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  1. price rift - 10 wood - stone shards ans crystal
  2. please pm if you have contact from this char.
  3. well I understood what happened actually Champagnedragon could not explain, as I talked to a close friend, he promised me that he only took the items to save If Finndar Play again, have all your items, and I found it very noble from his side, in my view he was there to take the items just like me, so I gave my word that if he plays again (Finndar), I ask him to call me because I will return the rare floor loom I took, and so know if really his things were returned.
  4. well then finish here, I'm leaving today and back to my place, thanks for the attention of all!
  5. but why can he take it and I can't? I saw nothing obscure.
  6. yes, they try to denigrate my name since I'm not doing anything much, this post is totally unnecessary and the two were fighting for the place for days. nothing was stolen, it was who to catch first.
  7. no, we're both about a week fighting over this decayed deed, they were both competing for the place!
  8. the true friend, and they talk about preserving things but you see, champagne took all these things from one of his friends, even dragged a LMC into a house and out of so many other rare items he took, that is, No saving items for your friend, do what I say and don't do what I do.
  9. My things are well stored in my deed, and I take care not to lose them, it would be interesting for you to stop crying and worry more about it, I play for fun and this is part of the game. Right now in this situation with champagnedragon we are trying to get a rare forge for 3 days and I am finding it fun, many do not know the problems that each one has and what they seek to alleviate it, and my relief is the wurm!
  10. to friends who are interested, there is still rare forge, rare bsb and rare chair, ready to be looted, is in crystal bay, indy. just bash it. Our friend up there notices every time someone goes looting. thanks for nothing
  11. WTS 2k marble bricks 10k stone bricks 30k meat 14k veggies 3k eyes and various other parts of animals - https://imgur.com/8pkserx Enchanted tools 25c each_____________________ https://imgur.com/a/dhj3Idm Hotas ________________________________________ https://imgur.com/8fizvPp
  12. failed generation that is offended by words, that's the truth, good morning!
  13. interessed in blue - 45s -if accept - cod to Bozo
  14. I got this craze for myself, whenever I go out I take a tent, when I see that I am going to die, put the tent down when the monster is attacking. the game allows it, then you wonder, but I'll be born in the tent and the monsters will be there, yes you, drop the items on your body and take the monsters with your empty inventory away, and after you die you will have time to Pick up all the items. The game is actually quite complex, but it does teach you how to survive.
  15. take care of your things more, I didn't break any rules of the game! If one day my deed decays it will rain people here to catch, I will denounce you for exposing me this way.