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  1. QL28 rare long bow, cedar - 3s
  2. The rift has spawned atop a catseye on West Coast Highway. Normally, when a rift beam opens and the monsters pour forth, it rips up the surrounding land, including pavement tiles. It's unclear to me if the catseye protection on the highway will preserve the highway tiles, or if the rift mechanics will prevail. So, if you want to be really nice to the community, please bring 5-10 catseyes with you to the rift, so that if the catseye network is interrupted by the rift's damage, they can be quickly replanted. Thanks!
  3. In-game Map Coordinates: O-11 Community Map Coordinates: 18x, 46y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Thursday 1:23pm Anchorage Thursday 2:23pm US Pacific Thursday 3:23pm US Eastern Thursday 6:23pm Sao Paolo Thursday 9:23pm London Thursday 11:23pm CET Friday 12:23am EET Friday 1:23am New Delhi Friday 4:53am Beijing Friday 7:23am Tokyo Friday 8:23am Sydney Friday 10:23am Auckland Friday 12:23pm
  4. WTS a supreme unfinished oven - 25s delivered to you. SOLD.
  5. Community Map Coordinates: 19x, 26y In-game Map Coordinates: I-12 Some popular world times for the rift spawn: Honolulu Tuesday 11:26am Anchorage Tuesday 12:26pm US Pacific Tuesday 1:26pm US Eastern Tuesday 4:26pm Sao Paolo Tuesday 7:26pm London Tuesday 9:26pm CET Tuesday 10:26pm EET Tuesday 11:26pm New Delhi Wednesday 2:56am Beijing Wednesday 5:26am Tokyo Wednesday 6:26am Sydney Wednesday 8:26am Auckland Wednesday 10:26am
  6. So I think the key to really good road building is dirt. Either you’re bringing and dropping a lot of dirt to ensure every tile is 12, or 15, or at most 20 slope. Or you’re bringing containers and digging out a lot of dirt to ensure every tile is 12, or 15, or at most 20 slope. If the hill has a gentle slope of less than 12, then you just go with it, and pave along the natural contours to preserve the beauty. But in steeper climes, it may mean losing a bit of the natural slope in order to maintain good road slope of 12, 15, or at most 20.
  7. A diagonal highway is a combination of full tile paving and paving triangles. Here is a grid: Here are the first tiles to pave - the full tiles: Now pave the "corner nearest to you" on either side: Then do the same next to it, so the highway is 2-tiles wide:
  8. My understanding is rifts must be 50 tiles from a deed, and cannot spawn on a building tile. Since we post every rift in our forum, here is a distribution of all rifts since September 2016 on Independence:
  9. It was a mistake in the wiki and has been corrected.
  10. I like your plans and your big thinking. It's a year or more of work to do what you're planning, so pace yourself and take breaks if necessary. Getting a priest up there to cast Courier is going to be a huge challenge. I'll be interested to know how you solve it, so please keep us updated on the Quest for a Mailbox!
  11. Sold.
  12. In-game Map Coordinates: N-22 Community Map Coordinates: 49x, 43y Some popular world times for the rift opening: Honolulu Friday 7:44am Anchorage Friday 8:42am US Pacific Friday 9:42am US Eastern Friday 12:42pm Sao Paolo Friday 3:42pm London Friday 5:42pm CET Friday 6:42pm EET Friday 7:42pm New Delhi Friday 11:12pm Beijing Saturday 1:42am Tokyo Saturday 2:42am Sydney Saturday 4:42am Auckland Saturday 6:42am
  13. Hiya, The Analyze page: It has a tag at the top saying it doesn't mean Wurmpedia standards. But when I read through the page's contents, I find it to be fairly well written and helpful. Quite honestly, I think it does a superb job conveying a lot of information in a concise way, and in a visually useful way. Thoughts? Thanks, Finndar