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  1. this plus 5 uniques & a few valrei mobs chasing us all over the map, epic is fun I had to spend a night bugged at the top of the bridges, looking down was terrifying
  2. this seems to be the cause : "Change: You must now be on the same floor level as the vehicle in order to embark it." Patch Notes 29/DEC/20 testing it atm will update once i gather more info but so far happens on "abutment, crown, bracing, floatings" the first two sections so far seems to be fine then the problem starts as the slope increases i was able to embark again using certain angles and keybinds (not always true, i got really stuck really bad a few times) events: [16:43:29] You need to be on the same floor level as the "Sol". (sol is my vehicle)
  3. Vynora is the Goddess of knowledge, creation, water and fishing, of course she loves willow, everybody knows willows the best for fishing!
  4. the brand is tied to the deed. when the deed falls, the permissions are gone cared for has nothing to do with permissions probably someone led them away when the deed fell do they still show up in the manage list as cared for?
  5. not sure if there's any written rule about this but what i like to do is: we can point it out, WU code "used" to be similar but with every update, we distance ourselves and differentiate ourselves from it more and more edit: found something in the wiki :
  6. glad it all went well. sorry for the sloped ramp, it was already built there and just too much rock for us to change or shape it, we had to leave it at 40 slopes, making it almost impossible for the people on foot.
  7. we have to double check if the area is in local but its close to shore
  8. is it? isnt it saturday for the drake? sunday for the dragon
  9. Blue Dragon Slaying, get your bloods and scale Bone is going to the poor guy that found it, rip tome "if any" will be going to the penning team and everything else is going to be rolled; corpse, skull, etc more details soon UPDATES: shore is not in local, so bring your carts and animals Location: horse shoe island, F22 :,527 feel free to add your main toon to the list: make sure no alts are on the sheet
  10. this one? is it no longer ingame? escape, Tools, More... and access the hud settings
  11. I see it mostly in caves can you post your console log?
  12. try planting/securing the larder check if that changes anything
  13. a console log could be useful : "C:\Users\User\wurm" and the file is : "console.almostsolitude.log" (console.<name of your character>.log) use a spoiler if you can for the files also check : "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online" for the "hs_err_pid##" files
  14. I would love the ability to disable "Disarm" or "Track" in PVE