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  1. New Lands

    discord link updated work with magic classes almost done plan to run closed alpha at 9-10 april~
  2. New Lands

  3. id suggest you to simply remove 5 prays per day blocker, and keep it as unlimited prays per day, just set some delay like 1h (in between the prays) in this way you will not need alts, but will able to keep praying and gain your faith
  4. New Lands

    Hope so!
  5. New Lands

    Update, as materials are pretty rare on this server — added primitive weapons Primitive Sword Creation: branch + handle damage: 0.190 speed: 3 sec weight: 3.5 kg Can not be improved Primitive Axe Creation: branch + iron rock damage: 0.225 speed: 4 sec weight: 4.5 kg Can not be improved Primitive Mace Creation: branch + stone brick damage: 0.280 speed: 4.5 sec weight: 5.5 kg Can not be improved
  6. New Lands

    Thank you very much for kind words!
  7. New Lands

    Already got "few" hard moments about balance. For this moment, class = priest hood (without of being priest - you cant skill up fight skills, only PvE skills). So after you became priest, you getting your penalties, that will be pretty uncommon, as you will still able to improve, dig, mine, woodcut, but! If you choose "Mage God" to follow, then you will not able to skill up shields archery and melee weapons more then +2. But all good all spells are pretty deadly. New spell damage formula will be : Fixed Damage + Damage per Channeling skill (so more Channeling = more damage) I also removed all "spamming skills" like bless, dispel from mage classes, so only way will be to hit enemy targets for skill gain. (most of this already done) Next step = I dont wanna see "plate priests", who will remove plate, to cast spell, and then equip it back. So i might will put timer 0.5 sec to equip a single item = 4.5 seconds to equip full set. And yeah I increased difficulty of all battle spells, so +30% on the cloth armor will be very palpable + to cast will need to hold holy item. So as for me we got fair mage, who can kill and can be killed with arrows for example. About Archer, Warrior and Enchanter classes will write a bit later, but main thing, that I totally removing sorcery, so no tomes in game. But most of this skills will be assigned to some classes, like for example Hawkeye will have Heavy Arrow skill, that basicly going to work like Active part of True Strike, so archer will able to shoot very hard. Right now i trying to set hp of Unqiues, so they will get fair amount of damage from arrows and sorcery.
  8. New Lands

    New Lands Hello folks, I decided to create a PvP server, it will be hard moded, so not really following regular Wurm rules. Most of your PvP knowledge will be not very useful here. In this project you going to meet such things as: 1) Battle classes (12 different classes) 2) Uncommon treasure maps 3) Battle ground (no item lose on death) with teams 4) In common death (world PvP) you going to lose some amount of items (not all of them) 5) rare animals (any), rare materials (wood / metalls), clay is only under water, and only 1 spawn on tar. 6) 2 Fighting sides (mixed daitys), not PMK, capitals are not protected, you will need to build walls 7) Items will provide you (random) extra skills or characteristics (could not do this, so items will provide fixed bonuses after 70 QL) 8 ) Some hard and soft rules, for breaking hard rules, I might will ban players, for breaking soft rules, will place in to the #jail, and anyone will able to see player name, and reason why player got in to the jail Classes Mages Archers Warriors Enchanters In the plans to start the project by the end of march or beginning of april Please, let me know if you interested to help me to test the class balance Discord https://discord.gg/awtefj4N
  9. Spell mod

    If you can make any of this parts please give me a signal 🎆 Fixing of 13 spells (Bringing them from Sorcery/Meditation to Priests Spells List, with possibility for Priest to use them) Create 9 spells (with help of combining effects, that already in game) Create 9 Unique spells
  10. Spell mod

    Hello! I trying to make an PvP server, with Classes. So added 8 Demigods. Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger = 3 Archer classes (Can use all type of bows, and small axe, small maul, short sword) Oracle, Prophet = 2 Enchanter classes (Can use sickle, scythe, small wooden shields, and small metal shields) they only class who will have an enchants Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight = 3 Warrior classes (they will able to use maul, long sword, large axe, huge axe, 2h sword, large maul, large metal shield, large wooden shield) === This Part about to be done by @Arathok❤️ === And now left another hard part. I trying to add spells for each class to make them interesting to play. I already used Spellcraft, and swap all priest spells, but I need to improve some: Fix 13 spells (they are in game, but my priests cant use them, as this spells are Sorcery) So need to move them from Sorcery list to regular list? Atm priests got message "You do not know how to cast 'This Spell'. Create 9 spells (with help of combining effects, that already in game) Like "Ice shard + Web armour effect on enemy target (like if enemy hited caster and get slow)" And create 9 unique spells, Some of them are hard, but some not seems like hard... Examples: 1) 20 000 of Pierce Damage + Stun effect 3 sec cast time (stun effect = success shield bash effect) 2) Using 5 favor to get 50% of player's max favor 3) We have an passive buff effect Resistance: Pierce 15% (Decreases pierce damage taken by 15%) would be cool if possible to add this effect to active skill, that would be need to be casted on self. buff for 20 minutes So I looking for mod dev, who can/wish to make such mod, I willing to pay ❤️
  11. Hello! Is it any way to remove penalties for the Long bow, and make it able to shoot from 1-30 tiles?
  12. In case if central lands are PvP, i see an issue that, only Mag, and Vyn Kingdoms has access to gold/silver, so they will already have some priests with good channeling, when Libila and Fo will need more time to discover gold/silver for statuettes would love to play there
  13. Courius if still can be interested in?