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  1. Can this please be adjusted so that owners of the deed that an animal belongs to automatically has the permission to actually butcher an animal? Is rather aggravating in that I will need to go through and give myself permission to lead/ride all my branded animals that belong to my own deed. though I will say, Thank you for looking into this Tich.
  2. Built a couple of campfires earlier with only using kindling. As a lark, I threw some snowballs into one of the campfires. what happened is that when the snowballs burned away, the campfire treated it like it was burning fuel. To ensure that it wasn't just a campfire bug, I experimented with both my forge and my oven. Same results. The burnt/melted snowballs were treated as fuel instead of simply being destroyed.
  3. Close Please

    Please COD q67 butchering knife q53 shovel To Beronica, Thank you.
  4. You can add Rattenschloss at 1614, -4951 Please adjust to 1607, -4905