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  1. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    Yeah, but the actual skill until you prem up is still capped at 20. Do you expect someone to "cheat" the system and spend literally 10 or 20 times the amount of time to get to a useful skill of, say, 90--which would probably take at least 6 months at an optimistic rate-- instead of paying 10 bucks a month to literally get 10 times the skilling done? For a "no lifer" you're getting 100s of times your bang for the buck than a sleep powder. And as someone who has ground to 99 WS, if the game was 1/20th or 1/10th the speed it is now, there's no way I'd be willing to play. The only thing you'd have to be afraid of is free bots grinding skills, but even if a bot ground to the limits of fatigue, you wouldn't have a useful account for years.
  2. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    I think an incredibly slow gain has benefits. People won't feel like they're getting cheated for playing--it's one of the great things about Wurm. No matter what you do, building crates, cutting bricks, whatever, you're getting some stats and skills. Going at 1/20th the rate isn't really exploitable but will keep people playing even if they're a bit hesitant about throwing down the cash for prem. I think there's a purpose. We humans are wired to get enjoyment from "accomplishing" things. If you're digging and getting .000008 skill from an action that's something. That little green flash on your bar will keep you going. It's a big reason why slotmachines quite often give out piddly prizes for most spins. It feeds us that little happiness juice to get us to pull one more time. I'm all for a change that basically changes almost nothing but makes them want to keep playing. Everyone wins. Status quo is basically unchanged and maybe more people prem up.
  3. Coal Pile QL Boost

    At 90 skill using good mats and walnut I think things end up around 80ish QL piles. That's pretty reasonable for my needs. I only have like 63 metallurgy, but that's enough to crank out all the high quality steel I need.
  4. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    Maybe if it's like 1/10th or 1/20th the rate. Anything faster would get a no from me.
  5. Documentation for new update?

    I thought Tos lost LT in the last round of the test server. Did they give it back to him? Though I am in a country that blocks Google at the moment, so I might just be seeing the previous version of the spread sheet my phone has cached.
  6. Ban character selling/sharing

    Something needs to be done about the top-heaviness of the Wurm population. Having the same few accounts turned over like the town bicycle isn't helping.
  7. *Enchanted Crops*

    Just make sure animals cant graze on it. It just for decorative purposes.
  8. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Honestly I think it'd be better if uniques weren't announced, were much more frequent, couldn't be penned, required fewer people (like 5-7 good players), and gave much lower rewards for each one. It'd be a pleasant surprise for someone to stumble on one and gather a few friends to kill it. Then again we'd lose out gathering the whole server for the kill. Hrm...maybe not? Sure. If you want to be needlessly pedantic. The community of the group (which are supposed to P/R members) benefits. That was the point. I don't think he did. I believe he followed the group's rules (in this, at least) and didn't announce it to outsiders. He usually announces his public slayings on the server's forum, but he didn't. I said some members left. I never said a few people on top decided it. Some left in protest, but the majority of the remaining people that voiced an opinion okay-ed him joining. Why do you keep making up stuff? Uh. Sure. I posted them up above. Yeah. The P/R community. I mean, that's why it's the P/R unique hunting group. Really grasping at straws here, guys. Where does this come from? It's not like we go around and poach other servers' uniques. Nor do we try to dictate the loot rules of others. No one has complained on the public forum about OR penning uniques on P/R before and doing whatever he wanted with the loot. This instance is different because he went out of the way to ask to join the group and then betray us. This is quite funny. Someone joins a group and betrays the group's trust, and somehow I'm the bad guy. Oh, man, what sort of twisted world do you guys live in where this is acceptable behavior? He requested to join the group on his own. And then took advantage of the group and ran off with the loot.
  9. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Weird. Your server tag says you're on Indie. Confusing. Yeah. He changes his profile to mock people. Woohoo. That's just how he is. Edit: Stepping out for a bit.
  10. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    I hope there would have been a thread. Yeah our mistake of not having the rules 100% clear. We've actually rectified this by making rules extremely clear. The whole document is like 3-4 times as long as the previous one. This is the sort of stuff that caused us to put warnings on the side of peanut bags that say "contains nuts". It's the community of P/R. I don't know, we might feel a little bit closer than most other groups since we were alone for a year and half. Sure, new people come, but that's just part of playing the game. Lots of these people I've been playing with since I started. Incorrect. They're allowed to join public slayings freely regardless of the group hosting it. They're not allowed to attend private slayings held by rival groups. I don't know what everyone else knew, but I didn't know where he was from. He doesn't have his server attached to his forum profile. I just assumed he was somewhere on P/R since he was prowling for the P/R uniques so often. Does that mean he spends so much time going across all the servers so diligently? Wait, where does he live? Angelklaine just said he lived on Cele? No. That's how it's always been done. Nothing was said about the bone explicitly in the rules, true, but the bone should always be rolled. The penners weren't the ones that got to keep it.
  11. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    I must not have been clear in my OP. The issue isn't the loot. Not directly. The problem is that someone joined a group and then took advantage of that group to their own benefit. If he didn't want to be part of the group and follow the group's rules then that would be fine. I'm not trying to dictate how all uniques are done. But I figure if you ask to join a group you should be expected to follow the rules of the group. Is that too much to ask for now? Is that some hay in your shirt? Because it looks like you're building a strawman over there. No, It's not a rule that was just made up. It's been something that has been done for literally years. Take your strawmen elsewhere. Then it was a mistake to let him in, you're right. But two wrongs don't make a right. Sort of hard to call it a scheme when it is quite clear on what the rules are. If he had disagreed with the rules from the get-go, he should have left the group as soon as he realized he didn't want to follow the rules. Not cruise along with the group until he could run away with the greatest advantage.
  12. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Sure. It's a bit spammy but if that's how you like it. No. They offer their time and money because they care about the community. The "reward" for their work is the satisfaction of finding and trapping the unique and hosting it for the community. Sort of like why people bother to host Impalongs--where's the material gain in that? I mean, is everyone so driven by personal gain that they don't things to help the community? Have I been living in some strange bizzaro patch of Wurm where people go out of their way to help people and help the community? Your idea of "benefit" is completely focused on monetary gain. If that's the case, why the P/R hunters worked in the group will never make sense to you. I understand why you would be confused. Not sure if you know what a pyramid scheme looks like. It would be a few at the top benefiting from the work of the many underneath. If you want to look at it purely from a monetary gain--which would be foolish since it isn't based on monetary gain, but let's humor you--it would be a reverse pyramid scheme since the many benefit gain more benefits from the searchers. In a purely monetary sense. But let's not forget the other benefits.
  13. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Yes. That's what they do. I mean, is everyone so driven by personal gain that they don't things to help the community? Have I been living in some strange bizzaro patch of Wurm where people go out of their way to help people and help the community? You are mistaken at least as far as how our P/R group worked. It's okay, we all make mistakes.
  14. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    It was done by me when it was brought to my attention. As I wasn't there at the time (I had an appointment elsewhere and couldn't attend the fight), it was after he had run off with the bone. So are you're saying we broke the rules for letting a non-P/R person in the group and intimate that he isn't from P/R...but then don't actually know where he's from? Really? Or are you being a bit coy about his actual "main" server? I'm not sure where he's mostly based at. If he is, then it was a mistake letting him in. Honestly, I think mostly people just wanted to reduce the drama of the unique hunts and try to get everyone cooperating. At least that was my thoughts on the matter. That's a mighty big and, at least in my case, mighty wrong assumption.
  15. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Pretty much. I don't expect anything to happen, but just sharing his "good" name to the rest of the community is about the best I can do. Maybe it'll lead to some sort of hardcoded unique mechanics change? Who knows. You're free to start up a new thread if you'd like When the rules were clarified to them he basically just told us he was going to keep the bone regardless. What server does he normally live on?