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  1. Please make it happen retro my first nick wouldnt fit so i had to use an alternative and at that time my first thought was just give the game a try, then make another account or something, but after seeing to hard it was to raise the skills, all the hard work that had been put into the account, i decided i would continue with this nick. I would love to have a chance to fix the nick
  2. excellent, glad you are back in game
  3. was the driver updated recently? If so maybe rolling back to the old version and try again
  4. on profile settings, scroll down almost at the bottom, other settings # 3, we have the option to ignore wagoneer chat IMG : Ignore wagoneers chat
  5. its permanent here's the list of titles, resistances and spells :
  6. Client Changes New: Third person camera view added. An optional 3rd person camera view has been added. Default keybind is V to enter 3rd person view. The Minus and Plus keys will zoom in and zoom out. New keybindings mapped by default: ZOOM_OUT (minus), ZOOM_IN (plus), CHANGE_VIEW (V) V keybind toggles some camera views, the keys + or - zoom in/out and holding left click and using the scroll wheel also works patch notes here :
  7. we have people out there farming 2.000 tiles, 4.000 tiles or even 6.000 tiles fields a day. raking them everyday is enough to harvest max quality and max amount that your skill allows you to get we have bees, bees significantly increase the yield of farm tiles if this is all just a bonus and farming can still be done as it is, then i dont see the issue
  8. it should rotate your character just like in first person and other games or an option in settings you can set so it does that
  9. tunneling action also bypasses the item limit, we had 100 item piles all over the place while we were sufacemining and opening a tunnel would make the piles go way over 100. regardless if you start the action on the same tile or not
  10. tried this already?: restart steam, flush the DNS cache
  11. id make sure i have java up to date and drivers up to date first. how long it been since you last played?
  12. i dont see the need for this but lets say we implement this, i'd rather have more options like show rags / show underwear even if its just client sided
  13. absolutely worth it. it's a lot more fun now