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  1. Got my order done and delivered fast, feel happy doing business with you guys, will order more!
  2. +1 good idea, mobs dont have enough drop for sure!
  3. Great service, fast delivery, even some discount!
  4. hey guys, i need some stonestrike cast, for pick, really hard to surfice area help!
  5. at what server is it? or you deliver?
  6. Potatos - 3k @ 58.00QL+ - 2s/k Special Buy if you will deliver to Melody D22 - im buy it for 6s + Larder - 1.5s + imp of my oven to 50 QL for 1s (c) Torkell
  7. trowel, iron 42ql with a brass rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase quality at a faster rate when being improved (7.5%) and have a slight glow - 60c COD to Torkell pls
  8. CoD me sickle, iron, 41,29ql, 51coc - 0,54s please to Torkell Love the way of showing power from low power to higher!
  9. One of thouse, i just offer idea, not ground Troll skull for sure but i just wanna give an idea, pretty much sure that devs will re-balance elixirs, and probably rework Ingredients. However maybe that will make some usage fur Uniques skulls for veeery rare elixirs Like Ground Troll King skull or Ground Red Dragon Skull
  10. Yeah, about grind stone on a rock, probably not so cool, but in my imagination that was small rocks (like iron rock that you can forage / rummage), but in the end i just needed some rock powder or better say dust about balance - 100% Agree! for sure i dont know balance, i just shoot idea i really have pain in heart that priests op vs regular fighers (pvp) so wanted to point on this Thank you for supporting idea!
  11. Hello wurmians! All time I playing this game, I do miss alchemy potions, flasks and such! And now I feel it's time to suggest this idea here. Probably you will not agree with all potions / elixirs that I offer here, but if you like any of them write of it, dont be careless So! what do I suggest, and why!? First of all - new items: And now time to talk of Elixirs: Regular Elixirs: Cooldown Elixirs: Battle Elixirs: Trowing Elixirs: Creation My reason of suggest it, first of all course its alchemy! i love alchemy and i dont feel here alchemy as alchemy! Secondary course of mushroom usage. There is not so much sence of them in the game for atm. R egular elixirs, can help not only with some effects of capasity, but also gives you nice skill to see for example traits of animals even with low AH. C ooldown elixirs can help with meditation, and faith gain, to redeuce a bit timmer for new players, who didnt join from very begining, when disconnects was renew gains each time F ight Elixirs, will give some interesting turns like when guy with maul hits you pirce dmg, or Ice pillar make acid wounds, that will help to make in pvp more unexpected ways T rowing Elixirs, will also help pvp, atm i see a bit disbalance, when non priest dont have real chances with simmilar by str priest, vacoom bomb gonna fix that a bit So! tell me what ya think of it?! Will we give new Alchemy a chance?
  12. sorry my fine carp too bad to offer larder