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  1. Crow Kingdom Merch

    25% discount started
  2. Crow Kingdom Merch

    Yeah 20s fo wagon, all correct
  3. Crow Kingdom Merch

    Bump 33 % Discounts on a next 5 days!
  4. Shield Sklling Service

    no idea m8! I taking for an hour Also we can level up your large wooden shield if you want xD Large Wooden Shield 40.070095
  5. Shield Sklling Service

    How does the shield skilling work? 1) You need correct opponent with the correct gear to get some good skill tick. I will give you gear, and correct opponent for your skill. 2) Will cook affinity meal for ya. 3) Will heal you all the way you will skill up. some examples: [20:50:50] Large metal shield increased by 0,0110 to 53,4801 / [22:48:56] Large metal shield increased by 0,0208 to 60,5155 (7 skill for 2h) [12:18:45] Large metal shield increased by 0,0211 to 42,9631 / [13:54:00] Large metal shield increased by 0,0376 to 50,3520 (7 skill for 1h 36m) [17:35:23] Large metal shield increased by 0,0229 to 75,2457 / [19:52:54] Large metal shield increased by 0,0159 to 78,0466 (2.75 skill for 2h 17m) Price 5s per 1h
  6. PanFilling & Baking

  7. PanFilling & Baking

    Great service! i arrived when everything was ready, so i didn't spend any time, only to put pans in the forge (up on my fingers speed) Cheef spent his time and found a better formula for skill gain (Got from 77 - 92 hfc for less than 30 m) Definitely, recommend! Камрад!
  8. wtb Sea Serpent

    bump, still looking for
  9. Crow Kingdom Merch

    Bump! Wagons added!
  10. WTB sleep powder

    Here some guy selling 80 sp
  11. wtb Sea Serpent

    that's really sadly ^ Didn't know about that
  12. wtb Sea Serpent

    hey ho, guys wanna buy sea serpent (pristine only)! If you will 'deliver' it to my deed (D10-D11 Pirates Den) will pay 10s If you will just find it and let me know will pay 2s
  13. Crow Kingdom Merch

    yeah, well have wagons, but accidentally was loaded smaller texture 512px (then should be 1024px). That will be fixed, but i can't name a date, course not up on me. Price 30s per
  14. Crow Kingdom Merch

    Thank you so much Irbiska! always nice feeling, when people like you work, that always that i keep in mind till working to make some graphics project... Imagine faces, oh how people check your thing, looking from different sides, cool feeling even if they found some mistake, or incorrect moment, that always gives me feeling, that even tho my work wasn't perfect,- it was interesting enough to spend some time on it, to find some mistake, and write me about it! that is a great feeling! Im very glad that you did like my work I can remember your reaction on it very well how you were running around wagon, or banner, and looking, and checking inside the wagon Thank you for so nice comment
  15. Crow Kingdom Merch

    CoDed thanks for order!