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  1. Our priest factory is growing and having fun. 😉
  2. I never said mining is hard to grind, and I never said meditation is a worthless skill. It doesn't also mean that I am wrong.
  3. I am not the only one who doesn't like meditating in its current shape. The best data about it can be found only directly in the player database.
  4. When I found a red dragon and made a public slaying it was pursuing people in the water but not swimming - flying over it.
  5. It is not 5 times a day, after 5 meditations spaced by 30 minutes you can meditate every 3h. And yes I know I can carry a rug, but so what? I still have to run back and forth, I know about QL, rarity, timers, etc. etc. etc. I know everything I couldn't find or ask, and it doesn't make it any nicer, and it is not any less dead skill, I am 55 of meditation, and honestly I stopped doing the journal because of it. I am everyday getting my meditation affinity on and then when it I think "meh, I am not stopping what I do now and then sit 10 minutes and think what I was up to"). Nah, once i finally get that L70, I am not touching it again, it is a dark side of the Wurm skilling. But well this is my opinion, my assumptions can be easily verified by the dev team, and we kinda went far off-topic...
  6. I know it. I can read with understanding. I referred to PoL as this is the only one I can check. One person maxed it in a whole, populated old server. It isn't something I would call balanced. No to mention that because grass enchantiing brings a direct profit I can guess it is the most popular path. I simply can't wait for this argument to appear in any similar discussion. It isn't little effort, it is annoying - setting timers and then walking back and forth like a fool and not getting even 1 skill tick a day is annoying, and I can't call it little effort, it is such a painful disruption of the game play. Some people are more and some people less resistant to this. If they at least removed that need to run back and forth 10 tiles, it would be a big improvement. Ah, it might be my wording was poor. I meant this update is BASED on a suggestion that was discussed on the thread that was linked to in the announcement. I don't, there is no way for me to do so, this is why I tease Wurm staff to check it. Usually I say that I think I am most active or one of most active, but I was being lazy today. Exactly, and now we get a bigger steak and everyone should live happily ever after. As I said - this change is good, and developers leaning towards player's suggestion is good.
  7. I tease the staff to finally check it. 😉 Top10 of most active players would be interesting.
  8. I know, and no idea why you are telling me that. 😉
  9. Considering how many people on Ind got to my level I am at uber mega super high level of meditation, and when I complete the journal (L70 required) I am not touching that thing ever again! At it current shape it is almost traumatic experience. The fact I don't like a certain skill because it is badly made, and therefore (as the path leaders show) it is dead one, doesn't mean I don't understand the game mechanics, and you don't have to mean. I am the most active Wurm player (I can bet coins against acorns for that), and I didn't burn out because 1. I do not put myself if painful mindless grinds just to gain mad skills fast. 2. I do not start 50 projects at once. 3. I maintain a basic psychical hygiene and therefore what I write is not from a perspective of clueless noob, or lazy noob, but a person who is a moderate/casual grinder, who rather has the intellectual capabilities to comprehend meditation skill gain - it is not sacred mysterious knowledge, and you don't have to be salty. It is a main method of using lava (besides lowering QL of items and causing severe wounds to decrease stamina pool), but if you know the other ways feel free to tell us. To make a long story short, meditation at its current shape is not worth it, and my noobiness has nothing to do with it. If a developer want to find out if I am right - they can probably run a script through the database to see how many users are at what level and draw the conclusion themselves. One of principles of good game development is "no dead content", and when it comes to skill IMHO meditation is quite close to be the "dead content". One person on a server that one of most populated and is 12 years old...ONE person, maxed path level.
  10. Ether, I am all for this change, but hold your horses, if you have a choice - grind as a follower and get better gains and grind as a priest and get worse gains, and you pick the first option it isn't abusing the game mechanics, c'mon. It is like you were mad at your dog because it ate a steak not a tomato.
  11. That update is a suggestion and there was a talk about in the thread they linked.
  12. I am at Protector level of PoL, so enchanted grass - useful, but not worth it - I got an army of enchanters who do it for me for a good price, or even some friends who do it for free or for other services, stamina of the Vibrant light - not available for a new player, useless for a older player, players even intentionally hurt themselves to have less stamina, or they have such high BSTAM that they have no stamina related problems, plus you can child easy get a noob Fo priest that will regenerate your stamina. Recall home - also not something I would cry about if not had it. Healing hands - useless, I can patch myself up with rare rubbish, cotton and healing covers since a long time and grinding FA is a lot easier than grinding meditation to level 11 (sic!), Love effect - most useless bugged thing, a huge disappointment for me. I have FS high enough so this 2 minute buff is useless for me, I thought it will be useful to breed aggressive creatures or rescue myself from dire situations while taming - nope - a creature that is attacking me is not stopping the attack when I cast it, and for breeding also useless because my pet is still being attacked, which is a nonsense. Erupt/Freeze - just mine the damn vein. I had no problem finding people who would mine the veins for me for e.g. 50% of what was mined. Shield of the Gone - possible useful only on PVP. On PVE there are no monsters besides uniques that make any serious harm to me, and I am like 75 FS. I am not saying these perks are useless entirely, but surely they are not worth the time and patience that has to be put in them. Most annoying in meditation is the need of running back and forth and throw away everything you do every 30 minutes and then every 3 hours - I feel like a circus animal in training. And before I wrote this - I checked PoL leaders on Ind - oldest and most populated server - it is a handful of players, meditation is basically a dead skill for those who want to make a journal or old bored players. Kudos to Rixk - the only person who maxed this thing out on a server that is...12 years old.
  13. That absurd is criticized since years, if they change this one, I will buy myself a t-shirt "I ❤️ Wurm devs". @Carmichael Considering such a Draconian time limits, getting 100% change of a meditation tick wouldn't be so bad. It is so annoying that you can meditate like 5 times and get no tick and meditation perks are really not worth it, and this is why players do not skill meditation. In fact if not the journal I wouldn't touch meditation with 10 meters long hot poker. It is boring, obnoxiously painful ordeal.
  14. I do criticize Wurm staff where it is due, but I always try to make my criticism objective and constructive, while some of you criticizing this change only do it because you had it hard, so others should too. When the channelling grind was nerfed - it was a completely different issue - they rendered things people put a lot of (IRL) money useless, so the outrage was justfied, same goes for imbue nerfs - I still think they were completely unnecessary. Here you do not lose anything, just other people gain - new players who didn't play this game 10 years or so. You can't just nerf and nerf, and nerf and never give anything, because if you do, soon there will be no one left to play Wurm other than die-hard "Team 2006", and there is no way it can survive. While I am for the policy that achievements should require effort, I am against putting it to such an extreme that you have to basically pay a lot of money to play idle RPG, this is why I wasn't grinding prayer and this is why I like this change, I might even start to skill prayer. Also, it will not give the gems faster than mining, will it? There comes thing I raised when imbues were nerfed - that there should be multiple ways to achieve a certain goal (in this case gems). Not to mention it was a suggestion made by the community - OP was backed by multiple other members of it. When staff is ignoring suggestions - backlash, if they listen to suggestions - backlash. While commenting on the changes you should think about how it will affect the whole community including staff, not only yourselves. Still I would like to read more about the planned changes, full changelog would be great. Please, do not be vague while announcing changes, it only makes the community uneasy.
  15. I see no problem with it being faster. And the idea that if one suffered so long, so other has to suffer equally long is stupid.