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  1. Looking for a picnic basket. You can contact me here on the forums or in-game with a PM to Tig.
  2. I believe your statement about the bonus is flawed/incorrect. Going by the latest Wurm Unlimited code and assuming we're talking about a religious spell-cast with the target being an item (Spell.run(Creature performer, Item target, float counter)) the routine behind the bonus is the following: First the bonus is initially set as: bonus = Math.abs(performer.getAlignment()) - 49.0f; So not Alignment / 2 but rather the absolute(value) minus 49, it is almost identical for 100 alignment (51 vs the 50 you mentioned) but very different for lower values, for example 10 alignment would equal to -39 bonus. Next it checks if the player is a champion and has to move into a different kingdom influence. If this is the case it will reduce the bonus by 50 while also increasing the difficulty of the spell by 20. If this is not the case it will check the material of the target item and if it is made of "crystal" (material: 52) or "diamond" (material: 54) but not a Gem it will add +100 to the bonus. After this is done it looks up the village of the player and if present adds the village enchant bonus onto it (doesn't matter if the player is on-deed or not) Only at this point the armor comes into place, first the game checks if the bonus so far is bigger than 0.0 and if it is multiplies the bonus with it. if (bonus > 0.0f) { bonus *= 1.0f + performer.getArmourLimitingFactor(); } So if you have -30% spell/archery the bonus would be multiplied with 0.7: bonus = bonus * ( 1 + (-0.3) ) Important to point out here is that if your bonus at this point is <= 0.0, then your armor penalty/bonus will be ignored. After this is done the bonus is then added together with the "Faith bonus" of the player which can be found in your "Spell effects" window (HUD Settings: Spell effects) It is calculated as following for non-champions: If the player has no deity: faith-bonus = 0 If the player has a deity and is standing in the influence radius of an altar with the same deity: faith-bonus = 5 + 10 if the player has more than 30 faith + every point above 90 faith + 0.5 for every full altar strength on the tile you're standing on (Strength = Surface: EffectiveAltarQL - Max(DistanceX, DistanceY), Mine: EffectiveAltarQL / 2 - Max(DistanceX, DistanceY)) If the player has a deity and is standing in the influence radius of a different-god altar with strength >= 1.0 faith-bonus = 0 If the player has a deity and is not standing in the influence radius of an altar or is standing in the influence radius of a different-god altar with strength < 1.0 faith-bonus with <90 faith = 0 faith-bonus with >=90 faith = 5 + every point above 90 faith For champion players the faith-bonus is simply 0 inside their own kingdom influence or 50 outside. Finally after the bonus and the faith-bonus are added together it does one last multiplication if the target item has "increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item" runes attached. The rune effects are first added together and then multiplied with the bonus, so a +10% and a +5% rune would increase the final bonus by another 15%. However, as mentioned by Oblivionreaver, the bonus has a max cap of 70.
  3. Here is another bug to be added to the list: Libila now has 2 active missions at the same time. The highlighted mission should have expired going by the expiration date, but it didn't. However a new missions did appear so now they have 2 active missions. EDIT: Only a visual / Client bug.
  4. I've got a ton of sellers during the black friday sales and I'm good for now. Topic can be closed.
  5. I'm buying all your sleep powder for 1.5s ea. (Limit of 100 at a time) Please contact me on the forums or in-game with a PM to Tig.
  6. Doesn't work on PvP, apparently works on PvE? PvP (Can't even cast on non-players): [18:06:25] <Tig> [18:06:22] You cannot cast Frantic Charge on an old horse PvE: [18:01:14] <Sirstrongwall> [12:01:17] An old fat horse now has faster attack and movement speed.
  7. My apologies, I need to correct myself here, my test environment was running the Wurm Unlimited Server with the default values - which has a 10.0x Skill and 10.0x Action Timer set in place. So after changing these values to 1.0 and fully redoing my whole simulation here are my new results: I've been running a simulation how long it would take a 5-speed horse to reach a SoulStrength value of 31.11 which is about a 65% trait activation chance. Using the Wurm Unlimited skillgain routine, on average I needed 26785 cycles to reach this value. 26785 cycles * 20 seconds for each cycle to happen => 535700 seconds = 148.8056 hours (6.20 days) of riding with your horse. This is how long it would take a 5-speed horse to go from 52.30% activation chance to a 65% activation chance on a normal Wurm Unlimited Server using a 1.0 skill rate. Now we don't know how this routine looks like in Wurm Online or how the skillgain translates to Wurm Online or if horses can get a SoulStrength skilltick on Wurm Online in the first place (Question of this Topic), but I've modified the code to run a simulation using this skillcheck call instead: sstrength.skillCheck( 20.0, 0.0, !moving, 1.0f, false, 2.0 ) Instead of the Wurm Unlimited routine, this will then use doSkillGainOld(...) with the parameter times also set to 1.0. On average I needed 158032 cycles to reach a SoulStrength value of 31.11. 158032 * 20 seconds for each cycle to happen => 3160640 seconds = 877.9556 hours (36.58 days) of riding with your horse. I'm trying to find out and understand how your simulation ended up with the result "24/7 for 3 or 4 months", maybe you can share your insight on how you got to this result or update your comment above?
  8. First of all, inside the Creature.getTraitMovePercent(...) when the skillchecks are done for each speed trait using the following method: sstrength.skillCheck(20.0, 0.0, !moving, 1.0f) The third parameter is using a variable called moving which is only true in the situation that the horse has a rider and is in motion (although there is often a slight and sometimes a bigger delay as to when the motion status is updated) This parameter is also what causes skillticks, if it is set to true it just does a skillcheck without giving skillticks - here it's using the inverse of the variable moving: so in the case that moving is set to 'true', the parameter will become false thus (and only then) giving skillticks to SoulStrength. Secondary, I'm putting your simulation into question. I've done a test myself and had the game simulate a real scenario in which 1500 of the trait-check-cycles happened on a horse with all 5 speed traits. The 1500 cycles increased the SoulStrength value of my 5-speed horse from the default 22 to 27.485837611357766. This may seem like a little, but this increases the chance for each trait to be active from the initial 52.30% to a 59.96% Adding another 1500 cycles on top of that further increases the SoulStrength value of my 5-speed horse to 31.991652692628488 this increases the trait activation chance to 66.22% Now let's add some simple math to this. As I've mentioned above while riding with your horse this trait-check-cycle happens once every 20 seconds. 3000 cycles * 20 seconds for each cycle => 60000 seconds = 16.6667 hours of riding with your horse. Quoting myself from below to avoid false information in this thread: Finally, there is also one very important part I'd like to point out here: My simulation is done using a horse that has all 5 speed traits. The reason this is important is the way how the cycle actually works, it does a skillcheck for each trait and thus gives a skilltick for each speed affecting trait, every cycle.
  9. Dear wurmians, dear wurm staff, Yesterday I've been going through the Wurm Unlimited Server Code and analyzed how speed traits with horses actually work - why they are randomly active or inactive. As you may know, horses are the only animals in Wurm where speed traits are not always active: In intervals of roughly 20 seconds the game uses a method (Creature.getTraitMovePercent(...)) to determine how much the speed traits affect the movement speed of an animal (whether they are currently active for this cycle). This is done by taking the SoulStrength of the horse (Default: 22) and then attempting a skillcheck with a difficulty of 20 on it, once for each speed affecting trait the horse has. However, if during this TraitCheck the horse is being ridden by a player and currently in motion (not standing still), this will give a skilltick to the horses SoulStrength thus permanently very very slightly increasing the chances of speed traits to be active in further cycles. (Doing a simulation of five hundred million attempts results in an average chance of 52.30% for each trait to be active with the default SoulStrength value of 22) Wurm Unlimited has an exploit (which I'll not go into detail here) that is NOT working on Wurm Online, which allows players to manually recall this TraitCheck cycle as often as they want outside the 20 second rule thus pushing a horses SoulStrength to values above 80 in a matter of minutes and causing traits to be active >99% of the time. Since this exploit has been removed in Wurm Online, I'm wondering how much of the original routine is still in place, thus my simple question: If a horse is ridden by a player does the horses SoulStrength still increase in intervals thus making a horse better by slowly increasing the chances how often speed traits are active?