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  1. Any news about if any dye suggestions will be considered and RGB 1 1 1 will be brought back in game?
  2. I probably know which one you are referring to, and there are remnants of butchered highway, I am considering making a support ticket because despite the fact the highway are redirected, it was redirected in an opposite direction, so hardly this can be called a valid re-routing. But it would be another drama in our area (that is dramatic enough due to being a highly populated area), and I am kinda tired of these. It would be alleviated if the owner of the deed agreed to extend the highway I built along his perimeter, but he also refused, even if we offered him money for the right to pull the highway, the mayor didn't care how much it would improve the communication, especially wagoner routes, for all of us (there are 11 deeds in question, all agreed and participated in the construction). Not only he did not allow the highway, he also put people, including a fellow road builder on KOS. We could of course go on the open war and drop dirt into water in front of his water access, but this was something I didn't want to take part in (at least not without a GM ruling that is okay with the rules). There is also another one who blocked a half finished long bridge construction, he extended his deed when he noticed we are surveying there, so all deeds on this island will not have a direct highway or wagoner access, so if one dreamed to make a market on their deed - they are not getting a route or even a land access. I don't understand such people and I will never do.
  3. I do really appreciate your post, and hope for more news from the drawing table. Could we get this sleep bonus in form of sleep powders for chars made before on at the "hard time"?
  4. There are three deeds that are on R20, and on Ind Roads map and have find route enabled, and they are not on map: Astrix, Platinum Ranch and Platinum Orchard.
  5. There are already titles for paving and making highway markers - you get them by training Paving skill.
  6. I do convert to followers those who will visit me (R20, Platinum Ranch).
  7. I am AH 70 and I have good breeding pairs and I have no problem getting good horses and horses are already dirt cheap. I don't use Genesis, I kill off. A lot more helpful would be if deed AR would decrease along with mayor's AH.
  8. Never Night

    @VotipThis computer has 2x Quad Core Xeon, 64 GB RAM, 2 graphic cards including Nvidia Quadro M1000M, 6 TB SSD storage, and a battery that still allows 4h of work. Not to mention I work in the field and this computer survived being completely wet. Not going to change it just because it is more than a year old. I think I will be using it until I hit some issue that will make me to need a new computer. And you know what? My cellphone is even older - it is 2014, works perfectly, never hangs, battery holds well (and it is not glued in), it has a huge screen, and it landed on the pavement not once. I am strongly against buying a new electronics just because there is newer one, and these new things are usually cosmetics and a different number in model. Most of the rubbish currently on garbage dumps is clothing and electronics, and these things consume a lot of budgets. @RetrogradeTrue, and I hope it will be taken into consideration and a decent configurability will be introduced, so we can all enjoy our favourite game in full.
  9. Never Night

    I am playing on Dell Precision 7510 - it is an amazing computer, I think the best one I ever worked on, and I love it wholeheartedly because it is a reliable workhorse, and my screen is working perfectly fine. As I already mentioned, several times, these screenshots shows the perfectly acceptable nighttime, dark enough. I pasted other screenshots that show how does the night looks on a different graphic card on the same machine. This issue was reported by many people, especially on Intel cards, and the developers made the nights brighter. I had a problem with Wurm client at night, it was fixed, it is working fine, I would like it to stay like that.
  10. Never Night

    I just wished to explain why the perfect night sky should look like it looks in game, I had no hidden agenda, but if someone wants to find one they surely will. I am out of this discussion.
  11. Never Night

    I said most, not all.
  12. Never Night

    I was raised in a very, very wild part of Poland, my grandfather was a forester, so, obviously, we lived in a forest, not any forest, it was Puszcza BiaƂowieska the last primal forest remaining in Europe, the nearest city was likes 100 km from the place we lived in and it was a dark time of the communist regime, so I was able to see how does the night looks with absolutely no light pollution. And while the night indeed looked like on the screenshot I posted recently, so without a light source you seen nothing at all, and with the light source you seen not much more, the sky, lit by all the stars, Milky Way and the full moon looks like on the screenshots you and me posted, the skies, especially in late autumn or in the winter are basically burning with eternal fire. Obviously it is not possible to make "accurate" and "real" night without hindering the game play, because the "real one" is pitch black. Most of the people posting here live in developed areas or in the big cities, so never seen how black the "real" night can be.
  13. Never Night

    Because the screenshots above are Nvidia card with Nvidia proprietary drivers. The night I had when I started playing is this (I used Intel card):