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Found 9 results

  1. I want to offer you a PanFilling and Baking service. All you have to do is to contact with me by forum PM to arrange the meeting. Then come and burn filled pans/stones - getting skills. Filling 1000 Pans cost 1.5 s If you don't have your own materials to use, I can find it for you: total cost, including mats, will be 2.5 s Filling 1000 Baking Stones cost 1.5 s I work at my new big kitchen at Exodus K_8 "Royal Kitchen" up to 10k Pans & 10k Baking Stones per cycle. Send me a forum PM if you are interested.
  2. Remember back in the day when the cooking update came out and devs held a tiny competition with the players where people could send in a recipe using ingredients already found in wurm, and at the end they chose a few of those recipes and added them to our wurm cookbook? I do, and I would love to see this sort of thing happen more often, Maybe once a year, have the comp and add 3 recipes to our amazing cookbook. Sure a lot of players took the Meta route and only live on meals, Bangers & Mash and Pizza but there are some of us that actually enjoy cooking different things and experiment with recipes
  3. The idea is pretty simple : Once per year, on your birthday ( the date you entered when making your account ) you are allowed, as a premium player, to bake a special Birthday Cake listed in the cooking recipes! This birthday cake is special in a sense that: - You can only make it once every year - It can be traded and sold for a good price since it will be a rare baked product - You can slice it in 4 pieces, each piece giving 15 minutes of Sleep Bonus, total of 60mins sleep bonus with 1 whole Birthday Cake - This way you can bake and share ( if you're not greedy ) your birthday cake with your village/alliance - It adds a good amount to CCFP values next to providing sleep bonus. - The ingredients can be more or less the same as other cakes I think gifting (premium) players 1h of sleep bonus on their birthday in this way adds something special/personal to it and won't disrupt the balance of Silver/Premium/Sleep Powder sales. You still need to get the ingredient and bake it to get that 1h sleep bonus, instead of just handing out sleeping powder for example.
  4. closed

  5. So, I was playing around with the cooking trying to find something I could do with my stuff...and I noticed you could get skill-gain in baking with toast....but then I realized you could just blast through levels since... if you're like me and had previous old bread stashed in your FSB you could just use that and make a you nearly unlimited baking skill gains...since you can just heat up the others and just leave the baking stone up top and drag them in and get instant toast and pull them out and drag another in...which is also repeat-able with dough and bread you can basically intentionally drop your stamina to just above nothing, and keep it toggled there with climbing toggle and sit there making toast for a long period (As long as you have fuel and bread or dough made previously.)....I was able to go from 15 baking to 23.76 baking just from about half an hour's drag/dropping. I'm wondering if this was intended...since it still requires action on our parts, or if this is something that might need to be fixed/tweaked?
  6. Just subbed my character and I'm currently living in Xanadu. Received Affinity in baking and I'm looking to sell Please Post offers on here Still willing to sell off this affinity. We will arrange meeting in chaos after payment has been discussed, you will kill my character and Acquire my affinity
  7. I've been thinking about this suggestion for a while now. How about creating pies for the bakers to bake? We have blueberries, pumpkin, lingonberries, apple, and cherry to create them This is recipe for cake...I suggest for pie to change ingredient to water Bread, Milk, Jam and 1 fruit 3 18 33 Bread, Milk, Jam and 2 different fruits 4 24 41 Bread, Milk, Jam and 3 different fruits 5 30 41 Would be great to have peach trees for peach pie So what you say game developers...let us eat our sweet dessert
  8. A new item under the baking skill: Using nuts on dough turns it into waybread dough (30 baking minimum). Waybread dough bakes into 0.3 weight of waybread. Waybread does not decay in the inventory; it fills the hunger bar quickly when eaten, and slightly drains the thirst and nutrition bars. 0.6 QL1 waybread would fill the hunger bar by 100%, drain the thirst bar by 80% and reduce nutrition by 40% 0.05 QL100 waybread would fill the hunger bar by 100%, drain the thirst bar by 20% and reduce nutrition by 5% (Yes, the thirst drain increases with QL as does nutrition loss, however this is offset by the amount needed for a full feed) Waybread NEVER raises nutrition.
  9. So, Baking is something nice. Especially the sandwiches that give some nutrition and stamina regen. But it could be so much more... So, we have bread. Yeah, bread on its own is, uh...yeah. How about Pies? Meat Pies, Fruit Pies, Vegetable pies. Those could be an equivalent to meal. Put 1 dough, meat, spices, into a bowl. Bake in an oven for a while ... and Voila! A pie! A lot more of recipies could be added to it! Common people, get talking! Lets see what we can come up with to try to balance Baking so that it doesn't replace HFC, but rather compliments it!