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  1. Rift for 22 Sep

    In-game Map Coordinates: P-21 Community Map Coordinates: 47x, 50y Local times for the rift opening are found at
  2. Lunchboxes showed up again on the Indy mission list. Attaching 6 QL74 rivets with 90+ blacksmith resulted in one critical failure and two minor failures. Attaching 2 QL60 leather strips resulted in one critical failure (and 14 damage)
  3. Hiya everyone! Indy has mapped every rift since September 2016 and posted its location on our server sub-forum. So we now have 2 full years worth of rift locations. Here is the data through 13 Sep 2018: As you can see, the way the rift spawning algorithm works, combined with the locations of Indy's deeds, has created a clear bias to two locations. Posted just because I think it's interesting, and in case you do, too! Best regards, Finndar
  4. Rift for 13 Sep

    In-game Map Coordinates: J-20 Community Map Coordinates: 44x, 37y Local time zones can be found at
  5. Reproduced this while creating a lunchbox for a mission on Indy. Lunchboxes require 6 rivets. I'm 90+ blacksmith, had QL74 rivets, and: [23:23:51] Too many problems solved in the wrong way damages the rivets severely. .. resulted in 5.88 damage to the rivet.
  6. Fixing the bridge at BDI

    The bridge is complete! Huge thanks to: Oblivionnreaver Deth Tenko Alectrys Trystant Zpen
  7. Fixing the bridge at BDI

    Progress is being made! The north/south span is done thanks to Alectrys and Trystant! The long 2x29 causeway is more than halfway done, thanks to Tenko, Oblivionnreaver, Deth, and Zpen!
  8. Fixing the bridge at BDI

    Dirt islands are done. Bridges are planned. Assembling is well underway. Come on by anytime and help assemble! Stone brick, rocks, mortar, labor.
  9. Fixing the bridge at BDI

    Hello everyone, As you probably know, Indy lost a major bridge, connecting west Indy to central Indy at Black Dog Isle. Unfortunately, due to decay rules, the building that is making the bridge impassable is decaying very slowly, and might have a few months more to go before we can fix things. So for now, the thought is to build a temporary span where the thick red lines are: Step 1 is to build some dirt islands. Then step 2 is to plan and build the new spans. If you're around and want to donate some time or materials, it's all on un-deeded land. So just load up, head over, and help out
  10. 1) If you heat up an empty (non-fueled) bee smoker in a fire source (say, you craft a new bee smoker in your forge, then take it out), when it's hot enough, it indicates: "bee smoker (smoking), iron" But because there is no fuel in the smoker, it doesn't actually work when you interact with an active beehive. You still get stung. This comes up from time to time in CA HELP, as the "(smoking)" text is interpreted to mean it's working. Suggested fix is perhaps auto-snuffing an un-fueled bee smoker when it leaves a heat source. 2) There were unconfirmed reports of similar problems with a bee smoker that is laying on a ground tile, however I have been unable to reproduce this.
  11. Players in CA HELP reported that the decorative ivy on stone and plain stone oriels was missing. I tested the preview client with the modern renderer on, the modern renderer off, the low memory client with the renderer on, and the low memory client with the renderer off, and in all four configurations there was no ivy on my stone oriels. May we have them back please, or may we have some communication about their future? Thank you!
  12. [Fixed] /title command gives outdated output

    Rather than a fix, may I please recommend deprecating /title? It seems redundant to /titles.
  13. Rift for 4 September

    In-game Map Coordinates: P-21 Community Map Coordinates: 50x, 49y Local time zone information for the rift opening is found at:
  14. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    At 38x, 25y, they built a long tunnel to the east that egresses into Grand Steppe. Worth checking out, I think.
  15. Question about mines and collapses

    This question was asked in CA HELP this evening. The CAs asked the senior staff, and we were told that tiles in a mine that have catseye protection are protected from collapses. That includes if the walls are not reinforced.