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  1. I can help with highway, including supply of highway markers, which I can come and install.
  2. McGarnicle I clearly stated what was an objective of this experiment. I note all the input, and will surely take it into consideration in designing future experiments (and I do many of them about various aspects of the game).
  3. I know what QL and WOA/COC does to a shovel, indeed and I didn't ask what they do, as I asked if you suggest a new experiment with such a shovel or you think I did this experiment with it as there was a confusion from some people who thought I used COC/WOA shovel as I have one in my inventory. And I why you keep commenting on my activity on in game channels? How it is related to the matter we discuss here? And what game? I don't understand. Have a nice day too.
  4. Not clear enough as I didn't got you. Change how exactly?
  5. I am trying to understand your input, and asked for clarification.
  6. I used high quality shovel to avoid QL changes during experiment, as the affect skill gain, which would introduce a variable factor. And while I have my working high WOA/COC shovel in inventory, a blank one was used (you can see it activated on a first picture), or do you suggest repeating the experiment WITH WOA/COC shovel? This is indeed a good idea for another experiment as most of us use such shovels for digging. A bit harder to set up correctly though. About grinding and chatting on GL - no idea how it is related to this experiment.
  7. Yes, about the experiment, which a topic of this thread.
  8. As I said above, I was wondering how much experience I can gain during normal terraforming work, and did this experiment. I did not ask for any grinding suggestions, just for comments on the experiment itself and its results.
  9. I do not grind digging, what most interests me is how much exp can I get during normal terraforming work, so I tried to set up this experiment as "natural" as possible. If this information helps; I am almost 80,71 digging and like 99% of this exp comes from terraforming, using good (QL 90+) highly enchanted (WOA/COC) shovel, no SB and 3 months of game play, 15455 digging actions (mainly dirt), 72627 dirt assembled. This experiment is no where close to any grinding recommendations.
  10. I do try to sustain the level action until I hit "you must rest" and I am getting decent exp off it.
  11. If difficulty is a constant factor then I believe the relative quantification of skill gain per minute should remain the same.
  12. I have set up this little experiment today. Objective: level 12 tile borders from 20 slopes to flat as fast as possible, using levelling or digging, measure time and skill gain, calculate skill gain per minute. Tool: high quality blank supreme iron shovel (to minimize quality loss that can affect the results and rule out enchant decay). Additional information: Highway protection disallowed any erroneous extra actions to be performed, digging had 2 actions more on other tile corner, due to small mistake in experiment setup (timer was off at this time), this however should have no influence on the results, full CCFP at experiment round, stamina always kept at least at 20%. Results: Levelling took approximately: 21 minutes 43 seconds and resulted in 0,008469 skill gain, this is 0,0000065 skill gain per second (0,000389977 per minute). Digging took approximately: 18 minutes 37 seconds and resulted in 0,005310 skill gain, this is 0,000004754 skill gain per second (0,000285228 per minute) which is ~73,14% of levelling skill gain. Any constructive suggestions and comments welcome. Full event logs: Level: Dig: Pictures:
  13. I need 98 carp and blacksmithing imp. PM me if interested.
  14. Well I am then waiting for a GM to point me to the pens I can use to put the horses in, as I have them.
  15. Hi, as a construction worker in game, I find them currently pretty useless, and there are several reasons for that: 1. Can't be planted, which makes any off deed work hard, as people tend to take them (no idea why, probably intrigued by the item they never seen before), you can plant even chairs, why not the markers? It is a pesky issue especially where you have a complicated construction such as a highway and you need to mark several carefully surveyed template tiles. 2. Decay is way too fast, there should be an ability to repair them or improve with such a high decay rate, even at the cost of difficulty of doing so or creating them. 3. Colour - green blends too much with the environment, there is a reason why IRL construction markers tend to be red.