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Found 435 results

  1. ~ NEXA Market & Sanctuary ~ We are located East of Summerholt on the highway Coastal deed reachable by water from the North and South/East Waterways Free Vendor Spaces Available!!! Stop in for your tools, armor, decorations, horses, bison, enchants and more.. Don't see it? Ask! Sermon Schedule (Subject to change) Impromtu Sermoning Now Happening! Stop on by to see us!!! You can keep busy by shopping in the market, fishing, crafting or just nibbling on our high quality meals! We have it all set up and ready for you with in sermon reach for max gains! Don't have a priest but want one? We have all available for conversions! Need Animals? Stop by the Amish Paradise Stables side of the market and load up! You can see available stock here: >>>> Amish Paradise Stables <<<< MAP
  2. Royal Oak Preaching Enterprise Introduction: Royal Oak is pleased to announce that it will host a preaching group for Fo, Mag, and Vyn priest/esses. Grinding a priest(ess)'s faith is indeed mundane and tedious. However, a preaching group can speed up that process (More info here:, and since priests/followers of different religions can now "listen" to each other, faith gain has gotten even easier. Location: Royal Oak, Independence (63x, 49y) (http://www.rosshicks.../images/map.png) I understand that this isn't favorable to many people. Time: Royal Oak Preaching Enteprise is planning on being the 24/7 sermon group for Independence. To make prayer resets possible is up to you. I will take note of people's timezones so we can "harmonize" and eventually organize a schedule and be an even more effcient preaching group. Features: -Royal Oak is offering 60+ QL golden Fo and Mag altars and an 80+ QL golden Vyn altar (credit goes to Aetherwalker). The dominant domain is Vynora. -Free and easy access to the shore for fishing for soul depth . -Free access to meditation rugs as well as a Love and Knowledge tile. (escort suggested) -Free access to a pinewood forest for your body control. (escort suggested) -Free access to animals to GROOM/TAME for your taming/animal husbandry skill and soul depth.* -Free access to mines for you Mag priests.* -You can purchase 50+ QL cotton/wemp for your body control/ropemaking skills.* -Access to 4 forges and 300 frying pans to lightly grind your HFC and soul depth (you can purchase materials from us).* -Free meals from me [unless donated (look at previous)] -If you have features you would like to suggest or have ANY questions, forum PM me. (* = requires permission) Some Absolute Rules: -DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT cut oak trees. Period. No exception. [if you want to make a carpentry item (ropetool, grooming brush, or spindle) and REQUIRE oak, I will provide you with oak]. -Do not spam the local chat. We will ultilize the irc. (our channel is #royaloak) -Do not "ninja" preach. Meaning these few things... ~Do not log in and preach. Always ask for the queue... ~Try your best not to preach and log off right away. If you preach once, it is courteous to at least stay till the next person preaches... ~Do not log off while someone is preaching. -Need to argue? Utilize PM. However, if things go out of hand (which I doubt will happen) I will intervene and calm things down. -Concerning the provided feature above... ~If you utilized the forge and pans for HFC and soul depth grinding, empty out the pans... -Listen to what Royal Oak staff says (includes but not limited to Banzai, Thunderstruck, Yourshadow, and Bobmcjeffery). -Do not be stupid. Ask us questions and we will be more than happy to assist you. -Most of all, enjoy your stay and your faith gains . Final Note: I know this is far from central Independence and I know the group will probably have some trouble in maintaing a strong, dedicated, and well-sized group. But I hope this will successful and be helpful to the priests of Independence.
  3. Hello everyone! I am starting this forum thread to see what everyone's own personal experiences and preferences are when it comes to the Gods and being a Priest. Please let's keep this thread nice and calm. No arguments! I just want to know your reasoning behind your own choice to pick a priest of your god.
  4. StrongWall Enterprises Order Status: StongWall StoneStrike Surface Mining Are you in the need of some adjustments to your mine? Did you open a mine entrance on your deed and want it to be moved? StrongWall Enterprises is now accepting orders to come collapse your mines and help with flat mine entrances without the need for concrete and shaker orbs. We are also offering Stonestrike pickaxes. Prices: StrongWall Casts: 30c per tile StoneStrike Creation QL Pickaxes: 1-89QL 2c/ql Cast 90+ Casts Starting at 3 Each Custom Casts: 90+ 5s 95+ 6s 100+ 8s StrongWall Enterprises looks forward to serving all of your mining needs! Contact: Sheriff We Will Never Charge You For Travel! Tips Appreciated!
  5. So a quick rundown, Im at 91.3 skill and i just finished a sermon at 23:20 central usa time 1/11/2021(it was the 8th sermon for the day for me if that makes a difference.). I gained a faith tick of .2498, which was weird because the sermon only had 12 people(.24) at the sermon. After that gain from sermon it was almost exactly 45 minutes until the next faith tick from prayer. i am still waiting on my 3rd tick and its over 45 mins at this point. I was spamming prayer the whole time as well.
  6. I am sure that this is not a new subject, altho I looked back through forum posts and couldnt find much of anything. I was curious if there had ever been a thought to giving priests a unique set of clothing that set them apart from others? The kingdoms in Wurm have different colors of clothing, banners, flags, wagons, etc. It wouldnt be a stretch to have the priests of Wurm wearing attire that set them apart. Each god having a specific look (color scheme) to their priests. Just a couple of examples. These could have the hoods added for head and face protection. Looking at the gods, we see that Vynora is in light blues, seafoam greens, and golds. Magranon is browns, reddish browns and silvers. Fo is, well Fo. But I imagine greens, browns, and golden colors. Libila in darker blues, mauves, and golds. I think the biggest thing is that these are more cloth like and that with that comes qualities and enchantments that will protect a priest while out in the lands of Wurm. This would also give tailoring a boost. I understand that priests make up a small amount of the Wurm universe, but many I have spoken to about this feel that it would be a very cool idea! Thanks for reading!
  7. I would like to suggest adding small notches to the favor bar to make it easier to see how much you have at a glance. Each notch shows 20 favor and would scale with faith - at max faith you would have a notch at 20, 40, 60 and 80. At 50 faith you would have a notch at 20 and 40, etc. Like this:
  8. "Leatherworks Leatherworking & Dark Sorcery" Toolbelts: 30ql - 50c 40ql - 70c Normal Leather Sets: 30ql - 1s 40ql - 1.5s Studded Armour Sets: 30ql - 1s 40ql - 1.5s Leather Adventure Hat 30ql - 75c 40ql 1s Brown Bear Helmet 30ql - 1s 40ql - 1.5s Saddles: 30ql - 50c 40ql - 1s Leather Barding 30ql - 1s 40ql - 1.5s --- Bridles: 10ql - 10c Saddle Bags: 10ql - 20c *Can do higher if requested* --- Almanac and Archaeology Journals: 30ql - 50c 40ql - 75c Animal Rugs 30ql - 1s 40ql 1.5s --- Misc Leatherworking Quivers 10ql - 10c Backpack 10ql - 10c Waterskin 10ql - 10c *Can do higher if requested* --- Libila Enchants & Mail Misc Dark Messenger - 1s for cast (Coastal only Harmony & Melody - No inland travel) Reserve your spot, this takes time and slow as I only have a row boat, please PM for more details. Paying more will ensure your timely cast. Please message me on the forums for details. We are currently not improving enchants. Unfinished Spirit House “wood” - 1s I can build stone mailboxes also but please have very high QL materials and ask me about price using forum PM. Blanket cast of BT - 1s !Warning! High risk of shatter! If possible make sure weapon QL is high 60-70's. I can’t offer any replacement! I probably won't enchant your rares just to be safe !Warning! We do other Libila Enchants as well send a forum PM for requests! General Misc: Iron lump 60QL: *Message me for more info* Lead lump 40QL: *Useful for larders* 5c each Gold statuettes for priest: 1s each. Can also do Fine carpentry stuff just ask! Thanks for checking us out!
  9. Prosperity Marketplace! Capitalism, Ho! Welcome to the Prosperity Marketplace! We aim to be a one-stop shop for a large range of items all at reasonable prices. Feel free to take a look at our below 'stalls'! You can place any order or any questions through Dhilzax or Eyrik and we'd always be happy to assist. Our deed is located at the bottom left corner of L-15 - head for the mountain, and you will find us! Please note that this page will be updated frequently, check in often to find good deals on anything you may need! All tool purchases come with 1 free repair imp, if requested. Blacksmith All blacksmithing based tools currently made to order! (Note: Large Anvils cost double) 30QL Tools and Blacksmith Items for 15c 40QL Tools and Blacksmith Items for 35c 50QL Tools and Blacksmith items for 50c Silver Statuettes for 60c Carpenter 40QL Carpentry tools for 30c 30QL Fine Carpentry for 25c 40QL Fine Carpentry tools for 45c House Planning - 51 Carpentry - 1 - 2s based on accessibility from our deed at L-15. Clothier Any QL Meditation Rug - 30c 25 QL Meditation Rug - 50c Leatherworker Toolbelts 30QL Toolbelts for 20c 40QL Toolbelts for 50c Armor Sets 40QL Studded Leather set for 3s 50c 40QL Leather set for 3s Ropemaking Thick Rope 1s ea Cordage Rope 20c ea Shipyard Made to order, I'll need a little time to get these ready. Estimate of 1-2 days for smaller ships. Rowboat - Pickup - 2s Rowboat - Delivery - 3s Small Sailing Boat - Pickup - 5s Small Sailing Boat - Delivery - 6s Corbita! - Waiting List Only - 25s Priest Services Successful Courier cast - 1s - 2.5s, based on accessibility our deed at L-15. Available now! Bulk and Labor Services 40QL Iron - 1s / 100KG 40QL Silver - 1s / 5KG 50QL Clay - 25c / 100KG 40QL Logs - 5c / log
  10. Feel free to message me in game @bdckoolaid or respond to this thread with a PC or offer to buy.
  11. Looking to buy one or two cheap priests. Doesnt need anything spectacular 30ish channeling would be good. Prefer fo or mag but any with a transfer is fine. Dont care about other skills. 50ish faith plus is also preferable. Can send me a message here or in game. In game name is Jaded. Can pay via paypal.
  12. I am looking for priests of Fo, Mag and Vyn to priest up my alts. If anyone can assist me with this please respond or PM please. I live on Deliverance near Greendog and am willing to pay 1s per conversion if you come to me. Thanks!
  13. Looking to buy a decent priest account nothing too crazy though. Preferably vynora, send me skill dumps and offers thanks
  14. Hello everybody! Haven't been around for quite sometime after I sold Jotz/Timeli, and im back. Budget: 600 euros / 700 USD (Possibly a bit higher, but aiming for around this price point.) Seeking a priest that has 80+ Channeling and a battery. Vynora preference, though open to any of the others, aside from Fo/Mag. Hopefully on Freedom too. Posting this now but I'll be looking to buy around June, just want to get this up now if anyone has been thinking about it. Discord: Yela#0001 Feel free to add me on Discord to discuss or simply leave a message or send a PM! Much appreciated and hope everyone has been good, wish to see some old faces around as I have missed this community!
  15. Add journal what is dedicated for priest players.
  16. WTB an old priest account that I made about a year ago. Has a great deal of sentimental value to me and am willing to pay a price reflective of that sentimental value. I know who has the account currently and they are unwilling to sell, but in the event that A. they see this post and have a change of heart or B. They decide to sell it and don’t bother selling it to me, I’ll bump this thread occasionally as a standing offer for the account at any time from any owner. Thank you all
  17. it will be nice, if all demigod priests will use statueetes of their template gods, instead of magranon stattuette for everyone. most nice will be new modles for statuettes for demigods, but it is not necessary another thing is: demigod followers can build only standard colossus, and can't build special colossus of any god, why they can't build thier templates ?
  18. Howdy! I'm selling a starter vynora priest account. It is a female character named Jaggies. Currently "Goodhearted" on the Path of Love. No premium time at the moment. Currently located on Xanadu at Southport, south of Lormere. Sold!
  19. tl;dr pls I remember first venturing out and becoming a follower and priest my first time. It was a special journey. A milestone. I met people along the way and was warned of the possibilities that I'd be sought after by those who'd wish me harm. There aren't many other games, if any, that I can relate this experience to. That being said, you could make that first journey as a new player, so long as you still had to visit the (un)holiest of (un)holies on Elevation to become a priest. I sure would love to be able to become a follower of a god, just by using a player-made altar on a home server.
  20. He goes by Bjergsen and was made to convert his new owner to a believer in the power of Paaw priests. Comes naked or with his 80ql dyed priest clothes, knife for chopping, electrum statuette of Magranon, and a rowboat. Hoping to get about 25s for him, and will happily deliver him anywhere on Xanadu. If on a server other than Xanadu, will need to do some negotiating, as I'm not sure a rowboat will cross servers. PM me here or in game. In game will be your surest bet. PM's here will be seen but perhaps not immediately. Thank you!
  21. Looking to buy a Vynora Priest. Preferably high end. 100 faith would be nice. High channeling is also desired. Would also like to see high farming and HFC skills aswell. Will be open to any and all offers, however, so if you or anyone you know has a vynora priest they'd like to get a good price for, please have them PM me in game or on forums. Both @BDCKoolaid Thank you
  22. what do you think about different statuettes for demigods priests for black and white light? currently all using Magranons statuette... why blacklighters not use Libilas statueete?
  23. 175 silver Respectful of the path of love Premium time until sept 4 2018
  24. We have all been there - stuck at sea while sailing on account of the winds being against our favour. I propose a new spell for priests that allows them to produce bottled wind. The higher the cast, the stronger the wind (1 = mouse fart, 9999 = batten-down-the hatches mast-bending gale-force wind). Planning a sea voyage? Commission your priest of choice to pray up some bottled winds. During the voyage, should the wind stop blowing, pop a bottle and let it rip.