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  1. *Accidentally bumps into this thread on the way to a different thread*
  2. Community Map Coordinates: 35x, 32y In-game Map Coordinates: H-17 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Thursday 2:50pm Anchorage Thursday 4:50pm US Pacific Thursday 5:50pm US Eastern Thursday 8:50pm Sao Paolo Thursday 9:50pm GMT Friday 12:50am London Friday 1:50am CEST Friday 2:50am EEST Friday 3:50am New Delhi Friday 6:20am Beijing Friday 8:50am Tokyo Friday 9:50am Sydney Friday 10:50am Auckland Friday 12:50pm
  3. Rare hatchet with WoA100 to me please for 4.5s
  4. That worked, thank you. I took each lamp outside, planted them on the hill outside the canal, deeded over the canal, and am pushing each one into place using the deed's push bonus. It's boring and tedious, but it accomplishes the goal. Thank yuou, Sandyar!
  5. Hello! There is a small canal by my deed that is the only access to the ocean. It's been there many years. It's dark, and travelers would benefit from some light. So I placed some lamps on the reinforced tiles in the canal. The lamps had been in a lit forge for hours, so when I dropped them, they were already lit. It looks a lot better! But I can't plant the lamps, because I get an error that says the water is too deep to plant here. And once they go out, they can't be re-lit if they're not planted. How do I work around this? The one solution I can think of is just mean: temp deed it, rip up a hundred reinforced tiles, use thousands of concrete to fill the canal in, plant the lights, re-dig out the whole thing, then reinforce the whole thing. Help welcome Thanks! Finndar
  6. Five silver for the entire set. (5s doesn't even cover the cost of the enchants I put on them!) Set has served me well for many months.
  7. Built a 7-tile crate warehouse. Planning on one crate rack per tile, for aesthetics.
  8. Community Map Coords: 48x, 49y In-game Map Coords: P-21 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Tuesday 12:45pm Anchorage Tuesday 2:45pm US Pacific Tuesday 3:45pm US Eastern Tuesday 6:45pm Sao Paolo Tuesday 7:45pm GMT Tuesday 10:45pm London Tuesday 11:45pm CEST Wednesday 12:45am EEST Wednesday 1:45am New Delhi Wednesday 4:15am Beijing Wednesday 6:45am Tokyo Wednesday 7:45am Sydney Wednesday 8:45am Auckland Wednesday 10:45am
  9. Please do not hesitate to ask 1,000 questions in Freedom chat. Indy is full of wonderful people who will be glad to answer questions and offer advice for a newer player who is genuinely trying to succeed in Wurm.
  10. Two very small edits: 1) The mailbox at 50x, 29y has decayed away. Please remove the icon. The red mailbox just NE of it is in good shape -- I repair and imp every time I pass. 2) Small typo in the Southeast at 61x, 52y in the New Hope deed. It's "Shards Mirror" (plural) not "Shard Mirror".
  11. I'm in the market for a rare studded leather pants. Paying 4s for anything below 90QL. Paying 5s for 90+QL. COD to Finndar please.
  12. May we please have an E.T.A. for fixes of important bugs: 1) In-game wiki is down. It's quite useful. Like, seriously useful. May we know when this is hoped to be fixed? 2) Fountains and wells still don't work ~7-10 days later. May we please know when this is also hoped to be fixed?
  13. Community Map Coords: 36x, 42y In-game Map Coords: N-17 Some popular world times for the rift spawn: Hawaii Sunday 11:00am Alaska Sunday 1:00pm US Pacific Sunday 2:00pm US Eastern Sunday 5:00pm Sao Paolo Sunday 6:00pm GMT Sunay 9:00pm London Sunday 10:00pm CEST Sunday 11:00pm EEST Monday 12:00am India Monday 2:30am Beijing Monday 5:00am Tokyo Monday 6:00am Sydney Monday 7:00am Auckland Monday 9:00am