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  1. As someone with 70 butchering, a high QL rare knife, and the 10% rare QL rune... It's pretty easy to get 90+ QL hide.
  2. I'll take the rare saddle for 7s. CoD to Hailene, please.
  3. Just gotta wait another 10 years! Woohoo.
  4. When's the next god with circle of cunning, blessings of the dark/woa, and life transfer? If a God with those three spells popped up I'd drop Nahjo like a hot potato.
  5. No one saying this is a silver bullet. It's just a nice little token of appreciation. It gives a bit more flexibility for the schedule of long term players for their grinding sessions. And I think it's one fewer thing to worry (as much) about. It can ease the urgency of playing for busy long-term players a bit.
  6. This isn't a conversation worth having. If you think increasing the sleep bonus cap is somehow game breaking for casual grinding, loyal players then that's your opinion and that's all about I can say about it.
  7. I'm not quite sure how this has any relevance to the topic? Your friend has one high skill If he or she is relying on regularly generated sleep bonus (supplemented with some mission sleep bonus) then they should expect to hit 100 in a few years. If not later. How is this such a horrible thing? Took my quote out of context. But yes it can help player retention. Also might get people to premium up again if they're nearing another 6 month benchmark. It might be because you're too young to really participate in reward programs (or simply choose to eschew them), but they're a time-tested method to have customers come back. Quite frankly this conversation can't continue forward. In your head an extra 30 minutes or hour of maximum sleep bonus is some enormous advantage. But you're failing to acknowledge that someone that lets their sleep bonus his the cap is already behind the curve. No serious grinder (barring rare and/or serious situations) is ever going to hit sleep cap more than once or twice a year. Exceptions occur (people working 2 weeks on 1 week off on oil rigs, for example) but they are the exception and not the rule. Extending the sleep bonus cap for long-time premium players is a tiny bonus for grinders and just a nice token of appreciation for long-term casual players. It doesn't increase the rate of sleep bonus gained. Someoe that isn't grinding for a week is probably someone not worth worrying about skill-wise.
  8. If you could make concrete by mixing water and rockshards how often would you make concrete with lye and mortar? Effectively never. That's a "complete replacement". If you had a choice of spending 100+ hours to grind up coalmaking (woodcutting and digging, too, probably) to make ash...or just chuck a high QL log into a smelter, which one would you do? That's effectively a "complete replacement". You just described how just about everything in Wurm works. If you want something to be easy, grind up the skill. You can't complain that making a caravel is too hard when you have 15 shipbuilding. Of course I strongly protest it. It doesn't match the rest of how we obtain resources in Wurm (grind the appropriate skill). If someone tried to tax left handed people for being left-handed I would still protest against this as a right handed person. It isn't right. In society we have a way to get around having something we want but don't want to do. We pay someone to do it for us. It's how the economy works. I agree with you. Honestly if people want more ash but none of the other charcoal pile products than an ashpile of sorts would be fine. Just make it similar to charcoal piles where it's connected to a skill. Either firemaking or charcoalmaking and have the pile's QL linked to the skill and mats.
  9. There are hotel loyalty programs that do exactly that. Every time you rent a room you earn "points" and when you reach certain plateaus (say stay there 10 nights) you'll move up to "silver" membership. Silver members get a free breakfast every time they stay. Stay 25 nights and you're in "gold" and you receive a complimentary free room upgrade when available. It's one way people get people to come back to them. It really isn't. Not when one skill takes probably 50 hours (much more if you don't have access to CoC items, know how skillling works...etc.) And weighed against the fact I didn't grind for 8 days, 3 hours of SB is basically a booby-prize. And honestly someone who doesn't skill for 8 days either has a crazy schedule (which means he or she isn't grinding much, anyway) or whose play style is grind-avoiding that a few extra hours of SB every once in a great while isn't going to make a huge difference anyway. It's just a nice nod to reward long-time players for their dedication.
  10. It's not for playing the game a certain amount of time. It's about giving Codeclub money for a certain amount of time. Think of it as one of the perks of a loyalty program. You know like when you book 10 nights at a hotel and they give you a free night if you're a member? "Gone for a month" and all they get is an extra hour of sleep bonus? That's basically nothing compared to how much time they "lost". The people benefiting from the extra SB aren't front runners, anyway. If anything, this would narrow the gap between the "true" veterans (the ones with the crazy high skills) and the weekend warriors. This reduces skill inequality not widens it.
  11. People are making the mistake that long-time players are a homogeneous group. They aren't. You can see people who have played for many years barely have a crafting skill in the 90s. This could be because they play infrequently, hate grinding, or both. Their skills are, overall, pretty mediocre. This is the group (and other infrequent grinders) that would primarily benefit from the extra sleep bonus. Then there's the hardcore veteran players. They have over a dozen 90+ crafting/resource gathering skills, probably several in the upper 90s. They're draining their SB as fast as it comes in. This group would barely benefit from an increased cap. I would know, since I'm one of them. Extending the sleep bonus bar won't increase SB gain. The gap between hardcore veterans and more casual veterans or newer players isn't going to expand faster than it already is.
  12. This would be nice. A good pat on the back. +1 from me.
  13. Where are you guys getting these PCs? The first account has...nothing, really. Just some digging which is as easy as dirt (ha!) to get. And I guess the body stats...but that's just a matter of digging. Meditation is so-so. Not enough for rank 11. 20-30s is probably about right.
  14. I fixed it. No worries!
  15. I got the new Wurm splash screen. But the download bar is stuck at 0%. It ain't budgin'. I uninstalled the game and downloaded a new client...no dice.