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  1. Imping spell

    Ok, first off shout out to Wurm Wednesdays with Emo, hearing the Devs say that they wanted and liked community feedback was the motivation for this. Ok, so since Priests can Mend and Sunder, two spells that have been here forever. What about a Improvement spell ? I don't want priests to be able to imp as well as a non priest this isn't what i'm asking for, but my brother and I had a vision of being nomadic priests visiting deeds and trading enchants for imps and crafted stuff, that we couldn't make. So the current Imping soft cap for unpriested players is Skill*.77+27, or something like that. What if once you priested it changes that to Skill*75, or even Skill*50. That way if you can't find anyone to imp your gear back up your not stranded. This also wouldn't break PvP or Unique hunts, since the gear you would want for that would be 90QL+, and even if a priest grinded their skill to 99.99, they would only be able to magically Imp their gear to 50QL. Other restrictions could be applied as well, with a cool down, or other such things. If the item a priest is trying to modify is already higher then their QL cap for the spell, they get an error message saying"(your god) cannot grant you the power to improve that item further" Or something like that. As well as standard casting things like chance to fail and chance to shatter items. I think this would keep the weapons and armor market still the same as it always has been, and PvP would be unchanged by this change as well. It would simply be a boost to solo play PvE priests. Or a PvP priests with a day to kill and wants to help out the tool smith with imping. After thought, not sure how the coding works, but priests definitely should not be able to improve the god metals, Seryll, Electrum... ETC. Just a thought i had, that didn't seem game breaking but would make priests a little bit more functional, yet no where near their unpriested smiths skill levels.
  2. Dagon Fel

    Hey , My brother and I are looking to join a place that we could be helpful in, we are 2 Nahjo priests not very skilled yet , we've both played the game for several years now, but we just recently came to XAN for a better community. If you are still looking for people. We are currentlyt at 50+ mining and 51 faith. rest of the skills are fairly low.