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  1. presumed spelling error

    Current mission on Indy: The singular is "hell scorpious". I'm not sure what the plural of scorpious is, but I'm guessing it probably isn't "scorpiouss".
  2. Rift for 12 July

    Community Map Coordinates: 38x, 28y In-game Map Coordinates: K-18 Local time zone information is found at
  3. How is Wurm?

    I've been playing Wurm Online for a little over a year and a half. Each of the Freedom Isles has established players, and Xanadu has a large churn of new players. The development team is considerably larger than in the past, with 13 developers actively working on the game. As a result, they're producing a LOT of new content - new skills, new material types for building, new material types for armor, weapons, and tools, new graphics, soon a new UI, etc. The economy seems to be a thing for returning players. The economy doesn't resemble what you may remember. Even with new blood, it's a fairly mature playerbase, with many people having been here 5, 10, 12, and longer years. So there's a lot less opportunities for commerce. But I self-fund the game with commerce, and there are opportunities for everyone who wants to be a seller to succeed (if they just pay attention to the market as it shifts). Wurm Online is a very social place, the forums continue to be quite active, and Discord is active. You don't see as many people in-game as I'm told you used to. That's also a good thing, as it means you can make a new home for your character anywhere you want, because there's plenty of available tiles.
  4. Rift for 2/3 July

    Community Map Coordinates: 49x, 23y In-game Map Coordinates: H-21 Local time zone information is found at:
  5. The bridge on the east side was built atop a house, which is now decaying fast. Enough of it has decayed such that the bridge is no longer passable on foot / horse / cart / etc. This is a fairly major bi-way, so we'll have to figure something out at some point.
  6. In the Valrei International thread, Retrograde indicated that the Wurm client has no memory leak for him, and that we should post console logs here if we experience them. I've been playing for a few hours and am at the typical 7-8gb of RAM usage for Wurm: Here is my console.finndar.log file, which i think is what he asked for. I removed some chat log writing lines, for privacy.
  7. What other games do you play while grinding?

    If you like rogue-likes and want something to play while grinding, try DreamQuest IOS by Peter Whalen. Deepest design in a rogue-like I’ve ever played.
  8. WTS Bunch of Rares

    #23 to Finndar please
  9. Back Up Alert

  10. Goblin leader slaying

    Mining potions! Mining potions for everyone!
  11. Rift for 14/15 June

    Yeah, when i created the original time zone list, i was off. I corrected it 1 minute after posting, but London slipped from Friday early morning to Thursday late night, and I didnt catch that until you just posted it.
  12. Rift for 14/15 June

    Community Map Coordinates: 39x, 20y In-game Map Coordinates: G-19 Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Thursday 12:40pm Anchorage Thursday 2:40pm US Pacific Thursday 3:40pm US Eastern Thursday 6:40pm Sao Paolo Thursday 7:40pm London Friday 11:40pm CEST Friday 12:40am EEST Friday 1:40am New Delhi Friday 4:10am Beijing Friday 6:40am Tokyo Friday 7:40am Sydney Friday 8:40am Auckland Friday 9:40am
  13. Wurmiversary 2018

    I went to two of the sites myself and they look nothing like the picture, and a friend was at a third site and again, nothing like the picture. So I judge the pictures to be red herrings. I don't know for sure. Edit: edited my post because you're right, it comes across "with certainty" and you're right, I dont really know
  14. Wurmiversary 2018

    The pictures that were in Valrei International, and which I copied here, seem to be red herrings. I'm ignoring them for now as they don't seem to be helping. But I'm not sure.
  15. WTS potion - 1s each

    I’ll take all of the blacksmith please