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  1. WTS Moon Metals

    QL98 Seryll lump - 2.5s if accepted, COD to Finndar
  2. WTS three rare knives

    WTS three rare knives used for chopping veggies: Each is runed with: [15:35:02] A single bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) Asking 4s per knife. Middle knife in image is SOLD. 1st and 3rd knife in image still available.
  3. Rift for 27 May

    Community Map Coordinates: 48x, 23y In-game Map Coordinates: H-21 Honolulu Sunday 7:14am Anchorage Sunday 9:14am US Pacific Sunday 10:14am US Eastern Sunday 1:14pm Sao Paolo Sunday 2:14pm London Sunday 6:14pm CET Sunday 7:14pm EET Sunday 8:14pm New Delhi Sunday 10:44pm Beijing Monday 1:14am Tokyo Monday 2:14am Sydney Monday 3:14am Auckland Monday 5:14am
  4. WTB rare strange bone

    Paying 16s. PST.
  5. I killed the old champion hell scorpious while sailing to the public TK slaying. I'm sorry Attenia. I did not know the situation. I just saw him on a hill, off-deed, and was happy to try my luck against such a formidable foe.
  6. pc drake set

    Down to 25-30c per 0.01kg
  7. Interest in Wurm trading site

    You make some very good points. I also think what JakeRivers mentioned on the first page might be a good system for Wurm. Medievia had a system that was fun, anonymous, and useful. It was an in-game auction channel that sellers would submit items into (for a small fee). You bid right there, in-game, through a command system. The auctions only lasted a few minutes. If you won, the item was delivered via mail. If the item didn't sell, the seller can put it right back in queue at any time. That worked for a few reasons: anonymity for the buyers (important), buyers watching the auction channel for good deals, instant gratification for both the buyer and seller, and you could then extrapolate long term stats on items if you wanted. The system would not support out-of-game transfers like account sales. Documentation is found here and here.
  8. Rift for 9 May

    Community Map Coordinates: 46x, 27y In-game Map Coordinates: J-20 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Wednesday 2:40am Anchorage Wednesday 4:40am US Pacific Wednesday 5:40am US Eastern Wednesday 8:40am Sao Paolo Wednesday 9:40am London Wednesday 1:40pm CET Wednesday 2:40pm EET Wednesday 3:40pm New Delhi Wednesday 6:10pm Beijing Wednesday 8:40pm Tokyo Wednesday 9:40pm Sydney Wednesday 10:40pm Auckland Thursday 12:40am
  9. Plain Stone Oriel bug?

    Has it on the stone version, too, so I'm assuming intended:
  10. Charcoal pile

    Fixed and thank you Gorefiend!
  11. Java Subscription

    Java is a programming language. Java platform (Java SE/EE/ME) is licensed by Oracle to the developers for them to build applications on. The license costs the developers money Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is what we, Wurm users, install to play Wurm with. JRE is free for use, and will always be free, otherwise it would make no sense for developers to use Java's platform to make their apps.
  12. Rift 30th April 2018

    Community Map Coordinates: 47x, 50y In-game Map Coordinates: P-20 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Sunday 8:55pm Anchorage Sunday 10:55pm US Pacific Sunday 11:55pm US Eastern Monday 2:55am Sao Paolo Monday 3:55am London Monday 7:55am CET Monday 8:55am EET Monday 9:55am New Delhi Monday 12:25pm Beijing Monday 2:55pm Tokyo Monday 3:55pm Sydney Monday 4:55pm Auckland Monday 6:55pm

    I'd like to offer 2.5s on the C101 QL1 rug
  14. Hello, I have a rare, unfinished spirit cottage ready for sale - you just have to complete it. It weighs 52.00kg currently. [04:03:11] You see a spirit cottage under construction. Ql: 8.140603, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The spirit cottage needs 9 stone brick to be finished. WTS for 8s firm. Thank you! Finndar
  15. Hello, Indy has mapped every rift since September 2016 here on our forum. As a result, it's easy to populate a "heat map" showing the number of times a rift has spawned in a general location. Here is the data through 21 April 2018: The two 3s in the west and northwest are all relatively recent. The rules as I understand them include that a rift cannot spawn within 50 tiles of a deed, and cannot spawn on a building tile. Something about the deed disband/deed forming pattern of Indy has shifted a lot of the rifts to the west and northwest. (Or it's just a short term coincidence; the data set is too small to be conclusive.) Finndar