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  1. You have FPS limit checked in settings. You want to uncheck that. Edit : Wurm Graphics settings, not your computer settings.
  2. WTB 10k dirt + crates included + delivery. Shoot me a PM or respond here. Taking lowest bidder. Edit: Forgot to put my location. NE Xanadu, Goblin Metalworks.
  3. The new steam launcher should have the same launcher that we all use to play on our main characters.
  4. A lot of veteran players are trying to buy out the land around spawn because it is very valuable. Also, anything on your deed is yours and nobody else's unless you give other people permission to use it. Wurm is not like other games in a sense where everyone has access to the same resources. Once you own land, nobody else can touch it unless you say so. This can discourage new people but all you need to do it walk a bit further from spawn and you should be in the clear. Wurm is very territorial and it depends largely on what you own. If you own a deed and plant a forest in it, nobody can touch the forest except for you.
  5. So I can't play my main character through steam because the steam version of WO only allows new characters?
  6. Judging by your post and your forum account age, welcome to Wurm. This has never happened to my knowledge in Wurm Online. The GM's will most definitely step in at some point and prohibit said players from blocking off spawn. Players are most definitely allowed to own land outside of any spawn, but they are not allowed to block off passage as far as I know. If you go to any spawn outside of the Northern Islands (which are brand new. Try visiting the Southern Islands), you will see there's a highway system extending in every cardinal direction unless there is water or something impassable blocking a highway. I don't think the WO community has ever been in a situation where players on Freedom Isles servers have blocked spawn from people leaving and I don't think it will ever happen, the game masters would definitely step in before that. Don't worry about people blocking spawn. Edit: If you have any questions, please PM me. Glad to help.
  7. Forgive me for being silly but I've looked around and I can't figure out how to link my legacy Wurm account to my steam account. I can't login through Steam the same way I would log into the regular launcher.
  8. If you are still looking for the silver coins, i have 150s to sell, drop a msg here or contact me on Macoofer ingame.

  9. WTB Silver coins at 1€=1s. Only purchasing from accounts with good reputation.
  10. All set thank you
  11. What if you have a very socially inept player who has no interest in talking to anybody in the game? Do they get punished for not answering a Staff members private message? I don't think it works that way Edit: apparently it does work this way, although its relatively uneasy to enforce.
  12. What Eyesgood said, It's been going on forever. It's nice that they're finally fixing this, but the game has been out for a decade. I think theres going to be a pretty large gap between players who have been abusing this system for so long and players who haven't decided to get into PVP yet (like myself). Being such a huge problem this should have been addressed years ago. They really have to find a way to level the playing field or people like me will have no interest in heading onto Chaos.