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  1. tunneling action also bypasses the item limit, we had 100 item piles all over the place while we were sufacemining and opening a tunnel would make the piles go way over 100. regardless if you start the action on the same tile or not
  2. tried this already?: restart steam, flush the DNS cache
  3. id make sure i have java up to date and drivers up to date first. how long it been since you last played?
  4. i dont see the need for this but lets say we implement this, i'd rather have more options like show rags / show underwear even if its just client sided
  5. absolutely worth it. it's a lot more fun now
  6. there's possibly a typo here @wurmlauncher
  7. just make sure it's not useable on pvp or dragons
  8. I saw that somewhere; an alt :
  9. Celebration: Deliverance: Exodus: Independence: Pristine: Release: Xanadu:
  10. does it has /transfer available?
  11. save your project to pastebin in deed planner and share the link copy the shared link and load from pastebin in deedplanner options: or just take a picture/screenshot and upload it to imgur or somewhere and share the link here :
  12. we still need to reinforce some floors and clad some walls i think and probably smooth the whole mountain