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  1. line trough face

    I saw that somewhere; an alt :
  2. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    Celebration: Deliverance: Exodus: Independence: Pristine: Release: Xanadu:
  3. *hic* Cake's a lie *burp*

  4. WTS Vynora priest (SOLD)

    does it has /transfer available?
  5. Future Plans for Evendim

    save your project to pastebin in deed planner and share the link copy the shared link and load from pastebin in deedplanner options: or just take a picture/screenshot and upload it to imgur or somewhere and share the link here :
  6. Wurm April Fools 2019
  7. Whats happening at the Mystic Lake, All boats Canal?

    we still need to reinforce some floors and clad some walls i think and probably smooth the whole mountain
  8. [Duplicate-Fixed] New patch issue

  9. [No bug] GLSL isn't working with colour runes

    system? logs? i think more info could be useful
  10. Whats happening at the Mystic Lake, All boats Canal?

    plenty, some already rotten or rotting away, some fresh as of today (4.000 shards +- super fresh)
  11. Animal Taming

    +1 for an overhaul
  12. Do you like the new fishing system?

    give us ONE option that is like the old fishing, the net, for example, let me queue all my actions and afk. currently, whenever you catch one fish all the queued actions clear and it all stops
  13. [Fixed] Horse.exe has stopped working.

    same issue while riding on house floors and bridges and weird looking when you ride on a slope, like you are riding on the neck or the back end of the horse, not at the center/saddle area
  14. Make enchanted grass inside caves

    we definitely need mushroom now with the dwellings +1
  15. you can build high fences just not gates