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  1. CoD an 88 shovel to Hailene.
  2. Same thing I do for every other grind. Read books (on my computer), watch anime, read manga, watch youtube. It's why I got a second monitor!
  3. I'm not selling anything to anyone. I have enough money already and I have just about all the crafting skills 90+ (working on getting them to 95 just because), anyway, so I'm self-sufficient. I rather just spend the time skilling and helping my alliancemates with stuff. I actually care about the game balance and not just my own personal stake in the game. I think about the game overall. And newbies will be skilling up PAS on their own and making their own sets. Just another skill that will leave the market.
  4. Man, I wish you guys got your act together. People say iron plate is great because it's easy for people to skill up on. Now you're saying that iron plate is useless because people skilled on scale anyway. Then you guys say iron plate sucks. Fine. Great. Then it's useless for skilling. It's useless for using. Let's get rid of it and add something useful. "Oh no. You're being all sour about iron plate existing!" What a bunch of circular nonsense.
  5. What mobs slash? Shields are the absolute worst in pve. Shields take forever to level and one handers do less DPS than a two hander. When most mobs are reasonably easy to kill (with a decent weapon, maybe some LT and a 70+ QL armor), the most important thing is killing speed. People using shields on freedom are either doing it to level skills for Chaos, for the looks, don't realize how massively time inefficient leveling shields are for pve, or hunting for titles. It means what's the best they can afford. Everyone can't slap down 300s for a set of armor. If you're grinding 3 skills to 90 you don't get 70QL stuff. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All right. I'm done with this thread. It seems like the general consensus is, "Wow, plate smithing is really hard. I like it when things get easy. As long as things are easier for me then the rest of the game balance can go to hell." This is just one more step to ruining the niche that Wurm fills. And additionally iron plate is such garbage that the devs might as well remove it. It's basically just a way to skill plate armor smithing. Though why would anyone would want to skill plate armor smithing since apparently plate is absolute garbage, too.
  6. That's why we see hunters running around in leather and cloth, right? Or are those sets just so ugly that people don't go for scale (for being universally effective), drake (tough and light), studded (for crush) or plate (for something cheap and good against everything but crush?) Or do people gear up for what's mostly what's effective for them within their means? I assume you're talking about drake and scale. Assuming you don't buy it, it takes months if not years to put a set together. It's not like we're all vets. It pissed on plate smiths, it pissed on metallurgists, and it also pissed on coalmakers. I'm all three. Of course this frustrates me. It'd be like if you built a wonderful castle and furnished it but then the devs turned around a let stone walls be built with 1 brick and mortar instead. If they suddenly made weaponsmithing a lot easier I'd know that this game is going down a direction I don't want to see.
  7. +1
  8. Yeah? Who ever made that argument? Is it the guy who literally made a thread in the suggestions forum to create something new? I would hope not. Then you clearly missed my OP. Reduced importance of chain armor on PvE, reduced the importance of metallurgy (largely killing it), reducing the importance of the plate armor smiths market (which further reduces community interaction as yet more people can just make stuff in house), and leaves high level plate smiths bitter. My suggestion removes all these issues AND creates a higher demand for chain smiths--a group of crafters who have been left in the dust. Plate smiths and leatherworking armor is heads and shoulders above it.
  9. What are you talking about? The thickness of the individual rings can and do vary. If you want we could change the adjective to denote the density of the weave. "Dense chainmail". If that's not to your taste, then you can change regular chain to "butted chainmail" and the new one to "riveted chainmail". I figured "thick" would be more intuitive. Just because something is new doesn't make it inherently good. We need to make sure that any new changes functions well in the ecosystem of mechanics a game has already created. And my suggestion is literally a new feature.
  10. Well, they already buffed regular chain armor to how high (62.5%) my theoretical thick chain would be. So currently regular chain is literally my thick chain...but better, on Epic. It's sorta already in the game. We could just not add thick chain to Epic because it'd be redundant. Or we could add the model and it'd just be a literal downgrade from regular chain, but it could be flavor for people who want to look a bit different.
  11. I am completely ignorant of pvp balance. How would it break the game?
  12. If that's your opinion, then let's throw out iron plate (it's a win/win then) and add in the thick chain.
  13. Some do. And they at least buy 70-80QL stuff. Which is something. And that's just more argument to make a higher QL chain armor. If chain armor is so useless.
  14. The world is more than just trolls. It's like people forgot that newbies exist.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in PvE chain armor is generally the armor of choice for newbies. It's cheap, easy to get (no need to get hides, lye, or steel), and does a reasonable job of keep you not-dead. Iron plate seems to be chain armor...but better. It's also basically as easy to create (just requires iron of sufficient quality). I can't foresee this going well for chain smiths on pve servers. Can you spin it to me how chain will stay relevant?