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  1. Donde my good friend... I hope you bang your little toe on a table for this start bid / reserve nonsense. I used to think so highly of you Lets get the ball rolling. 75s
  2. Getting this message 24+ hours after using and had me worried
  3. Can I get 10x 90+ logs to itsyaboy please
  4. Appreciate the answer. Now I wish I could saddle my goblin and beefaloo lol
  5. Is any of this happening to saddled horses? *toddles off to check the unsaddled pens*
  6. Sent thankyou very much This thread can be closed please.
  7. Congrats and thankyou for bidding! Who shall I send it to?
  8. We're working our way closer and closer haha, thankyou Skull that's real handy to know
  9. Thankyou I appreciate that a lot!
  10. Borstas is a knowledge tile. Still looking for a power tile if anyone knows of one