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Found 8 results

  1. I want to offer you a PanFilling and Baking service. All you have to do is to contact with me by forum PM to arrange the meeting. Then come and burn filled pans/stones - getting skills. Filling 1000 Pans cost 1.5 s If you don't have your own materials to use, I can find it for you: total cost, including mats, will be 2.5 s Filling 1000 Baking Stones cost 1.5 s I work at my new big kitchen at Exodus K_8 "Royal Kitchen" up to 10k Pans & 10k Baking Stones per cycle. Send me a forum PM if you are interested.
  2. Hello. I will offer my services for money. I am living on an island called Cadence, but can travel all around the northern isles as long as my services are needed. I can do every task you need done. My skills are not yet the highest, but i work hard mostly every day. Digging(60), Woodcutting (50), Mining(60), Panfilling, Transporting, Planting, Cooking(40), Farming(40), Harvesting, Milking, Brushing, Singing (85), Dancing (90). I do everything as long as i get paid. If you are interested contact me here or send me a letter. Noclown, Sandefjord, Cadence
  3. Currently not offering panfilling. Do you need higher ql food? Do you fail attaching runes to your stuff? Or would you like a longer action queue? Then you've come to the right place! With panfilling you can easily raise your cooking, HFC, mind logic and soul depth. I offer fast panfilling at affordable prices. Prices Filling 1s/1k pans Filling+materials 2s/1k pans Baking grinding 2s/k No longer offering baking grinding until cooking times are better, Payment methods I accept payments in silver, Paypal payments at 1€/s and Bitcoin payments. Location My cookhouse is located at F22 on Xanadu. For 50c I can bring my cookhouse to your place, all you need is forges. For orders over 10k outside Xanadu delivery is free. Skillgain and data If you're wondering how much pans is needed to reach a specific HFC skill you could take a look at the table below. For ML/SD/cooking skillgain predictions you could PM me. HFC skillgain, using sleep bonus, no affinity and not Vynora/Nahjo: The usual method My method 1-70 5k 5 70-90 9k 7.5k 90-95 9k 5k 95-99 29-30k 12-13k As you can see in the table I can save you a lot of money if you're looking to grind HFC at high skill. The bad thing with my method is that it reduces characteristics skillgain, which you may not want. The method doesn't require any extra effort when filling, so you decide which method you want to use, no extra fees added. Reviews [19:35:08] <Coastis> hmm, not sure what to say other than the man is a beast If you have any questions contact RobZ ingame.
  4. Not Providing this service atm.
  5. Hello I'm looking for work near 19d Deliverence. I can make low ql bulk materials and help with panfiling ,terraforming or something.
  6. Ferry Service I notice it's frustrating to get home if you died without a deed or tent. Therefore I am selling transportation to anyone who needs it. If you die, your alt dies, or you make a new character, I will take you as close as possible to your destination on Xanadu for a fee of 1c per tile longest East/West and 1c per tile longest North/South. An example is below: Note: I am using a rowboat so delivering bulk materials is not possible, unless you have 10 satchels of vegetables in your inventory and you want a ride. Also, the limit for passengers is 2 at one time. If you want a quote of price from one place to another place just whisper me in game or send a forum message for the cost. You can pay after we arrive, but if you don't pay I will list your name here for all to see. The cost is cheap but I'm a new player and I need to make coins. Whisper me or pm Horkinpork in game to catch a ride! Panfilling Service I offer my services as a panfiller at 1s/1k pans filled. It takes me about 1 hour to fill 2200 frying pans. I've done 18000 so far and my customers were satisfied. Message me here to inquire about this service. I will travel to your place for free if you need more than 1k pans filled. For less than 1k the travel fee is the same as calculated above for the ferry service, at 1c per tile E/W and 1c per tile N/S. If interested in knowing exact prices, message me here. Selling Favor I'm now taking orders for favor in the form of cordage ropes. 1k favor is 2s. If you buy 5k favor or more I can give discounts, the higher the number the more the discount percentage. I can deliver them within a day or two if I'm busy outside Wurm. I deliver for free if you order more than 1k. If 1k or less, the delivery fee is calculated the same way as the ferry service. You can ask me about the price before making an order. Bulk Vegetables / Other Crops I'm also taking orders for bulk vegetables. I need time to grow them, but let's just say I'd rather be growing the crops other people need than wasting my time with skill gain. Since I'll need time to grow the crops I am selling at discounted prices. 1k = 75 copper for any crop Transport Service I'll make your deliveries - up to 10k for the Ferry Service prices listed above, and 10% of sale price. {When moving small amounts I charge only the Ferry Service price and not the extra 10% as with bulk shipments. Example: You need 2 swords to go from Xanadu C10 to H25. The price is same as Ferry Service, 16 copper. Example: You need 4k dirt to go from Xanadu C10 to H25. The price is same as Ferry Service, 16 copper + 10% of your sale price (4k dirt usually 4s so 40 copper in this example.) I take 16+40=56 copper. It means if you made 10 silver for the items I deliver for you, I take 1 silver. It's a good fee for transporting 10k dirt! updated July 31
  7. Item can be picked up from Green Mountain(X7 Y30) on Pristine. If the item is mailable I can mail it, buyer pays mail cost. PM RobZ ingame or boilingfort on forum to order. I have a merchant in Blossom which has pelts, hides and some other things. Panfilling Check the thread here: Butchering QL 90-99 pelt - 2c/QL for every QL over 90 QL 100 pelt - 40c QL 70 hide - 1c/hide QL 90 hide - 2c/hide QL 95+ hide - 3c/hide QL 100 hide - 5c/hide High QL Turtle shells - PM me Current shell stock QL 90+ Crab meat(high nutrition) - PM me 500 cooked meat - 75c Other butchered products - PM me
  8. Please lock

    10,360 frying pans, 40 forges, 2 crazy pan-fillers. Would you use it? Server: Independence Deed location: 24x 46y This Is How We Do It Included in the cook-house are: A pair of crazy pan-fillers Way too many cooking materials. Place to lay your priests sleepy head. Sufficient storage for your personal cooking materials. Attention If you wish to book a place to use the cookhouse please pm Shadz on the forums. 1st come 1st served. A list of reserved spaces will be uploaded in the coming weeks. Alternative payments: Shiny gems at 1c/ql Precious referrals at 5s Any other payment ideas may be added in the future and you may suggest some to Shads or Boobaby in-game or in a post below Cookhouse so far Currently 38 forges and 3367 frying pans created.