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  1. for the net, try in a shallow but completely submerged tile. able to still stand on the tile. i recommend you to try at a lake as the caves or sea dont have much variety for the net but again at 50+ you should be using a fishing rod
  2. I used one net per action queue, i have 7 actions, thus 7 nets. i did this until 50 fishing skill and stored all the small fish for later. after 50, a rod. now, we have many options here, different reels, different floats, baits, etc. pick a target, say, a catfish. (we're going to use the fish table here: they love fishbait, made by filleting fish. you can use a lightrod (S,LR,MR,DWR) medium, or deep water. you can use metal (best at sea/deep water) or bone hooks and the twig is the best, well, not the best but the best at any depth and any time of the day so it beats all the other ones if you plan on a long/prolonged fishing session. or herrings like you said, they love the "grubs" and you can use (LR,MR) light rod or medium rod. the key is to know what they love and what setup works the best, otherwise you're going to have a hard time useful links:
  3. you can also try : sensitivity (1-9) in the console (F1) in order to slow the camera a bit
  4. ryzeryzen 5 3500 with vega 8 graphics maybe, 8+ GB ram
  5. fps is the graphics power and its not related to the connection speed. its mainly the graphics card, graphics chip (GPU) you could lower a few settings, instead of max everything out, try medium, high settings
  6. I've been getting disconnections all day today as well, i live in argentina
  7. got it once as well on live crashed randomly but cant recall what i was doing
  8. as soon as you log in? tried disabling GLSL in the compatibility tab on the launcher?
  9. manage, settlement, add upkeep. ive always used this to check remotely or just login on the webshop
  10. This should be moved to Wurm Online, sorry
  11. test server saves the settings, when i logout and back in, i can switch it on or off and keep it that way. on live it always resets back to always OFF and cannot dig to pile unless i set it ON every time i log in
  12. disabling GLSL worked as temporal solution