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  1. I like how I've watched this thread since its inception and dissenting opinions are regularly deleted. That's a sure-fire sign of success.
  2. Yes, because despite grinding a priest to 94 channeling, I'm clearly too goddamn stupid to notice a gigantic buff (re: debuff) icon mentioning a penalty. Much less awareness of basic systems such as domain. You also might want to re-read my post again, champ. Nowhere did I mention that the "journal was to blame" for anything beyond ****ing the casting economy.
  3. 94 Channeling on a priest of Vynora trying to cast CoC/WoA/Nimbleness, and it takes an act of God to land >90.
  4. Huge -1. This is only true when you approach 99+ channeling---heaven forbid you're 90-95, because casting still ****ing sucks, and all the casting power journal entry really did was shift the ceiling higher, rather than raising the floor by an appreciable degree.
  5. Congratulations--you apparently got the point.
  6. How about the punishment for anybody who abused it?
  7. PC on Pherik

    Basically worthless. The only remotely remarkable thing about this account is the two affinities in body strength.
  8. Because people who are currently playing Epic won't exactly be thrilled with someone requesting major changes to their server. What I'm asking for is a drastic overhaul to how more or less the entire game works, and that doesn't exactly jive with how players who are established (and who have existing skills that would need to be reset) would feel about something like that. You can already see the pushback on the very first suggestion of this thread by people who have nothing to do with PvP and are absolutely not the intended demographic for this suggestion; adding "we're gon' take your skills, Epic players!" to the equation might help with removing non-PvP players from the mix, but it kicks a very different hornet's nest.
  9. I'm not quite sure where this is coming from. You are aware that this suggestion was meant for something completely separate from Jackal, hence Jackal not being mentioned beyond "hey, this is a different experience like this other server!" right @Retrograde? I thought that I'd made that point abundantly clear. In other words, this. Another Freedomer who couldn't be bothered to read the entire post, I see.