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  1. If you were coming across locked gates you were on the wrong deed - The deed name is "Free animals - Bring Ropes" - you were probably on either Glasfryn, or South Glasfryn
  2. NEW DEED - H17 (Cadence) This deed is set up so that people have easy access to free animals - simply turn up with your ropes or critter cages and select the ones you want. None of the animals have negative traits - all are branded with their traits for those with low AH who may not be able to see them and are listed here for ease.. Speed Traits FM - It has fleeter movement than normal: +10% speed SB - It has a strong body: +10kg weight limit* LM - It has lightning movement: +20% speed. CM - It can carry more than average: +20kg weight limit* SL - It has very strong leg muscles: +10% speed and +10kg weight limit* Ebony (horse) or Molten (hell horse) color: +2.5% speed Additional Positive Traits TB - It is a tough bugger: Withstands more damage FF - It will fight fiercely: Higher fighting skill KS - It has keen senses: Able to sense when on a water tile SH - It looks unusually strong and healthy: Has a higher resistance to disease CS - It has a certain spark in its eyes: Lives 50% longer than normal * Weight limit" refers to the amount of weight a creature can carry when a player is riding it. This is based on the Body Strength of the creature. Any weight above this limit will cause the creature to move more slowly. This does not apply to creatures hitched to a vehicle, as the weight of the vehicle has no effect on them. Currently we mainly have horses, but will be adding cattle, sheep, pigs, bison, and others too. Come on over and see what we have - we are on the highway so hit up a waystone to find a route to us
  3. Butchering Knife, iron QL 42 BOTD 33 - 33c QL 41 BOTD 37 - 37c Hammer head, iron QL 17 BOTD 53 - 69c QL 17 BOTD 53 - 69c Hatchet, iron QL 3 BOTD 40 - 52c Mallet, Oakenwood QL 33 BOTD 53 - 80c QL 33 BOTD 54 - 81c Needle, iron QL 16 BOTD 57 - 86c Pickaxe head, iron QL 3 BOTD 48 - 62c Saw, iron QL 17 BOTD 55 - 80c Shovel blade, iron QL 16 BOTD 55 - 83c Sickle, steel QL 44 BOTD 58 - 1s Spindle, oakenwood QL 10 BOTD 38 - 38c Trowel blade, iron QL 3 BOTD 46 - 60c QL 3 BOTD 46 - 60c Could these be sent CoD to Moteandbailey (he does know I have been shopping and I have his blessing)
  4. CLOSE

    I'll take the buckskin mare please
  5. I tried but you dont seem to be online - when are you usually on please? I am UK based and am on most evenings
  6. 50c - Wingvigor (Male) : CM, CS, TB | Foal as of 12/4 50c - Raidhappy (Female) : FF | Foal as of 12/13 Are these two still available please?
  7. Swifted M, MH - 2,5s Starkqueen F, AgH - 1,5s Ford M, Asolescent (SH, KS, CS) - 1,5s Tantra F, Asolescent - 1,5s Valkyria F, Aged (CM, SB) -1,5s Are these animals still available please? and if so can we arrange a time for me to come collect (not tonight though)
  8. Uzeflea (male, AGH) - 2s Raidbrisk ( FF, female, AF) - 3s Annacoffee (SL, CM, CS, SH, female, YF) - 7s Are these three still available? if so can I arrange a time to come get them? (not tonight though)
  9. I would be interested in blood warrior, Zoe warrior and blood Cesar
  10. Sent a message regarding three horses