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  1. Can I please get the Large Anvil with BotD? 1.2s
  2. Please COD to Beronica: QL92 Rare leather Knife - Steel c99 w96 (5s) QL94 Rare Awl - Steel c95 w103 (6.6s) QL93 Rare Mallet Oak - c104 w102 (6.3s) QL73 Scissors botd97 (1.35s) QL 91 Shovel - Iron w99 c89 (1.8s) QL 91 Carving Knife - Iron c91 w83 (1.1s) QL 100 Whetstone c71 (9c)
  3. Can you COD the following to LorwynAshter, please? Premade: q90 Butchering Knife w/ COC q79 Fork w/ 74 Coc q77 Iron Knife w/ WOA and CoC q79 Mallet w/ WOA and CoC q90 Saw w/ 83 WOA and CoC q90 Scissors w/ 84 CoC q80 Sickle w/86 CoC Made to Order: Carving knife, Iron improved to q70 with CoC enchant >70 Hammer, Iron Improved to q70 with CoC enchant >70 Thank you very much.
  4. Can I please purchase one of your q71 studded leather sets and q90 toolbelt, please? COD (same name)
  5. Wonderful service! Will seek her again when I need more things.
  6. I am happy with the service he provides. And especially since he is so close to my own place as well. Saved me a day trip to glasshollow! Many thanks BTW, I bought all your bisons that you had for sale.
  7. Morning Anabel, I am hoping to order 1k planks, 1 crate of each nail, and 1k of your bricks. Delivered if possible. (I do live in Xanadu) You can get a hold of me in game with this name. Thanks, Beronica
  8. Do you still have these tools available for purchase? Pickaxe Iron 70 82 - WOA 81 - COC 1.50 Silve Saw Iron 73 83 - COC 0.90 Silver
  9. Can this please be adjusted so that owners of the deed that an animal belongs to automatically has the permission to actually butcher an animal? Is rather aggravating in that I will need to go through and give myself permission to lead/ride all my branded animals that belong to my own deed. though I will say, Thank you for looking into this Tich.
  10. Built a couple of campfires earlier with only using kindling. As a lark, I threw some snowballs into one of the campfires. what happened is that when the snowballs burned away, the campfire treated it like it was burning fuel. To ensure that it wasn't just a campfire bug, I experimented with both my forge and my oven. Same results. The burnt/melted snowballs were treated as fuel instead of simply being destroyed.