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  1. In-game Coordinates: J-19 Community Map Coordinates: 43x, 27y Some popular world times for the Rift opening: Honolulu Friday 3:34pm Anchorage Friday 5:34pm US Pacific Friday 6:34pm US Eastern Friday 9:34pm Sao Paolo Friday 11:34pm GMT Saturday 1:34am London Saturday 2:34am CEST Saturday 3:34am EEST Saturday 4:34am New Delhi Saturday 7:04am Beijing Saturday 9:34am Tokyo Saturday 10:34am Sydney Saturday 12:34pm Auckland Saturday 2:34pm
  2. The time (in your local time zone) is always found at Niarja in the Rifts section: My view, from eastern US time:
  3. In-game Map Coordinates: K-16 Community Map Coordinates: 36x, 31y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Wednesday 1:37pm Anchorage Wednesday 3:37pm US Pacific Wednesday 4:37pm US Eastern Wednesday 7:37pm Sao Paolo Wednesday 8:37pm GMT Wednesday 11:37pm London Thursday 12:37am CEST Thursday 1:37am EEST Thursday 2:37am New Delhi Thursday 5:07am Beijing Thursday 7:37am Tokyo Thursday 8:37am Sydney Thursday 10:37am Auckland Thursday 12:37pm
  4. Hello! May I please have help with two mechanics questions? 1) I have 26.56 Meditating. I am trying to "grind" to 30, as I am ready for the 30 skill question. What QL rug should I be meditating at? I don't understand rug QL mechanics at all. 2) I am making an especially difficult boat, where I have low attach % chance for each component. I am making the highest QL components I can to assist the process. Is there any affect on attach % when CCFP is 100%, or when CCFP is any other value? Thank you! Finndar
  5. Maladee and Enki is a podcast I would totally subscribe to! They remind me of the old Johnny Carson / Charles Grodin bits on "The Tonight Show".
  6. This is very on point. When I went to visit you last week, the lag around Glasshollow was unbelievable. When I left the area to go build a rowboat home, I had no lag.
  7. Main post updated. BIG THANKS to: Xagru Noizhead Hughmongus and Skyefox Thank them when you see them please
  8. Update: numerous people have scoured the mountain and are unable to find any passes up. Pinging a few folks - cartographers and unique hunters - in hopes someone has a map or a clue for us @HughMongus @skyefox @whykillme @Pingpong @Gumbo
  9. In-game Map Coordinates: H-13 Community Map Coordinates: 19x, 20y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Monday 11:03am Anchorage Monday 1:03pm US Pacific Monday 2:03pm US Eastern Monday 5:03pm Sao Paolo Monday 6:03pm GMT Monday 9:03pm London Monday 10:03pm CEST Monday 11:03pm EEST Tuesday 12:03am New Delhi Tuesday 2:33am Beijing Tuesday 5:03am Tokyo Tuesday 6:03am Sydney Tuesday 8:03am Auckland Tuesday 10:03am
  10. While exploring, I happened upon a very big, well-built, all-reinforced, blessed-lamp tunnel connecting two highways in Eastern Indy. Openings denoted by an orange dot. Really well built tunnel, and a nice connector from East Plains highway to that area where the two epic monuments are.
  11. The image name of this week's image (from Stormblade) is: wo_wu_sharer.png
  12. Adamantine in order: 2s 2.7s 2.7s Glimmersteel in order: 2.8s 2.7s Rare Adamantine: 3s Rare Seryll: 1.5s
  13. I can sell you for a total of 5s: - 4 horses: 2 male, 2 female, all 5-speed - Wagon (QL50, pinewood) - 5 BSBs - 12 large crates in the wagon Yes?
  14. Bump one time for the plate set. 7.5s
  15. In-game Map Coordinates: N-21 Community Map Coordinates: 49x, 43y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Thursday 6:58am Anchorage Thursday 8:58am US Pacific Thursday 9:58am US Eastern Thursday 12:58pm Sao Paolo Thursday 1:58pm GMT Thursday 4:58pm London Thursday 5:58pm CEST Thursday 6:58pm EEST Thursday 7:58pm New Delhi Thursday 10:28pm Beijing Friday 12:58am Tokyo Friday 1:58am Sydney Friday 2:58am Auckland Friday 4:58am