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  1. And from what i see they just ignore forum so what i have to do?
  2. Does not see any opportunity to grow population on NFI in that case, there will be opportunity to only decrease. Also don't want any old characters from SFI come to NFI.
  3. Thank you for your feedback!
  4. The sample where you can hear how rain sound appears for half minute and after its gone. You can't see raining on video only because youtube video quality, but raining exists and been lasts for much longer after this video i've had the same sounds glich in like few hours after and all this time its still been raining just without rain sound. For me this problem exists in Hardware sound mod, and in Software mod these sounds stop dessapear, but master volume does not work and also all these sounds too loud and feels unplayble. So susually i run game in Hardware sound mod and encounter such issues as on video bellow.
  5. Can move my message to this thread
  6. [08:05:48] Nelmag starts to pray at the altar of Magranon. ... [08:06:13] You feel a hot feeling near your wound and it suddenly goes away. Praise be Magranon! [08:06:13] Nelmag finishes her prayer to Magranon.
  7. I've imped wagon from 22ql to 71ql and its speed does not changed from 13.68km/s
  8. I've got breeding timer always 39.7 no matter what animal husbadry I have. On 1 AH its 39.7, on 70+ AH its the same 39.7.
  9. To clarify what i mean by wound worsening/healing value, look at the screenshot. I have 45 first aid on my main character and i've been able to see such numbers in the event log via examine wound, also it has problems even before, I've been not able to see wounds dmg by examine my alts wounds, but now I can't see such numbers via examine my wounds also. I'm not sure when it happened, probably after latest patch, but what I know for sure, I've been able to see it 2 days ago. From what I've got on the test server I able to see this numbers in event log by examine my wound with 45 first aid skill, and with 60 I able to see it also in character window wounds. So here is questions: Why I can't see that numbers anymore? Why I've been not able to see such numbers on other players wounds, while been able to see it on myself wounds? Why I can see that numbers on test server when I set my skills to 45 but can't see this with 45 first aid on live? Edit: Also I can't now see healing cover value by examine
  10. Here is an example how its gliching, it can be easy reproduce on every game lounch, but it also happens while you play for long, some time it happes with forest sounds, some time it happens with raining sounds, you can see there is raining but the sound play once and gone. But on video you can can see the example which you can reproduce on game lounch.
  11. Sure, I'll try catch you ingame, or you can just send if you still interested, just dont forget to set name on the saddle.
  12. I had a low ql wagon, there were 65 fallen trees in it, the speed was about 13km/s. I improved it to 71ql, but did not notice any difference in speed, when my wagon is empty, its speed does not change either. Before update its speed been 18.7km/s
  13. I've got it after fix legacy horses with all valuable traits are super horses, which you never will repeat.
  14. There is few traits are not in the patch notes, but it exist in game: