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  1. Yeesh, really painful names. Glad I wasn't planning on joining them.
  2. I mean, you're clearly not taking what anybody is saying seriously. By that token, nothing anybody is posting here could be considered 'useful input.'
  3. -1. It's baffling that a loud minority thinks it's okay to gatekeep and screw other players because "they played longer than me, how dare they!" Entitlement personified.
  4. ...Are you trying to skill ropemaking via creation? That is literally the only way your post makes sense.
  5. Or they make their own and lose absolutely nothing, because they would gain exactly what they gain right now. It isn't rocket science. And let's clear the air--you would get discouraged and quit. Most players would think "oh, that's a nice bonus. I need to acquire that." if they even realize what sleep bonus is. Instead of projecting your entitlement upon others, take a step back and look at the situation objectively: if anybody was to be discouraged, it would be over the fact that one can, as you suggested, spend money directly for more sleep bonus, as opposed to acquiring an item that allows one to do so. A situation where money directly translates to far better skillgain.
  6. Oh no! Someone has the option to obtain a superior item from someone else, just like with everything else! How will they ever survive?! It's almost like there should be incentive to obtain better items and to improve your skills, and rewarding those that do somehow isn't a heinous act.
  7. If you want the terrain to look natural, fix it yourselves. Otherwise, don't try to ruin other people's hard work that could have potentially taken them dozens of hours. -1
  8. I like how I've watched this thread since its inception and dissenting opinions are regularly deleted. That's a sure-fire sign of success.
  9. Yes, because despite grinding a priest to 94 channeling, I'm clearly too goddamn stupid to notice a gigantic buff (re: debuff) icon mentioning a penalty. Much less awareness of basic systems such as domain. You also might want to re-read my post again, champ. Nowhere did I mention that the "journal was to blame" for anything beyond ****ing the casting economy.
  10. 94 Channeling on a priest of Vynora trying to cast CoC/WoA/Nimbleness, and it takes an act of God to land >90.