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  1. How dare you talk about trolling, posing that #### in suggestion thread. You come to the thread and talk about nothing that reffered to the suggestion. I talk about trolling here, you can post your poop there also, I know you love it. It represents how people senseless at their poops in forums. So actually this "disagree" means complete nothing. Devs see the idea, and they have their own head on the shoulders.
  2. Mate I know how to grind skills, my meditation close to 90 on NFI. This thread not about teaching noobs how to grind their skills, this thread about coffee made the skill twice easer, which is unfair you agreed in other thread by sayin no to suggestion of making everything twice easer.
  3. So can you choose, you wanna it harder or easer. Because here you say that meditation have to be twice easer, but in other post you say skills should not be easer. You are such a troll as you all here guys who said NO here when i suggest to do not make cd based skills twice easer, but in other posts say NO to suggestions make skills twice easer..
  4. Everything wrong. What point to grind skills now if tomorrow by some mistake it will become twice easer to grind, so all the hard time spend for it will literally get deprecated twice. if this is totatlly fine to you that cooldown based skills become wice easer now, why not just do it for all skills. I mentioned the problem, in thread on the forum made by Devs to discuss coffee changes, I mentioned the fact after coffee implemented it affected too much on cooldown based skills grind and made it become twice easer to grind, and got hated like I'm care only about myself and wanna make game even harder for some one who have no time (just look, I suggested to make game easer and look what they say). But looks like everyone ignored the fact I also mentioned I do not like they removed fatigue cost from coffee effect which is means it makes even more supreme "nolifers" (lets just use it as short term about guys who can play whole day, without any negotive, i'm am one of them so I ca say it) against casuals and it complete opposite to coffee logic which supposed to help casuals. It so obvious that "nolifers" grind alot more than casuals, and thats why been implemented fatigue to somehow balanse it, but coffee without fatigue cost increase - only acts for nolifers like boost without any cost now. So the guys who disagreed with me about meditaion, actually stick to it because I mentioned fatigue and they used it to try make me look stupid and care only about my loses. They said like there is alot people who have no time to play and my post about coffee changes will harm them and I recieved some hate on this basement because I mentioned it become twice faster, but somehow they ignored my suggestion about fatigue return to coffee in same time. They keep talk about my person instead of my suggestions, and talk about offtopics stick to the word I used (sinse i mentioned bot users as the existiong problem). So I went from these trolls to suggestions forum section and made some suggestions there. One of the suggest about to not remove sleepbonus effect from colldown based skills, so guys who hated me because of I "harm" casuals now have to be happy, because actually guys who have no time will get some benefits from coffe on meditaion while players who meditate whole day without missing any cooldowns will get nothing from the coffee because cooldown would doubled under coffee effect. Which is fair because coffee supposed to help casuals to spend their sleep bonus in order to be able compete better agasint nolifer, while in same time it nerfe nolifers, especially now because cooldown based grind skills are too easy for them with coffee. But this guys do not like it and send me even more hate mostly focus about me, not about my seggestions, that would actually help people who have no much time to play to compete against people who playing alot and more important against macroers and bot users. After all I got strong disagree under all suggestions I made, does not matter it helps fair players to safe their time spend or help casual palyers, and hate all of it come again from the same people who hated previous ideas. The ideas should help casuals and help people who spent tons of time on skilling by fair way and prevent their time deprecated by making skills yeaser to gind. (remember, bot users do not care bout their time spend they care about only advantage they sustain I suppose), so actually now who hated me before had to be happy because I actually suggested things that would make their gameplay easer, but I recieved hate again and they even bring some their firends to put ###### on me. If they say like I care only about myself, and talk about it only because i feel it personal waste, and with my suggestions even make game harder for casual, but when I suggest to make game easer they just disagree with -1 and stick to my persona, and when I suggest even better, make everything easer they still unhappy. I can say why. Actually when you make everything easer, some one who spend their time on skills will actually lost their time spend and their time spent will get deprecated twice if skills become twice easer. They do not like it same as me, but they hate me when I thouch it, because they do not even want to talk about fatigue changes that I mentioned in the context and talk about other my suggestions are only way how they can discredit the whole idea by their trolling by focus on something else. Some how its ok when it happen to meditaion and other CD based skills but not ok as you see when I suggest to do the same to all skills. Also they do not like make it easer because it would means some one who got their skills to 90+, they will lose their advantage twice faster. For example for normal player it supper hard to get 80 body str or alot of 100 level skills, so they actually unhappy to make everything easer because they actually do not like the idea that the other people who have no that much time to play will catch them much faster and will be able to compete. And after all they do not like some one who have no time to play will become same strong as they, just for the twice less time cost. Also people who use bots and macros would be super unhappy with these changes because now it will be easer with your hands to get closer to their skill level, because if you play like 2h per day the fatigue rework will never affect on you, but if you played 18h per day non stop it will, thats why they unhappy with the fatigue siggestopms, because it will limit their bots possibilities. So lets just list facts, they disagree when some one say like we should not make skills twice easer to grind after few years of server start(which is actually happened to CD based skills under coffee), they hate it and say do not make casual players feel even worse. But when you suggest things that would actually limit nolifers and give advantage to casuals, they hate it also, doesnt it dissonanse here, they do not like harm casuals but here its ok. When you suggest make life easer for everyone they hate it, in same time some how when we talk about meditation and lockpicking become twice easer and fair player lost their time spent they are fine with it. If we return fatigue cost to coffee (include intoxecation) they strongly disagree, isnt it dissonanse (they do not like make stuff easer, but here they like it somehow). If you look and read my posts you will see there is between lines "hidden" (or not much hidden) context always that we have to make Wurm free from bot users or at least make life easer for casuals to make the gameplay feels fair, I follow the line in all my suggestions and thats why they just hate me. After all if you read all my last suggestion posts and how people answer to them, you will find they do not talk about game changes, they talk about me and just literally hate or put -1 because some one ask them to do but they cant explain why they think so. So I suggested help casuals and keep game fair to them, in same time it will does not chage game coordinally for fair players who have alot of time even if we bring more limits to some one who play too much at most part it will affect only on bots and macroers. Second, protect people from their time spend get deprecated by making skills much easer to grind after years of server start or if you do not follow the rule, just make it much easer than now, so people will not worry thay spend thier monthes of game play, sleep bonus, and paid premium time for nothing. Because this is literally what happens if you make skill twice easer, most people who never focus on the skill will happy with that, but you make some small group of people unhappy, and suggestion to make everything easer clearly show that people do not want it but what a hell you doing it to cooldown based skills now. This is suggestion I listed in the first post, only to show how some pople just trolling, no matter what you suggest. It does not matter who I am, how i'm playing, this is suggestion thread and we have to talk about suggestions not about making suggestion looks wrong by trolling and discredit people who brings suggesting, its not political forum after all. I do not like even post bugs or suggestion of forums because it full of trolls who just make you feel waste of time. Just look at these people, they spam their messages everywhere does not matter what context, here they do not like making stuff easer, in other place same people dislike make stuff harder. This is last my message here, for the nearest future as it's a waste of time talking to these people
  5. I explained. I suggested in other threads completly opposite things and you bullyed me, but now you just do the same. So literally it means it does not matter what I suggest and your "opinions" under these posts means nothing more than trolling. It just points how your dissagre are illogical.
  6. Since we had suggestions to not make game even easer for macroers and bot users and not make time spent on grind skills deprecated, but "all" guys hated it and disagreed with the suggestions, and pretend to be not personal hate, so I reasonably suggest make every single skill twice easer to grind, and if these guys are not hypocrites then they are up for it. If not, I would like to suggest to ban the guys on the forum for trolling and throwing insults like i'm care only about myself and such stuff.
  7. We talk not only about me, I can decide and I decided to not bother, but its annoying me sometime and there is many people who literally cant because they are main priest on PvE. I can manage to make it possible for me, I can switch deity, turn to crafter, and use my second Vynora priest, but why this is all have to happen to me and others. Its not fair, that's why I bring the suggestion and many others, because I tired from watching on it
  8. As an additions to the thread Cross server rite and faith swap cooldown - Suggestions & Ideas - Wurm Online Forum, I would like to suggest to balance global rites, so all deities will have the global cast amount on equal period of time. There is many ways how it can be done, but obviously it have to be done after all. It could be complicated system that takes in count only active deity players who actually praying for the last week and calculate charges rate required by the info, so all gods will get charged with same speed and after all it will be cross server/cluster chagring system, so there will be no stupid deity swapping and sailing between servers. It could be really simple, it just will be able to get casted by cooldown that Devs will set. There is many ways as I said that could provide Wurm much fair global casts system.
  9. Your words seems no logic, if you say like it actually the same and there is not much, so why we just not do it cross cluster, so it will be obviously around same frequency but just without stupid sailing and swapping faith, and guys who can't do it for some reasons will have the option now to use it. It easy to count how many rites been on NFI and how many SB abusers could get. You should not be genius to count, that actually there been 8 rites in last two months (does not count pvp). So literally on NFI its one per week, and probably at most part because players abuse it and delay to wait faith swap. So I suggest here fair stuff, to make it fair for everyone without such stupid abuses. And it hard to understand why you attacking me here, loke complete no sense. You guys just probably need a target to bite, and you here starving on it since not many new players come here to talk to you. Or you just from one group of community who feel themselves insulted by my words about bot using and you trying to make me feel band in ravage, idk do not know. If you count, on SFI it been minimum13 rites for last 60 days (because I cant take in count if on one server it casted twice per 60 days) . So again there guys even not bother to delay it, because the rites happens too often. So how does it balanced at all, why priests who cant swap or some one who do not want to or have not time to, or feel it disgusting part of gameplay but have to do it, why all these guys have to encounter it? Why PvPers have to jump to PvE to abuse it? You just don't care, you nether bother about anything and only what you doing here are trolling. So go troll some one else.. We are gonna talk here about real suggestions. You trying to pretend like its only affect on me and i'm that bad to even talk about it because of this, but you missing one part, i'm the one who could abuse it, I'm abusing stuff even before some one know about it because I see it strait once it possible to happen, because i'm playing to much and thinking too much about what i can do better, and here is best we can do it just fix this stupid system even if it will affect on guys like me and level my possibilities to grind to some one who have no time, i would be complete fine with it.
  10. I have two equal skilled characters, one priest, the other one are crafter, and the both of them could take Vynora rite on cadence, but this is complete stupid trying to take every single rite, and after time abusing it hard you start to feel it actually annoying and here is no fun and only thing you feel is like you have to do it. Keep talk about me, this is so funny how you actually react on such simple and obvious suggestions. Some guys just say NO, the other ones trolling me and talk about my personality, this is really best you all can do?
  11. It will be hard to find who playing more than me, but who said it have to be like this. And why I can't talk about it?
  12. You guys touching me that's not a grump, I could not react on it, that's probably only option to stop it just to not open forum anymore.
  13. Did you read forum rules? Its not allowed to flood and talk about side themes, it calls offtopic. You do not talk about topic, you just asking me side trolling questions, kidding and guessing of reasons why Its happeing. Only thing that makes me upset at the moment, that people do not even really worry about anything I mentioned, they sit here to troll, stick to words, and make people feel bad to make themselves feel better.