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  1. In case if central lands are PvP, i see an issue that, only Mag, and Vyn Kingdoms has access to gold/silver, so they will already have some priests with good channeling, when Libila and Fo will need more time to discover gold/silver for statuettes would love to play there
  2. Courius if still can be interested in?
  3. hey, i think Talor where using this one on his server talor#0552
  4. Sory wasnt available y, but atm i do not playing, however can discuss in pm
  5. Wurm Map Generator FX

    by some reason cant get it with Java Launcher, any other way to get program?
  6. rake blade, iron, 32,04ql, 103coc - 5,80s - happy to presure this nice rakes, you saved me! i was about to give up to grinding farming!
  7. Forest Giant Slay

    Oh that's pretty common that dragon / drake slayes going privately, as drake uniques has limited amound of hide/scale, so usually people wish to keep more for them if they found and penn it
  8. Forest Giant Slay

    you can heal people arround with Scorn and ghelp fighters with True hit even if you dont have anough fs to fight, just come for blood
  9. Forest Giant Slay

    Come to slay Forest Giant You will get Blood + Source salt (using alchemy) to get > Potion of woodcuting Every PREM account will get bllod Giantslayer title Our biggy can pick up and throw players, so please dont forget your parachutes (Tents) Slay will happen at: Location (Mel) O21-O22 there is a 2 ways to get to slay place from OTHER server 1) way from R20 (! DEED there dont have a road to desert yet!) Also possible to get there from O-P25 (there channel for boats to) O-P23