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  1. Ok so we've been going nonstop for over a week. I think the worlds are beginning to merge. Send help.
  2. Don't yall have pack horses in Canada?
  3. I have 2/26 can we be friends then find 23 other friends?
  4. A calm, well-argued, and thoughtful post from someone that must have somehow gotten access to Jake's forum account. No really, he's right on all points. Our boy Rock took it past 90 and still not a single shard of a worthwhile piece. Don't give up on this Devs, there's so much potential in these new skills, let's make sure to do them justice.
  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone. We really had a blast. It won't be the last one we do.
  6. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY The tournament will resume at **6pm UK/ 1PM US east** First battle: A classic matchup from the glory days of the Wild lands- ROBUS V. XALLO
  7. Last day to sign up people. The number of contestants we have will dictate 2-4 preliminary match-ups, or play-in games as we call them in the States. This guarantees the lower-skilled fighters will have a competitive first round matchup.
  8. Updated OP with Time and Date Announcement CC: @Toolhead@Bittereinder
  9. Ya sorry about that. It'll be sometime Saturday PM for UK/US. I wouldn't expect it to last more than 2 hours. That's a ton of content to fill on the UFT Today show. @Malev@Bittereinder As for the tournament style, we hear you. Like I said, we wouldn't want to waste this epic Arena, so expect more Tournaments in the future. I'd really like to see y'all sign up anyway. Both of you are very capable fighters when it really matters.
  10. We definitely considered this idea. I opted for an Elitist tournament. Thinking we can do this one next impalong, it'd be a shame to waste all these nice buildings Don't sell yourself short man. I'd love to see you sign up. You know I've always been a fan of your Wurm career.