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  1. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Thank you for informing us, Budda, and thank you@whereamifor spurring this on.
  2. Real cave living pls?

    Even in ideal circumstances there is a chance for a tile to collapse and destroy anything on it.
  3. Marsh tile

    You... are aware that stumps decay and go away on their own, right? I mean, even if you don't, that's still 2 actions vs. 10+, and only for those trees that actually are capable of leaving stumps. ...And I'm going to stop responding to you at this point, I don't think it's fair to purposely humiliate those with cognitive impediments.
  4. Marsh tile

    Your bad taste aside, that wouldn't be a terrible idea. Lobby for those changes alongside this, then. Because something that takes one action to correct per tile is at all similar to something that takes a minimum of 10. Did you even bother to think before you posted this?
  5. Marsh tile

    And then when you inevitably quit and someone potentially wants to take over the area, they get the joy of removing all of that "wonderful" marsh. It's really not difficult to understand--the two major things that are simply obnoxious as hell to fix in this game are marsh and the rock layer (re: anything involving concrete).
  6. ...So, to be clear, your position is "-1 because it won't happen anyway"? Got it.
  7. WTT rare tools for bricks/slabs [STOPPED]

    Can you COD the rare oak mallet with 93coc to Agatino, please? Thanks!
  8. The latter serves literally no purpose and would be idiotic to even suggest. Wording of the topic (re: increase) implies that the current rate would be baseline, and it would improve based on the type and quality of the bed in question.
  9. In what world does "allow us to earn sleep bonus faster by improving our beds" "lower quality of life"? Are you daft?
  10. Meditation gains

  11. Sleeping in tents

  12. Valrei International. 080

    I love it. Would you mind showing scale as well?