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  1. Annimations are moving

    is it head bob on settings under graphics?
  2. Animations is acting wierd.

    even with head bob OFF, i am stuck in combat animation
  3. [Bug] Spyglass crashes the game

    trying to use a spyglass will crash your game, couple of people already experiencing the same crashing with head bobbing and without feel free to move it to client bugs if this belongs there
  4. right click and "lore" the container, cauldron in this case. check if 2x900ml actually makes anything or not i believe you would need more cauldrons multiple containers and more 400ml batches
  5. Cant Flatten Clay tile

    testing doesn't seem like highway would affect it, you are still able to terraform up to +/-20 slopes "Clay tiles can be lowered using the Level command if all corners are higher or level to an adjacent flat tile. A digging skill of 70 is required to do this." but you cannot raise it. @Elenonia have you tried dropping dirt in the center and level it down to flat?
  6. Sorcery Titles

  7. Cant Flatten Clay tile

  8. Cant Flatten Clay tile

    check the highway protection range
  9. Help Java.lang.stackoverflow Error

    first make sure you have the correct version of java (not a JDK) in your system : Java 64  link clearing the cache seemed to work
  10. Help Java.lang.stackoverflow Error

    are you using modern render, compatibility tab all set to core? a console log could be useful; usually in drive:/users/wurm/console.character name.log
  11. Making a comeback to the game after many years...

    I thought it was all in there : it was an official link
  12. Making a comeback to the game after many years...

    Ekcin you may want to use a spoiler for that huge picture lol
  13. Making a comeback to the game after many years...

    all map dumps here: for Deeds/Settlements use community maps : Celebration: Deliverance: Exodus: Independence: Pristine: Release: Xanadu:
  14. Ingame Music

    wouldn't it be cool if they could fix it tho? wouldn't this give wurm a better image to new players instead of recommending them to turn/disable all music off?
  15. Ingame Music

    having issues with music frequency and levels, like tracks overlapping each other and randomly super loud music even tho its set to lowest possible if we could fix/improve this, that would be great and uberly appreciated. thank you