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  1. This all sounds like a reasonable suggestion. I'm not sure about the price of 5 speed horses (thanks alliance buddies!), but I assume that the price of ungelded 5 speeds ain' going to budge. This just opens up opportunities for cheap people who aren't interested in AH (like me!) to buy gelded horses for cheaper. It's a win/win.
  2. Great. Wonderful. Common ground. So what do you suggest we to do change it without losing the benefits of the fatigue system? That's ultimately what this all boils down to.
  3. You are telling me you've never heard of any games that restrict you to a certain number of actions a day? I'll toss one out and say farmville. Merchants, settlement form, magical chests, shaker orbs, sleep powders... This game is riddled with microtransactions. These hostile responses (on top of being unable to see any validity in the fatigue system, despite mentioning it yourselves) is probably one of the top reasons why fatigue won't be removed. There's no sane way to have a reasonable conversation.
  4. What year is this? 2007? Have you not heard of microtransactions? Energy, stamina, coins, maybe fatigue? Other games have different mechanics to slow down progression (daily quest limits, weekly dungeons, etc.) It's a way for developers to keep players interested long enough to roll out new content for them to devour. We've been paying for 8 hours worth of actions every day. That's the reality of our premium. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saying why you want fatigue removed is fine and all. It's not going to do anything because fatigue exists for a purpose (flawed that it may be). Toss up a solution that's workable and still addresses the issue. We need a better way to detect macroers and bots. Until then, we just have the sledge hammer of fatigue in our toolbox.
  5. It's effectively the same. It's just the difference of perception (at least for skilling purposes).
  6. So you want to remove sleep powders, too? It's pay to progress faster. If you don't want to progress faster then don't pay extra. If you do, then pony up.
  7. If the macro detecting system is lousy (not sure how often or well the GMs comb "suspicious" activity) then a hard cap like this is the best we have. I'm all for fatigue powders. 3 hours of fatigue for 1s. Plenty of wiggle room for people to play, but economically unviable for botters or macroers.
  8. Just pondering on which rune I ought to put on my boat (a knarr) to get the most speed out of it.
  9. Bump.
  10. Until someone provides a way for the Wurm team to implement a much better macro detector, I don't think see a way for fatigue to be removed. The most would be increasing the fatigue cap (but not the regen rate). So people who have odd work schedule or students on break will have a longer store to burn through before they run out of fatigue after bouts of inactivity or less intense playtime before hand.
  11. What? You literally listed the reason why it exists a few sentences earlier in your post. That is the benefit.
  12. This would largely defeat the purpose of fatigue--to prevent botters from macroing. Some people do get burned by fatigue while playing legitimately. Any fatigue removal (or reduction) would have to take macorers into acount. So as of now, I'll have to do a -1 for this suggestion as it stands.
  13. Looking to buy 20-50 pieces of 90+ QL leather. I live on Pristine at K21 for the ingame map. I can hop down to the coast if that's needed. Post offers including any mailing or delivery fees.
  14. I was going along with the suggestion until you said... If the limited capacity could be circumvented by building more of them... Unless it had a massive radius. Like no other sawmills in a 50 tile radius. That should keep them down to one or two saw mills for most single person deeds.
  15. All the more reason. Our Wurm characters' eating habits are out of control! We need to cut down on the Wurm obesity epidemic asap!