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  1. Yep. it could be steam. 🛠 Steam is down for routine maintenance every Tuesday.
  2. heres all the patch notes: i couldnt find anything about decay its possible that they are all meant to decay, im not entirely sure if its intended or its a bug
  3. "salt, gems and flint " that sounds like an egg dropped by the bunny, not the premium one and it was meant to decay even on deed
  4. figured it out. it can be done in the launcher, just not ingame for some reason
  5. unsure if its related, it might be just me but also now: ADVERTENCIA = Warning
  6. you can add servers and configure the connections between them in the server settings Im not an expert but i believe you have the local server, the neighbor servers, and the travel option (or used to) its been a while you can add neighbor servers and then set the connections in the travel tab
  7. i dont think its worth using anymore, we have priest now able to summon us, its the same thing but for free. its a niche thing, maybe you could save it for emergencies, like when you're drowning or climbing and if you move one more step, you will be dead or something. and no one is online to help you. trying really hard here but i dont think its worth it lol - it was a lifesaver in the past when we had no summon spells. the amulet gives a huge speed increase and makes you immune to thorn, lava, and fall damage for a short period of time (30 seconds). also removes walking speed debuff from "hurting" (99ql amulet, each use lowers the quality by 1) - this can be useful when climbing, you can avoid fall damage. or jump from the top of dragonfang just for fun (shortcuts!) maybe in pvp these things have more uses. in pve i'd say its just nice to have i guess, if you have the coin.
  8. Right click the desktop icon, properties, "open file location" should take you there or navigate and check in : Drive:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online for any "hs_err_pid#.log" file and paste the latest one i guess or all of them, using spoilers
  9. I had the same issue a few years ago, not something that happens often. it was fixed after a restart
  10. I'd wait for a server restart first then check again
  11. some details: - I can drive easily back and forth. leading glitches them and they are standing half down into the terrain and drown in minutes - single tile width, the doors themselves are on a 40 slope
  12. you're absolutely right! and i should go hide I thought this was WO, my bad and apologies (I need more coffee!) first step would be an error log anyway