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  1. A month late to the party, but congratulations! My piece of advice after grinding a skill to 100 is to take a break and grind an easy skill. Mining, digging, and (the old) fishing were great ways for me to relax after a hard grind.
  2. That's a shame. I was hoping the Wurm warchest had ballooned to tens of millions in the last year. But thanks for telling me.
  3. So when I first joined back in 2013, they had a client that you could download to mine bitcoins in exchange for Wurm currency. I'm just wondering if Code Club is sitting on hundreds or thousands of BTC or did they cash out as the coins were being mined? Or is it a company secret not to be discussed?
  4. I'm trying to finish up my prayer grind on epic as a follower. It looks like skill gain has gotten pretty borked there? I'm getting a tick like once every 1/4th or 1/5th pray. Is this intentional? ~66.5 prayer and 30 faith.
  5. 2/10. This is a poor trolling attempt. This is the BEST time for a newbie. You want to make some cash? Spend a few weeks, grind up a skill, and start selling those sexy, sexy 70QL items. Everyone wants them and almost no one can provide it. You'll be raking in the dough. Compare that to the old servers and you'll have to grind for months to sell something...and even then, it'll sell for 50c. If you can even find a buyer. I started 6 months after P/R released and it was a blast. The economy was humming along. People needed stuff but couldn't do everything. Prices were higher...but prices were higher for everything. If you could find your niche, you could make money. Now everything is so bloated. Everyone can do almost everything. Hell, I can do just about anything on Hailene. Only thing crafting-wise I'm really missing is probably natural substances. If it makes you feel any better, after 2-3 years, prices will deflate and trade will dry up once everyone (or at least every alliance) can do everything on their own again.
  6. It'd be nice if there were, for example, 12 entries for a portion of the journal and you needed to complete 10 of them to finish it. It gives some flexibility to the process without giving too much freedom.
  7. Because if I'm imping at the forge and then I want to hop on my horse to head over to my friend's deed I don't want to have to switch my tool belt. I'd much rather just click once and be done with it. You can stick with your 10 slot belts (some people prefer even fewer slots) and those of us who want 13 slots will be happy with our 13 slots. Wouldn't that make everyone happy?
  8. I wouldn't mind it. For a given tool belt, I have 5 imping items, halter rope, lantern, flint and steel, shovel, and butchering knife. Being able to squeeze in a grooming brush and pickaxe would be nice. I have those extras on a separate belt, but having it all on one would be more convenient. Maybe add a slot for every +2QL past 90? 10 slots at 92, 11 at 94, etc. Would give our leatherworkers something to do besides imping the odd drake set or studded set for alts/newbies.
  9. A couple of features I was thinking about... When looking at the skill over time chart, could you add a way to set a certain time period to look over? I have over 6 years worth of dumps, and moving my mouse even slightly can mean skipping over a week. Trying to zero in on day to day progression can be tough. If I could set it to just graph a certain amount of time, like June 1st 2019-September 1st 2019, that'd be helpful. Could we also get a STP graph chart progression, too? I'd like to see how my STP had changed over the months; just how I like seeing how my individual skills change over time. Thank you for your time!
  10. Had a great time. Timezone mismatch made things tougher, but he powered through it. Got 50k meals done in 2.5 days. Got my 9th action and went from about 22 HFC to 99.78 HFC. I'll probably hit him up if I decide to level baking for some strange reason!
  11. It's super weird having a "slow" mob corpse take up several times the amount of space as a regular mob's corpse of that species. Champions can take more space, that's fine. They're special at least. But can all the mobs with modifies please be shrunk down to normal size? I don't see how the game benefits from these abnormally large corpses.
  12. My rare ropetool. It's made of cedar but... Was made by my former real life best friend when he played a couple of months of Wurm with me (quit 'cause he got bored). He made it a couple of weeks into Wurm. We were inseparable for 20 years. Then he met this crazy woman and cut himself off from all his friends and family. Then married her. Oh well...
  13. I didn't believe this day would come. I'm actually quite happy with it. It was on my wish list of changes I hoped for...but never imagined it would actually happen.
  14. My alliance and the friends I've made there. I've been here for 7 1/2 years, and honestly probably would have been gone after like 2 months if my neighbor hadn't invited me to an alliance...which lead to me meeting more people...and on and on. Without a connection to the community there's no way I would have stayed around.
  15. I miss the old fishing system. Nothing like taking a break from grinding and do a little bit of fishing.