sailboat with speed/wind rune is gently recommended. We guarantee* safe passage up to and including the merchant transaction. No protections are offered upon completion of your transaction. Physical silver only, please. *The Kingdom of Kenn-Jellon is not currently in the geopolitical position to guarantee safe travel anywhere. Interesting trades are always considered, so be sure to bring all of your high-value items that are pertinent to PVP. If you’re feeling heavy, you can just leave them in the boat! Upon completion of your transaction, you may be approached by several of our Trade Agents with a special offer for you. Do not be alarmed. Most of the time, it’s best not to resist at all. We look forward to doing business with you! FAQ: Q: Should I bring my scale, drake, rares, moonmetal items, cash, and other valuables? A: Yes Q: Are you guys chill, cool, trustworthy, or otherwise Non-Toxic? A: No Q: Is this for real? A: Yes, this offer is totally legitimate. Just let us know in local when you arrive, and me and a couple of goons will come introduce ourselves.
  2. This could be a bridge to better relations between PVP kingdoms.
  3. Well yeah i prefer blue
  4. [15:51:04] <Robus> beast [15:51:11] <Beastwolf> hi [15:51:20] <Robus> Egard picked my boat, will you go grab it and bring it back? [15:51:26] <Beastwolf> sold
  5. Ok so we've been going nonstop for over a week. I think the worlds are beginning to merge. Send help.
  6. Don't yall have pack horses in Canada?
  7. I have 2/26 can we be friends then find 23 other friends?
  8. A calm, well-argued, and thoughtful post from someone that must have somehow gotten access to Jake's forum account. No really, he's right on all points. Our boy Rock took it past 90 and still not a single shard of a worthwhile piece. Don't give up on this Devs, there's so much potential in these new skills, let's make sure to do them justice.
  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone. We really had a blast. It won't be the last one we do.
  10. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY The tournament will resume at **6pm UK/ 1PM US east** First battle: A classic matchup from the glory days of the Wild lands- ROBUS V. XALLO
  11. Last day to sign up people. The number of contestants we have will dictate 2-4 preliminary match-ups, or play-in games as we call them in the States. This guarantees the lower-skilled fighters will have a competitive first round matchup.