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  1. You have to be in first person view to avoid this message "You try to cast", it cappens because your camera angle updates only while you move in third person mode, while in first person mode its angle updates on camera rotate. So actually in third person view it can looks like you facing forward, but actually its not and on server side you facing back, and that why you get this messay "You try to cast ... fail". And your armour bonus -15% or -30% means that offencive spell fails by this % so even if you facing right direction with -30% bonus means 1 of 3 spells migh be failed, 30% actually alot and can happen many times in row, but this is not the case on the video, there is rather camera angle issue. Since I'ts imposibble to get logs of true power casts, I'll reffer to skillgain chance which indirectly indicates power. Also about power. I can defenetly tell you that some skills like Botd, Litd, Wa have differend difficulty according to skillgain chance I count for long period of time. For litd its 34% with my channeling, for botd it 41%, I had many of such weird situations that looks weird for WO, with WU mech knowlage. And yes, some time you enter the game and your skillgain chance for hour period of time maybe crazy low or crazy high, but if you cast for longer it always brings to normal and fits to grinder skillain chance calculation. We can build skillgain chance graph by count casts we done and skillgain we got for same period of time, which info available in log files. So generally your skillain grapgh can look like this (screenshots below). And you can see there huge spikes, platos, and huge drops - it means your power sometime very lucky and that why you almost have no skillgains and it can lasts for hour, then after very lucky time can be very unlucky or lower than average plato and it can lasts for 1 hour aswell. I can confirm that sometime power rolls are very strange at first sight. Sometime I get same power, for example 96 power casts on one item almost in row, or yesterday I got 92 power 3 times for 10 minutes on differend items, but before it happened I had unlucky time and did not got any of 90+ power cast for ~130 casts its more than hour of casting, while in average it should happen every 35 casts with two links. But its random and happens fairly rare, everything can be, you got 8 power three times in row, and this is small chance, also as get 100+ power from first cast, but it happens. Skillgain chance grapths My current skillgain chance 34% for 10 hour scope looks like this(grapth below). Every point on this grapth represent one cast and its show skillgain chance for last 10 casts, and summary here 709 points/casts. So any spikes on such graphs close to 70% means many low power casts in row, but it compensated by good casts in future, and for long period of time it become stable average 34-36% between days. This is how pure random works, and here is nothing weird to see many bad casts or many good casts in row. Your average casts on 78 channeling with two links should be 25 power, that explains why most of the time you will see low power, actually you must be happy because its ideal for grinding. But why you got same power casts in row, lets see. Chance to get 100 power cast are 0,00018% Chance to get 8 power cast are 1.2% Chance to get 8 power 3 times in row are 0,0001728% This calculations in grinder calc service are rough, and numbers there are not absolute and can be differend between times, but no such big difference between 0,00018% and 0,00017%, right? So we can't tell that is sumething unreal since we many times seen 100+ casts.
  2. I'm in game on pvp server right now and been last 5 hours or so. Maybe something wrong after patches and we cant cross send server message, idk.
  3. Most likely im WL priest as you BL xD
  4. Referring to the impossibility of using titles obtained from the journal on both servers pvp and pve, does this mean that you cannot use Benediction +5 power either? Is this will be shared as well? The problem here is not only it feels like 2 accounts, you actually can't complete it on both servers because it counts as completed on both after you complete it on one side, but you do not get passives bonuses and titles on other side and you can't get them after all because its already completed on other server.
  5. We dont use Pain Rain that much anymore because you guys was feel unfair(not only because of it), now you feel unfair about Scorn, what next? I'm belive next will be Worm Brains, I'm pretty sure about that, you will cry too much. Why your FO's cant cast Light of FO same way? Dont you think the problem that you cast it only once per fight(in best your case) and some time you not cast it at all. Scorn heal enemy horses, lets fix it, if we gonna focus on our Scorn spell more than on others.
  6. POK dont have to be that strong agains other path's, this is unfair and too strong for grind basis game. Sounds fair enough to remove this funure from POK and give it to meditaion skill as passive bonus for all path's. As some people mentioned right thing, that on PVE every one want learn POK while on PVP no one will learn it, this is not right at all for any kind of game and super unfair for grind game, and BrokenSanity's suggestion will fix it.
  7. They have to nerf weakly Rites, but not increase skillgain on pvp. Good decisions looks for me, if you got one bonus Rite on any cluster/server you cant get it on others, you have to wait cooldown like month or so. So if we do like this there will be no point to go from pvp to pve just because there you can get Rites bonus on weekly basis. And second thing may looks good, is give some compensation for people who not abused it. I know ppl who playing on PVE but not abuse it, know ppl who playing on PVP who not abuse it. So probably will be good point of view to count all Rites bonuses that player recieved per month, and put on him penalty for next Rites to compensate it in future, becasuse recieve more than one Rite bonus per month this is ubnormal.
  8. Nice idea, you've done a great job! I hope this will serve as an impetus for the development of real alchemy in Wurm Online. It really diversifies the gameplay, I love it!
  9. I know 96 and 96 sounds close to unreal for some people, so I'll provide the screenshot.
  10. Detailed info about services will be here soon. Take orders only by personal request since I still focus on leveling prist. See the stock of enchanted items below QL of the listed items are rounded down Pickaxes Shovels
  11. Yea, we have to get chance to spend our pending favor without decay, so it must be delay around 3 minutes to let us spend our maximum pending favor
  12. The reason for that we can see for example on Benediction journal which give flat +5 spell power bonus and title on completeon, which we can get only on one server (dont care about SB). Poin of vew here is based on question, why i can't complete this journal on both sides? If you dont want share sleep bonus from it between servers then you have to manage it and only it, but not disabling whole of bonuses. If you dont want share anyhing, why i cant complete this journal on both servers from scratch? This is very important thing, and this is really anoyng i can get this bonus only on one server.
  13. Here not only you who read this forum, you silly... I dont care read you or not, people who read it will see how you wrong. And I'm not the one here who trying to get the Tornado buff.