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  1. bumpe Also want to Aware mr. wyverntv did NOT payed for work, that's happend about at october, but jsut be care with this person
  2. WTS Booty Bay

    still not sold
  3. Bottles

    Awesome idea! Glassworking skill also! And we have Kiln alredy! +1
  4. Seems as good compromise, if PvPers have they own grpahic, they can have it, and be happy, that will be unique. And for Freedom can make some choice of some loaded textures to also have they own unique marker, but than i think it will be unable for sale wich is also will be fair. +1 on it
  5. hahaha My bad I mean jewelry just might short it incorrect, sor
  6. Well, I have wish to try to clear all this mess. 1) Arguments, about 'design of t-shirts can be ugly, and that will no look's like a part of game' < we have possibility to make it even right now with making PMK, I personaly can come to Chaos, make PMK and create very ugly design for it. Even now, so that's not really good argument. 2) I see here 2 directions : ( 1. Pvp Kingdoms need more money, than freedom alliances. 2. Possibility to add graphic that you want in this game. ) How about give another source of money for PvPers, like idk Hota will produce not only statues, also some new nice Lamps, or glowing shards, or something that unable to get at freedom. Also maybe some Medals or other jews that you can get by geting special level of rank (pvp). Here also point that to make it people will need actionaly pvp, not just creating they own t-shirts at deed. 3) To make PMK at Chaos you may be killed. that will happend after i will make PMK (really small chance to get killed till you making tower), and i doubt that 50 players of Chaos will check borders, if i making wagons right in water or not. So tbh, i can not die even single time. But as long as at Chaos PMK cost 254.5s (25 players x 8 silver prem + 50 silver for decloration + deed cost 4.5s~) — at Freedom it can cost about 2 times more, so that will make sence to dont waste money on a bad graphic. 4) In a past silver was able to be sold for real money, so that's explain why people was upsad about possibility to sell kingdom stuff, and get money. Now it's ingame money. ========================================= 5) about good sides : I think possibility to make own graphic for alliances or deeds can really help dev team with money, to grow wurm on a different level. In pvp direction aswell. That will bring more people to game, and in the end to pvp. Other question do PvP players wish have more people at Chaos? Do you want PvP changes? Or you enjoy how it is atm?
  7. True, but that's possible to fix, for example make payment for deed / alliance desing not 100s but 500s (then it's will be not so cool to make crippy design, and try to push it) and however pvp kingdom design aint really save from trouble with ugly graphic Also can be only 2 or 3 free changes of graphic. I mean for example i buy for my deed this possibility and create my own graphic list of everything, like wagon, tent's banners and so, and ask to load it, for example graphic that i made have troubles with copyrighting, then i can switch to another grpahic 1 or 2 more times for free, after that i will need to pay extra for changes. Yeah all of that will give more work for team, but also that will give some money on new developments. In the end we can calculate how many issues can happen : 1) im not happy with my graphic (some things looks not like i was imagin), 2) Team not happy with my graphic course of copyrighting issues, 3) all happy and i just decided to change my graphic (1 time for free). for that possible to hire 1 guy who will be responsable for solving this troubles, with not really hard actions, but on another side (again) that will give some money to dev team, to push game up
  8. Heeey what i hear here xD ho to Chaos and make your own PMK to bring your design? not so long time ago, i did that, and so much people was upsad of it, now same names suggest this xD haha That's really funny However i always was +1 for idea to give deeds / alliances prems to make they own graphic.
  9. Oki so Nikko won Pinewood wagon #2 and CreZ won Orangewood wagon #1 I can deliver if not on Xana, let me know your location, also possible to pick up from Pristine D10-D11
  10. #1 Orangewood wagon (Crow Kingdom) Start bid 15s Min bid incr 1s #2 Pinewood wagon (Crow Kingdom) Start bid 15s Min bid incr 1s Snipe Protection 1h