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  1. Nice one dude. Might be able to make this one
  2. Cleaned, refined and back on the grind!
  3. Heaps of fun ty! Will be back for some more shortly
  4. Hiya bud can I get 2kg of red to itsyaboy please
  5. Stock update/reduction. Deals for days baby oooft!
  6. I don't have a title name but you should get your own skin item for a shield. Congrats on the achievment!
  7. Discounts on all multiple purchases whilst stock lasts. When they're gone, they're gone
  8. Now with rune attaching service!
  9. Can I get 10x 80+ logs sent to itsyaboy please
  10. Can you send me a grapewood shaft please bud to Itsyaboy
  11. Looking for someone to hook me up with a lava tile. I'm at K17 Cad, gimme a shout with a price please itsyaboy < ign
  12. Hey thanks Sinn, hopefully see you there!
  13. 90+ paper now 4c per sheet