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  1. WTS Booty Bay

    still alive! Bump!
  2. than i'd suggest to make some summon for Fo, that will fight for Fo priest some limited time, and will abe to have buffs. What you think @Etherdrifter?
  3. WTS Booty Bay

    Deed name changed to Booty Bay
  4. Dunno, why you think that here any crap that will break something. Maybe you mean meta system, yeah that gonna be broken... Sorry for it, and i dont offer to make it tommorow, i just think that way of fight in game atm, is a bit too simple, and based on random, so most of time you cant prognouse results, that mean > after few years of playing in game and leveling your skills you didnt get any fair benefits, that will help you to be sure in something. And in my suggestion I didnt add any new mechanic of fight, just added some numbers for some things, and some effects, that again just give some bonuses. Also that will help you to prognouse your way of fight, and end of it.
  5. very good point, so FO priest can be a bit different, i didnt think about it, but i will.. thing that if Fo will have no penaltyes than he will be just > better than non priest meele fighter, and it's not funny, so let's think together what can it be atm more idea to make some kind of rotation, to make all armours usable, and at same time, dont make imba priest who will casts spells, fight as knight in meele and shoot as archer... i think atm its a bit unfair.