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  1. this one? is it no longer ingame? escape, Tools, More... and access the hud settings
  2. I see it mostly in caves can you post your console log?
  3. try planting/securing the larder check if that changes anything
  4. a console log could be useful : "C:\Users\User\wurm" and the file is : "console.almostsolitude.log" (console.<name of your character>.log) use a spoiler if you can for the files also check : "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online" for the "hs_err_pid##" files
  5. I would love the ability to disable "Disarm" or "Track" in PVE
  6. if we are using windows we can just install the 64 setup and forget the jnlp exist, right?
  7. bury a guard tower corpse, heal another player, sacrifice items that are worth more than 50 coppers (usually gems) and once you have gained an alignment tick you must wait 30 minutes before you are able to gain again get to +1 and convert to another deity, but the advisor NPC cant change your faith, would need to ask a player (they need a statuette)follower if the deity you wish to be a part of
  8. same thing happened when they added "dig to pile" in profile, the setting is not saving
  9. the low memory client or any old UI client is obsolete at this point. we need the New UI client for most of these new things
  10. "Wurm Service Announcements"
  11. we need indeed more color blind options! either more color options or a new skin would be nice. and dont forget about the minimalist skin as well!
  12. a NEW UI in the title might help and this might be just a client bug but yes, we dont have special move buttons in the NEW UI
  13. I would really love to see the scale going below 90%, the more options we have the better it is for the player base
  14. indeed, its a bit odd having both on the same tab