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  1. Looking for a home on Pristine.

    id check G12 - i-11 - D12/13
  2. Need a place to settle

    you could try pristine if you like hunting, there's a few places here Virusmd, mayor of dragonbeard if you are into hardcore and epic projects Devorn, mayor of grimstone, returning player starting over, hes planning and building a new deed wurm academy, we help everybody pm Serraphine or Almostsolitude
  3. cookbook not adding items

    i think this needs to be moved to WO. also heres an image of the bread thing:
  4. Increase the /random range.

  5. Scaffolding

  6. that's a great helm not an open helmet, right?
  7. The letter K

  8. [Fixed] Unable to launch Wurm Online

    OS? java version? etc?
  9. New Year Kyklops

    just east up the hill by the road on the southern side of pinegrove deed, its the only waystone on this deed
  10. Problème au lancement

    english please?
  11. Random Enkounters

    great fun, thank you so much!
  12. Third person, a sneak peak!

    +1 to more options and customization