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  1. So no reason at all then. You're literally just wanting an experiment for the sake of it to see the results in a live economy? No guess on how it would even be a benefit or how it could have adverse affects? Then I 100% suggest the death star idea. It's adding variety and whilst still pushing existing players from the game maybe it'd atleast bring a new SW fan or two to play on a premium toon for a bit. Lets just try it and find out. Yeah drake armour using leather for imps is 100% the issue here ... That's not how rares work in the game you're making suggestions for though... it's hard enough getting working improvements on the current system as it is. Was just trying to work out where you're coming from. Lots of in for a little out. -1
  2. This is just changing something for the sake of changing something though, what exactly would you be hoping/excpecting to find out with this experiment? Replacing one of the moons with a death star would add a bit of variety too. Maybe once a day it could randomly select a deed to vaporize as an experiment. *GG for all those with end game drake/scale armour who have spent months or years assembling yo sets.
  3. Still looking / updated list
  4. This is how you get on that lifetime christmas card list I appreciate the kind words Donde you're too nice
  5. Ah thankyou Aleck you're a star I have the best customers I could ask for, it would be a sin to do anything but my best for you good folks! Thanks for using Utopian Wares for your rune rampage!
  6. Congrats wsrich and thankyou for the bids I'll run it over to you when I log in
  7. New Camellia Wagon in stock and 100ql blank pelts added to the list
  8. Not sure what's going wrong there then, it's counting down as usual for me logged in or out of the forums. 19h 30m left. Hopefully it's back up and working for you in no time *Some other people are having issues with timers on other topics. Guess that's a thing at the moment.
  9. This weekends promo rune item will be zinc mag size runes! Discounts on multiples LOTS to choose from