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  1. Future of Wurm

    It takes months (~6 of hard grind, years for more casual grind) to get to 100 skill for normal skills (blacksmithing, for example). Going similarly hard, I could go 1-90 in 10 days or less to give you an idea of what hard grinding would be. I could raise 20 skills to 90 instead of 1 to 100. You're asking to take that away?
  2. WTS / PC rare tools and stuff [SOLD]

    I'll take the rare spindle for 1.5s. CoD Hailene.
  3. Mad Suggestions

    Because Wurm is a community game and ######s going around casting very nice spells because they could... Yeah. I don't see why people would get angry about that. At worst, even if a global cast was scheduled for 3am my time, I could at least let my toons afk on the server overnight.
  4. Mad Suggestions

    What were the changes done to global casts?
  5. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Look forward to it! Sign me up for everything by cloth tailoring and toymaking.
  6. The Wurm Economy Problem

    I'm happy to grind up random skills. I like the feeling. Then again I like doing a lot of things I wouldn't want to impose on others. Just because something works for me, doesn't mean it's good for the majority.
  7. The Wurm Economy Problem

    The reward for grinding is absolutely terrible. You want to grind weaponsmithing? To get anything useful, be prepared to grind 300-500 hours. Or you can just pay someone every couple weeks or month (depending on how much you fight) to top off your weapon for 50-60c. It's awful and really looking at it from an objective view, it sucks to do any imping or crafting on your own. It's just so, so much cheaper to buy it. That ruins a huge chunk of "content" (grinding) and most of the satisfaction of getting the skill (actually feeling needed).
  8. The Wurm Economy Problem

    People are looking top to bottom to make the economy work. I don't think that's the primary problem. Biggest problem is that mid-tier guys (the level 70, 80, and even to some degree, 90 skilled) guys can't really do jack. Or what they do is definitely not worth their time. A 70 skilled crafter can make a 70QL item, in say, an hour. But that item would sell for 5c...if he could find a buyer. He's better off grinding masonry to 30 and making bricks. The bricks even make more money/action and more money/hour. It's a total disgrace. Murdering of local markets with essentially free mailing was a huge mistake. Why get your tools imped by your neighbor when someone on another server (like me!) with super high skills can do it cheaper and faster? The constant recycling of high skilled accounts (and account sharing) just makes this problem worse. Limited skill counts and specialties could also have prevented the top-heavy skill population, but that ship sailed long, long ago. In short, we need to give mid-tier crafters something valuable to add and cut the bloat out at the top of the population.
  9. Three years in the making....

    Gratz on getting 100 farming. It's a real pain in the butt to resow and harvest those tiles!
  10. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    Is the game expensive as a hobby? No. At least in any developed country and most developing countries. Is it expensive relative to other games...the answer is, it can be. But I'm not buying the whole "you need multiple characters like several priests to enjoy the game". What are alliances for? Or even deeds as you can join someone else's deed. Do you not get to experience what it is to have your own deed? Sure. But if you have your own deed and you live alone, you're also missing out on part of the experience, too. 8-10 bucks a month is a bit hefty for a game nowadays. Not with as many options as there are. I'm not quite sure what to do. Make the game free but increase deed costs? Just have current deeds grandfathered in at their current cost, but any new tiles or deeds will be levied at the new price? It could actually get more than one player on a deed on Freedom.
  11. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    That's how this works. That's not how any of this works. First, more and more skilled accounts pop up as people skill. Next the really high skilled accounts stay forever. No one is going to let 500-1500 dollar accounts sit idle when they can sell it and go on vacation or buy a new computer. They're kept in the system. In the end, more and more high skilled accounts are created. The accounts being lost (the 20-90 skilled accounts) are the traditional buyers! In the end, the buyer pool shrinks and the selling pool keeps creeping (relatively) upward. It's a mess.
  12. The letter K

    I have accidentally sent way too many people to the wrong location when the map fiirst came out Big +1 from me!
  13. Favor regen while sleeping or offline

    Sounds reasonable to me. Maybe just disable it on pvp servers.
  14. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    The drop in prices is a symptom of the actual issue. Excess supply compared to demand. Most alliances and group of friends have their own leatherworker, carpenter, and smith. Prices have dropped because most people aren't shopping on the market anymore. Demand on the open market has shrived up and supply just continues to expand. It's great for the individual but it's a nightmare for everyone that plays as a crafter. And not the mega 99+ skilled crafters, but the little 70 blacksmith that wants to sell some hammers, too. We have to revitalize demand for crafters of all different skill levels somehow.
  15. Plans ?

    Figured 100 farming, 95 weaponsmithing, bowyery, shield smithing, and JS. I'd also like to get 95+ HFC (which means actually getting the motivation to hire a panfiller), and then actually get to the business of finally leveling natural substances....maybe 80-90ish?