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  1. WTB 10s

    All set thank you
  2. would you consider this cheating?

    What if you have a very socially inept player who has no interest in talking to anybody in the game? Do they get punished for not answering a Staff members private message? I don't think it works that way Edit: apparently it does work this way, although its relatively uneasy to enforce.
  3. Cheating or not?

    What Eyesgood said, It's been going on forever. It's nice that they're finally fixing this, but the game has been out for a decade. I think theres going to be a pretty large gap between players who have been abusing this system for so long and players who haven't decided to get into PVP yet (like myself). Being such a huge problem this should have been addressed years ago. They really have to find a way to level the playing field or people like me will have no interest in heading onto Chaos.
  4. Gender swap for animals

    no i can't see this being in the game -1

    13. saw, iron 80ql WOA89 - 1s20c cod to Goblinking Thank you!!
  6. Xanadu Community Map

    Goblin Metalworks at 7183, -1990 thank ya
  7. Just read this, As someone who actively plays both Wurm and WoW, the cost really adds up. I agree with the price of Premium being lowered slightly. I just think paying close to 10 USD a month is a little too much for an older game like Wurm. (Even WoW is a bit over the top asking for 15 a month) Adding on to what Postes said about two months of wurm for ~15 USD. This would make me and others much more inclined to purchase premium due to its reduced cost. I had friends that used to play WO and now they play WU because they can't cover the cost of Premium any longer. I love Wurm and I'll pay for it either way, but I'll definitely be prem'd up more if the price goes down. Make the game more accessible to everyone by lowering the cost a little bit.
  8. Banking Suggestion

    Yeah basically this. If you lose prem you still keep the items you placed in the bank but if you take them out you can't put any more than five in until you get premium again.
  9. Banking Suggestion

    The current limit for items that you can store in your bank is five. I think for premium players at least, this number should be higher, maybe eight, ten or twelve. Call it a premium benefit. I dislike how I can only store five of my most precious items in the bank, and if we were allowed to fit ten I could travel around in peace knowing my most expensive tools are safely in my bank.
  10. Third person, a sneak peak!

    All MMO's should have a third person option (at least in my opinion.) I've yet to play a game where having third person ruined the experience (unless you're playing competitive games like PUBG where third person can give you an advantage.) The only drawback I could see to this is some people trying to peek over walls (or through them). It just seems like a pvp issue to me. If the devs could somehow prevent this abuse of the camera then I'm all for it.
  11. One-click queue filling

    -1 It would make the game too easy. I can see it ruining the economy. Nobody would be inclined to purchase bulk goods if they could leave an alt to cut planks or mine veins all night or what have you.
  12. Animals crossing server borders

    It doesn't seem like a bad idea. Would be a good replacement for leading your animals through water too (for the sake of a disconnect, etc.) +1 for Rolf's Ark
  13. This clock is awesome. I logged on the other day wondering where the snow had gone, thinking to myself "winter just started!". I downloaded your clock and it makes everything much easier to visualize. Thanks for the fantastic work! (I really had no clue winter was so short/summer was so long. )