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  1. Our alliance marks vanished, only few of them that we add for the last days(before it vanished) are exists now. Presumably it happened after latest path/server restart.
  2. I found the other way to run it on Mac OS playing a bit with LS command. Probably it useless since user friendly way are better, but who knows maybe it will help some one. In Terminal you have to write this: "/Applications/Wurm Online" -c Or this: Open -a -n "Wurm Online" --args "-c" Or this: Open -a -n "Wurm Online" --args "-test"
  3. Thank you! It worked for me! But when I hold cmd key and click on task bar Wurm Online icon it open programs directory, but it works when I do the same on Wurm Online app from the list of apps in the programms directory!
  4. How do you launch test client on pc steam version? Edit: fround the answer, you have to add -test to your launcher shortcut, so it will looks similar to this "C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Wurm Online\WurmLauncher64.exe" -test
  5. How do you launch test client on Mac?
  6. WO_Defiance (@WO_Defiance) / Twitter Does not display kills, while Chaos and Epic does.
  7. We need webhooks guys! These russiaphobe twitter will never let me use the notifier, since only thing that does not fit in their rules is the fact i'm from Russia. I never used twitter before, so any personal problems between me and them completly excluded.
  8. This is the final answer. So looks like some ones deed on pvp can get fattened without any notification. I can't belive this disgusting twitter located in "top" democracy country.
  9. And from what i see they just ignore forum so what i have to do?
  10. Does not see any opportunity to grow population on NFI in that case, there will be opportunity to only decrease. Also don't want any old characters from SFI come to NFI.
  11. Thank you for your feedback!
  12. The sample where you can hear how rain sound appears for half minute and after its gone. You can't see raining on video only because youtube video quality, but raining exists and been lasts for much longer after this video i've had the same sounds glich in like few hours after and all this time its still been raining just without rain sound. For me this problem exists in Hardware sound mod, and in Software mod these sounds stop dessapear, but master volume does not work and also all these sounds too loud and feels unplayble. So susually i run game in Hardware sound mod and encounter such issues as on video bellow.
  13. Can move my message to this thread
  14. [08:05:48] Nelmag starts to pray at the altar of Magranon. ... [08:06:13] You feel a hot feeling near your wound and it suddenly goes away. Praise be Magranon! [08:06:13] Nelmag finishes her prayer to Magranon.