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  1. WTS 6k marble bricks 9k stone bricks 4k mortar 27k meat 10k veggies 3k eyes and various other parts of animals - https://imgur.com/8pkserx
  2. failed generation that is offended by words, that's the truth, good morning!
  3. interessed in blue - 45s -if accept - cod to Bozo
  4. I got this craze for myself, whenever I go out I take a tent, when I see that I am going to die, put the tent down when the monster is attacking. the game allows it, then you wonder, but I'll be born in the tent and the monsters will be there, yes you, drop the items on your body and take the monsters with your empty inventory away, and after you die you will have time to Pick up all the items. The game is actually quite complex, but it does teach you how to survive.
  5. take care of your things more, I didn't break any rules of the game! If one day my deed decays it will rain people here to catch, I will denounce you for exposing me this way.
  6. WTS Hota Statues - https://imgur.com/a/geUVQF5
  7. Wts Rare Two Handed Sword QL 87 with Nimb80 - LT83 - coc89 - MS80 offers below please
  8. wts : 8k marble bricks 2s per k 7k mortar 2s per k 3k stone bricks 2s per k 2x rare long spear pinewood 1s each 3x yule goat 1s each 1x yule reindeer 1s
  9. Friends, there are two boats that are on my property that take a long time to decay, and their owners no longer appear more than year, is it possible to move or destroy them?
  10. do you still need it? I can sell via paypal.