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  1. Hiya, Hitching posts don't respect game mechanics in at least three ways: When pushed/pulled/moved, they do not get the "R" key to push/pull/move them again. If you are pushing/pulling/moving them you have to do so directly with the action every time. When pushing/pulling them on to a tile with a BSB, they are calculating the number of items on the tile wrong, and don't let you push/pull on to those tiles. Instead you have to place on that tile. The error message is, "You cannot move that item here, since there is not enough space." If someone puts a lock on a hitching post, as the deed owner you cannot inherit permissions ever. You can't load it. You can't bash it. You can't do anything except push it on to a lava tile. It's effectively frozen forever to the original lock attacher person. That might make sense for a BSB or FSB off-deed, but it doesn't make sense in my mind for on-deed hitching posts which aren't at all that interesting to lock. Could we maybe please get a look at the code for hitching posts? Thanks! Finndar
  2. Thanks so much everyone. Please close this thread.
  3. Bump. This closes in a few hours.
  4. Legion of Anubis wagon QL74.2 Zinc Rune of Magranon ~~Coastal Delivery only~~ Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 1s No reserve, no buyout Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Bids will only be recognized by posters with established forum history
  5. Supreme Huge Axe - Iron - Enchanted for slaying uniques Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 1s No Reserve No Buyout No bids accepted from accounts with less than 10 posts. Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  6. Hello, I've been using Wulfgar for weapon and PAS imps the past few weeks. He's fast, his prices are as-advertised, and I've enjoyed getting to know him in chats. I highly recommend Wulfgar for your imping needs! Best, Finndar
  7. In-game Map Coordinates: P-21 Community Map Coordinates: 48x, 50y Local times for the rift opening can be found at:
  8. In-game Map Coordinates: I-19 Community Map Coordinates: 42x, 27y Local times for the rift opening are found at:
  9. In-game Map Coordinates: J-13 Community Map Coordinates: 20x, 26y Local times for the rift opening can be found at:
  10. In-game Map Coordinates: P-18 Community Map Coordinates: 38x, 50y Local spawn times can be found at:
  11. In-game Map Coordinates: K-13 Community Map Coordinates: 22x, 31y Local times are found at:
  12. I've been a Community Assistant since April. During those 6 months, I've learned a lot of very random Wurm Online factoids I didn't know. Many of them are things you already knew. Some of them I already knew but wanted to be able to express more concisely. So I wrote them all down. And just in case it helps anyone, am sharing them here: 1) Chickens not laying eggs: Ensure the chickens are on dirt, grass, or crop tiles. Not on pavement, lawn, or enchanted grass tiles. Leave piles of grain, seeds, vegetables, or cut grass for them to eat. 2) Rare fishing tiles move seasonally: Feb 7, 2018: Bugfix: Rare fishing spots will now correctly move when the season (and thus fish type) changes. 3) Perimeter: Most actions are allowed. No new buildings, bridges, and no trimming the grass to make lawn. 4) Missions: Anyone can participate in missions, including non-premium characters - though some missions may be hard or even impossible to do without premium skill levels. 5) Marble Braziers: QL does not seem to brighten the flames burning in marble braziers. 6) Fences in caves: You can build fences in caves, but only on-deed. Both sides of the tile border must be on-deed 7) White Dye not showing: White dye does not show up properly on items no matter what the quality or your client settings are. This is a known issue. ? Size v Volume: Volume allows for more of things that would already fit. Size allows for something that wouldn't normally fit. 9) Fresh herbs vs. non-fresh herbs: Fresh herbs and spices are counted as different ingredients in some recipes, resulting in a different affinity. 10) Death tab: The death tab is only activated if the player who died is both premium and has more than 20 Fighting Skill after death. The death tab also only activates from creature kills, not any falling damage or suicides. 11) Rares vs normal tools Versus normal tools, rare tools have a faster action timer, get a QL bonus for gathering, take less damage, and their enchants last longer 12) Bugged item in bsb/fsb/crate: Leftovers from bulk containers can be removed by putting in a piece of the same bugged item inside, then taking it out. 13) Shields: There is no difference among shields for PvE. In PvP, the difference is blocking radius for arrows and stamina usage. For PvP, it is 90 degrees small, 135 medium, 180 large, but if you're facing 45 degrees to the right of the archer, all shields will block. 14) Transferring rarity when imping: You have a 1/100 chance to transfer rarity when imping with the final bits of a rare item - that last imp before the item poofs. 15) Making mortar: Sand QL determines mortar QL. Clay QL determines % chance of success in making the mortar. 16) Breedable Animals: If a creature can be tamed or dominated, you can breed it (with the exception of creatures who lay eggs). 17) Restoration: I believe it was said that higher restoration is linked to getting better material (such as moonmetal items) at high skill. When identifying, you get better skill gain if you identify with the opposite tool called for, but using the correct tool helps you identify faster 18) Blessed lamps: You need around 20 faith to be able to notice that an item is blessed when you examine it. 19) Tar for fuel: 1kg of tar is the same as 8kg of normal wood. 4kg of tar will fully fuel a furnace. 20) Bee stuff: Peat does not fuel a bee smoker Honey does not decay so you don't need to seal barrels of honey A 90 QL bee hive has a radius of 11 tiles, so you want to space out 90 QL bee hives 22 tiles apart 21) Sorcery items: Tomes, Cherries, etc. can be used at any altar - even UNblessed altars - and can even be used with an iron metal bowl. A sorcery staff cannot be improved or repaired. QL of the staff does not matter (similar to statuettes). 22) Cooking Oil: Olive Oil is not considered a cooking oil. Try corn oil if you're looking for an easy-to-make cooking oil. 23) Wild Growth does not work on trellises. 24) Door locks on a building are not over-ridden by deed permissions. Deed permissions only affect fence gates.
  13. In-game Map Coordinates: P-21 Community Map Coordinates: 47x, 50y Local times for the rift opening are found at
  14. Lunchboxes showed up again on the Indy mission list. Attaching 6 QL74 rivets with 90+ blacksmith resulted in one critical failure and two minor failures. Attaching 2 QL60 leather strips resulted in one critical failure (and 14 damage)