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  1. Figured 100 farming, 95 weaponsmithing, bowyery, shield smithing, and JS. I'd also like to get 95+ HFC (which means actually getting the motivation to hire a panfiller), and then actually get to the business of finally leveling natural substances....maybe 80-90ish?
  2. Decreasing the price of CoD helped kill the local markets. You get more bang for your buck buying that 90QL tool from that 99+ blacksmith on another server that buying from your 80 blacksmithing neighbor. But if, for example, cross server mailing was 1s and 50c for intra-server mailing, then your neighbor becomes a much more tempting offer. This wouldn't be a popular change, but as someone with high skills, I definitely felt an uptick in demand when they dropped mailing prices to 1c. I also felt the crash of our server's primary merchant market, too. Why would people travel to a distant market when a CoD costs just 1c?
  3. The idea is a fun one. I agree with it on principle, but I would change the number of rare/supreme items needed to upgrade. I'd increase it to 8/15. Why, you ask? I want to make it economic unviable to upgrade. If someone is simply looking to profit, then it would be better to sell the rares and buy a supreme off the market. But if someone was really adamant about making their own supreme/fantastic (perhaps for signature purposes), then this avenue is open to them.
  4. Make sure you have something interesting going on in your second monitor/TV. That's the trick to feeling refreshed! You're basically doing something else while still getting those sweet, sweet characteristics.
  5. I grind some digging or mining. They're super easy to do. A few days of that and I'm refreshed and ready to go grind something else!
  6. I don't get where this false dichotomy of "game play" vs "markets" where you have to sacrifice one for the other. As others have said, the market, exchanges, and player interactions is one of the biggest reasons play. At least for me. And not just for money. It's helping my friends and alliancemates with stuff. Saying "game changes" is always more important than keeping the player-based economy alive is sacrificing the longevity of the game for short term gratification. Each change should be weighed for all its benefits and harms. Ignoring how a change affects the economy will lead to disaster. Sometimes game changes will negatively affect the economy, but their benefits outweigh their drawbacks, so the change should go ahead. Likewise, a change may have some small benefit to the game but would massively hurt the player-based economy, and should not be implemented. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do think that account selling and account sharing does hurt the economy. Certainly some people would take their ball and go home if these were outlawed. We're already in a pretty precarious position population wise, though. It's a scary jump. I don't know when would be a good time to take this leap.
  7. I'll take the clean rare small anvil for 3s.
  8. Seems excessively complicated and makes growing even more of a pain. Sowing, tending, and harvesting is already enough of a butt. Having to plant extra crops I don't want and waiting a week for them to ripen to plant the actual crops I want again? No thanks. I see what the idea is trying to do, but the net change seems more of a bother than what it contributes. -1 from me.
  9. I'd suggest changing the description to match this. Rather than "does not reduce decay" change it to "reduces decay at standard rate" or something. I just woke up from a nap, so not at my keenest, haha. I think most of us interpreted it as not reducing decay at all.
  10. Sad. I was happy I hit 90 nature recently. I figure they might as well add a small bonus to their children skills. That'd be easy to do. Though it could mess with skilling....hrm...
  11. Do we know if some of the parent skills do anything? Ones without anything directly associated with a skill (not like carpentry that has specific carpentry items). Skills like smithing? Definitive proof from a Dev or from the WU code? I know people have theories...But something cooncrete would be nice.
  12. He means that when a newbie opens up the game and sees the train wreck of a UI we have he quits in 5 minutes--way, way before most newbies know about clothes, much less dying them. We need them to stick a while longer before worrying about the bells and whistles. I think the graphics (which isn't going to change much) and the UI are the two biggest issues. The information dump of a tutorial is a nightmare. I'd rather throw them to a random non-pvp map (with the one time option of teleporting to a map of their choice later, including PvP if they desire) and have pop ups as they play. Spread the information over hours of actual gameplay rather than bombard them in 20 minutes. They won't remember 90% of it.
  13. I don't PvP but from an outsider' s perspective... A law doesn't have to be 100% enforceable to be considered effective. After all, we still have robberies and murders every day. No one is going to say we have to decriminalize murder because people kill each other regardless of the law. If it reduces the amount of affinity farming then I'm all for it. If it means people go from 20 affinities a month to 2 or 3, then that's a step in the right direction. Just have a strict enforcement of the rules so the more underhanded exploiters are punished and it'll be fine. I don't think many people are going to risk their 1500+ euro accounts on a few affinities.
  14. I'll take the rare longbow.
  15. You can focus on your crafter for 4 hours. You can have a priest AFK for 22 hours a day and just play them actively (saccing and casting) for 2 hours a day. The priest is an alt (as it is not your main focus) and it can primarily be afk...but it can also be actively played just as well. I don't know why you're arguing (well, I do, but it's for...special reasons). No one is saying priests can't be played AFK. I play my priests AFK when I have to step away for dinner or something. And sometimes I play them actively when I try to get a nice cast for someone. After all, a buyer doesn't want to wait 3 weeks while I passively regen the favor for a 95+ cast. Priests are primarily alts. Priests are often played AFK. Sure. I can agree with that. But you saying that priests can ONLY be played mostly AFK is patently false as the saccing mechanic allows continuous play. Even more so when used in conjunction with a battery.