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  1. Hello, I'm Gofs, I finished and sold total 4 deeds 3 at Xana, and 1 at Pri, (one more coming soon) I think Wurm is beautiful, very impressive by possibilities game, where possible to create very nice deed's. For example build deeds not just for skill up, but with some general idea, like Pirates deed (at some island), or Monastyr deed (somewhere at mountains) I gonna put some examples of my works here :
  2. Labor for Hire

    possible to hire you?
  3. some rares and suprems open for offers

    sorry, was expected for a little bit more then 7s
  4. WTS rift/slaying loot

    oh didnt noticed, oki
  5. WTS rift/slaying loot

    I'd take skull pad to Gofs
  6. Supreme supreme steel great helm (black) AoSp 84 supreme pinewood floor loom Rare rare huge axe 90 QL, 91 FB, 70 CoC rare maul rare birchwood short bow Regular copper key 86 CoC Long bow 2QL 77CoC, 59 N < (good for priest toons to grind archery) Pickaxe 92 CoC Pickaxe 86 BotD Black opal Pendulum LiD (Dark) 85, WoA 64 Pendulum LiD (Dark) 75, WoA 76 Easter Egg 150 war arrows 77 QL Spyglass Please make your offer here, or in-game > Gofs nickname
  7. PC/WTS Fighter and crafter account with Tomes SOLD

    mm link doesent work
  8. can be closed

    nice deed for grind skills, an info about caves? is that deed going with unicorns?
  9. who wants a map reset for elevation

    Chaos pve? but how that? i think better jsut bring chaos to Epic than and make it second Elevation 2 Hotas at same time, so kingdoms will need to make choice But any way will agree with WKM it have sence, to make only pvp and only pve servers, and make no difference in skill gain at bouth than
  10. Random Enkounters

    that was cool challenges , only sad that Vir died :\
  11. Maple Syrup

    i think it's nice ide to make wurm more realistic, in this case, it's like cooking addon (for exple if you cook, and know hot to cook some dish, and than in wurm you need different ingridients) let's do not disapoint foresters
  12. Transmutating Tiles on Chaos

    +1 for add that with max slope limit
  13. Huge sale of cheap enchants

    nice! got it!