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  1. I feel exactly the same way. Having come back to wurm Online it's annoying as hell I can't see what the effects are of what I'm doing! What's the difference between 5ql on a tool? Weapon? Armor? It just makes the game feel "Dead" that we can't see the results. Why hide everything so dumb! You're intentionally hiding content, perhaps for the remaining existence of your game... Doesn't make sense.
  2. I don't think the traders are healthy in any way in their current form. What they need to do is just give out a set amount of coins each month to deeds with traders on them, and not allow draining anymore. This would remove the tedium of having to drain them, be fair to everyone and prevent these nasty conversations from springing up all the time.
  3. no reason to reimburse them the purpose of them was so you could have easy access to the goods without having to travel far. Yes, very expensive... maybe a partial reimbursement? It was never intended for them to be lucrative.
  4. Odynn you are doing it wrong if you only make 1-2s a month. How you think people got Gold coins to sell (less than wurm main) in the first place? By selling stuff to the nonexistent market?
  5. I think the reason they never revamped this system is because of engine limitations. The game already is taxed by everyone breeding 20+ animals on their deeds... It's also why we don't see much variation in domesticated animals colors, and why keeping them domesticated has never been very easy (chickens eat too much, and sometimes starve even when on a tile with food).
  6. the real question, Will Wurm ever be ported to a modern engine? How much difference will AWS make?
  7. The simple solution is to not allow selling of goods for coins, and rework purchased Traders. Instead, to help new players allow them to gain coins more frequently to compensate and be fair to everyone veteran and new player alike. The whole new player experience just really needs to be redone.
  8. I think to make it fair for everyone skill should be easier, not harder than it currently is... but that the amount you can earn in a day in skill points should be soft capped. Once that cap is hit, the skill gains should flip back to freedom gains. There's too many people playing morning and night (macroing? Who has that kind of time?) and grinding their way all the way up to 50+ skill already while also maintaining high standards in every other skill. To force people to have to work together, there needs to be a cap to skill gains so that people have to specialize, and be part of a town to function. Right now everyone's just in their own town and for new players the experience is very uninviting. When I tried finding a place to live I was told to "move" three times because I was too close to peoples deeds, and they wanted to be alone. When I asked for a village to join, only two were accepting members. The server is not forcing everyone to work together, but instead the veterans are the only ones getting to enjoy all that Jackal has to offer while the new/returning players are left behind because we don't have the time nor the wrist strength to click so many menus.
  9. The issue is no one has the mats to build a beacon to go back to Freedom, so as we go further out to explore our deeds on Freedom are left to crumble and decay because no one has the free time to walk all the way back to the starter area.
  10. I'm sure the community is divided on this one, but I will say that some of the information that's now provided that wasn't before is super helpful and actually makes the game more fun to play. For example the weight tooltip. It now breaks down when you get slowed your max weight etc... It's really fun after grinding for a day to see just how that body strength translates into gains. I think being able to see more information would be helpful, and have it able to be toggled. for example - damage mitigation from armor (show us how much is mitigated on hit). potential DPS with current weapon/spells. Parry chance, block chance... All information that makes the game more fun when starting out you could then see how your grinding has paid off. I'm sure there's other things people want tooltips on, if you have any suggestions post it here. I know some consider this hand-holding, but frankly this is pretty standard stuff in any game and would also help us to balance the game further for pve as there's a lot of false information out there.
  11. It's definitely that creatures are spawning in mines... I found 20 creatures in one mine pit. All rift dogs and scorpions. They eventually, inevitably spawn in dead mines and no one clears them out and they don't starve to death. Templars kill 20-50 creatures while you're away, day after day... eventually they spawn in the mine, don't get killed, and stay there.
  12. IF only there was some way for the game to warn you of difficult Terrain. It's so damn random when you get stuck/not stuck and can lead to a random death. I am all for Weta's being able to go up/down any terrain, at the cost of lowering their speed or something.
  13. What they could do is just have players volunteer to be part of the siege (I.E. play as rift dogs, trolls, or jackals). That would be fun for both sides as long as it was balanced correctly and the rewards were interesting. Maybe disable town guards and then siege and turn them back on after the siege? Saturday and Sunday are siege days?
  14. It's great that the time investment is rewarded in Wurm… but times are changing. The people growing up in this world are mostly wanting instant gratification. With that said, I don't think we should make this super friendly to them... but making a lot of quality of life changes to make the game more appealing to this vast new market would be ideal. 1. Increasing the amount of actions you can Q 2. Increased skill gains at earlier skill levels (curved skill gain). 3. Reduce the amount of failing on tasks as this is just not a fun game aspect in general (as shown by Jackal). You could instead have an algorithm for needing x quality item to attach or something. 4. Lesson riding requirements on horses, or speed up riding cows. 5. Improve taming to be more pve viable for allowing animals to tank for newbies (and protect them).
  15. this is going to vastly decrease your server costs. When I ported over the web site for my current work location to AWS, it lowered their monthly bill by the thousands...