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  1. Sold!

    31.5 silver sold 168.5 silver available
  2. WTS Pirates Den

    Price of mats used on deed was over 70s taking offers
  3. WTS Huge Egg

    mm it's might be Unique item, as they aint available in game any more! People open your eyes! that's a great Happy Birthday Gift! can make event for you and your friends! But dont be lazy! Organise something nice! Can make an episode from Game of Thrones! add fantasy
  4. WTS Pirates Den

    Hey bud, im not decided yet, but i will take a break for sure.. Any way not Gofs / not Qoi will not wroth any cash, so probably will keep them
  5. WTS Pirates Den

    Oh well you seen i just painted 2 dinner tables to black color, and put on them paper sheets to make an board, all rest - statuettes, helmets and oil pots
  6. Pirates Den is a deed at Pristine. It's player made island. The size of Pirate's Den is 31 by 27. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 1 silver, 96 copper and 64 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 67 copper and 40 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 32 days, 21 hours and 22 minutes more. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 22.026316. Optimal is 15.0 or more. This is a good figure. There are 4 creatures currently branded. Iron fence bars = 73 Mortar = 13240 Pottery shingles = 820 Stone bricks = 180 Wood scraps = 30 Small nails = 712 Large nails = 74 Shafts = 401 Wood shingles = 10 Planks = 4612 ´╗┐Planks = 100 Ropes = 610 Pottery bricks = 12240 Mats spended on deed build (just for clue about price) ^ Decor, bridge to land and dirt for island aint counted Please hit me PM with offers! Possable to be sale with all stuff inside (include Crow Kingdom stock)