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  1. Prices are going to follow supply and demand. Supply is provided by the number of people that can do it and demand by how necessary it is. Supply for "regular" mobs is going to be tough. Everyone can do it and a lot of people do it regularly for skill, animal parts, meat, etc.So one way is to dramatically cut down on the number of mobs on the server to artificially decrease supply, make mobs much harder (thus making it much harder for most people to hunt, again reducing supply), or dramatically reduce mats you get from slaughtered animals. Other hand is to touch the demand side. Make the mobs drop something valuable. You'll still have to touch the supply side since mobs are so common and easy to do. Or you could hunt for uniques. A single dragon would net a few hundred silver. Even split 10 ways, that's enough to pay for several months of premium.
  2. Right now there's a huge imbalance of risk to reward. If you prem up a relatively new character and have them join a kingdom you risk almost nothing but the premium you put into the character. This is weighed against the valuables a potential infiltrator can gain. This imbalanced has to addressed somehow. Rewards should be balanced by risk. How could we rebalance risk and reward? One solution would be to eliminate alts on pvp servers. You infiltrate with your main or you don't infiltrate at all. Another would be to release very specific player information. This would have to be pretty specific (like down to at least their street block). This suggestion is a bit meh since it would force pvpers to accept a loss of privacy and (at least the street block option) would be easily faked if the person decided to drive an hour or two away. Other things like IP addresses can be faked by VPNs, though. Can you guys think of anything else?
  3. Where is the part where people don't want to pvp when they can't even trust their own kingdom to not rob them blind while they're logged out? And how it adds a huge hurdle for new players to join the pvp scene since they lack any sort of "credit history"? Better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Any other opinions on this? I hope in general this is something the staff is already working on in the long-run, at least? It'd greatly increase the appeal of the game without changing the soul (IE mechanics) of the game.
  5. I agree that intra-kingdom problems should not happen. For two main reasons: 1. It's just a ###### move. You're supposed to be part of the team. If you can't trust your teammates then who can you trust? 2. The second point follows the first. If you can't really build a cohesive kingdom then this creates artificial barriers to the pvp scene. New players can't join the scene because everyone is too afraid of them joining. Kingdoms can't really grow because vetting people is just an impossible task. Honestly, even this intra-alliance stuff on PvE servers should be disallowed, too. For clear thefts (as decided by a GM or even multiple GMs), the goods should be returned and the thieves punished accordingly. This "it's a sandbox" thing isn't an excuse to let these toxic people get away their crimes.
  6. Sweet. So we'll see it sometime around 2045. Earlier than I anticipated.
  7. I thought there was a Great Purge called Wurmageddon that wiped out all the character data from like...pre 2006?
  8. The art team can do it one piece at a time if necessary. It's incremental, so even if we have to wait 5 years for it to be "fully" implemented, we can still enjoy the first change within weeks while the rest is implemented. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This suggestion was proposed to me by one of my friends that quit after a couple of weeks of playing. He was frustrated with the game which he said was "basically just watching bars fill up". And to a new player that's what it mostly is.
  9. So currently in Wurm we generally have only two states for things: finished or unfinished. The vein with 10,000 ore or the same tile mined down to 1 ore looks exactly the same. A full health tree vs one with 99 damage? Still standing tall. A boat with just a few connected keels or one with just a single peg missing? Exact same incomplete boat. There's a real lack of visual progression in our work. It's either there or not. And for some longer term tasks (particularly for newbies when a single rock tile can take 20 minutes!) it's a bit unsatisfying. For us veterans, we sort of know how long things take so it doesn't bother us, but for new players (both new to the game and players more accustomed to more modern games) the lack of physical feedback is quite off-putting. So I'd suggest adding more visual progression on most things, but starting off I think adding 3-4 more states to common things that newbies do (like mining, cutting trees, building walls) would make the visual feedback of their work more obvious. It would spur them on to continue doing what they do. This could just be something like having cracks appear in veins or rock tiles as we mine, a cut in trees as we hack them down, or a few more stages to partially completed items like forges, wagons, ships, and walls as players get closer to finishing it. The nice thing about this is that it doesn't have to be done all at once. If the person in charge of art assets can only do a 4 stages of a wagon today and not touch stone wall progression in 5 months then there shouldn't be a problem. It can be done as quickly or slowly as is feasible. Or even if they add just one more stages to wagon (with 2 or 3 more anticipated later), then just adding the one extra stage would still be nice.
  10. I'm not sure who you're talking to or what you're addressing.
  11. The choice between giving money for plopping down a trader and managing its ratio every month or giving money for people who actually go about the game world and interacting with it? My choice hasn't changed this entire thread.
  12. The issue is that giving more money to traders would reduce the pot for everything else. So the newbies foraging and hunting for a few coins would get less. Every silver given to a trader is one silver less for newbies to find.
  13. Found a fruit press. Thanks, guys! Please close the thread.
  14. If you still have the fruit press, CoD to Hailene for 2.5s please.
  15. CoD a rare fruit press to Hailene. 2.5s. CoC is preferable but not necessary.