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  1. pretty sure thats 200k favor
  2. 1. No thanks, archery does plenty of damage as it is and failing to hit something will also make it dumb to grind. 2. Keep the difficulty right and you will grind it fast 3. You will miss less if u keep the difficulty lower, don't expect to much from 50 skill, there are a bunch of factors. 4. how will that work with bsbs/crates? 5. I don't see why not.
  3. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 23s
  4. might wanna kill something a bit stronger then a horse.. really only sucks past 99.99+
  5. As far as I can tell it only happends on defiance and not Epic
  6. Spell granted: Continuum (20% damage reduction for duration) Spell granted: Mirrored Self (Creates 3 illusions only enemies can see) Resistance: Acid 15% (Decreases acid damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Cold 10% (Increases cold damage taken by 10%) Charge 1: Start bid 8g Increment (minimum): 10s Sniper Protection: 30mins
  7. less brewing more slaping!